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Improving Engagement
Cash Flow and
Profitability for
Consulting Services
Risks to your firms cash flow and profitability
are everywhere. With Oracles solutions for
consulting services, you can capture and process
all project costs and improve the accuracy of
billing and revenue management while effectively
addressing governance, risk, and compliance.

Capgemini required Web-enabled

applications for our changing
organizational structure. Our
managers also needed project
visibility across legal entities in a
single instance. Oracle E-Business
Suite met those objectives.
Christine Hodgson
Chief Financial Officer
Capgemini UK

Just by integrating [Oracles]

PeopleSoft Enterprise Expenses
with invoice processing, our DSO
[days sales outstanding] has come
down 10 percent. In terms of close
time, weve shaved two days off
the cycle.
Cal Yonker
Chief Executive Officer

In the competitive world of consulting

services, time is money. Law firms,
accountants, management consultants,
systems integrators, and public relations
professionals cannot afford to spend time
processing and presenting inaccurate bills.
All the effort and activity involved in
completing a successful project translates
into lost revenueand a faltering business
if it takes too long to generate correct
bills. Oracle offers the industrys most
comprehensive consulting services solutions,
so you can capture and process all project
costs and precisely map them to contract
terms. With Oracles solutions for the
consulting services industry, you can gain
tighter control of your finances and protect
your businesss profitability through better
project accounting, billing, collections,
and corporate governance processes.
Capture, Control, and
Process All Project Costs

Profitability in the consulting services

business demands correct billingthe first

time. Oracles solution for consulting

services firms automates project operations
and integrates them with back-office
systems, from capturing project costs
to defining cost controls, burdening,
expenditure classifications, and adjustments.
For example, employees can charge detailed
expenditures and other costs incurred while
performing a task, and you can define
different labor rates depending on the
employee, job, organization, or time period.
Once you have captured all your direct
project costs, you can easily apply indirect
costs, such as allocations, transfer pricing,
and Selling, General, and Administrative
(SG&A), to determine your true cost of
doing business. And because all cost
information is consolidated into one system,
you can easily measure budget versus actuals,
accrue revenue based on rules, invoice based
on contractual fulfillment, and capitalize
assets when necessary.
Additionally, Oracle gives you multiple ways
to enter project expenditures at any level of a

Improving Engagement Cash Flow and Profitability for Consulting Services

Fact: Of the top 35 most innovative

consulting and business services
firms, 27 run Oracle Applications.

project. Enter them one at a time or in a

batch, or upload them from a spreadsheet.
Oracle Project Costing solutions support
the need of your global workforce to incur
transactions, receive reimbursements,
generate accounting entries, and review
project costsall in different currencies.
You can also configure different operating
units or projects to use specific currencies.
And you can use transaction controls to
limit the expenditures that can be charged
to specific projects. Similarly, budgetary
controls help you manage your project costs
by processing transactions only if sufficient
funds are available for a project; and
adjustments allow you to adjust your project
costs, align the adjustments to your financial
systems, and provide a historical audit trail
of all adjustments.
Increase Billing and Revenue
Management Accuracy

When clients understand your bills, they

are more likely to pay on time. By retrieving billing data from multiple data sources
(for example, contracts, order management,
project management, or legacy systems) and
providing a template-based configuration
of online bills, Oracle Bill Presentment
Architecture allows for more-understandable
and comprehensive bills, increasing the
likelihood and timeliness of bill payment.
Oracle enables you to give billing control to
the engagement manager, who can configure
varying billing cycles and methods, review
and adjust bills before they are processed and
sent to the client, and use multiple billing

formats to accommodate client needs. You

can also generate invoices by configuring
billing cycles for a single project or across a
range of projects, support retention billing, and invoice at the project or top-task
level. You can review, adjust, and approve
invoices online and print and post invoices
in multiple formats. Revenue can be accrued
based on various policies and agreements:
as billed, by percentage complete or spent,
by time and materials, or by milestone. In
addition, Oracle enables you to separate how
revenue is recognized from what you bill the
clienttwo tasks that often conflict. So your
bills are not constrained by the accounting,
and you can configure and present bills in a
highly flexible manner.
Oracle Collections gives you a tool for
efficient collections management. Work
is prioritized and delivered to the collectors
desktop based on user-defined customer
scoring models and strategies that determine when and how to deal with
delinquent customers.
Improve Governance, Risk, and
Compliance Processes and Content

With converging global compliance

standards and accelerating performance
expectations, organizations are facing greater
complexity in coordinating and managing
their governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. Based on best-practice frameworks,
Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Manager automates the management and enforcement of internal controls and improves

the efficiency of your organizations compliance processes. Oracle Governance, Risk, and
Compliance Manager monitors business process risk and control performance across the
enterprise, automatically highlighting areas
of control weakness and initiating corrective
actions with automated loss and investigations management. Oracle integrates robust
process management capabilities, automated
controls monitoring, and enterprise resource
planning application segregation of duties
all built on best-in-class content management capabilities. Whether your organization leverages one of the Oracle Applications
product lines or uses SAP, legacy, or custom
applications, Oracle Governance, Risk, and
Compliance Manager works across diverse
applications and system environments.
Manage Success

As the leading global provider of scalable,

reliable, and secure software solutions
for consulting services firms, Oracle is
constantly innovating to deliver fully
integrated, best-in-class business solutions.
With Oracles solutions for consulting
services firms, your business reaps results
within unprecedented time framesin
even the most competitive and rapidly
evolving markets.
To learn more, call +1.800.ORACLE1 to
speak to an Oracle representative or visit
Outside North America, visit oracle.com/corporate/contact
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