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Weekly Newsletter


is coming!
On Wednesday, May 25th, we will be sending out the
Summer Guide. The purpose of this guide is to offer you a
glimpse of what we are doing this summer so you can plan
where to serve and gather ahead of time. The Summer
Guide will also serve as your go to newsletter for the
summer months as the weekly edition will only have the
most needed information and be 2-3 pages in total.

Thank the Lord for each of these

wonderful graduates and all that they
have accomplished. Pray for them as
God leads them to college and new
challenges in the days to come.

Abby Rose


Elizabeth E


May 30th at 9:00am at the Champaign Sportmans Club,

302 N Lake of the Woods Rd, Mahomet, IL.
Pastor Jason will be sharing a message of remembrance
These Stones and helping to honor our veterans. Our own
Meg Drennan and Larry Bunting will be singing also at the
Will you come out and
support those who have
served and sacrificed for

Jake Floyd

Every week Pastor Jake has been averaging 20-24

students on Wednesday nights. As you can imagine this is
a lot of students for one person to love and serve. We are
looking for a few folks who would be willing to make a
HUGE difference in the lives of students Wednesday nights
5:45pm-8:00pm. If you are willing please contact Pastor
Jake or Pastor Jason.

June 5th we are celebrating our 2nd and

6th graders moving up and also the
wonderful Sunday School teachers and
leaders who make it all possible!
2nd graders moving up will
receive a hardcover ESV
Following Jesus Bible.

What does it mean to be a disciple who makes

disciples? What if we told you it wasnt just about
sharing the gospel, but so much more?
What if it is about becoming a powerful part of
the lives of the very people you see everyday?
5/29 ! What is a Disciple Maker?

Promotion / Celebration Sunday

6/12! Intercede !

(John 17:1-26)

6/14! Bill Allison Workshop 6-8:00pm

6th graders moving up will
receive an ESV Study Bible to
be used by students entering
youth group.

6/19! Invest !

(Acts 20:17-38)

6/26! Intersect !

(2 Corinthians 5:19-20)


(Acts 4:10-12)

Invite !!





Wednesday 5/25

Martial Arts - Free! 6:00pm

Come out for a cup of coffee at the

Mahomet Family Restaurant 8:30am
Come out and enjoy a up of coffee or a
complete breakfast - more importantly join
in on some great fellowship!

Youth Group 6:00-8:00pm

Elders Meeting 7:30pm


Prayer Walking 5-6:00pm

Worship Practice 7:30pm

Mens Coffee 7:00am


Smith/Sackett Wedding 2:30pm

Adult Gospel Project with Jim Sackett

Crazy Busy Study with Jerry Unger
Standard Lesson Series with Bruce Henrikson
A Womans Heart Gods Dwelling Place
with the ladies of CEFCM

It so important in this time that we

pray for Jeremy AND send our
encouragement in the form of good
old fashioned letters. Will you send
a note of encouragement?

Childrens Sunday School 9:30am

No Kids Church today

Worship Gathering 10:45am

Pastor Jason Schifo Equipped to Go

Thursday 5/26


After 30 years of teaching Kathy

Woods has retired and earned her
crown (smaller and slightly less
prominent than the one she will get
in heaven). Over the last 30 years
Kathy has been an encouragement,
a support and in many ways the
hope and love of Jesus to kids who
desperately needed it. Like so many
teachers we know Kathy has been a
light for Christ where she was!



Christian Education 9:30am


Celebrate Our Veterans 9:00am

Sportmans Club, 302 North
Lake in the Woods Rd. Mahomet Illinois

For the next 13 weeks Jeremy

Barrett will be in Marines Corps
bootcamp in San Diego, California.

His address is:

RCT Jeremiah Barrett
37003 Midway Ave,
San Diego, CA 92140

RCT Jeremiah Barrett

37003 Midway Ave,
San Diego, CA 92140