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Striving Towards a Greensboro

With Compassion
and Justice for All
A Historic Citywide Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, June 12th from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
The Howard Chubbs Enrichment Center
Providence Baptist Church
1106 Tuscaloosa Street
Greensboro, North Carolina
There are many REAL challenges facing Greensboro and our nation. Policing is
one of the most visible and difficult! Making significant progress on our policing
issues will help in all other areas, including poverty, jobs and equity, education,
housing, child care, health and wellness, plus numerous others.
All will require learning to work together and voting our values.

Your Voice Is Important. It Takes All of Us to Make Greensboro a

Great City. We Intend to Agree on An ACTION PLAN!
Sponsored by the Community-City Working Group
This group, convened by Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Rev. Nelson Johnson, has been meeting for over a year.
The members include:
Dr. Claude W. Barnes, Rev. Ezekiel Ben-Israel, Rev. Lisa Caldwell, Rev. Cardes H. Brown, Toni Etheridge, Deena Hayes-Greene, Sallie Hayes-Williams,
Rev. C. Bradley Hunt, Addy Jeffrey, Atty. Omar Jones, Michelle Kennedy, Isaiah Magett, Bishop Alfred Marble, Rev. Alphonso McGlen, Rev. Daran H. Mitchell,
Rev. Julie Peeples, Lewis Pitts, Rev. Alan Sherouse, Carolyn Smith, Rev. T. Anthony Spearman, Jeff Thigpen, Commissioner Ray Trapp