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English-Chinese Bilingual Resources: Commerce and Management

This is a guide to English-Chinese bilingual resources available in the University Library or on the Internet for commerce
and management courses and relevant subject areas.

English-Chinese Dictionaries /


Ying Han--Han Ying kuai ji shen ji ci dian = An EnglishChinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Accounting &
Auditing :

Lismore - 657.03 YING

The International Student Guide to Business Law

A Glossary of Financial Terms and Acronyms


Written in Chinese with keywords in English, the book

offers explanation of key concepts and principles in
Australian business and commercial law.
Lismore/Coffs Harbour/Tweed - KN 250 .K1 WANG 2007
Compiled by Merrill Lynch in conjunction with
Tsinghua University. Each entry has Eng-CHN
definitions with explanatory notes in English.
Download the glossary at

English-Chinese Dictionary of Modern Finance


Download the complete dictionary online at


An Intelligent Database for Standard Chinese Computer


English-Chinese Computing and IT terms in traditional and

simplified Chinese with pronunciation in Mandarin and
Cantonese, compiled by the Hong Kong Computer Society
in agreement with the Chinese Computer Federation to
publish official sets of computer terms in Chinese.

English Chinese Glossary of Computer and Network
Communication Terms:

A collection of new computing and network communication

terms not yet in standard dictionaries

Online Translation Services


Provides English-Chinese and ChineseEnglish dictionaries and

translation services. Search for and translate business and finance terms
using the Online Business and Commerce English tools http://www.kancaimi.cn/shangwu/

Lexicool.com Online dictionaries


An online directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and

glossaries. Search for words and expressions by language and subject.
Subject areas include business, finance, marketing, information
technology etc.

ProZ.dom : the translation workplace


Browse or search for a bilingual glossary on any subject: accounting,

human resource, management etc. To search for specific terms, use the
proZ.com term search at http://www.proz.com/search/

Zhengfang Translation Net


Provides English-Chinese vocabularies, translated documents and

articles in various subject areas.
Participate in the Economics and Management Translation Forum
Look up accounting and financial terms using the Gaosheng EnglishChinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Accounting
A-Z at


A site of language learning and translation practices, search for words,

phrases, and even sentences in English or Chinese. The vocabularies are
based on the following dictionaries:
Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary
Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary

Databases with Chinese Interface

Library databases provide access to large collections of journal and newspaper articles and other information. A number
of the databases now provide search interfaces in Chinese.

Factiva By Dow Jones, provides extensive coverage of international newspapers, business and trade
magazines as well as company information and financial data. You can choose a search interface in simplified
or traditional Chinese, and perform searches using Chinese characters.

Free text search change interface language

To change the search interface from English

to Chinese, click on Interface Language and
select the language from the list.

Factivas Chinese search interface

Enter keywords into the search box

to perform a free text search.
Select the date or use the indexes
to limit the search by company,
subject, region etc. If you wish to
enter search terms in Chinese
you need to change the language

To select a language, click on the

arrow next to Language index,
then click on the language of your
choice (eg Chinese simplified).

) for latest news by country, region or subject

News Pages (

Enter your keywords here to

search for relevant information
from the latest news pages.

Click the News Pages (

Tab, then select from the dropdown the area, region or subject
e.g. Greater China (
) or
, etc.

Company /Markets (

/): company information, company report and financial data.

Click the Companies/Markets
Tab to search for company
information, market data and
financial reports:
Quotes (
) current or
historical quote of stock
prices, currencies and market
build an
interactive chart of a
companys stock prices
snapshot, financial results,
company report, latest news .

Proquest 5000 - A premier database for business, management, information technology, theses and
dissertations and more. Provides Chinese search interface and machine translation which translate
items in the database from English into Chinese or other languages.

Change into Chinese search interface

Click the Interface
language dropdown, select
the relevant language eg

You still need to enter keywords

in English to perform the search.
You can limit your search to
scholarly journals and peerreviewed articles.

Display and view search results

Click the title to view the complete
article and mark the items from the
results for emailing, printing or

Translate an article from English into Chinese

Select from the drop-down

the language you want the
article to be translated
into. It takes a minute or
two to convert the text into
your desired language.

Translated text: Be aware that this is on the fly machine translation and is by no means a replacement to
human translation.

Web of Knowledge an integrated Web-based platform that provides access to Web of

Science (databases of scholarly literature in science, social sciences and humanities),
Current Contents Connect (tables of contents and bibliographic information from scholarly
journals, books, evaluated web sites and documents) and journal Citation reports. Web of
Knowledge provides a search interface as well as online help in simplified Chinese.

Click on
to change to
Chinese search interface.

Select the databases and

tools to search by clicking the
Tabs or database names.

If you need help

using Web of
knowledge, click
on help, the
online help
content is in

You need to use English terms for your searches

and the results of your searches are always in
English. To search, type the keywords into the
search space.

Select search field from

the drop-down :
), author
keywords (
) and title

Click the article title to view the

complete citation with abstract.
Use the Find Full Text button to
access the article available in other
Library online resources.

Bibliography and Referencing Software

National Taiwan University

Endnote Web

ISI User (Thomas Reuters)

Provides information and online tutorials in Chinese about using Endnote

View the PPT presentation in Chinese on how to use Endnote X2
A blog about all type of referencing software including Endnote, Biblioscape,
NoteExpress, Zotero, etc., find products updates and evaluations, tips and FQA on
how to use the various referencing tools. http://www.endnote.cn/
Endnote web allows you to create an online reference library to store your
references, also produce formatted reference lists in a variety of referencing styles.
Endnote Web is available via Web of Knowledge. Read Endnote Web user manual
in Chinese at http://www.myendnoteweb.com/help/zh_cn/ENW/h_toc.htm
Provides Endnote training and support in Chinese, view or download Endnote training
videos at http://www.isiuser.com/isitraining_EN4.asp


1. General enquiries:
o Lismore: phone 02 6620 3752 or 1800 659 460, or email refdesk@scu.edu.au
o Coffs Harbour phone 02 6659 3232 or email coffslibrary@scu.edu.au
o Tweed Gold Coast phone 07 5506 9206 or email goldcoastlibrary@scu.edu.au
2. Improve your research skills: do the online tutorials and/or check out the guides which are available.
3. One-to-one assistance with finding materials for this subject: contact Li Zhang, Liaison Librarian for the
School of Commerce and Management, email li.zhang@scu.edu.au or phone 02 66269411

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Last Updated June 4 2009