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Mysterious girl Last year: 47

Catherine who? you may ask. Indeed. the Bell-stet may not yet be a regular on prime time British 1V, but the london'bom actress' curves have made her a regular fixture on American 1V and FHM's100 Sexiest list. And not only does the star of1V pilots drama JAG own up to visiting lap dancing bars, but she's also a massive fan oFPamela Anderson ("I'm fascinated by her boobs") and rates herself a "nine and a half out often" in the sack. What a star,

Hawk chick Last year: 62

The delicious thing aboutthe growly Kanuck teen is that if you overlookthe fact that she's the slightly rubbish poster girl for your 12-year-old niece, and remove all the baggy, gru ngy skater clobber (h m m m., imagi ne that), the re's clearly a riotously fit 19-year"old bod. And having sold 20 million records worldwide, the pouty strummer can easily keep you in the manner in which you're accustomed for around the next, let's say, thousand years or so ...



GnmT! New entry

The old adage goes that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and judging by this gorgeous New Yorker's song F U Right Back -that fiesty rejoinder to potty mouth Eamon - Frankee's one angry beeateh,

wh ieh would make taking her to bed akin to breeking e wild mare. A bucking mare with a firmly rounded rump, a pair of doe eyes and, er, a fantastic set of narks - but a ride that'll snap your spine and rattle your teeth out nevertheless. lmagi ne that

Slink)' Last year: 50

Itmustbe rubbish beingSalma Hayekyou know, waking every morning to face the unflinching certainty that to top your sexiest ever movie rnoment tthat snake dance in From Dusk Till Dawn), you'll have to "show pink", She had a bash last year with that ru bbishy After The Sunsetwith Pierce "Let Me Do Another Bond!" Brosnan, but her next flick sounds more promising: she plays one halfofa sexy bank robbing duo. The other half? Penelope Cruz. Ngg ...

Hollywood princess Last year: 97

She's still Hollywood's priciest honey (despite flop The Step!ord Wives), still free of that wee dwarf, still partying with the

in credi bly hot Naom i Watts - yet Nicole isn't a happy honey. She's recently been grumbling, "I would love to have boobs and a butt like Jennifer Lopez but I'm not having surgery so there it is, I'll just have to stay with what I've got." Cheer up Nicole, the voting world still clea rly love your 36B hooters and holAussie butt



American booty New entry

With a starring role in a h ittelevision series, a film alongside Steve Martin, two humongous-selling albums and now a place in your hallowed 100, Ms Duff's the embodiment of the American dream. Mum and sister also eke out a living in front of the camera, so perhaps fame comes naturally to the flaxen-haired Britney-a-like - but ifso, it does at a price: just recently she was asked to perform atfellow Texan Dubya's Presidential inauguration.


Single girl last year: 12

Thank the lord that Tiffan i broke off her engagementthis yea r as it finally gives us something to write about. Those of you with a freakishly good memory will recall au r befudd lament last1 00 Sexiest when n shot 22 places up the chart without doing a thing, and our subsequent struggle to say anything fu nnylinsightfu Ilinteresting. As that's nothi ng new, we're very grateful that her love life has gone to cack - 50 here we go: "Hoorah, she's single!" Cheers Tiff'.


Appealing Last year: 85

Notthe putrid skin-bagofblood, fat and ginger hair that was once a member ofour royal family. No, we're talking this cute lean minxfrorn the Black Eyed Peas - an exgirlfriend of lusti-i Timherlake, with a world-beati ng set of norks a nd a booty that most right-thinking women would slit their mother's throats for. According to fellow band member Taboo, Fergie's sex appeal also crosses genders: "People really love her-guys and girls," he says, Nice.

TOI! tapper Last year: 82

Since knocklng back lagers atthe FHMPub Quiz las! year, Jill's fortu n as h ave been as buoyant as herfabulous breasts. Having lit up screens in the perennially depressing Corrieand EastEnders, the Geordie TV star won light-footed favourite Strictly Come Dancing {skippi ng pastDenise Lewis and Julian Clary to victory). Capping off her fantastic year she went on to play murderous wife Roxie Hartin Chicago. The m usica I, notThe Windy Cily - duh.

Teenage kicks New entry

Alongside the impossibly lovely Miss Barton, Rachel Bilson -who was in theyear above Kirsten Dunst at school (what a gym locker room that would've been) - provides us fellas with the only reason to drag ourselves through another 60 minutes of the crapola that is The DC Why else would we endure rich teenagers moaning about how hard life iS,as they lounge on their yacht, ifitwasn't forthe vain hope that Miss Hilson will soon appear in a bildni?

Exolic beauty Last year: 54

Despite being ina fa irfew respecta ble films, Shannon will always have a special place in our hearts for American Pie, where she played every adolescent boy's wetdream of a foreign exchange student. "What about indie flick}ay And Silent Bob Strike Back?" she may well ask, "And I was in Love Actually!" Come on, love, let's face it - gettingyour narks out and mal<ingiason Biggs prematurely shoot his load is a career high that every actress would be proud of.



Superstar New entry

Returning to become ou r biggest R&B act of last year, Brummie [amalia spent much of 2004 being courted by modelling agencies after her gcng-presenting appearance at the Brits. Signed at just15, the silky-voiced diva's packed a lot into her 23 years: motherhood in 2001 was followed by the success of Thank You and Superstar. Most recently was the Chris Martin collaboration and her appearance right here - proof, if any were needed, that her time has come ...

