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stopped , jumped, stops, robs, stabbed, stepped, grabbed, bribes, trapped, rubs, steps, maps, bribed,
shops, clubs, robbed
/ pt /
/ bd /
/ ps/
/ bz/

Complete the following with an appropriate form of the word given in brackets
1/If you want to get (improve) _______________in your study you have to try harder.
2/Not only the students but also the teacher feels pleased with the (perform) ___________ of the soccer team
3/My uncle tells me that all I need is to practise (regular) _______________
4/I have not been very (success) _______________at singing while playing the guitar
5/ I could not call myself an avid stamp (collect) _______________
6/ I love (watch) _______________fish in the tank
7/He is very good at (accompany) _______________people singing with his guitar
8/ Books provide the reader with so many facts and so much (inform) _______________
9/His parents were (interest) _______________in reading
10/ I (classification) _______________ stamps in categories like plants, birds, landscape
Rewrite these sentences, using cleft sentence.
1. She bought the car from Tom.
2. My secretary sent the bill to Mr Harding yesterday.
3. He already plays for national side; he only turned professional last year.
4. The film was made in Bristol.
5. We are coming to stay with Jane this weekend.
6. Columbus sailed to America in 1492.
7. The president makes the important decisions.
I. From each number, pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. happy
B. hour
C. high
D. hotel
2. A. so
B. coat
C. note
D. bottom
3. A. put
B. luck
C. lung
D. drunk
4. A. bare
B. car
C. card
D. farm
5. A. come
B. love
C. women
D. some
6. A. many
B. make
C. fate
D. pain
7. A. heat
B. sweat
C. threat
D. thread
8. A. climb
B. dictionary
C. economic
D. six
9. A. beg
B. age
C. gather
D. guess
10. A. children
B. choose
C. child
D. mechanic

II. From each number, pick out one word which has the stress on the first syllable.
1. A. garbage B. junkyard
C. protect
D. treasure
2. A. collected B. published
C. protected
D. provided
3. A. recycle
B. refreshmentC. creatures
D. reuse
4. A. limitation
B. intermediate
C. desforestation
D. disappointed
5. A. garbage B. problem
C. solution
D. sewage
III. Choose the word or the phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence
1. _________ air is one of the many problems we have to solve.
A. Pure
B. Polluted
C. Dust
D. Pleasant
2. Ill be in trouble if I _________my passport.
A. lose
B. will lose
C. lost
D. would lose
3. We can eat at home or, ________ you prefer, we can go to a restaurant.
A. when
B. whether
C. if
D. which
4. If it is raining this evening, I_________.
A. will go out
B. dont go out
C. go out
D. wont go out
5. Minhs English is excellent. He speaks________.
A. perfectly English
B. English perfectly
C. perfect English
D.English perfect
6. Im disappointed _________ people have spoiled this area.
A that
B. when
C. if
D. how
7. He ________ to find a job but he had no luck.
A. hardly tried B. hard tried
C. tried hardly D. tried hard
8. We couldnt go on a picnic as planned __________ it was raining.
A. however
B. but
C. because
D. so
9. If he ________ hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?
A. works
B. will work
C. worked
D. would work
10. ________we were tired, we sat down beside the stream.
A. Because of B. If
C. As
D. And
11. He _________to find a job, but he had no luck.
A. tried hard
B. hardly tried C. tried hardly D. try hardly
12. Solar energy doesnt cause __________.
A. pollution
B. polluted
C. pollute
D. pollutant
13. Are you lookingh forward ___________ my letter ?
A. to see
B. to seeing
C. saw
D. seeing
14. ___________ means a piece of land full of rubbish.
A. junkyard
B. treasure
C. hedge
D. stream
15. Dynamite _________ many years ago.
A. has invented
B. invented
C. was invented
D. were invented
16. Mary said to me can you speak English ?
In reported speech the sentence will be
She asked me _________
A. if I can speak English
B. if I could speak English.
C. If can I speak English
D. If I could speak English ?
17.I live very far from school. I wish________
A. I lived far from school.
B. I lived close to school.
C. I live near the school now. D. I dont live very far from school
18. If he __________ hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?
A. works
B. will work
C. worked
D. would worked
19. Because there _________ no buses, we had to take a taxi.
A. are
B. is
C. was
D. were
20. We plan to ________ this Saturday.
A. go hiked
B. go hiking
C. go to hike
D. go hike
21. Ill have to buy a map _________ I dont know this area.

