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What colours did Van Gogh use

to paint 'Starry Night'?

Ultramine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Sap Green, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Lemon yellow, Ivory
black, Zinc White. Raw Umber Ultramine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Sap Green, Cadmium
Yellow Hue, Lemon yellow, Ivory black, Zinc White. Raw Umber.. citron-yellow and
Prussian blue."

What colors did van gogh use?

Van Goug started painting with dark colours; greenish-brown colors. Until a French
painter convinced him to use a more colorful palette.

Typical colors in Van Gogh's palette included:

yellow ocher,
chrome yellow and cadmium yellow,
chrome orange,
Prussian blue,
lead white and zinc white,
emerald green,

red lake,
red ocher,
raw sienna,

(Both chrome yellow and cadmium yellow are toxic, so some modern artists
tend to use versions that have hue at the end of the name, which indicates
that it's made from alternative pigments.)

Van Gogh painted very rapidly, with a sense of urgency, using the paint
straight from the tube in thick, graphic brush strokes (impasto). In his last 70
days, he is said to have averaged one a day.
Influenced by prints from Japan, he painted dark outlines around objects,
filling these in with areas of thick color. He knew that using complementary
colors make each seem brighter, using yellows and oranges with blues and
reds with greens. His choice of colors varied with his moods and occasionally
he deliberately restricted his palette, such as with the sunflowers which are
almost entirely yellows.
"To exaggerate the fairness of hair, I come even to orange tones, chromes and
pale yellow ... I make a plain background of the richest, intensest blue that I
can contrive, and by this simple combination of the bright head against the rich
blue background, I get a mysterious effect, like a star in the depths of an azure

From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p013twln/one-hundred-greatpaintings-self-portraits-van-gogh-18531890

Citron yellow
Malachite green
Cobalt blue

And a supply of paint big tubes (which work out much cheaper than small ones), but you will understand that Ive
limited myself to simple colours in both watercolour and oil: ochre (red, yellow, brown), cobalt and Prussian blue,
Naples yellow, terra sienna, black and white, supplemented with some carmine, sepia, vermilion, ultramarine, gamboge
in smaller tubes.
But I refrained from buying colours one ought to mix oneself.

Brushwork and Paint

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What type of paint did Vincent van Gogh use

While busily at work Vincent van Gogh sent Theo a long list of paint to be ordered from Tasset or L'Hote in
Paris :
Zinc yellow (chrome lemon)
Chrome yellow light
Chrome yellow medium
Vandyck brown
Chrome orange
Geranium (employed from the Arles period)
Madder lake (Alizarin)
Cochineal lake (Carmine)
Prussian blue
Cobalt blue
French ultramarine
Emerald green

Lead white
Zinc white
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I sent for paint from Schoenfeld in Dsseldorf, a few colors that I can?t easily get here. The Artist Colors
are still available at Lukas Germany. Formerly the firm Schoenfeld.
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