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REOI WCARO - 2016 - 01 / Request for expression of Interest

to join the roster of Individual International Consultants :

Markets Surveys - West and Central Africa Markets
In the WCARO Region, local markets are developing, which necessitates an update of the
information on market environment, vendors, availability of items and services, sources
of procurement, etc. The number of local vendors is increasing and there is a need to
update the list of potential suppliers while setting objective criteria for their evaluation
and selection. The variety of commodities available to procure locally has also widened.
The UNICEF WCARO Regional Office is seeking to create a roster of individual
international consultants with the capacity to undertake surveys of the local markets in
several countries located West and Central Africa
The goal of these consultancies is to assess the availability of locally sourced supplies, to
contribute to the qualification of pre-qualify vendors with the capacity to provide
supplies/services locally or to the neighboring countries, and to update the vendor
master maintained by the concerned UNICEF Offices.

1. Location of the market surveys

In 2016, The UNICEF Regional Office is planning to coordinate market surveys in various
countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Niger, Benin and Togo. Each market survey
will be organized and managed separately.

Each concerned UNICEF Country Offices will determine the main

commodity categories to be assessed. The analyses will be based on
historical data of the past purchase orders 2013-2015. The exact list of
categories will be provided to the selected consultant at contract

2. Expected Outcomes
This exercise should give the Country Office a better understanding of the local markets
potential through the assessment of local suppliers capabilities to supply goods and
If the conditions are met, the market survey will be considered as an important
component leading to the development of a local procurement strategy for one or more
groups of products, and, eventually, to an efficient procurement process.
The use of a comprehensive vendor master will contribute to guarantee that a fair
competition exist among prospective vendors based on the UNICEF guiding ethical
principles, such as transparency and equal treatment.

12 May 2016

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3. Planned Deliverables
At the end of the mission, the consultant will have to provide UNICEF with the following

Completed Supplier Inspection Reports

A list of short-listed suppliers for various categories of suppliers, including a database

and hard copy file. This list will include a selection of suppliers that have the capacity
to deliver the neighboring countries.

Framework of continuous updating of the suppliers database

Final report containing the methodology, principal conclusions and recommendations

of the market survey.

4. Qualifications and competencies



Advanced university degree in business administration, procurement, management or a

related technical field.

Work Experience

Five years progressively responsible professional work experience at the national and
international levels in procurement, business administration and management and
financial analysis. Proven experience in similar assignments required.


Fluency in English and French



In depth knowledge of procurement and good concept of analyzing data and financial
Proven ability to conceptualize, develop, plan and manage market research and
similar projects
Good analytical and communication skills.
Demonstrated ability to work independently in a multi-cultural environment and
establish harmonious and effective working relationships both within and outside the
Excellent computer skills, including database applications and internet navigation.

5. Duty Station
The consultant will be located in the Capital city of the country, with possibility of field
visits to suppliers located outside the capital depending on the market context of the

12 May 2016

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6. Duration
Average duration of a mission is expected to be approximately 4 weeks in country + 10
days on remote basis. The actual duration will depend on the country of the survey.

7. Application Process:
The consultants applications to the roster should include the following documentation *:

Cover letter that should include information on planned availability for field
missions in 2016.

Resume and/or P11 form including professional References

Technical proposition including references to past experiences in the same area of

expertise, a summary of the proposed approach and methodology as well as the
means that will be needed to successfully achieve the missions objective.

8. Selection criteria
At the end of this exercise, a short list of consultants will be established.
The applications will be evaluated based on the review of the updated Curriculum Vitae.
Level of expertise in market surveys

: 40%


: 20%

Knowledge of the West and Central Africa Countries

: 15%

Nb years work experience

: 10%

Computer skills and database management

: 10%


: 5%

A minimum of 70/100 is required for selection in the Consultants Roster.

9. Applications
Proposals for this Request of Expression of Interest must delivered in a written
form via e-mail only to the following address: wcarooperations@unicef.org

before June 6, 2016 COB.

The proposal should not be copied to any other person.

Important : The reference REOI - 2016 - 01 must be mentioned on the subject
of proposals' emails.
For any questions, please send an email to Mrs Brigitte Labb, Supply and
Procurement Specialist, UNICEF Regional office, Dakar @mail :

12 May 2016

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