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Form I
[See rule 4]
The All India Services (Performance Appraisal Report) Rules, 2007
(Applicable for all Indian Police Service officers up to the level of Inspector General of Police)

Performance Appraisal Report for the period from 03/09/2011 to 31/03/2012

Section I Basic Information
(To be filled in by the Administration Division/Home Department)
1. Name of the officer reported upon: Abhijeet Singh Kadian
2. Service: IPS
3. Cadre: West Bengal
4. Year of allotment: 2012
5. Date of Birth: 16/11/1984
6. Present Grade: Junior Time Scale [Rs 5400], Pay Band 3 with Grade Pay 5400
7. Present post: SDPO, Kurseong, Darjeeling District.
8. Date of appointment to present post: 26/12/2014
9. Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting Authorities:

Reporting Authority

Name & Designation

Period worked

Shri Akhilesh Chaturvedi ,IPS

26/12/2014 to 31/03/2015

SP, Darjeeling
Reviewing Authority

DIG, Jalpaiguri Range

Accepting Authority Shri G.M.P. Reddy, IPS

DG & IGP, West Bengal

26/12/2014 to 31/03/2015

26/12/2014 to 31/03/2015

10. Period of absence on leave, etc.

On Leave (specify type)




11. Training Programs attended:

Date from

Date to



12. Awards/Honours:

13. Details of PARs of officers not written by the officer as reporting/reviewing authority for the
previous year.


14. Date of filing the property return for the year ending December:
15. Date of last prescribed medical examination (Mandatory for all Indian Police Service officers).
Attach summary of the medical report: N/A


Signature on behalf of Admn/Home Dept

Section II Self Appraisal

1. Brief description of duties:

(Objectives of the position you hold and the tasks you are required to perform, in
about 100 words)

Strengthening local intelligence network

Improving Police-Public Relationship by organizing community policing programmes

Ensuring quality and speedy investigation through close and on the spot supervision in
maximum no. of SR cases and timely submission of CSs

Supervision of functioning of Police Stations & Camps set up for launching counterinsurgency operations. Periodical review of security of camps and police units

Coordination and co-operation with other stake holders CAPF camping in the area, leaders
of political parties and other civil departments.

Ensuring training of SI/ASIs in various aspects of investigation, field craft tactics, use of
GPS, maps & google earth software

Discipline, training and welfare of all officers and force under my control

Police arrangement in connection with the VVIP/VIP visits;

Emphasizing on cleanliness of PSs and proper maintenance of PS records

2. Annual work plan and achievement:

Tasks to be performed


Actual Achievement 2(2)



Planning regular anti-naxal operations for

the existing camps and monitoring the
execution of operations


Participating/leading 3-4 regular anti naxal

operations in a week, and in any other
operations as directed by SP Sir

Regularly planned operations regular

area domination, specific intelligence
based operations - for camps and district
Physically participated in innumerable
operations in
Jhargram, Jamboni,
Binpur, & Belpahari PS area

Intelligence collection was emphasized

and increased during the period

Engaging human source for collection of



Ensuring free registration of FIRs

All new SR cases supervised besides supervising the investigation of



Supervision of investigation of SR cases,

and also of non SR cases with CI/IC as
main supervising officers

Speedy investigation and submission of

timely charge sheet in at least 80 % of cases

old cases

I made systemic efforts in direction of

disposal of SR cases including sedition
cases .During the reporting period total
40 cases including 8 sedition cases
were disposed off as against 22 SR
cases reported during the period .
NBW executed 241 as against 181



Proper execution of NBWS and

prosecution of non FIR and supervision of
SR cases

Prosecution Submitted -1557 cases

against 2121 persons



Visits to police units and camps,

sensitization of force and officers by
constant briefing about Naxal threats.


ensuring proper behavior of the officers and

forces with public, improvement in
discipline and morale of the force

10. Maintenance of law and order and effective

handling of law and order situations/ large

11. Visiting every naxal PS at least once in a

month exclusively for purpose of trg of SI /
ASI in various aspects of investigation/field
craft/ study of maps / use of GPS
12. Emphasizing on cleanliness of PSs and
gardening of open front space ,if available,
of the PS
13. To look after the work of office of SDPO,

14. Matter regarding improvement of


Surprise visits undertaken :

personnel were held in OR-1


L&O was kept under check. No major

L&O problem occurred during the
period. 2 visits of Honble Chief
Minister of Bengal (including 1 night
stay at Jhargram) were managed
successfully. Jhargram Mela was held


The standard of cleanliness of PS got

improved with continuous efforts
All important registers and Sereshta
were properly maintained.

Many community programmers during

reporting period were undertaken

number of teams participating
Jangal Mahal Inter-School

public relationship

children was organized at
Jhargram Stadium with more
than 1050 participants
Jangal Mahal Women Football
Tournament was organized with
1 women team from each PS
Coaching Camp for budding
footballers in partnership with
Bishal Group of Companies

3. During the period under report, do you believe that you have made any exceptional
contribution, e.g. successful completion of an extraordinarily challenging task or major
systemic improvement? If so, please give a verbal description (within 100 words):

4. What are the factors that hindered your performance?

- There is an urgent need to review the system of putting IC rank officer in charge of naxal affected PS. In all
naxal affected PSs young SIs should be made OC for young and energetic leadership for anti naxal operations .
- Regular training of all police personnel especially IC/OC of PSs in counter-insurgency operations is lacking.
- Lack of financial powers to SP, Jhargram Police District delays many important decisions

5. Please indicate specific areas in which you feel the need to upgrade your skills through
training programs:
For the current assignment :
1. Tactics for intelligence collection & interrogation
2. Advanced field crafts training/ regular firing practice/arms handling
3. Advanced courses for anti-naxal operations

For your future career:


Enhancing investigating skills by learning tools of forensic science ,and investigating tactics
Learning management tools for effective utilization of resources
Enhancing IT skills ,and learning investigation of cyber crimes and Economic offences
Getting better understanding of socio-political-cultural norms of WB.

Please Note: You should send an updated CV, including additional qualifications acquired/
training programs attended/ publications/ special assignments undertaken, in a prescribed
proforma, to the cadre controlling authority, once in 5 years, so that the records available with
the cadre controlling authority remain updated.

6. Declaration
Have you filed your immovable property return, as due? If yes,
please mention date.


Have you undergone the prescribed medical check up?


Have you set the annual work plan for all officers for the current
year, in respect of whom you are the reporting authority?




Signature of officer reported upon