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Description of the Business

The name of the business will be The Best Auto. This will be
operated as a sole trader. Its desired that this business will
start its operation on April 6, 2016. The business will be located
at shop 24 Pines Plaza, Junction, St. Elizabeth. Customers
awareness about the business will be achieved through various
form of advertisements and communication mediums.
The main objectives of the business will include being and
providing an excellent auto service for vehicles within the parish
of St. Elizabeth and further aiming to become an island wide
success in the future. Furthermore the business will also aim at
providing reasonable prices for customers, create employment,
contribute to the development of the town and of course to
make a profit. THE BEST vehicle service at high quality with
reasonable prices will be the slogan for the business. The
proprietor will also offer discounts and warranties for companies
that are servicing multiple amount of vehicles.

Opening hours will be from 6:30am to 5:30pm on Mondays to

Fridays, 6:30am to 6:30pm on Saturdays and 10:00 to 1:00pm
on Sundays.

Home services and parts deliveries will also be available. The

Best Auto can be contacted at 18763247895 cell or
18769662456 land line.

The mission of setting up this business is to become a

successful island wide business venture that provides world
class vehicles services at great prices for all Jamaican vehicle

Roles of Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to start and a

manage a business regardless of the risk and uncertainty in
order to satisfy the demands of his/her prospective
customers and also knows how to make a profit. The
entrepreneur will perform the fallowing roles:
To organize
To plan for the daily and future operations of the
To acquire funding for the business
To evaluate the performance of the business over a
period of time
The risk bearer of the business will be the entrepreneur.
The functions of the entrepreneur will be:
To acquire resources required by the business
To ensure the business is on top of its game
To supervise workers and the business overall
The entrepreneur will use the four factors of production:
Entrepreneurial ability
The entrepreneur will be using skills and abilities in
create new and innovative ideas for the business. Land

will be acquired which will be used for the physical

structure of the business.
The entrepreneur will provide both fix and current
assets to be used for the day to day running of the
business. Furthermore the entrepreneur will ensure that
the most skilled and suitable workforce is obtained and
specializing them in different work areas. The
entrepreneur will take on the responsible of motivating
and guiding the staff in the right direction. Hard work
and sacrifices will be a must for both the workers and
entrepreneur .At times of discouragement and laybacks
it is expected that these issues will be tacked and sorted
as best and quickly as possible and there after
implementing ways to prevent them and other issues
from arising . Both financial and non-financial incentives
can be provided such as insurance and pension
schemes, bonuses and rewards which can serve as
motivation and ensure the smooth running of a business.

Use of Technology

For the business various amount of technologies will be used in

the auto shop such as:

Cash register
Alignment racks
Air guns
Three computers will be used to access information for
the business, to store files (stock), customer records and
help to serve as way to advertise the business over the
internet etc. Cash registers will be used to register and
calculate transaction and also to provide receipts for
customers. Seven cameras will be installed for security
and surveillance purposes thus ensuring a more secure
work place. Telephones will be used to deal with
complaints, take or make orders, offer customer
assistance, etc. Four alignment racks will be used to
maneuver the vehicle either up or down in the air to suit
the worker servicing a vehicle and to also align a vehicle.
Six air guns will be provided for the different servicing
areas so that nuts that cannot be removed by man
power can be removed easily. The various tools and
equipments will be used for their intended purposes by
qualified workers.

Potential for Growth (internally)

The Best Auto hope to see efficient growth internally which

can lead to future expansion. If things goes as expected the
business will be settling debts based on the business debt
schedule this will also allow the entrepreneur to know
whether or not to take out more loans, deciding where to
repay first or attempting to renegotiate with a creditor. If
growth is possible then the business will be purchasing more
sophisticated machines and equipments to boosts
productivity and efficiency. If growth is occurring the number
of staff will also be increasing bearing in mind that the
excellent quality of staff must be maintained at all time. The
expansion of building or land area will be done to facilitate
the growth of the business overall in order to ensure
sufficient space. Major improvements and growth for a
business requires more time , more decisive decision
makings and planning especially if you are now operating on
a a wide scale of production. Growth of business can result
in many problem resulting such as lack of communication
between both workforce and employees, fall in quality or
efficiency, etc. However the business wish to use its growth
to its advantage to ensure greater profits and island

Justification of Business
The Best Auto will be located at sop 24 Pines Plaza, Junction,
St. Elizabeth. This location was selected because based on
different reasons. Its location is perfect for business because
its in a town area which a lot of industrial and company
vehicles operates at that often requires auto repairs. This
location is also in good distances with target customers and
employees. The location will also be of great advantage
when it comes to obtaining required materials or delivering
of vehicle parts whether or not on a daily basis. This will also
be an ideal location because its a growing town area where
there are not many or any first class auto service providing
business. Target will not only be aimed on companies that
have a fleet of vehicles that they use to carry out the daily
business but also regular vehicle owners such as a taxi

Selection of Appropriate Labour

Seventeen persons will be employed. Leading from the
front of the business is the entrepreneur the owner and
supervisor that only reports to him or her. The persons
being employed by the business will be skilled, semiskilled and unskilled depending on the work area they will
be assigned to or the expectations required for that
specific area. This type of labour is necessary to ensure
the staff is qualified and suitable to work in the auto shop.
There will be the entrepreneur (skilled) , supervisor
(skilled) two janitors (unskilled), two cashiers (semiskilled), two wrecker drivers (skilled) who will also do
other pickups or deliveries, two side men (semi-skilled) , a
security guard (semi-skilled ), and six mechanics (skilled).
Most if not all employees will have some level of expertise
or experience in their fields.