Gangster trippin' New entry

The former Miss Sigler is. in some ways,

a mi rror of the cha racter who made her famous, Okay, so her real father doesn't garrotte business associates but.like Meadow Soprano, she's smart, talented and gorgeous. Having branched out into film (last yea r's Extreme Dating was followed by th ree more lead roles), Jamie-Lynn recently starred as former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. The bad news? She used a body double for the "interesting" bits ... oh, and she's married.

. , I

Speed freak Last year: 31

Following pretty much the perfect man agenda blueprint, Brooke spent 2004 gracing Playboy (her second clothes-lite pictorial) and then a II over Christmas number-one games title Need FarSpeed Underground 2(bizarrely wonky boobs, our ga mes gesktells us), Then, of course, th ere's her Barely Brooke swimwear collectionand brilliantly, DVD - plus the Video-game version of Trivial Pursuit, where she hosts the "People and Places" category. Awesome.

Tofftotty Last year: 89

Although cursed with a speaking voice that suggests a Grange Hilleducation, Dido Florian Cloud De BounevialieArmstrongis blessed with a singing voice like spun gold, and the face and body of an angel. Not

one ofthe chubby ones, mind: one ofthe radiant, benevolent and beautiful types that madeJes disciples feel all unnecessary. Her gloriously pertfunbags, which are ha bitually unfettered by the straps and underwiring

of bras, have the same effect on us, too .

• ........ ,

.. ..
• • " •

• What Kate did next New entry

The former Oxford Uni graduate has made an effort to "sex up" this year, She appeared in Van He!singsolelyto prove she could do hot -csornething Hollywood execs had said was beyond her (thus proving all studio execs are blind andlorgay), Shethen went on to proclaim she'd like to "eat Angelina lolie" after they melon the red carpet. If there's any hope - however distant - of some lesbotic action betwixt the two, we can only hope more people call her ugly from now on,

Sisler act Last year: 56

Helluva family, when you think about it, the Minogues. The sisters may have weird names but they've certainly got great looks, can singtsort of and dothe odd bitof acting. Las1 year saw Dannii continue to follow her older sister's lea d by releasing records (You Won't Forger About Me) and tooking gcod. plus she also performed atthe MTV Beach Beats Party in Athens.

All she needs now is the equivalent of Con't Get You Out Of My Head ...


Mellowbellow Newentry

It's been another purse-burstingyearforthe Chicago-born singer, scoring 2004's seventh best-sell ing single (Left Outside Alone) and sixth best-selling album (Anastacia). Butthe high light was su rely her FHM shoot where she proved that she possesses one of the finest racks in pop. And, even better, she's single - and you could have a chance. "I'm just as interested in a plumber's day as I hope he would be in my day ofdoing press," she says. PI u mhers, down you r tools ...

Rash! Last year: 91

Tara seems to have taken a leaf out of Britney's bookthis year and decided

that what the world needs is less American Pie movies and more pictures of her falling out of Hollywood hot spots suffering

from the medical condition of "being arseholed". Her crowning moment of 2004/5 was a different kind affa Iii ng

out all altogether, however, as Tara posed for a series of red-carpet party pies with her left knocker on proud display.


Nice mix Lasl year: 26

Eliza first came to our attention as Arnie's daughter in True Lies, but it was when she muscled in on Alyson Hannigan . and Sarah Michelle Gellar's patch as the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Faith in Buffy that we sat up. And begged. The half-

Alba n ia n half-Da nish fox now has her own show (Tru Calling} in the States and is set 10 bring her considerable talent and charms lathe UI< this year with, we pray, a scantily clad shoot for this very magazine.

Monkey magic last year: 76

A former synchronised swimmerforthe Canadian national squad, Estella's finest moment was surely when she' appea red as Deana in Planet Of The Apes, with nothing but tiny scraps of animal hide to barely cover her impressively fulsome figure. Interestingly, her character was supposed to wear a leather burkha, butthere wasn't a cow skin big enough to cover a pair of lips that voluptuous. Er, we made that bit up, but they sure are deliciously pouty,


X-rated last year.: 58

She's ditched the hubby but weirdly kept his kebab-tinged name: never mind.about that, though - the delecta ble former FHM cover star and X-Men babe is back on the big screen this yea rwith Alan Partridge: yep, the leggy Yank beauty is starringwith Steve Coogan in new cornedyflick The Alibi. less excitingly, she's a/50 shooting a film called Man AboutTown with Ben "I Do Have A CareerStill" Affleckandlohn "Not Just A Gangly Fool With A 'Tache" Cleese.


Available? Last year: 69

Aniston's been toying with male loins

all year by f rst becoming available (cue fist biting) and then generating endless roundsof"Will Jen and Brad get back together?" news tales. What gives, [en? Mea nwh ile she's keepi ng herself busy in 2005 with five movies, but it's next yea r's Gambitthat FHM's eyeball ing. A thriller where Aniston plays the object of a thiefs desire? That sounds like the perfect excuse for some jiggery-boob-pokery to us!


Born-again brunette New entry

Despite reachingforthe dye and turning her back on the controversial world of sexy gi nges - Nicola remains one ofthe sexiest gals from a minoritygroup(no longer red; still from Runcorn), Our real love forthe baby of Girls Aloud grew when she recently refused to don cheeky Lara Croft fa ntasy clobber for a bloke, "What. dress up in army gear?" she chuckled. "Men like women to be girly. notto dress up as men!" Bringiton ...

Deadly lady Last year, 55

Not one to fear being typecast as a femme fatale, 2004 saw Lucy practise. her trademark death-stare some more in Tarantino's Kill Bill Vals J and 2. She got her big break as the terrifying Ling in the otherwise nauseating Ally McBeal"and went on to break more bal/sand hearts in the Charlie's Angels movies. Lusting after a lady like Lucy just can't be healthy, yet we'd happily suffer a slab 10 the torso to get a closer 1001< at her catsuit-clad curves.