A. if
B. because
C. when
D. because of
22. It is recommended that he __________ this course.
A. took
B. take
C. take
D. taking
23. Hes running so fast. I __________ catch up with him.
A. cannot hardly
B. can hardly
C. not hardly
D. could hardly
24. It is important that he _________ take the final examination.
A. has to
B. have to
C. had to
D. having to
25. I will be __________if she manages to sell that motorbike at a high price.
A. surprised
B. surprise
C. surprising .
D. to surprise
26. Unless you understand. I __________.explain it again to you
A. am
B. was
C. will.
D. would
27. If you know where she lives, please let me__________
A. know
B. knew
C. known
D. to know'
28. If he ______ a student, he will get a discount.
A. were
B. was
C. were
D. will be
29. ______ you are interested in this film, don't go to see it at any cost.
A. Unless
B. If
C. Because
D. So
30. If you like that book. l will give it______you as my present.
A. to
B. from
C. at
D. for
31. If you are busy, we ________ this by ourselves.
A. will do
B. did
C. would do
D. doing
32.How about ______ dinner with us on Sunday ?
A.to have
C. have had
D. having
33.My brother is very fond of ______ to pop and rock music .
B.to listen
C. listening D. listens
34.Life today is very different ______ life 50 years ago .
C. with
D. at
35.My uncle is a ______ .He often does research in his laboratory .
C. scientific
D. scientists
36.My father arrives in Singapore ______Monday evening .
C. from
D. on
37.John goes to his office every day except Sunday . ______ Sundays he stays at home .
C. In
D. From
38.I hope the weather will be nice ______ the weekend .
C. at
D. between
39.Would you like ______ to a party on Saturday ?
C. to come
D. will come
40.Helen is always in the kitchen . She enjoys ______.
B.to cook
C. cooks
D. cooking
41.People wanted to see the opening of the ceremony, _____they started leaving very early in the morning
A. because
B. so
C. but
D. and
42.Vietnamese women prefer to wear modern clothing ______ work .
A. at
B. in
C. to
D. with
43.He ______ with friends in an apartment in HCMC since last week .
A. living
B. has lived
C. lived
D. live
44.My mother said she ______ busy then
A. was
B. is
C. is being
D. being
45.My village lies near the ______ of the mountain and by the river .
A. leg
D. legs
46.If you dont study hard , you ______ the exam .
A. failed
B.will fail
D. have failed
47.It is Saturday , ______?
A. is it
B. it isnt
C. isnt it
D.wasnt it

48.She said that she ______ learning English with you .

D.to like
49.They ______ their home village last Sunday .
C.was visiting
D. were visiting
50.He was born ______ March 25 , 1992 .
II. Complete the sentences with because/ as/ since/ if/ when, or so.
1. We decided to go out to eat _______ we had no food at home.
2. He has a very important job _______ he is particularly well-paid.
3. Can I borrow that book _______ youve finished it?
4. No one was watching the television _______ I switched it off.
5. _______ she changed a lot, we didnt recognize her.
6. _______ youve ready, we can start now.
7. Im going away for a few days, Ill phone you _______ I get back.
8. You should inform the police _______ your bicycle is stolen.
9. Mathew went to bed _______ it was too late to go out.
10. _______ you drive without driving license, youre breaking the law.
11. ________the weather was bad, they delayed their trip.
12. He will buy a new car _______ he saves up.
13. I cant drive fast _______ the street is very crowded.
III. Fill in the blanks with proper words, then answer the following questions.
scientists/ pollution/ serious/ factories
exhaust/ reduce/ require/ percentage
Everyone wants to reduce (1) _______. But the pollution problem is as complicated as it is (2) _______. It
is complicated because much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. For example, (3) _______ from
automobile caused large (4) _______ of air pollution. But the automobile provides transportation to millions of
people. (5) _______ discharge much of the material that pollutes air and water, but factories give employment
to a large number of people.
Thus, to end or greatly (6) _______ pollutions immediately, people would have to stop using many things
that benefit them. Most people do not want to do that, of course. But pollution can be gradually reduces in
several ways, (7) _______ and engineers can work to find ways t lessen the amount of pollution that such things
as automobiles and factories cause. Government can pass and enforce laws that (8) _______ businesses and
individuals to stop, or cut down on certain polluting activities.
Do things that benefit people bring about pollution?

Is it complicated to reduce pollution? Why or Why not?


Who can find ways to lessen the amount of pollution?


What can the Government do to reduce pollution?


IV. Complete each sentence of the following letter.

Dear Mr. Smith,
1. I write/ complain/ dirt/ smoke/ come/ your factory chimneys.