Reasons for this type of labour

We The Best Auto will employ persons who loves the
automotive world, has the same or similar dream or vision
that the owner himself has and also wish to be part of
something great in the making. Seventeen persons will be
employed to work in the business.
Professional/ Skilled Entrepreneur (Manager),
supervisor ,wrecker drivers and mechanics .These
persons will be expected to be the front seat drivers of
the business , give their best all the time and deal with
business concerns and issues in a professional way
and not allowing personal issues to get in the way.
Thus ensuring goals of the business are met at
acceptable rates when it comes to the time taken to do
so and ensuring that the customers are satisfied.
Semi-skilled cashier, sidemen and security guard.
The cashier will collect the payment for the service
that was provided, provide certain customer assistance
and deal less important calls. Sidemen is responsible
for helping out the wrecker drivers with their task
when they need help, such as loading and
unloadinding equipments. The security guard will be
responsible for providing security and to maintain law
and order when necessary.

Unskilled janitor, requires no possible training but
will be employed to keep the place clean at all times
and ensure everything is in correct order regarding
Manager will be responsible for the business and
its activity overall. He or she will ensure that goals are
being met and on a timely basis, to evaluate and
analyze the business performance and to make
decisions, changes and implementations.
2. Supervisors will oversee the workers in the different
areas and report to manager giving business updates
and also new ideas.
3. Mechanics will ensure that the vehicles are serviced
and repair as best as possible and also to form a good
relationship between themselves and customers.
4. Cashiers will deal with transactions, sign forms,
deal with less important calls and write up receipts for
the business.
5. Wrecker drivers will travel daily to do pickups for
vehicles that requires service, and also do drop offs or
collecting equipments.
6. Janitor will be responsible for the cleanliness and
tidiness of the business.
Security guard will maintain law and order thus
ensuring a safer working environment.
Organizational Chart

Source of Fixing and Working Capital

There are two types of capital which are Fixed and

Working Capital. Examples of Fixed Capital are land,
vehicle and cash registers. Examples of Working Capital
are oil, gasoline, cash and bolts. Money will be obtain from
the bank and also the owner personal savings to purchase
r both fixed and current assets required to ensure the
proper running of the business. The owner personal
savings will be used as cash for the day to day running of
the business at first until the business starts to generate
some amount of profit. While bank loans will be used as
fix capital to cover fixed assets cost. Once the business
starts to generate some amount of profit that will be
reinvested in the business for example paying workers
and covering operating expenses. The entrepreneur will
also set aside a sum of money in case of any emergency
or if the business is operating at a slow level. Getting
company to sign a contract with the business can lead to
a source of funding which can be useful in a time of slow
period which will ensure the business is always earing
some amount of amount for their services.

Types of Production
Auto Service will be engaged in tertiary production since
providing it is providing mechanical services to persons in
need. Tertiary production involves the provision of
services to other businesses as well as final consumers.
These type of services are vital for the maintain of the
economy. This business will involve the transport and
distribution of vehicle parts, also involve the provision of a
service, such as in vehicle repairing or acesssoring
vehicles. . This business will focus on people interacting
with people and serving the customers rather than
transforming physical goods.

Levels of Production

Auto Service will be operating at a domestic level because

it will be providing a mechanical service to adequately
meet local demands. Thus Auto Service will be involved in
domestic production level.

Quality Control Measures

The standards of the business will be expected to me at a

high level and must always be maintained thus achieving
technical leadership in the local industry. The
entrepreneur will ensure that the business is adhering to
the Bureau of Standards and other governing bodies laws
and regulations. Mechanics and the supervisor to be hired
will have present their qualifications and other required
documents. The wrecker drivers will have to show that
they possess valid drivers licenses. The entrepreneur will
ensure that workers carry out their expected duties
properly and timely. Employees must show some level of
professionalism and ensure that customers are satisfied
and feel a sense of welcomeness. The will also be a
system in place to ensure that garbage or unwanted items
are properly disposed of. The business will be contracting
with the garbage truck to come on the premises twice per
week to collect garbages. These quality control measures
will contribute to the business image and resulting in a

positive feedback. Over time this will contribute to the

business growth.


Potential for Growth

The growth of the business can also be increased
with external factors. It is hoped that over a
period of time the business can branch of into
different locations island wide thus gaining more
customers and leading to more profits. New
technologies and equipments will also be
introduced to the market such as the latest
vehicle parts. Such expansions will be achieved
through the reinvestments of profits over a
period of time. The business will also expand or
add to the number of services that it offers and if
possible to merge or partner with another firm
thus becoming a limited company.

Government Regulations

Auto Service will be registered with the

Companies of Jamaica. The business will seek to
obtain all the required licenses, documents and
permits required before it gets involved with any
type of operations. The business will definitely
abide by all taxation concerns and other rules
and regulations required by government bodies.
Health and safety concerns will be put in place
along with regular inspections of work place and
workers. The business will also ensure that it only
gets involved with fair and legal business trading
and practices.

Ethical Issues
Auto Service will ensure that the business
practice good moral behaviors and show respect
to surrounding areas. The business will seek to
ensure that workplace is safe and secure for
working under good working conditions. Proper
disposal of garbage will be a must so as to avoid
any environmental pollution conflict that may
arise form unhealthy business practices. The
business will only be involved with fair and legal
practices and to serve and respect the
community and its members that it operates in.