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The Newsletter of The Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence

Residents give back with Philanthropy Club

spring 2010 • 5770

Rabbi leads
In December of 2009, the resi-
dents at The Martin and Edith Stein
Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
(JDC) to provide urgently needed aid
staff preparing
Assisted Living Residence formed the
Philanthropy Club. This group meets
and relief on a nonsectarian basis to
victims of the devastating earthquake,
for Passover
monthly and has a shared commit- and affirms that all funds donated All of the
ment to tzedakah, giving back. through this emergency collection preparations
Anna Simmons, executive director effort will be spent on Haiti relief. for Passover
at the Stein Residence, said the resi- The Philanthropy Club has also that are done
dents were very enthusiastic about collected clothing for “Hire Attire at the Martin
starting the club, since many have a Boutique,” a New Brunswick-based and Edith Stein
shared philosophy that it is important group that provides suitable cloth- Assisted Living
to give back to the community. ing for people searching for jobs. Residence and
This philosophy has strong roots in Likewise, the Philanthropy Club has the Wilentz
Judaism, which teaches that tzedakah organized the periodic collection of Building are
is more than just a choice; it is an summer clothing that staff mem- Rabbi David
done by people
obligation. In fact, the word itself bers send to Africa through their of many dif- Glicksman
comes from the root word for “jus- church groups. The Philanthropy ferent depart-
tice,” implying that tzedakah is the Members of the Philanthropy Club at The Martin and Edith Stein Club has also been in contact with ments.
work of creating a more just world. Assisted Living Residence have raised funds for the Haitian earthquake the Community Foodbank of New Members of the food services
In many ways, philanthropy ben- relief effort and collected clothing for the “Hire Attire Boutique.” Jersey and will be taking a trip to the staff are involved in the kashering
efits those who take part in it as much Club and an activity coordinator at Stein, is Foodbank to stuff envelopes for its next of the kitchen and dining areas,
as those who are recipients. Ms. Simmons doing much of the legwork to find opportuni- fundraiser. with housekeeping staff at their
believes that no matter how old we are, we ties of interest to Stein residents. Louis Lampert, a member of the Philanthropy sides, and maintenance, making
need to find meaning in our own lives and ways “Research has shown that volunteerism and Club with a long history of volunteering, said he certain that everything is in work-
to feel useful. Philanthropy is one way to fulfill giving can help the giver as much as the recipi- feels compelled to continue this practice even ing order. Recreation sets the times
that need. ent,” Laning said. “Just the act of thinking about now as a resident at Stein. for the seders and other activities,
“I cannot stress enough the importance of giving to others has been shown to reduce pain “To volunteer our service, to donate hours and makes sure that the haggadas
feeling like we can still make a difference, no and have other positive health benefits.” in providing support to the needy, by relating and other materials are available.
matter how young or old we are or how busy Although only formed in December, the to people, reaching out with understanding, lis- Nursing helps to see that our resi-
we have become in our everyday life,” said Ms. Philanthropy Club has already raised more than tening, compassion and being sensitive to oth- dents come to the seders and sees
Simmons. “We need only to look at Haiti’s $400 from staff, visitors and residents to help ers is a human quality that gives one great sat- to it that they adjust to the dietary
recent tragedy to remind ourselves how fortu- the Haitian relief effort. After careful research, isfaction,” Lampert said. “Helping others, even changes.
nate most of us have been. Many of our resi- Stein residents decided to donate the money to as we have our own limitations, is our way of All of this is done under the
dents come to us with this strong commitment the relief effort through the Jewish Federation of achieving our own personal goals of happiness supervision of the rabbi, who
to volunteerism and giving and the Philanthropy Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren Counties. This and contentment in this life. In order to have ensures that the kashering and
Club is just a natural outgrowth.” organization is partnering with the American some spiritual gratification, you must supply a Passover preparations are done
Lois Laning, co-chair of the Philanthropy certain generosity and kindness to others.” according to halacha, or Jewish
Law. He is a resource to all of the