Hardcore sexpert l.astyear: 39

Erstwh ile FHM sex columnist Jenna branched out from screen to page in the last year, and all whilst keeping her clothes - miraculously - on, Her memoirs How To Make Love Uke A Pom Star. A Cautionary Tale earned the cartoon-proportioned blonde yet more men·fans, whilst the sale ofher orgasmic moans as granny-baiting ringtones guaranteed she'd be returning to our li'lleague of Justice here. Rich, beautiful and downright dirty .. , whadda catch!


Stripteaser Lastyear:14

An almighty yearfortheteeny princess. Having got butt-naked as a feisty stripper

in the otherwise papfilm Closer, Nat

came close to crashing the entire internet. Literally squillions of Star Warsgeeks went into overdrive as they simultaneously freeze-fram ed thei r favourite [edi-totty's rude bits and slapped them onto the web. "Yeah, I'm on Nude Celebrities Dot Com," laughed our favourite Israeli since Moses, "buttnat's fine -I'm not scared. I'm brave!"

Bubbly bombshell New entry

There were many great things about our inaugural Championship Of Women feature, such as the chance for Premiership no-hopers like West Bromand Crystal Palace (in the guise of Honeys I<ayleigh Pearson and Charlotte Marshall) to top a table - any table. But surely there was no finer a sight to be had, ever, than the lovely Sophie Howard's marvellous bahoomas unfettered and free as a bird, floating

in nocently on top of a bath of soapy water.




Hi, mom I..astyear: 65

Bachelor elves a crass Middle Earth have been blubbingtheirtiny, pointyhaarts out. Why? In December·lastyear, sweet, sweet Liv gave birth to baby boy Milo, Either that, orthe elves were miffed with the 27-yearold's role in the less than perfectjer-sey Girl_ But fear not, little ones! This yearwe'li all be getting plenty of "us time" with llv in new, Steve Buscemi-directed flick, Lonesome jim- so that'll b,e Tyler as the "beautiful nurse", Aaaaaaand .. , cough,


Hangover honey New entry

Forget AI ka-Seltzer - Ministry Of Mayhem's resident minx is the perfect antidote to Friday night excess. Fame's greasy beanpole has been kind to the Brightonborn former model. A watershed-busting Pretty Pollyad brought herto the attention of the nation's males and casti ng agents alike, and there followed stints at S C1vb TV and Fame Academy before SM:TV's successor called. All this and she's still had

liealing hands New entry

Nurse! Hotnursel After MissWilson

ditched her gloriously tight-fitting Casualty nurse's uniform to reveal her private collection of lingerie to the FHM-buying

pu blic, A&E depa rtments went bon kers .. Demands for hot nurse healing from blokes faking injuries only halted on Saturday nights, when mankind became hopelessly glued to Casuolty. So what's next for our leanne? Shefanciesa pop at Hollywood. As long as she packs that uniform. .

VJ Day Last year: 87

Since last year, the Footbotters' Wives eye-candy and FHM cover girl has put another series 01 soccer-and-shagging nonsense "in the can", and signed up for slightly more highbrowTVfare. Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee. Can't wait that long lor your Rouass fix? Buy a dish the size of jodrell Bank and you might just catch the Moroccan/Indian beauty Vj-ing on a Mumbai-based satellite music channel.

Lost and found New entry

Before Lost In Translation, Scarlett's film career had been a little bit, erm, crap. (Home Alone 3 and Eight Legged Freaks anyone?) However, one cool flick with rubber-faced Bill Murray later and the lady is not only hot Hollywood property but also firmly in with the FHM massive. Maybe it's got someth ing to do with Ioha nsson's - a nd let's be fair, our- favourite feature: her breasts. "I'm proud of my girls," she says, "they're my charms, my feminine wiles."



Saturday superstar Last year: 67 Successfully replacing lanky beardo Matthew I<elly in mum-friendly karaoke show Stors In Their Eyes, Cat's big hair and slinky Brummie tones are rarely off our Saturday widescreens. And we conti n ue to praise lTV's clever suits for sticldngwith the 28-year-old with a saucy twinkle in her eye. Antand Decmay have left Cd:UJ(in favour of torturing idiots in Oz, butthat's fine with us, because it provides 66% more Cat time afte r Friday night's Stella date. Whoop!

Bangs the drum Last year: 73

Ahhh, sweet, sweetlodi, With those Bambi eyes and so-sexy voice, she made watch ing Hollyoaf<s pu re pleasure. An d then she left. Still, the hamster·killing actress (it was an accident, honest!) will no doubt be gracing our screens again soon, unless she decides to become a professional drummer-she does have her own drum kit you know. And quite frankly, we'd pay good money to see her enthusiastically bashing her tom-toms.


Healthyappetite Lasl.year: 38

Since she was discovered shaking her booty in a nightclub, the Hertfordshireborn'[ass lias rna de herself comforta ble on the covers of several newsagents' worth of men's magazines. Known to Yanks as the ga I who ta med la dy- killer George Clooney, we know her betterforwell, lookingterrific in a red swimsuit on those Special Kads,

I And listen to this: "Sex keeps me in shape.

I I run offin the middle of the day to make love. It really bums up calories," she purrs,

Californian dream New entry

She may be thinner than a Foorballers' Wives story line, but the former child star (she starred in her first movie when she was nine and modelled for Calvin Klein aged 11), has finally hittha bigtime in The DC. The half English, half Irish beauty moved to NewYorl(whenshewas a nipper, but our loss was the TVworld's gain. As anyone who's missed their gob with their coffee while watching Mischa wander around on-screen in a bikini will testify.