2. Two days ago/ I decide/ do / my washing.


3. I wash/ sheets/ put/ out/ dry/ it/ be/ nice sunny day/ there/ be/ breeze.

4. When I take washing in/ I be/ horrified/ discovered/ it/ cover/ dirty marks.

5. I/ assume/ breeze/ I/ mention/ carry/ dirt/ chimneys.



6. This be/ not only/ because/ sheets/ but because/ we/ two small children/ who be make/ breathe/ same air.

7. Until this incident/ I think/ chimneys/ be safe/ clean.


8. I already/ write/ local Member of Parliament/ this matter.


9. Furthermore/ I must warn you/ I/ write/ local newspaper/ tomorrow.


10. I/ look forward/ receive/ reply.


Yours sincerely
Mrs. Jennifer Hunter


I. From each number, pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. three
B. with
C. father
D. there
2. A. meat
B. break
C. steak
D. great
3. A. clown
B. south
C. southern
D. plough
4. A. method
B. death
C. think
D. those
5. A. nature
B. natural
C. explain
D. nation
6. A. kitchen
B. torch
C. mechanic
D. church
7. A. ocean
B. beach
C. clean
D. reason
8. A. climb
B. surburb
C. comb
D. doubt
9. A. treasure
B. reasure
C. measure
D. pleasure
10. A. feature
B. reason
C. season
D. pleasant
II. From each number, pick out one word which has the stress on the first syllable.
1. A. appliance
B. activity
C. adventure D. average
2. A. chemical
B. effective
C. experience D. biology
3. A. primary
B. satisfy
C. variety
D. remedy
4. A. compulsory
B. population C. occasionally
D. immediate
5. A. favorite
B. government
C. influence
D. identify
III. Choose the word or the phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence
1.How about ______ lunch with us on Sunday ?
A.to have
C.have had
2.I suggest ______ A shortcut through the park .Itll take much less time
A.to take
C. taking
D.is taking
3.If you dont pay the bill within two week , electricity will be _________..
A.turn off .
B.come off
C.cut off
D.take off
4.We are leaving Hue for Ho Chi Minh city ______ 4 oclock this affternoon .
5. Were very worried ______ spending lots of money on energy in our home .
6.The villagers are interested in ______ Natural resources but they dont know how to do so
A.to conserve
7.The girl was not pretty but she sang ______.
B.more beautiful
8.Check the faucets for dripping water ______ you will have to pay an enormous water bill.
9.If we ______ wasting water , there will be shortage of fresh water in a few decades .
A.turn on
B.turn off
C.go on
D.look for
10. You should ______ all the lights before going out .

A. turn on
B.turn off
C.turn up
D.turn out
11.Many women nowadays are fond of ______ football.
B.to play
12.The doctor suggested that the secretary _________..at least three days off work .
A. to have
C.should have
13.My brother was ______ as the most effective activist in the school charity programme .
14.Im going to tell you something important , so please listen ______.
15.If it ______ this evening , I wont go out .
16.Ba ate a lot of food _________..he wasnt very hungry .
17.Mrs. Yen forgot to __________________.the faucet when she left for work .
A .turn on
B.turn off
C.look for
D. look after .
18.I d love to play volleyball _________I have to complete an assignment .
19.What about ..fishing with me this morning ?
C.to go
20_________ we go on littering , the environment will become seriously polluted .
A. And
21.She is tired _________she stayed up late watching TV .
22.Tuan sighed ..when he heard that he failed the test .
A .sad
C.more sad
23.They couldnt send the parcel..the post office closed on the national holiday .
C. so
D. or
24. When he was in university, he wasted much time _________ by Internet.
A. to chat
B. chat
C. chatting
D. chatted
25. He denied ________the shop.
A. breaking into
C. break into
C. breaking onD. to break into
26. She suggested __________ for a swim.
A. going
B. go
C. to go
D gone
27. You dont know French, __________?
A. does you
B. dont you
C. do you
D. didnt you
28. I dont ________ the action films. I prefer documentaries.
A. likes watching
B. like watching
C. hardly to watch
D. hardly watching
29. _________ we were tired, we sat down beside the stream.
A. Because of B. As
C. If
D. And
30. Tom doesnt have to go to lecture, __________?
A. does Tom
B. did he
C. doesnt Tom
D. does he
31. He finished _________ and sat down.
A. to speak
B. speaking
C. speak
D. spoken
32. Ill write in Spanish finished _________ understand English.
A. because he dont
B. because he doesnt
C. because of he doesnt
D. because of he dont)
33. Sue _______.She never seems to stop.
A. work continuously
B. works continuously
C. works continuous
D. continuously works
34. She ___________ when she heard the news.
A. cant help crying
B. cant helped crying
A. couldnt help cry
D. couldnt help crying
35. The children _________ surprised, were they?