The Stein Residence gave us ‘peace of mind’ other staff during this hectic time.
I have recently announced my
retirement from Stein Assisted
What is your name? made necklaces, to the walks around the lovely Living and the Wilentz building. I
Eileen Kahn grounds, especially when the vegetable garden will still be responsible for kashruth
What is your mom’s name? is in full bloom. supervision for Passover during
Evelyn Kahn What do you and your mom like the most the transition period, and will be
Where do you live? about The Stein Residence? there to guide Rabbis Newfield and
Morris Township Every night before my mother goes to bed, Kroopnick and Mike Seidemann
Why did you pick The Martin and Edith she calls me and my sister to tell us how happy during this period. I will also still
Stein Assisted Living Residence? she is. She tells us about all the friends she has, serve as chaplain for the Martin
When my mother’s signs of dementia started how she loves her room, the good food (her and Edith Stein Hospice for the
to worsen, we knew it was time to start looking healthy weight gain is a testament to that), foreseeable future.
at assisted living facilities. My husband and I and the walks. The first thing I notice when I Working at Wilf Campus for
visited about 10 facilities around New Jersey. visit is the full list of activities for the month. the past 18 1/2 years has been a
Although most appeared similar on the surface, I have to admit I enjoy visiting her on Sundays source of great joy and satisfaction.
one stood out to us: The Stein Residence. What and watching the entertainment together, fol- I hope that my presence has been
struck me most was the sense of community lowed by a challenging game of bingo or a fun as meaningful to the residents and
and care. My mother was very resistant to leav- sing-along. And there’s nothing like sharing a staff.
ing her home of 50 years. But when I took her hamantashen or latke on the holidays. I wish you and your families a
to visit The Stein Residence, she fell in love with Eileen Kahn says her mom, Evelyn, is a happier What do you tell your friends and family Chag Kasher Vesameach, a happy
it immediately and asked if she could live there. person, since she moved into the Martin and Edith about the care at The Stein Residence? and zeisen Pesach.
It was the immediate attention from a compas- Stein Assisted Living Residence in Somerset. I tell them that it was the best decision we I am grateful for having had the
sionate staff that won my mother’s heart. ever made. Just take a look at my mother’s smil- opportunity
Tell us a little about your experiences with The Stein Residence. ing face and you will understand. – Rabbi David Glicksman
I have nothing but praise. I have peace of mind that my mother is well Is there anything else you would like to say about The Stein

Wilf Campus
cared for in a loving way. The people at The Stein Residence are profes- Residence?
sional, caring and take the time to get to know the people in their care. All My mother just turned 90 years old in September, and I can see us cel-
the people I meet who work there have impressed me on a regular basis. ebrating her 100th birthday at The Stein Residence.
And it’s also the little things, from her painted fingernails to her home- See more family stories on page 3.
orders 90 dozen
Susan Harris is named CEO of Wilf Campus eggs for Passover
I am very pleased to take all benefit. care and services and have also won a number B r i a n
this opportunity to intro- I come to this organization with more than of awards for new and cutting-edge program Dorick is
duce myself to you. My 25 years in non-profit management in the field design. And lastly, I am a national educator on director of
name is Susan Harris and I of senior services. I most recently served as topics related to senior care and services. food service
was hired as the chief exec- the assistant executive director for Daughters I currently reside in Linden with my hus- for The Wilf
utive officer for The Oscar of Israel in West Orange. While there, I over- band, John, my daughter, Sarah and my Campus. Brian
and Ella Wilf Campus for saw much of the daily operations for the long schnauzer, Bridgette. I welcome you to stop is a graduate of
Senior Living, Somerset, term care facility, an adult day health program, by and meet the Culinary
effective Jan. 4, 2010.
There may be some Susan Harris
private senior apartments, kosher meals on
wheels, a community transportation service, From the desk me any time.
Currently I
Brian Dorick
confusion among our resi-
dents, so I want to be sure
rabbinical services, a sheltered workshop in
conjunction with Jewish Vocational Services, of the CEO have a tem-
porary office
that you know I am not replacing anybody. All and an Alzheimer’s special care unit which I on the first began his career as a private chef
of the staff at the Stein Assisted Living is still also designed. floor of the Stein Assisted Living but will soon for actress Mary Tyler Moore.
here. My job is to oversee all of our agencies, In this role I was very involved in the Jewish move upstairs to a new office. Prior to joining The Wilf Campus
that includes the Stein Assisted Living, The community at large and assisted in the devel- While my office is in the assisted living staff, he held positions as food
Stein Hospice, the Wilentz Apartments and the opment of many programs and services for building, I am not a part of the assisted living service director at a variety of
Wilf Campus Foundation. I will additionally community seniors. I bring a wealth of knowl- staff or budget. I look forward to meeting you locations including a New York
be looking for new programs and services to edge in program development and a long list in my travels throughout the building and at City law firm and kosher assist-
bring to our campus from which our residents of Jewish community contacts with me. I have campus events. ed living residences in Clifton,
and the larger Jewish senior community can published a number of articles regarding senior Happy Passover to everyone! See Kosher KITCHEN, Page 3b
PAGE 2b Stein SEnior Insights www.SteinResidence.org/js ◆ 5770 ◆ spring 2010

