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Remote Access

Tally.ERP 9 provides remote capabilities for you to access data from anywhere. Using Tally.NET
features, you can create remote users (ids), authorize & authenticate them to access company
remotely. Currently, the remote connectivity allows you to view/display the required
information on your system instantly.

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Tally.ERP 9
Various usage scenarios of Tally.ERP 9 remote access:
1. Manage business from home you do not have to be present in your office any more to know
the latest update on your business. You can plan your day in advance by checking status of
payables and receivable, pending orders, stock status etc in the morning, before you reach
office. Delegate and plan work better.
2. Business on the move your absence from office does not affect the visibility to business
anymore. Access your business data from a laptop, cyber caf or even computer in the hotel
where you are staying. Stay connected to your business without being involved.
3. Enhance response time to customers sales staff in the field can access customers (a/the)
outstanding statements for immediate reference or discussion. Also before booking a new
order or promising delivery dates, a sales person can check the stock status and availability of
goods by using Tally installed on the customers computer.


Remote Access

4. Chartered Accountant can access your business data sitting in his/her office enable remote
access to the Chartered Accountant to save time and money in receiving expert advice.
Chartered accountant and his/her article clerks can access your business data and provide tax
computation, compliance and audit advices without having to visit your office. This can help
you with continuous compliance.
5. A Tally expert can resolve your support queries remotely solution to support issues do not
have to wait any more. Provide one time access to a Tally expert or a solution provider to fix
your product, customisation or any other support issues instantaneously. This can save your
business the delay in problem resolution.
6. Word of advice from a friend or a relative allow business friends or relatives to access your
business data when ever you wish to seek their valuable advice. You can provide continuous
access or one time access depending on your need.
7. Maintain personal account at home which can also be accessed from your office.
The Tally.NET ID is the users Identity, Tally.NET servers Authenticate the user as being a
valid user; you decide what the user is authorised to do.
Remote access is safe and secure
When working with 'remote' data, the system allows all information manipulation to happen on
the original machine, and only uses the final results to 'display' (or allow changes) on the
remote machine. So, no data - EVER - resides on the remote machine. It simply gets the
information it needs, and once you logout (or exit Tally.ERP 9), the connection is just broken
and your data remains SECURE on the original machine. In fact, no matter how the connection
breaks, your data NEVER moves to another machine, even temporarily.
Data Security:

The Remote connectivity is initiated with a secured Handshake between two computers
using Tally.NET environment.

Customer can allow / disallow access to the Company Data for remote users at any point of

Data resides on the Customers Computer only.

Encrypted Data is transferred between two computers on request.
Data will only be transferred through the Tally.NET server and not reside
The customer can assign Security controls to remote users depending upon what access to be

For the Remote user(s) Back up / Restore options will not be available in the remote location.


Remote Access

The remote access is built to be safer because of the following:

As these identities are maintained centrally, they are guaranteed to be unique for all users of
Tally.NET. These users can also be granted access to any company which is connected to
Tally.NET (in any license on Tally.ERP 9) across the world and whether these companies are
created by you or by a business associate.
When such a user attempts to login to a particular company, the authentication of his identity is
performed via the Internet remotely.
Authorisation is NOT performed by Tally.NET. This is under your control: you decide if
someone has access, you decide what he has access to. As stated before, you would probably
want to restrict what each remote user will be allowed to do on your data this is done as you
would with a 'normal' user (see Security & Access Control).
Requirements for Remote Connectivity:
At your office:

Internet connection
Tally.ERP 9 License with the Tally.NET subscription
Authorise remote users for a Company that has to be accessed remotely
Load & Connect the Company to Tally.NET for remote access

Note: For the company to be accessed by the Remote User the computer has to be switched on,
and Tally.ERP 9 with company loaded.

At the Remote Location:

Internet connection
Tally.ERP 9 (Licensed/Education)
A valid remote User ID and Password


Remote Access

Availability of Customisation
During Remote Access, the additional customisations running at your office will also be
available to the Remote User at the remote location.
Experience remains the same either working locally on your computer or from a remote
location. It is recommended to use broadband connections to enjoy the best remote experience.
Tally.NET is an enabling environment which works behind the scenes to facilitate various
Internet based services in Tally.ERP 9. Each Tally.ERP 9 is enabled for Tally.NET Services by
default. Tally.NET provides the following services/capabilities in Tally.ERP 9:

Create and maintain Remote Users

Remote Access
Control Centre
Support Centre
Synchronisation (s) of data (via Tally.NET)
Product updates & upgrades

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