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Pharma Suite



Production Management

Operator is guided through complex weighing
process reducing the risk of errors
Barcode identification helps to ensure that only
correct material can be used
Enforcement of processes and specifications
helps minimize waste and rework
Optimization of weigh and dispense operations
can free up capacity
Automatic calculations deliver correct quantities
for active ingredients and compensation
Equipment management enforces the use of
qualified equipment

Value of an integrated platform

Robust technology and infrastructure proven in
mission-critical business applications
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) for
cost-effective, flexible deployment and easier
integration with business and automation
Built-in graphical tools make it easier and faster
to build and modify applications that help to
reduce cost of deployment and maintenance

Intuitive, workflow-based user interface guides operators through complex weighing process.

Lowering costs in regulated world? Yes!

Weighing and dispensing ranks as one of the critical steps in life sciences
industries. Companies are striving to eliminate the potential for error
from the manufacturing process. FactoryTalk Pharma Suite Dispense
helps ensure regulatory compliance while reducing risk within weighing
and dispensing operations.
Operators are guided through complex processes with pre-defined
workflows. Barcode identification helps allow the use of correct
material and equipment. Material, equipment and personnel activities
are systematically linked into a single record of production. A built-in
exception management detects and records any deviations from predefined processes and specifications.
FactoryTalk Pharma Suite offers these and additional benefits, backed
by J2EE technology proven in business-critical environments. Built-in
graphical tools and the model-based approach of configurable workflows
and activities permits significantly lower cost of ownership (TCO).
Goals of operational excellence permeate the life sciences industry.
FactoryTalk Pharma Suite Dispense can help achieve these goals with
a powerful validation-ready package that helps drive compliance costs
down while helping increase productivity.

Pre-defined weighing workflows
Multiple weighing methods
Barcode ID of material and equipment
Enforcement of material requirements like batch status
or expiry date
Calculation of active ingredients and compensation
Booth cleaning management
Calibration management
Hazard symbols and Risk & Safety phrases
Tracking of all material, equipment and personnel
involved in the weighing process
Electronic signatures and audit trail

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Label printing and weighing report

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Works stand-alone or with ERP

Automatic booking of consumptions in ERP
Support for a wide range of lab balances and industrial
scales terminals from different vendors

How one company lowered costs while simplifying

compliance issues.

cleaning eliminated manual documentation, resulting in decreased

time spent on manual activities.

Changing economic pressures and regulatory requirements present

challenges for most any pharmaceutical company. At one midsize
pharmaceutical company, the pressures ran deep as the production
manager struggled to find a solution providing an easier way of
tracking activities. FactoryTalk Pharma Suite gave the production
manager the answer. The comprehensive weigh and dispense
application, utilizing the predefined weighing workflows, resulted
in a decrease in manual errors and miscalculations. These weighing
workflows ensured that only material specified in the bill of materials
(BOM) was used. The electronic signature requested after each

Automating these important activities saved me time and the

company money, said the production manager. We experienced a
75% reduction in manual data recording activities. That allowed us
to re-allocate 50% of the weighing personnel. The guidance of the
system through complex weighing processes significantly reduced the
manufacturing risks. That led to a more reliable output and helped us
to reduce WIP. After experiencing the functionality that FactoryTalk
Pharma Suite provides, the company is now better able to comply
with the changing economy and meet all regulatory requirements at
a lowered total cost of ownership.

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