Comeback queen Re-entry

You can't keep a good girl down, goes the saying (Given the right concrete weight and rope configuration, we beg to differ).

But it's a truism that applies to ourTeri. Once a winner of this very poll, she swept all before her like some perfectly breasted colossus. And then she kind of disappeared. Destined for the "where are they now?" file, Teri sprang back to sexy consciousness in 2004with her lead role in Channel4's Desperate Housewives. But you know that.

Back off, Davros Re·entry

11'5·0 wa rm welcome back to OU r bootyliciou 5 I istfor Chris Eva ns' estranged one, who probably thanks the heavens on

a daily basis that she no longer has to fish

gi nger pubes out her pi ughole. After a couple of years offwork to swan around and quaff booze, lovely Billie is gracing our screens once more as Rose Tyler, special helper of a certa in Ti me Lord. What better way to start Saturday evening than byseeing Bi lIy terrorised by Autons and Da lel(s?

Painted lady New entry

In your Dad's day he had to get his kicks from kids' TV pre.senters such as the

gra nite-faced Valerie Si ngleton - poor bloke. Luckily for us, there are now an emba rrassment of hot young honeys on the box and few are better qualfied to soothe a Saturday morning hangover horn than the lithe and lovely Fearne. Granted, she dresses like a gypsy and is covered in tattoos, but that's a cast-iron guarantee of in-bed muckiness, surely?

Mrs Smith !.ast year: 88

It was (indy Crawford who first made moles sexy, but since then this star of 2 Fast 2 Furious has taken up Cindy's melanomic mantle, But she's not just a pretty facial skin blemish. Oh no,you'li find Mendes strutting her stuff as Will Smith's love interest in Hitch, and such is the power of her shapely hips that since the slinky Texan was firstspotted in the video to Aerosmith's Hole In MySoul, shares in both I.Lo and Beyonce have plummeted.

Class act Laslyear: 92

Sienna Miller is one of those A-list celebs who look mighty fine even when caught unaware by a pap's prying lens. Annoyingly, pictures ofMs Miller now tend 10 include thatfiance of hers, /ude Law. It's easy to see why Sienna caught jude's eye on the set of Alfie; her fresh·faced foxiness and posh plummy tones would make any lad about town turn avera new leaf. And



Flavourohhe month Re-entry

The woman with the crazy, wobbly vai ce

- she can h it notes twa octaves higher th a n it was thought possi ble for a human beinglooked as if she was setto completely lose the plata few years back, We mean,

starri ng in a movie with Max Beesley

for Christ's salle. But R&B's favourite hoachy mama has returned with a rather good new single and celebrated it with

this month's FHM cover shoot. We're sure you'll all agree she looks betterthan ever.

Heart-attack hot Last year: 35

A melting pot of what seems to be globally hand-picked good looks (tha nks to her French. Danish, Mexican, Indian and Spanish roots) Jessica has heart-sinkingly stated that she'd never do a nude scene or pose topless, Even more worrying for fans, she's appearing in forthcoming

superhero blockbuster Fantastic Four

as the Invisible Woman. FHMwili be freeze-framing Sin City instead where lessica plays .. _ a stri pper!

Breasts etc New entry

True or false - Charlotte Marshall was in last yea r's 100 Sexiest boola True. But false also. Confused? Well, dear reader, former High Street Honey Charlotte was on the cover of last year's supplement! Look again - yes, that's her hot bod, rr ake no mistake. The killer figure's also popped up in the FHMChampionship Of Women and on Page Three (accompanied by a face, usually). We sure you're all eternally grateful to FHMfor making this happen.

Coslume girl New entry'

Here at FHMwetakea keen interest in female pubic hair styles, So when we chinwagged with singer/songwriter/ actress/everything bloody else, Christina, in last November's issue, we had to ask her if she'd dyed her "area" to match her newly blonde locks (She tried, but it didn'twork). She also told us that she'd dress up in the bedroom for the right guy - "School girl, nurse, whatever," When you're watching her in hit flick Be Cool, think of that:

Bella donna Last year: 34

With the kind of classical Italian good looks which do as much for the nation's tourist industry as those ruins, it's no wonder Monica's found a comfy spot in your top 100. The last few years have seen her implausibly curvy form appear In films

like Irreversible and The Matrix: Reloaded. A former law student (not that we really care), she's the kind of untouchable female you know you'd dribble pasta sauce

down your chin in front of.

Hardy perennial Last year: 42

Another year, another predictable entry for Cameron Michelle Diaz in our big list

0' girls. Apa rt from being snapped, arched of back and impossibly pert 01 batt, atop

a surfboard, Cameron has shot WASPSTop Gun lor girls - and prepped lor Shrel{ 3, hoping to beat the rumou red $10 rni Ilion she pocketed fartalkinga bitoverthe last toon. All of which averts attention from her engagement to squawky boob-exposer Justin Timberlake.

Continental deavage Last year: 40

Since booting Brillo-haired Eyetie playboy Flavia Briatore out of her life, G~rmany's greatest gift to mankind since-the bratwurst hasn't been sulking indoors. Instead she's continued to pout down the world's catwalks while branching out into TV

and - bizarrely- putting her name to

shoes (in collaboration with leuer faves, Birkenstod<) and sweets. A pre-Christmas engagementon a Canadian gladerto crater-faced warbler Seal, lopped her year.