Take small steps toward an Falls are not natural and can be prevented
assisted living residence Fox Rehabilitation
Stein Senior Insights
cannot prevent falls completely, but it can educate you
on a variety of changes you can make to lead a healthier,
happier and safer life.
Toby Ehrlich becomes urgent. It will be easier Most falls occur at three very specific time periods
Regardless of what you have learned or been exposed
Stein Senior Insights and safer for the whole family. to in the media, literature, or general conversation, falls of the day and in two places. People can fall in the
Here are some tools for this are not part of the normal aging process. People expe- morning, upon awakening and getting out of bed too
Very often I receive calls from challenge:
families saying they know in their rience falls due to some form of dysfunction, disease, quickly. It’s very normal to have to empty your bladder
1. Patience…take it slowly. or deterioration. There are usually multiple factors in the morning and, if you are hurrying and not paying
hearts that their parents should 2. Take the time to sit down
no longer be living at home alone, involved when a fall occurs. attention to walking, you can trip or lose your balance.
and talk with your parents, and According to one statistic (Monane et al, 1996 study), Many people fall for the same reason in the middle of
but they simply can’t get them to don’t think they will change their
consider assisted living. Here are anyone over the age of 65 who is regularly taking four the night or the early morning hours, when they awaken
minds in a moment. Give them or more medications has an increased risk of falling. with an urgent need to use the bathroom. This covers
a few thoughts on how you might time to digest the information and
approach things when your par- This varies depending on the general both places where most falls occur in
don’t be surprised if they are angry health of the individual and the types People can fall in the home, the bedroom and bathroom.
ents are resistant. — they are feeling many losses.
The process begins and ends 3. Approach the topic with
of medications prescribed. It is impor- the morning, upon Another time period when falls are
with communication, with a few tant to read all directions for use, such awakening and getting likely to occur is later in the day, when
respect, knowledge and solid as whether certain medications should you may be tired and not realize that
practical considerations along the
way. Make a special time to first
information. be taken with or without food and/ out of bed too quickly. your body and legs are weaker.
4. When talking to a parent, or water, how often, and the time of Falls are also likely Just knowing that these are problem
approach your parents about your stick to discussing safety issues
observations. You might call them day or night, in order to optimize the later in the day when times should alert you to the need to
and why assisted living would be effects and minimize the side effects. you may be tired and be vigilant. In addition, remove any
up and ask to spend the afternoon a good choice.
with them, or ask them out to Do not be afraid to ask your doctor obstacles in your bedroom, hallway,
5. Don’t overwhelm them. For questions about the use of a medica- your body and legs and bathroom that may be a tripping
lunch. Tell them that you want to example, don’t bring up the need
discuss some family business with tion and any signs of a sensitivity or are weaker. hazard. Be wary of small area rugs by
to take over their banking and adverse reaction. The more knowledge your bed, or in your hallway, as they
them. Use the phrase “I feel” when to take their car away all in the
speaking with them, for example, you gain about your medications, the better prepared can be slipping hazards. It is also a good idea to have a
same conversation. Relinquishing you are to be alert for any unwanted surprises. nightlight in your hallway and/or in the bathroom. Even
“I feel uncomfortable with you liv- one’s independence is far easier to
ing alone because you are falling Another frequent cause of falls is problems with if you do not have a vision problem, this will allow for
internalize and accept if it comes vision. The most common problems that can befall our safer navigation at night between your bedroom and
often,” or “I feel nervous because gradually, instead of like a speed-
you’re not remembering to take eyes as we age are glaucoma, macular degeneration, bathroom. If you already have a mobility compromise,
