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May 2010,

RE: Employment Positions

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a young female in my 20’s looking for a carrier opportunity that best suits me. I am very
reliable. I am extremely honest and committed. I stay focused in doing my very best in life. I am
always up for new and challenging responsibilities. I am very resourceful, patient, considerate
and most of all very understanding in most situations. You will find that I am a very dependable
and an extremely hard working loyal employee. My personal goal in life is to be a respected
woman by working hard and earning my own place in today’s society. Please consider me for
this career opportunity that you currently have open.

Thank you for your time.


Molly C. Berry

Dallas, Texas 75230

Email: whodiewhowho@yahoo.com



Molly C. Berry
Dallas, Texas 75230
Email: whodiewhowho@yahoo.com


To find an opportunity that will allow me to demonstrate that I am a hard working individual who
is anxious to increase my knowledge, thereby becoming an asset to the company.

___Experiences_ In___

* Kennal manager/assistant dog trainer(3yrs experiance)

* SkipTracer (3 Months experience)
* Currier/office assistant in automotive shop (2 years experience)
* Inventory (1 Year experience)
* Facilities (3 Year experience)
* Restaurant (3 Years experience)

Company Name: The Dallas Dog Trainer
Start Date: May 12, 2008, March 2009/july 2009
Ending Date: Oct 12, 2008/ Layed off/ May 2009/MARCH2010 LAID OFF
Job Title: Kennal Assistant FT Mornings as of now > experienced in assitant dog training ,
grooming , general kennel maintence , grounds keeping nice n tidy , kennel assist to manager as
of now i am kennel manager my job is keeping a nice and clean enviorment in all areas of the
facility inside and out as well as making sure all dogs are well and okay and allowed excercise
fresh water and nice clean area s at all times ect.. helping clients in what ever it is they are in
need s of and or having issues in modifying their dogs behavior in working with and or handeling
in there training or working with them only to the best of my abilitys or which in knowing so far of
being taught i am a team player and a very hard worker i am a very patient and tollerant person
that is willing to learn and try my best in all aspects .

Company Name:Sterling Investigations
Start Date: March 23, 2008
Ending Date: May 12, 2008
Job Title: Skip Tracer, locating customer and notifying and or reposessing colateral.

Company Name: A.G.P. (All German Performance)
Start Date: March 2005
Ending Date: September 2007
Job Title: Handling phones, running errands, accounts payable, recievable.

_Company Name: Bob Evans Family Restaurant
Start Date: September 2002
End Date: July 2003
Job Title: Hostess

Company Name: Hallaway Cafe
Start Date: October 2001
End Date: November 2002
Job Title: Dishwasher / Store Closer

Company Name: Woodberry Estates II
Start Date: May 2000
End Date: September 2002
Job Title: Janitor


School: Adrian High School

G/A: No

Desired employment type:

Full Time ,Part Time, Independent Contractors

Molly C. Berry
Dallas, Texas 75230
Email: whodiewhowho@yahoo.com