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Name: prof. Cristina Burian

Date: 20th October, 2015
Class: 1st& 2nd grades
No. of Students: 18
Level: Beginners

School: Scoala Gimnaziala Beica de Jos

Time of Lesson: 50 min.
Workbook: Lb. englez pt cls. I si a II-a
Lesson: The clowns favorite colors

By the end of the class the students will be able:
1. to recognize and use the colours
2. to talk about their favourite colours
At the end of the class the students:
1. will have had practice in asking and answering questions about colours
2. will have developed their speaking competences.
Teaching techniques / Methods: Conversation, explanation, games
Organization: Whole class, Team work, Group work, Individual work
Techniques: chant Everybody clap!, song Lets do the Pinocchio, The rainbow song, games I see something
blue, The colours race, My progress Test, drills, miming, eliciting, question & answer technique.
Language Skills / Topic: Vocabulary - colours, listening & speaking
Anticipatory problems: Some Ss with a poor level, may have some difficulties in practice the vocabulary

related to the topic. Teacher will be prepared to practice and revise the vocabulary.
Teaching aids: WB, BB, Worksheet, post-it word cards, flashcards, loudspeakers, colours poster, colours cut-outs, dices
and a ball.

ACTIVITY 1: Warmer
Aim: to assure Ss accommodation to the English class and reinforce vocabulary related to everyday activities.
To execute physical warm-up.
1. T and Ss chant Everybody clap and mime the actions (clap, jump, stamp, hop, swim, fly, shake, sit).
2. Ss sing Lets do the Pinocchio, Good morning
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class
Timing: 4 min.

ACTIVITY 2: Consolidating previous knowledge

Aim: to check previous knowledge - the ability of correctly introduce themselves to the classroom,1st and 3rd person
1. T asks Ss Who are you? - I am Bob. I am a boy.
Whats your name? - My name is Bob.
Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, too.
2. Ss perform task. T asks Ss to correct their classmates mistakes, if any.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Whole-class
Timing: 3 min.
Legend: T = teacher; Ss = students; BB = blackboard; WB = workbook; CB = copybook; Fc = flashcards; Ws = worksheet; Pw = pair work; Gw =
group work; Iw = individual work; Wc = whole class; Q = question; A = answer

ACTIVITY 3: My rainbow umbrella

Aim: To identify colours

To revise vocabulary related to the topic

1. T informs Ss about the aim of the lesson and invites Ss to repeat the words they listen after T. T holds in her hand a
rainbow umbrella. Ss listen and repeat the colours.
2. T invites Ss in front of the class to identify the colour they are indicated by the teacher. T asks: What colour is it?
Its blue.
3. T gives each S a worksheet with the rainbow and they meet Jack, the funny clown. Ss sing the song The rainbow
song and then they have to colour the worksheet, using the instructions they hear. T asks a S to be Jack, the funny
clown and introduce himself to the class. T asks: Who are you? I am Jack. What colour is your nose?-Red.
Timing: 7 min.
ACTIVITY 4: The colors race
Aim: to revise animals, greetings, seasons, people and consolidate question asking and answering What is this?,
What color is it?;This is Jerry, the mouse. It is brown.
1. T informs Ss that they are going to play a game called The colours race. T presents to the Ss a poster on the

blackboard called The colours race, and tells them that they will play a game, containing the
vocabulary recently learned. T explains then the rules of the game. In the classroom there are three
rows of Ss. Each row will compete against the other rows. They choose a name for their team. Ss sit
in pairs in their desks. Each pair of Ss receives a dice to throw when their turn comes.
Each Ss from the team roll the dice once. Ss say in English the number on the dice and follow the
spaces on the poster, then they have to say the name of the word presented in the image. By turns, a
S from each group rolls the dice until one of the three groups arrives to the finish line. The game
may be played twice.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-T, Ss-Ss, Team Work, Group work

Timing: 20 min.

ACTIVITY 5: I see something blue

Aim: to provide extra-practice in asking and answering questions using the colours.
1. T gives each pair of Ss a set of small colored flash-cards, such as stars, moon, fish, flowers, stars, clowns. Ss sings
and plays "I See Something Blue" and have students pick out the different colors.
I see something blue.
Blue, blue, blue, blue...
I see something blue.
Find something blue!
2. After singing the song a few times, Ss play the "I See Something..." game. T has the children gather around her. T
looks around the room and then says "I see something blue/red/yellow," etc. The students then try to guess which object
they"see." They can point at the objects, or name them if they know the word.
Interaction: T-SS, Ss-Ss; Whole-class
Timing: 10 min.
ACTIVITY 6: Feedback
Aim: to further consolidate the use of colours in sentences.
1. T asks Ss some T/F questions related to the topic. Ss listen and answer using their fingers showing Yes/No.
Interaction: T-Ss, Individual work
Timing: 5 min
ACTIVITY 7: Homework
Aim: to further consolidate the use of colours.
1. T asks Ss to colour the clown after the instructions.
Interaction: T-Ss, Individual work

Timing: 1 min

Legend: T = teacher; Ss = students; BB = blackboard; SB = students book; CB = copybook; Fc = flashcards; Ws = worksheets; Pw =

pair work; Gw = group work; Iw = individual work; Wc = Whole class; Qs = questions; A = answer