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The Vision for Programmed is to be a leading provider in Staffing, Maintenance and Facilities Management
services without injury.
We provide the people, maintenance, tools and expertise to help our customers grow.
We operate on the premise that all incidents are preventable and our objective is Zero Harm. The achievement of Zero
Harm is underpinned through our safety beliefs and a firm commitment to the following core principles.

Safety Leadership

Safety Conversations

We will implement a pragmatic risk

management approach to health and safety by
assessing and managing the risk exposures of
our activities in conjunction with our clients

We will take the time to engage with our field

employees and clients and hold meaningful
safety conversations
We will drive a positive safety culture by
recognising exceptional safety behaviour and
intervening on unsafe work practices

We will set clear and tactical objectives for the

organisation and cement our health and safety
improvement strategy by committing the
required resources
We will ensure strong governance through
participation in audits, management reviews
and client site visits

We will promote and encourage all employees

to seek, celebrate and share new and
innovative ways of improving our health and
safety focus
Safety Partnership

We will clearly articulate and measure the

health and safety roles and responsibilities of
our people

We will proactively engage with our clients in

our safety journey towards a shared goal of
zero harm


We will benchmark and share best practice

industry solutions with our clients

We will be inquisitive and validate our

performance through regular inquiry into
system effectiveness
We are committed to meeting and exceeding
HSE laws and regulations

We will regularly consult with our employees

and clients to share our safety vision and on
issues impacting their health and safety
Hazard Reduction

We will maintain an externally certified safety

management system
Critical Risk Standards
Our health and safety management system
shall be aligned to the Programmed 13 Critical
Risk Standards

We will engage with our clients and field

employees to eliminate hazards, practices and
behaviours that could cause harm
We will collaborate with field employees,
assess work performance and recommend
improvement to existing work practices
We will support and encourage our field
employees to have the confidence to
intervene and resolve identified workplace

This Policy statement applies to all employees within the Programmed Integrated Workforce division. Where
relevant, Programmed group policies shall take precedence.

Nic Fairbank
Chief Executive Officer
Programmed Integrated Workforce

Team Work

Controlled documents are to be printed directly from the intranet.

Documents printed or copied are uncontrolled.

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Honesty & Integrity

Recognition & Enjoyment