Teenage dream Last year: 24

SMG still rocks, although deranged boyfans the world over will never forgive her for ditching Buffy. Last year, she screamed in all the right places In lap-tinged shock-horror The Grudge, whilst this year's biggle is seUo be Revolver, in which she plays a tough. successful, non-vampire slaying saleswoman. A bit like Tom Cruise's character in Rain Man, then, only less encumbered by an irksome brother in

the grips of a full-blown pant fixation,

Trademark blonde Last year: 36

Having made the big fat boo-boo ofturning down Teri Hatcher's role as "lead, hot, desperate housewife" because she didn't wantto dye her hair- "Blonde is my tradernarx so I said no," Pammy made

up for her gaffe by getting near-naked and phoning FHM. Doing her latest FHM interview wearing only her panties was a highlightof2004. As was the way she saddened scores of beavers by ditching her Canadian roots and becomingAmerican.

Boomtown boobs Last year: 8

There's much to say about Jordan, but we'll do the decentthing and jus! discuss her breasts. Sod Peter Andre and her emerging pop career, we've only got eyes for "Billy and Bob", as she's christened them. From Page Three honey, we've watched the pneumatic bombshell literally grow and grow before ourvery eyes. Apparently she's been chatting to Carmen Electra about a TV show they could do. Carmen and Jordan[ust think, it could replace Newsnight.


Sweet Mary )a ne Last year: 49 Havingspent nearly her whole life as an adress (she made her debut in a TV ad, aged three), the fad that grown-up Kirsten's now a sex symbol can rause awkward moments during Christmas family films. Feeling"odd", watching }vmanjl? "Dirty" as you settle down 10 Small Soldiers? Best stick with adult farebut dodge the ghastly girl-flicks peppering the rada r (Wimbledon) u nti I Spider-Man 3 draws you back to the 'piex in 2007.



seXie~t women

In the ~orld 2005

Wild thing last year: 44

It's been a happy nude year for Den ise, who stripped for Playboy to reveal a finely toned bod. Poor estranged husband Charlie Sheen must now wearily thumb the pages, a forlorn figure. And Denise is about to give brith totheirsecond sprogtoo.lt's III<e an episode of Trisha! At least it hasn't stopped her from popping up on our

! cinema screens. most excitingly in Spanish movie Whore, where Daryl Hannah lures her inta the world ofhookers. Result.

Comely co-eds Last year: 23

Like boobies, chromosomes and Twixes,

all the best things in life come in pairs. And so it is with Mary-Kate and Ashley. The multi-millionaires are now balancingtheir film worl(/TV shows/world domination with getting an education at NYU. As the· twins prepare for their second term, rumours thatthey've developed a fondness for cider and black, Pot Noodles, joss sticks, lava lamps and challengingguitar music, can neither be confirmed or denied.

Bra-shy Honey Last year: 28

You made her. .. and how does she repay you? Am ply. Not only did the lovely I<ayleigh make her singing debut-in a Euro 2004 ditty wilh some other lovelies - but she also made a worthy appearance on FHM'sown record, Da Yo Think I'm Sexy?(answer: yes). She spent her remaining time on the london club scene, mostly bending over

to buckle her shoes and reveal that brashoppi ng is Iowan her "to do" list. Oh,

and did we mention she's single?

Old enough Newenlry

Big-lipped Bradford lass and one-fifth of

G iris Aloud, whose October 2004 FHM cover shoot stirred man-parts countrywide to medically dangerous levels. Kimberley originally didn't make the final ten in TV cattle show talent contest Pop Stars, fact fans, until one qualifier was found to be

too young and was kicked out. Cue celebrity I ifestyle, hit al bu m and barreloads ofcash forKimbo;Tesco's and baby buggies for Ms Underage. Showbiz, eh?

Super girl Laslyear:16 Smallville'sgirl-next-door recently returned for another.series, looking hotterthan ever. The 22-yea r-old ha lf'Dutch, ha If Chinese beauty has also been busy ftogginggirlgunk Neutrogena; ironic, as her parents forbade young Kristin from ever wearing make-up. It was that fresh-faced look that landed her first role in Ca nad ia n soa p Edgemont, when the producers told her school to putforward any pupils they thought looked "exotic" .The rest is history ...

Nice ice baby Last year: 5

A yea r spent Stateside has pa id some dividends for LA's latest glamorous resident. Afterturningdown Niprruck, reportedly because her character would

be involved ina threesome, Holly secured a role on CSI Miamiand an appearance alongside Paris Hilton in National Lampoon's Pledge This. Best of all, though, were her shots for Queen Elton's charity book due laterthisyear, dressed in just

a pair of shoes and some diamonds.

----- -

Original Honey Last year: 32

FHMsfirst High Street Honey has had one heck of a year. Afteropening her own club and bar in her native Yorkshire, Tanya was also the, er, face DIAnn Summers. Plus, she had the "privi lege" ofthrowing herself out of a pia neon SI<y One's Fear Factor. The plan for world domination continues, with Tanya setto launch a pop career as part 01 a trio ofhotties including lellow Honey finalist Charlotte Gaskell. At last, Top Of The Popswill be worth watching again!



Heaven scenl Last year: 13

A previous winner of our esteemed poll

- she claimed the crown in 2002 - Anna continues to 1001< stunning in pap shots

wh ile pretty much havi ng knocked ten n is on the head. But with pins lika that, who cares ifshe couldn't beat a blindfolded Serena Williams? Not only can you ogle the Russian lovely but you can now smell like her too with her own fragrances, Simplicity and Anna l(ournil(Qva Man. Going to give that one a miss?Thought you might.

Pink lady last year: 98

Ozzie songstress Delta has had another rather good year, shifting several more truckloads of shiny CDs (sample lyric: ''I'm gonna love you like it's the last night on earth") and rnaking a movie, HutingAlison Ashley (teen-s ngst flick, avoid unless you're a girl). Delta's also recently beaten a lifethreatening illness and dated Brian, former Westlife berk. Hardiness, sexiness,

lovel iness and magnificent architectu re-· what more could you possibly want?


