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Impact of society on children

One fine evening after getting stuck with the code, I came out of my
cabin and entered into the pantry for a break. As usual I took 3 biscuits with
cold water. Nobody was there in the pantry as it was already 8. After
completing the biscuits I returned back to the cubicle, packed everything and
went down for my night conveyance.

2 years went very fast for me. I am an engineering graduate. I did

B.Tech Bioengineering. Due to lot of reasons I compromised myself and
changed my domain by accepting the campus placement in Software
Company. Now I am very comfortable working as a Software Engineer at
Trivandrum. Along with my college friends and some other girls from
TamilNadu, we formed a group. We took a fully furnished flat at the centre
of the city.

After reaching the flats I had my dinner and sat before the TV. I found
some cleaning works are there in the kitchen. When I was about to enter the
Kitchen, a flash news came saying that severe murder attack happened
between some groups of Law College students. I was stunned. It created
really a hard feeling towards the society. I was disturbed much about that

I can’t take that issue as normal news. Something is probing inside

me. What made these students to indulge in such a violent attack over their
classmates and college mates? What kind of vengeance they are having
towards others? Don’t they think of their lovable mother waiting at home till
late night? Don’t they think of a sweet sister? Don’t they think about their
caring father? What else disturbed them to indulge in these kinds of

Some statistics are saying that more than 10% of children in India are
not having proper food, proper clothing, proper sanitation and nearly more
than 20% of children are not having basic primary education. But these
people are one among the gifted students with all sorts of sophistication in
life. I am recalling my school days. I learned a lot of value education from
my primary schooling. I did my schooling in normal township area. I know
discipline is more important than academics.
Still I can remember the meaning of school which was taught to me
by my 2nd standard teacher. It was Sincerity, Capacity, Honesty, Obedience,
Orderliness and Learning. She also taught, “For these things you are coming
to school and with these things you should leave the school”. In particular
she insisted that learning is the last thing in school, before learning there are
more important values to be adhered. Each and every level of my primary
education, I met a lot of inspiring teachers. I believe my primary education is
the basis for my attitude and character.

I found the things I felt in my childhood are missing out these days.
Now the society is giving more importance to fame and name, not to the real
values and ethics. Day by day Indian Youth are achieving a lot of
accomplishments. Kalam is dreaming about making India a super power, but
still these incidents are pulling back all the expectations on Indian Students.
There is no actual measure for the quality of education now. A student from
higher societal status is also a convict and student from lower societal status
is also a victim. Students from urban, rural all are indulged in the same
crime. There is no exception there. I am sure that those people are influenced
by a wrong kind of force in the society. People may give any name to that
force like money, power, politics, cast and anything. That kind of force is
not good for the entire nation.

I used to observe small kids often. Most of the kids are having Vijay
or Surya or any other film star as their inspiration. The trend will change in
urban region like Sharuk or Jackie Chan. Maximum we can expect sachin
and Dhoni from few. They know about Abdul Kalam, they are aware of
Kalpana Chawla. But all are additional syllabus for them. Only very few
took them as a visionary and inspiration. Impact of society on children is the
root cause of all sorts of issues like Law college student’s Attack.

Modern day child can easily identify a Transgender and used to mock
her. Who taught this to him? Through the means of media, friends and
family Society is giving all sorts of wicked impact within a child. Is this a
right kind of civilization? Even a well educated individual is not ready to
accept Transgender as a normal human being. Love and kindness will not
develop by just preaching. Parents are more focused on academics of a child
than the value education. Extremities like more affection and more anger are
expressed towards the children and most of them are becoming adamant at a
young stage.
Moral values and ethics needs to be imparted within the child. This
can happen only by the parents and primary education. Along with the
vaccines it is the responsibility of the society to impart the vaccine against
violence, the vaccine against hatred ness, the vaccine against wicked ness. If
it is done to them then automatically other things like intelligence,
knowledge, self confidence will become a part of them. Happiness can be
felt more when it is given to others than getting it from others. This is a very
basic truth of life.

I have seen many of my friends are willing to donate eyes and even I
am ready to donate my organs after death. But still we cannot convince our
parents regarding this. They are opposing this as if we are tending to do a
crime. During my college days, as a part of NSS activities we went to a
specialized home for children affected from AIDS. The class strength was
around 40 and only 15 went there. Everybody is interested and willing to
come over there but only 15 can convince their parents. I used to wonder
why these adverse oppositions are happening for a good cause. Society is a
part of individual human being. Changing a single mind can create lot of
impact. That impact should be made.

