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Social Network Site

Introduction :
General Statement:
Nowadays, from young generation to old generation and millions of users are using social
network site, this show that social network is popular nowadays. Social network sites such as
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Wechat, Skype and other.Social Network bringsnew
information and communication tools, such as mobile connectivity, blogging, photo and videosharing.
Social Network Site having its own history, advantages, disadvantages and future to in develop.

Body paragraph1:
Topic sentence:
The earliest social network site in this world such as Thegoble.com, Geocities.com, Tripod.com
and others.
Supporting details:

Theglobe.com (1995), Geocities (1994)and Tripod.com (1995) is the earlier social

network site in this world. Those site only focus on bring people together by using chat
room(O. Wasow, personal communication, August 16, 2007).
Friendster.com and MSN is the most popular site when year 2000. This site can be used
for communicate with friends, share information and share photo and video(D. Skog,
personal communication, September 24, 2007).
In between 1990s to 2000s, SixDegrees.com, MakeOutClub and Cyworld also popular on
that time, and SixDegrees.com have the first friends list in the world(D. Skog, personal
communication, September 24, 2007).

Concluding sentence:
The social network site have a long history, it beginning on 1994s until now.

Body paragraph2 :
Topic sentence
We can enhance the relationship between employees, increase the productivity and analyzing
data easily via social networking, and student can surf topics that apart from topic of school,
online teaching by teacher and communicate with the school. (Danah m. boyd& Nicole B.
Ellison, 17 Dec 2007)
Supporting points 1

Due to social networking, employees can directly speak to senior leadership so it can be
more attainable. (Amy Dagliano, Mar 19, 2015)
Senior employees can share their knowledge to all the junior employees easily so they
can learn and make it as a revise.(Amy Dagliano, Mar 19, 2015)
Leaders can be easily to analyzing internal company trends, consolidate employee skill
sets and also find potential leaders that might have been hidden behind the scenes.(Amy
Dagliano, Mar 19, 2015)

Supporting points 2

Some topics that might cannot get from school so student can surf for it via social
network.(Danah m. boyd& Nicole B. Ellison, 17 Dec 2007)
Teacher can educate student who are apart from the country through social network.
(Danah m. boyd& Nicole B. Ellison, 17 Dec 2007)
School can use social network to keep in touch with student for consulting them. (Danah
m. boyd& Nicole B. Ellison, 17 Dec 2007)

Concluding sentences
In a nutshell, social networking will be getting more common to everyone because of it can be
involve in business field, education field and getting your life partner.

Body paragraph3 :
Topic Sentence :
The disadvantage of social network can affect our live. The examples of disadvantages of social
network are Increased number of hackers, Decreases Face-to-Face Communication Skills and

Supporting Details :

Cyber security are hackers that will commit some fake report, spam, or even launch some
company viruses through a social media platform to others. (Amy Dagliano on Mar 19,

Computer reliance can be hurt a persons ability to have face to face conversation by
making it more awkward and unusual to hear something and respond with a thoughtful
message through the spoken word because of one that always dependence on a keyboard

to convey a message. (Marilyn Price-Mitchell, June 16, 2014)

Crime is a cyber bullying which include different branches. The most common type is
harassment, where the abuse and insulting messages are repeatedly sent to the victim.

Social networks can conduct many negative influences at the same time. People may start
to lose physical communication and interaction in the real world. (ZinWaiHtun)

Concluding sentences :
Many of the teenagers nowadays devote their lives in social networking and consider it more
important in their real lives. Social networking can leads to many crime like cyber bullying
which can affect the lives of more than just its victim, especially if the victim becomes suicidal.

Body Paragraph 4 :

Topic sentence:
Some experts expected social networking can be advance to the stage of communication and it
will replace the telecommunications.
Supporting point: (Zin Wai Htun)

Until now, social networking sites according to Google, Facebook and Skype became a

major media of worldwide communication.

Some of the scientists of social networking believe they can set up a new and better
communication technology that can replace the mobile phones in the future.

Topic Sentence2:
Student can have online learning in the future.
Supporting Point: (Jun26, 2012/Staff Writers)

Students will have online learning where they can interact with others people, such as
sharing their ideas and information from the different parts of the world.

Malaysia may not the first place of online education, but small Asian countries were
forging ahead at maximum speed when having the opportunities for learning online.

In Malaysia, one of the nations biggest e-learning schools is Asia e University, based out
of Kuala Lumpur.

Due to the social networks developed and the future, social networking will replace
telecommunication and online learning for student is not a dream