, -


38 ~lWgERsoN II

Telly teaser Newentty

Wearing catsuits on Coronation Street, dressing up as Britney (schoolgirl era) on Stars In Their Eyes and strutti ng across FHMs Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?video in a minuscule pink dress - Nikki has steamed up pretty much every TV screen in Britain this year, Folk back in her hometown of Blackpool must be envious to the point of bursting - many of them don't even have their·own teeth, letalone a body to send the entire nation into a tizzy.






I Sex institution Last year: 19

You think Britain loves Kylie? Look whatthe Aussies have done to the lingerie-push ing pop minxput a paintingofherin the Natio~al Portrait Gallery, Canberra. Given her a record nine consecutive n umber on e hits. Awa rded her a "Gal d Logie" as the country's mostpopularTV performer and put her on a stamp for pity's sakel Butwhat do we do here in Blighty? AsI( herto be the voice of Florence in The Magic Roundabout. Let us ha ng our heads in sha me.



I. f-
; -'.


.... '

I t.-....---.~



Russian muffia New entry

There's a new Russky blonde on the tennis court, and Maria actua lIy tends to make it to the final. This means more of her long bronzed legs springing round the court, which is a very good thing. She started hitting balls at the age offour and eventually became six foottall, damn good altennis and hot. After winni ng Wimbledon last year she's an her way to adding "filthy rich" to her list of attributes, snagging lucrative deals with Prince, Nike and NEe.

Irish blood, English band 'last year: 46

It aU might have been so different. The Irish fifth of Girls Alou d was disquai ified from the Irish version of Popstarsforfibbing about her age, which just meant that she waited a year and us lucky lot got her instead. Afterwinning Papstars: The Rivals', we were pleased to see Nadine get in with a good crowd by joining Girls Aloud, an environment where she's encouraged to scorn proper skirts a nd generally show

as much delecta ble flesh as possible,




Pom 'royalty New entry

In a battle thatwe imagined involved a val ofbaby oil and the shedding of all clothes, Iera stole the crown from the head of former FHMsex columnist lenna Jameson to become the world '5 biggest adu It entertai ner, We celebrated th is fact by maki ng her the gloriously na ked centre-piece of our FHM porn specia I

and our new sex columnist We're sure that had -mthingwhatsoeverto do with her stratospheri c rise through th is here list.

Breasts glorious breasts New entry

It's all aboutthem boobies. Them lovely, l'ovely boobies. Hitting Page Three with the devastation of a nuclear blast, Michelle has singl~-hahdedly dictated the renaissance of the ali-natural, massive "Eighties" nark. Neve r snapped far from the side of eq ually titanically-endowed buddy Lucy PinderLucy always on the left, Michelle on the right- the Oldham born lass's irresistible rise shows no sign of slowing. And she even snared an Oldham FCboyfriend on the way.



Youngsouldiva NewBntry

Out of the depths of Devon comes Joscelyn Eve Stoker, aka Joss Stone. She's barely legal, little, blonde and cute as a button, but has a voice that's almost at the inhuman level of soul diva.s like Aretha Franklin. And, of course, she's a hell of a lot better looking tao. She's been for dinner at Tom Cruise's, done a duet with Mick Jagger (leave it alone, old man) and belted her little lungs aut to the nation six months

ago on 8a n d Aid 20. That girl got soul!

Elektric booty Last year: 33

Count your lucky stars that the Texan slice of loveliness you see before you didn't

co mplete the chemistry major she enroll ed in at university, She re-enlisted for drama instead afterthe pull of the limelight proved too strong, Withoutthe delectable Ms Garner a whole plethora of Hollywood movies, inc! udingth is yea r's actionsplattered EJelctra, would h ave sorely missed the inch-perfect star, The science lab's loss has been man-cinema's gain,

8ralnsandbeauty! last year: 90

Whilst sister Ashlee took a panning in 2004 after being caught miming, big sister Jessica made men worldwide fall to their knees after pictures of her in a Dukes O/Hazzard bikini snuck off the set of her latest movie. On top of her trousers-straining presence in Osbournes-style reality show Newlyweds (alas she's married . .J, the seductive songstress is rumoured to havean IQ of 160, which technically makes her a genius. Einstein certainly never looked this good.

Fighting. Fit Last year: 27

Sweden's most loved blonde since Sven

. went grey has gone bon kers of late. Maybe it'sbecause of her crippling addiction to visi'ting lapdance clubs. maybe it was all thattirne spent cuddling a naked Abi Titmus for her FHM cover shoot - whatever, she's just ditched modelling to take up wrestling. That's right - she's started attacking celebrities Hulk Hogan·style. Vixen victims setfor a pounding include Michelle Heaton and Kate Lawler. Sweet.


~: ~ 'J
I r~ 11-
.. "f~ ,~ 1
ll, 'Ll I Il~ I
t I •• 28 TINA O'BRIEN


Street (red New entry

The pint-sized soapster squeezed an incendiary - and first ever- FHM cover shoot into her Corrie filming schedule, an actofhumanitarian aid for which we are all eternally grateful. In the accompanying interview she revealed she's a big boozer and has the best norks on the show. A fact anyone who reads the tabloids already knows from gazing longingly at shots of Tina falling out of both a nightclub and her dress at around aboutthe same time.