A glass of partially filled poison can be converted into pure water by

pouring more and more pure water into it. Similarly the good values and
thoughts needs to be encouraged and practiced more and more to get rid of
wickedness of the human mind. More attention and care should be given for
each and every child in the home and school. If we are not paying attention
to the child’s mind and reactions, it can be molded by any sort of external
forces. Silent disaster can occur at the later stage which cannot be tolerated
by the parents.

I noticed many children who are completely different in actions and

attitude at school and home. Silent child at home will do all sort of mischief
in school. Proper analysis of the reason can give the real solution. Both
home and school should become a lovable place for the children. If the
learning process is made enjoyable, it can enable the child to choose its own
carrier. Individuality and passion towards life will be developed within a
child. Imagine a nation with these kinds of Children!

Another shocking report shows that child harassment and molestations

are spreading faster in India. Children between the age group of 5 – 10 are
the most affected one. Even the child at home is not safe. In family, friends,
school everywhere danger is waiting for a child. Daily some news is
occurring on headlines regarding these cases. More efforts should be taken
to avoid this kind of activities against children. Severe punishments at right
time without delay should be given on the victims. Along with that proper
care and safety should be ensured by the parents. Spending time with the
child is more important than spending money for the child. Parents should
realize this truth. A child heart is the place where god dwells; we should not
destroy that place.

Secured environment, value education, encouraging parental care can

together make the child into a good human. Problems like law college
students attack can be avoided in the future if we develop the above said
values during primary education. Most sensitive issue in this attack is related
with caste clash. It’s a very painful feeling for me to digest this kind of caste
clashes happening among the students. Iron rods, pipes, wooden sticks,
knives, tube lights were freely used by the clashing students. Police also
remained as silent spectators with a foolish reason that they are waiting for a
call from the college principal for getting permission to enter the college.
Media is covering the scene as if a climax is going on for the action movie.
Severe fight is going on between the students; actually they are seemed to be
like mad street dogs. Some way or other even mad street dogs are seemed to
be better than those people.

I got comments like Law College is the place where children of

politicians used to study. So there will be more importance on caste based
differences. Even this clash has its roots on cast based differences. I got
wondered after reading these views about the issue. Some of my friends and
my parents told me that am not well exposed to the world and these kinds of
issues are becoming normal! Are we living in a democratic country? Great
leaders like Periyar struggled a lot to bring out this caste based reservation
policies for the social upliftment of the downtrodden people. The ultimate
aim of those leaders is to see the human race with equality. But how can
these students get deep rooted involvement in communal problems like this
inside the campus. Still the blame is on the society which made these
students as victims. Educational Institution is a place where caste is allowed
only in the office rooms for admissions and scholarships. When this clarity
is made in the minds of the students, we can see a glorified difference in the
country’s growth.
It is very fortunate that no students are killed in that incident. Few got
deep injuries in head. Injuries can be healed, but the kind of impact within
the student community, will it change? Government used to give
compensations for natural havocs and accidents. Even for this issue also,
those compensations are required. A well organized counseling is needed.
Each and every student needs that counseling. Humanity won’t come by
preaching, it will blossom from the heart by its own. But counseling can
make them realize that they did mistake. Most of students thought that they
did really honorable courageous act by involving in the clashes like this.
Those students know about law and order. They are future lawyers and
judges of the country. But with this kind of attitude they are purely eligible
for becoming terrorists.

Communal problems, Discriminations, Harassments will not come

into an end. But each and every individual can contribute their part in
avoiding these on children. A child is always a child. Only very few are
seeing the godliness inside the child. To be in bliss is the nature of a child.
Children can reinvent the world for us. So it is our responsibility to
safeguard the surroundings around them. I believe that every child born into
this world is a new thought of god and a radiant possibility. It is within us to
make that possibility into either boon or curse. All a child need from the
society is roots for standing firm and wings for flying high. We should
provide this without seeking any reciprocation. There is a famous quote
saying, “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on”. So it’s the
impact of society on children which decides the path where the world should
go on.