ing bullet. cataracts, and diabetic retinopathies. There are appro- you might consider purchasing a bedside commode. It
your medication.” Try to use a 6. When they finally come to
small amount of information. You priate treatments for all of these maladies, but they can is also a good practice to remove any electrical cords or
the assisted living for an activity all seriously increase the chance of falling. Your eyesight extension cords from any walkway in your home. This
can even say, “I know you’re not or lunch, ask the facility represen-
ready for assisted living yet, but I’d is responsible for one half of your balance and equi- is a very serious tripping hazard because once your
tative to introduce them to other librium responses. Your optical cortex interprets the foot becomes entangled in or “tripped” by a cord, you
like to go and look at a few places residents, so they can hear about
in case the need arises.” images received from your eye and allows the brain to will most likely experience a change of direction, from
life there from them. perceive what position and activity you are performing, forward motion to downward motion. You may notice
If they balk, that’s OK; remem- 7. Discuss coming for a
ber that you are talking to them with relation to your surroundings. When your visual that when you “kiss the floor,” it’s not very affectionate in
short-term stay for two weeks information is not complete, the brain can misinterpret return. If you normally use an assistive device, such as a
about their independence, and to a month, just to see what life at
they are likely not to want to that stimulus and instruct your body to react improp- walker or cane, keep it handy.
assisted living is like. erly, resulting in a loss of balance that can cause a fall. The best recommendation for fall prevention is
discuss it. Don’t try to convince 8. You don’t have to do every-
them the first time around. Physical limitations due to specific diseases also simple: Stay active. Regular physical activity, exercise,
thing on your own. Let our mar- increase the risk of falling because they decrease or walking, or anything that promotes movement helps to
Instead, acknowledge their fears keting department meet and talk
and move on to other topics. In a limit our functional mobility. Cardiovascular conditions prevent the possibility of falls. Your body is a structural
with you and your family to help such as hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary system of pulleys and levers, consisting of bones and
few weeks you can approach the with the process.
subject again. You might want to artery disease, and congestive heart failure limit endur- muscles that have one primary purpose — to move you.
Remember, Rome wasn’t built ance, which in turn curtails movement. Parkinson’s dis- There are fitness centers, senior centers, and a wide
ask them to attend a concert or in a day. Though you have your
lecture at an assisted living or to ease, Multiple Sclerosis, CVA (stroke), and Peripheral variety of opportunities for you to exercise or engage
parents’ best interests in mind, Vascular Disease all limit our physical ability, resulting in physical activity. Your doctor can recommend physi-
have lunch with you there. it may take them some time to
The key is — whenever pos- in an increased risk for falls. Simply put, any malady cal and occupational therapy for you if you have health
come to terms with their loss of which prevents normal or natural movement will sig- issues.
sible — not to make assisted living independence. Small steps, love,
into an emergency choice. Try nificantly augment the chance for falling. Move, breathe, be happy, and be healthy. You’re
and patience will get you the best Although the information presented so far in this worth it.
to approach the topic before it results. article may seem a bit doom-and-gloom, there’s good
Did you know that you can have physical therapy,
For more information on the news: Falls can be prevented. Granted, there are times
occupational therapy, and speech therapy while living
Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence, when accidents really do happen, but there are many
solutions and measures that can be taken to prevent or in an assisted living? Fox Rehabilitation provides these
contact us at 888-311-5231 or info@steinresidence.org reduce the risk of falls. The following information alone services for The Stein Assisted Living.