Sex kitten Last year: 6

Catwoman may have been an unmitigated disaster, but it did feature the lithe, gorgeous Halle in a figure-hugging second skin and that was worth the entrance money alone. One man who obviously didn't see it was her roving-eyed berk of

a husband Eric Benet, who finally gotthe bullet in lanuarythis year - meaning Ms Berty's a free agent again. Other reasons to be cheerful: she's half-Brit and apparently she laves British men.

Top lass New entry

Quite a yearfor Natalie. Twelve months ago utterly unlmown and now she's your favourite girl next door, the official 2004 High Street Honey, and without a doubt, the hottest thing to came aut of Manchester since that car stereo an ex-Happy Monday tried to flog us. Was it her sporti ng the policewoman's uniform on the March cover of FHM that swayed you r vote Natalie's way? Orthe nurse's outfit?

Orthe school uniform? Orths.;

Amercian sweetie pie Last year: 20 Propelled to stardom starring opposite giant potato headed Dawson in Dawson's Creeic, Katie found a place in our hearts pla~inggirl next door Joey. The sylph-like Holmes can soon be seen in Batman Begins, as a mate of the (aped crusader.

Of course, it would be wrong not to mention her role in scare flick The Gift. The film's pretty dull, but Holmes plays a corker - she drops her dress to reveal nowt but tiny panties. Get thee to Blockbuster.

Video star Last year: 52

Another year, another series of Kirsty's Home Videos-worth the cost of Sky+ alone! And it's the Queen's favourite show (although we reckon Liz never misses an episode of Shameless). We won't beat aboutthe bush; Kirsty's surely here for two reasons and two reasons alone - the one on the left and the one on th e right. They're perfect, and we love them. But she has a regular lelia ~ a rugger bugger - and that makes us sad. Anyway, get SI<y. Now.

Filthy rich girl Last year: 59

Rock on! Pa ris has made another moviel Alas, this one isn 't a "home-made" effort, it's a real flick about waxwork models that come to life and eat the brains of sexy chicks, Mmm. Maybe she's better off sticking to doing party animal stufflike openi ng her own multi-rn ill ion dolla r nightclub (called Club Paris in Orlando) just so she can get bladdered with her hot partners in sexy carnage - the lovely Tara Reid and younger sis Nicky.

Cheeky diva Last year: 7

Onlya cave-dwelling blind man could

fail to know thatthe scrumptiously-arsed l.Lols a regular in this poll's upper reaches - making three headline-grabbing appearances and reigning for two years as the World's Sexiest Woman. She's bounced back from movie raspberry Gig/; and a tabloid-saturating break up with bumchinned Ben Affleck. to movie and music industry domination. The bad news? She's hitched again. to warbler MarcAnthony.

Footballer's wife Last year: 17

It's hard notto love Louise. Eversincewe first clocked her on the cover of our sister's Eternal album, we knew she should be our girlfriend. When she started wearing less and went solo with the album Noked, we decided we'd even hold her hand in public. When she revealed she'd always got a kick outofher brother's porn, itwas love. Then she married Jamie Redknapp, Oh well.

Last year you crowned herthe Sexiest Woman of the Decade, and we trust you.

Steamy grinder Last year: 11

The dirrrty girl has had another year atthe top of the mega pop starlet tree, teaming

up with Nelly for grinding workout Tilt Ya Head Back, which included such sweaty lines as: "Come here boy, I got a little something for ya." Lucky. lucky lad. Besides all this humpin' and a-grindin', Christina has kept eye-make upfirms in business, appeared on saucy Virgin mobile ads and even did a spot of catwalk modelling in Milan. Justwhata girl wants, eh?



, .

Little charmer Last year: 18

Another year, another FHM cover for Ms Milano. Yes, you'll no doubt rememberthe lovely - and currently, brilliantly singleAlyssa gracingthe pages of FHMearlierthis la n uary whi Ie the finest cleavage we've seen in years. But there's more than a cracking pair of norks to the lass, as anyone who's joined theiryounger sis in watching Five's soppy witches show Charmed wi II confirm. Fine actress indeed, now ... back to those boobies ...



Exportstrength Last year: 79

Not many women can don two big knives and a woad bikini and get away with it. In King Arthur, our I<eira does, and when she gets stuck into the baddies atthe film's climax, byGod she looks hot. The ldndonborn babe wasn't that bad either in The' Jacket, the dopey time travel drama in which she gets topless-twice. We're now looki ng forwa rd to seei ng Pirates Of The Caribbean 20n our screens in 2006. Knightley, walk this plank ....

Sauce with that? Last year: 29

The combination ora magnificent rack and a magma-hot body have ensured that Scouse [en remains one of the nation's most.eye-puncturing blondes. Appearing alongside the similarly pillow-chested Abi Titmuss in real ity TV show Hell's Kitchen did the Merseyside beauty no harm either. Add that to wowing West End theatre goers in Chicagoand a big screen role in The Phantom of the Opera, and her year's been as cool running as her beloved Everton's.


Love Lucy New entry

You never know what an afternoon of beachcombing in Bournemouth will turn up. It might bea few bits of broken crockery; it might be a spade lost bya child; or it might be the sandy contours of a future Page Three stunner. Since Lucy was discovered sunbathing in the summer of 2003, she's developed a massive followi ng. Appearing barely dressed with fellow Page Three lady Michelle Marsh in Zoo can't

exactly hurt either. .

