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: Insert LAN (RJ45 straight) to BBU (D2U) port 1

: Open Up the LTE NEM on your Laptop screen
Go to: eNb NEM .Tick To CONFIG
Go to: WO Loading ( for New BBU ) then
Select: Commissioning Wizard next
Select: Internal File System..tick Import... next
Select: desired LTE_WO Creation (On site Address File)tick Opentick Yes
System now is Loading the File wait a awhile.
Tick: Finish. Count 5-7 seconds ..then Pull-out the LAN connection (just to secure BBU not hang)
When Configuring Used BBU (second Hand)
Go to: eNb Nem
Select: Configtick Allocate (enable for Config Rights, SW Replacement,WO loading )
Then, back to Commissioning Wizardnext
Select:Internal File System..tick ImportNext
LTE_WO Creation (The Site Address)..tick Open..then Yes
System loading the Filethen, Wait a whileTick Finishcount 5-6 sec..then Pull LAN out.
When Doing the BBU Reset.
At eNb NEM :
Go to:HW Modulesright click the eNbtick Resetthen, wait 6-7 sec, then
Pull-out the LAN connectionwait until BBU enable for at least 1min,then
Utilize again LAN.
For Checking or Verifying Unlock Enabling Cell Confi; VSWR Check; GPS
Open Up the SECURE CRTwill appear IP Address & on Window Unix flashes
On Cursor
SelectSHCCM (short cut below)
Tick RRH1 each, one at a time
this will appear #
then beside #... type dstat (press Enter)to verify VSWRthen
RRH Statistics will appearThen, when going to verify succeeding RRHs Right click IP on
Top address, click Disconnect/Connect, then click again SHCCM, then click next RRH (sector) then
repeat the procedure.
Take Note: VSWR parameter is not less that -16
To Unlock/Lock The Cell ( On eNb NEM )
Open-Up the CRT:
Tick Cell Config. ( Notice Unlock on Stats ), then
Click CRTit will appear in Unix format CRT IPs
Click ROOTthen tick SHCCM
[ Root-Root] appearsthen On
eccm-Root-Root>cd[space]/data/db/active/mibpress Enter

eccm-root-mib>vi[space]cell[press tab]will appear Cell Configuration Table = 0

press ENTER.
it will appear Administrative_state 0 to 1press Letter i on keypad.
when done all administrative_state to 1press esc+ shift :+wq+shift!on keypad
then Enter.
then it will resume to eccm-root-mib>
Note: If On Cell Configuration still locked must Reset eNb. for 6-7 sec
Then pull-out the LAN.
[root-root] cmd (password) is. #edcVfr4%t then Enter
Type shenter
Type su[space][dash][space]root Enterthen the Password..the Enter
Then [root-root] appears
Then start Typing after [root-root] cd[space]/data/db/active/mib Enter
: To PING the GPS ( only )
Open CRT then directly Do
> cd[space]/pltf/pltf/grip[enter]then this will appear..
/pltf/pltf/grip> [then type]IntgetVisibleSatellites[enter] this will appear
:number of visible satellite 9 (that should not be less than 6-10 )
TAKE NOTE: Get SNAP SHOT offor Official use
-Cell Config
-SW Properties
-HW Modules

-VSWR (sector 1.2,3)

Additional Snap shot for future reference (optional ):

- ENB properties
- S1 Link
- MME Transort Layer
- VLan 0 Transport properties
- VLan1 Transport properties