A. werent
B. was
C. havent been
D. hasnt been
36. Did you go to Janes party last night? Of course, I did. But now I regret _______ there.
A. go
B. gone
C. going
D. went
37. _______ the meat was cooked, I took it out of the oven.
A. Because of B. Because
C. If
D. And
38. He looked me _______ when I interrupted him.
A. angry
B. angrily
C. hungry
D. thirsty
39. Its essential that ________ here on time.
A. you are
B. you is
C. you were
D. you be
40. Bill puts money in the bank, ________?
A. didnt he
B. did he
C. doesnt he
D. does he
41. Im leaving next week. And I think Ill never forget ________ with you.
A. worked
B. work
C. to work
D. working
42. He _______ to find a job, but he had no luck.
A. tried hard
B. hardly tried C. tried hardly D. try hardly
43. It is necessary that the mother __________ by breast milk.
A. feed her baby up
C. feeds her baby up
A. bed her baby up
D. feeds up her baby
44. Maria is studying laws, _________?
A. isnt Maria
B. is Maria
C. isnt she
D. wasnt she
45. Would you mind ________ your pet snake somewhere else?
A. put
B. putting
C. to put
D. puts
46. ________ the manager is out today, Ill sign the letter.
A. Because
B. If
C. Because of
D. But
47. My leg was hurting me. I ________ walk.
A. could hardly
B. can hardly C. could hard
D. can hard
48. The driver was ________.
A. serious injured
B. injure seriously
C. seriously injured D. injured seriously
49. You havent written to her_________, have you?
A. recently
B. never
C. late
D. recent
50. The boy likes ________ games but hates ___________ his lessons.
A. play / study B. playing / study
C. play / studying
D. playing / studying
IV. Fill in each blank of the following passage with one suitable word.
Air pollution can (1) _______ people ill. Consequently, some countries (2) _______ laws to control the
quality of smoke (3) _______ the air. Air pollution causes particular damage to the body (4) _______ harming
the lungs. Leads should not (5) _______ used in petrol because it is bad for childrens (6) _______ and make
them clumsy in using (7) _______ hands. Poisonous gas from lead collects in those parts of cities where (8)
_______ are tall buildings. Pollution can also have (9) _______ influence on the earths climate. The (10)
_______ may melt near the North and South Poles, resulting in very bad floods.
TASK4: Read the following passage and answer the questions
Everyday on radio, on TV, and in the newspaper, we hear, see or read about many problems in the world,
for example, pollution problems.
Air pollution is the first kind. It mostly comes from fumes released from motorbikes, cars, airplanes, trains and
poisonous gases emitted from factories. Also, waste is dumped any where, even in the city where many people
are living. The second pollution problem is sea pollution. Many people earn their living from fishing in the sea,
and the fish they catch feed many people. But the sea has become so polluted from oil spills and factory wastes
that the fish are dying. This pollution is not only killing the fish, but is also affecting those people who eat fish.
Seldom do you find a place nowadays that is not polluted. This problem is growing more difficult
everyday. We must find a good solution that makes the world a better place to live.
1. We hear, see and read about problems in the world _________
A. once a week
B. every day
C. every week
D. every year
2. What causes the air pollution ?
A. fumes from vehicles.
B. poisonous gases from factories.

C. waste from everywhere

D. all are correct
3. The sea has become polluted because of _________
A. oil spills
B. factories wastes
C. smoke from factories
D. a and b are correct
4. In order to make the world a better place to live, we _________
A. should not prevent pollution
B. should find a good solution.
C. should kill the fish.
D. None is correct.
V. Give correct formation of these words
1. The air in the city is ___________ (pollute)
2. Please listen to the lecture ____________ (care)
3. An accident happened because of driving ____________ (care)
4. He was ____________ (disappoint) that they were not coming.
5. Air and water _____________ (pollute) can make people fall ill.
6. Plastic bags will cause _____________ (pollute).
7. Mr Brown is one of the ___________ (conserve)
8. We should make our world _____________ (pollute)
9. Im ____________ (disappoint) that you didnt do your homework.
10. Listen me ___________ (care) you can solve the problem.
VI. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each of the sentence needs correcting
1. I look forward to hear from my mother in Singapore.
2. Lets practice listening to English programs in the radio .
3. Ancient people thought that the earth is square but actually it is round .
4. Jim said that he was playing the piano in the hall now .
5. What about play tennis in stead of going to the cinema ?
6. After finish their homework , they took a long bath and went to bed .
7. Both teenagers and adults feel like help poor people, dont they?
8. She fed up about living in remote areas without electricity.
9. When our parents are sick , we took turn to look after them carefully.
10. The police ordered the man dont remove his hands from the steering wheel.
VII. Rewrite these sentences by using because.
1. He couldnt meet you because of being busy.

2. She went to bed early because of her sickness.


3. We spent the whole day in the garden because of lovely weather.


4. I cant play volleyball because of my height.


5. We cant swim in this part of the river because of highly polluted water

VIII. Rewrite these sentences by using because of

1. She cant work hard because she is very old.

2, He likes her because of she is very beautiful.


3. he broke the vase because he was careless.


4. He left school because his life was hard.


5. I went to bed early because I feel tired.