Body beautiful Lasl year: 4

We're still grinning daftly as we reminisce on Ca rmen snagging Amy Smart in Starsky And Hutch. And the former Baywatcher hasn't let us down this year, teaming up with another FHMfave lenny McCarthy in DirtyLove.lnsertyourown bum sex gag here. An d to tide you over, get Carmen's Aerobic Striptease Wor/(outDVD; it features (their list) sensational choreography! Professional chair work methods! And

All grown up New entry

Cunningly inserted into fluff like Freaky Fridayand Mean Girlsto keep male attention when we're dragged into cinemas by ladies, Lindsay has wisely spent the last yea r Ira nsform ing Disney's della rs into partying In LA, Still onlylB, she deserves better than Uncle Wait's saccharine fareas proved by a eli p from the US's Saturday Night Live, which hit the web last year. Her "blossoming" Hermione caused a million Harry Potterfans to grow up overnight...

Fame game Last year: 2

Ditching her horse-faced band mates (nat you, Tina - we love you) a couple of

years back has turned out to be a shrewd move for the farmer 5-Clubber, whose 5010 career - while a tad roliercoaster-yhas propelled her to the heady levels of bona fide tabloid favourite. 50 much so, that "important" celebrity magazine Heat recently named her as the la dy with the best body in the world. Amen to that, brothers. Amen.


BiginAsia last year: 12

Yes, you stillimow herfrom I Know What You Did Last Summer, where thacarnera locked on to len's mostbankable assets, But did ye know this? Hewitt's also huge in Asia .. , for her singing, Skip carefree over

CGI disaster Garfield - you can next catch the 25-year-old in Why Can't! Be Audrey Hepburn due out later this year; Mildlyinteresting fact: she gather Christian name off elder brother Todd. Jennifer was a girl he had a crush on atthe time of her birth.

Domestic bliss New entry

The best looking of Channel a's Desperate Housewives (sorry'leri), this raven-haired raver is crafted from lean chunks of Latin loveliness - no fat orgristie, guaranteed - and comes with a delicious savoury sauce. On the show she's the sex-hungry homemakerwith an impressive underwear collection. In real life she's a sex-hungry actress -Iooking for a younger man to satisfy her needs, she told FHM. And she probably has an impressive u nderwea r collection.



Punch packer Lastyear:15

2004 was the yea r that I ittla Charlotte finally hitthe big 18. And for her, it was bigger than for most as the sizeable-lunged Tafffinallycame into herf6m fortune, Did shego wild? Nah, Charlotte moved into a "modesltown house" in a "leafy suburb" of Cardiff with her 20-year-old chavish boyfriend .. And then it all went a bit wrongrows with bloke; big split; tab laid tittle tattle; a nd a smack for the naughty fella. Doh, we love a juicy bit of drama.

Your destiny Last year: 3

Whether rocking da mic solo, or alongside her two feisty buddies, Beyonce is a bootyshakin', choon-belting music industry of· her own. Havi ng flogged over 33 m ill ion albums so far, she'll be earning more Manalo money rockingthe UI< in June - the Child's first tour in three years; and then starring opposite once funnyman Steve Martin in the Pink Pantherremake. And probably marrying tubby rap chancer fiance Jay-Z, the lucky herbert.



Happy shopper Last year: 25

The bestthing FHMeverfound? No, no. If you remember, the delectable Sarah initially applied for the first ever High Street Honeys way back in 2002 ... draped in nowt but an England flag. So technically, she discovered herself. And we'll not complain about Popstarss1ealing her for Girls Aloud. Recently in her stunning FHMshoot (October Z004}, Sarah reminded us just why we love her so: "If I nip to the shops, there's every chance I'm commando." Skills.



Career girl Last year:. 95

Apa rtfrorn sornethi ng ma d e earlier (mal n Iy outotbogrolls), it'shard to believe we'd ever have anythingtothank an ex-Blue Peter presenter in on-rapist for. Butlohn Leslie, sir? FHM sa lutes thee! Your shy, retiring ex has truly blossomed. Not only has FHMs very own sex colum n ist now completed the Holy Grail ora II female celebs - the tug-a-thonicfitness DVD - but there's even a book in her ever-expanding pipeline! Which can't be comfortable.

Meetthe wife Last year: 1

We hate Britney's husband, Firstly, "Kevin" has bagged a lass somewhat prone to binge drinking, snogginggirls, donning a school uniform and wearing snakes like neddacas, Secondly he's called Kevin. But our main reason for us loathing the hubby of the princess of pop, and former sexiest woman in the world, is because his missus lets him go to lap dancing clubs, and still puts out afterwards. "Big deal, it's a guy thing," says Brit. Dump him. Marry us.


OF! happy day Last year: 10

Though the amount offlesh that Elisha actuallyflashed in The Girl Next Door was mildly disappointing- hell, we won'! be fully satisfied until she's made a Europeanstrength skin fl ick - it offered a del icious taste of her fine feminine form. But if Elisha won't gstfully naked in a roleasa former porn star, we'll jus! have to hope that in the next series of 24she gets involved in a plot that involves all her clothes being ri pped off. Repeatedly.



Go East Last yea r: 21

Michelle first hit AlbertSquare in September 2000, and since then we've watched her blossom, ifnot into a lady, then into all woman. Whata shame then that she's decided to head for Hollywood this summer. Watching Zoe Slater scowl and holler at her market stali, we'd never suspect there's quite a posh bird screaming to get out. But Michelle promises that she'll lose her cockney accent when we

introduce herto our mum.

Up gloss Last year: 9

It's been a turbulent 12 months for Angelina. Consi der pa n ned homo-then Alexanderfor instance. But that all stops now. Because the globe's votes have meantthatthe blimplipped bad girl has topped our International 100 Sexiest poll. Hard to beat, but next up for MsJolie is MrAnd Mrs Smith-a movie abouta bored married couple who learn they're assassins hired to kill one another. So, fingers-crossed, there'll be some ultrahot rna ke up sex. Fingers-crossed.