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The Democratic Republic of the Congo > Overview >

Major Issues

Since the war that took place in August of 1998, the DRC has encountered many internal problem
Instability created by this universal conflict created three devastating problems for the DRC:
- Lack of Resources

At first sight, one would long ponder over the idea of DRCs conflict of lacking resources. DRC is
in the entire continent of Africa. Yet, one of its main issues is a result from the lack of these reso
nation. Why is this? Why does a nation suffer from a lack of something which they have an overa
doesnt make any sense!.Or does it? A closer look shows the ongoing struggle for possession o
foreign/ internal powers and the DRC. It is this struggle of which the DRC has been victimized. Th
this struggle; the losing end.

Some of DRCs recent allies, such as Uganda and Rwanda, have sought to take control over the n
natural resources. Not only allies, but also neighboring, rich nations of Africa have been profiting
number of major human rights groups have charged that some multinational corporations from
profiting from the war and have developed elite networks of key political, military, and busines
Congos natural resources. One of the greatest times of profit for these neighboring nations wa
outbreak of fighting from 1998 to 2002. Some companies indirectly related to this conflict benefi
resources within the DRC because they would receive contracts from the DRC that would benefit
that allowed them to obtain possession of these resources. To the present day, foreign powers co
possession of these resources. Also, the DRC has struggled as a result of mineral extraction (prim
Many additional ongoing struggles branch off from mineral exploitation within the country.
Exploited minerals in the DRC:


- Violence

Since the DRC was freed from colonial rule in 1960, violence of all sor
nation. Some say the violence which has occurred within the DRC is worse than that of the secon
chaotic war which commenced in 1998, nearly 5.4 million civilians have lost their lives. One of th
conflict during this period of time has been sexual violence. During the war, soldiers used this as
and control. Armed groups to this very day still use sexual violence as a weapon of war.

A large group of sexuallly abused women wait impatiently to be screened at a local m


But sexual violence hasnt been the only issue in the DRC. Numerous rebellion groups, including
DRC, Angolan Namibian Zimbabwan, Rwandan and Ugandan belligerent groups, all signed a cea
1999 in an effort to stop the war and genocide which had spilled over into the DRC. The UN Orga
was deployed to the DRC to support this ceasefire, and aid the nation in putting an end to war. H
of this mission would be harshly questioned when war continued in the eastern part of the count
arms embargo was placed upon this region of the DRC. However, the Security Council has had g
embargo considering the massiveness of the region of which they were trying to impose. The po
groups was simply too great. As a result, those victimized since the so-called embargo have cr
ability to sustain peace within the Congo. In addition, although the country has called upon us, A
peacekeepers to ease the ongoing warfare, the U.S is unwilling to put forth any additional funds
The U.S government figures the $1 billion is already expensive enough. Additional expenses wou
result, rebel groups within and surrounding DRC have left a long trail of blood throughout the str
the country with brutal murders and massacres.

- Disease and Other Non-Violent Deaths

Throughout the ladder portion of the DRC, disease has been a major cause of the millions of dea
within the DRC in the past recent decade. Since the war ranging from 1998-2002, it is estimated
civilians have lost their lives to additional warfare and disease outbreak; a fair portion of these d
disease outbreak. One of the most deadly disease outbreaks which has occurred in the past dec
disease can be easily prevented with proper medical treatment. However, this treatment is unav
the country. As a result, when the disease is diagnosed, it either worsens and kills off its victims,

-A woman protects herself from the deadly effects of disease in the DRC.

However, malaria isnt the only cause of non-violent deaths in the DRC. Dirarrea is another caus
civilians. Because of the struggle for minerals such as water between the DRC and foreign/ inter
this mineral is unequal throughout the country. As a result, civilians become dehydrated. Those
cannot possibly maintain a healthy level of hydration, leading to death.

The third main cause of non-violent deaths in the DRC is mal-nutrition. Although the DRC is the r
in resources, civilian, again (like mineral distribution), are paid with an insufficient share of these
internal powers fighting for possession. With the DRC on the broad end of this distribution of res
many citizens are unable to maintain a healthy diet. As a result, vast amounts of people lose the
famine every year.

The fourth, and quite possible the most common cause if non-violent deaths throughout the enti
HIV/AIDS. Currently, the CIA World Facebook estimates that around 1.1 million people in the DRC
with this disease, and 100,000 civilians lose their lives to it each year.

- Education

The unstable economy in the DRC has made affordability for education an unachievable goal for
Country Profile, more than 4.4 million children are unable to attend school because their parents
sufficient funds to pay for the education. Within the country, there is such a thing as primary edu
children are allowed to earn a basic knowledge education from qualified teachers free of charge
system. However, families are still liable to pay quarterly fees for the education.

Even with the primary education option open to the entire country, according to the IRIN Countr
children populating the DRC enroll for primary education. Along with this issue lies sexual discrim
the priority for education is given, largely, to boys. According to a study conducted by the UNESC
literacy rate for boys age 15+ was 80.9%, in comparison to 54.1% for woman above the age of 1

- A photo of the looks of a common schoolhouse within widesprea


- Trafficking

Because of its massive size and densely populated state, the DRC is primary country in Africa in
children are tricked into forced, unfair labor, sexual exploitation, and military recruitment. Some
into working or fighting against the Congolese government alongside deadly rebellion and militia
government sees this as a major problem in the countrys present day society, like the remainde
within the Congo, the economy stands in the way of government intervention.

Without sufficient financial support and human resources, the government is unable to but a sur
DRC, let alone provide the necessary security in order to ensure that such a crime does not occu
is unable to apprehend those responsible, trafficking remains as one of the biggest ongoing issu