What’s doing? Special Activities for March – May

Photo by Ron Ostroff

Thursday, March 25 – 1:30 p.m.

Jewish Textile Lecture and Demonstration. Mo Fleming is coming to talk about
making tallitot and share the stories behind her uniquely artistic textiles.

Sunday, April 11 – 2:00 p.m.

Special Yom Hashoah program with Holocaust survivor and Rabbi Aryeh
Goodman from the East Brunswick Chabad.

Residents of the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence

were playing cards on a recent winter afternoon.
Tuesday, April 20 – 10:00 a.m.
Café Europa celebrates Israeli Independence Day.
There’s always something going on at the Martin & Edith
Stein Assisted Living Residence. Here are some of the pro-
grams and activities that take place on a regular basis: Thursday, April 22 – 2:00 p.m.
To celebrate Israeli Independence Day, we will have an Israeli shuk with vendors
• Daily exercise • Fred’s News - A current and food.
• Weekly Tai Chi events discussion
• Wii bowling • Manicures Sunday, May 9 – 2:00 p.m.
• Special lectures- Jewish Happy Mothers Day! We’ll host a Golda Meir historian and impersonator.
• Senior Olympics
Culture, All About
• Discussion groups on
hot topics
Niagara Falls, Bird Tuesday, May 11 – 7:00 p.m.
Watching, and more Join our Caregiver Support Group for a special program:
• Haddasah with Marlene • Trips to local theaters Alzheimer’s Association - A special presentation on communication and
Herman behavior with presenter Barbra DeAngelis.
• Antique Road Show
• Trivia
• Performances by local
• Word games choirs, singers, and
Sunday, May 16 – 2:00 p.m.
A classic car show in honor of Older Adults Month (weather permitting)
• Book club musicians.
• Café Europa for
Holocaust survivors
• Beauty Parlor Thursday, May 27 – 2:00 p.m.
• Card Games and more Israeli Fashion Show
• Jewish War Veterans
meetings To attend any program, RSVP to 888-311-5231
spring 2010 ◆ 5770 ◆ www.SteinResidence.org/js Stein SEnior Insights PAGE 3b

Spotlight on residents of Families tell stories of Stein Kosher

The Stein Assisted Living The Roth Family
What is your name? Kitchen
Doris Arshan air and sunshine. I also enjoy painting Richard Roth
Where were and playing piano. What is your mom’s name?
you born? Jean Roth
Where do you live? From Page 1b
South River, Aaron Mann
New Jersey. Where were Glen Gardner, New Jersey. N.J., and other communities in
Where did you born? Why did you pick The Martin the New Jersey area. He has also
you live most of Bridgeport, and Edith Stein Assisted Living worked as a chef at restaurants at
your life? New Connecticut. Residence? the Jersey Shore. He is the owner
Brunswick and Where did The Stein Residence had newer, and operator of Epic Events, a
Highland Park, you live most better facilities and a more varied food New Jersey-based caterer.
Doris Arshan menu than other places I looked at. I Recently Brian talked about how
New Jersey. of your life?
Occupation Bridgeport, also felt my mother would be comfort- he was preparing for Passover.
and education? Wholesale grocer. I Connecticut. able in a Jewish environment. And What is the most challenging
helped my husband in business. Occupation Aaron Mann all the people I talked with were very part of preparing for Passover?
Age, if you are willing to tell? and education? friendly and helpful. Jean Roth gets a visit from her Kashering the kitchen while
Will be 90 this coming April. Master’s degree from the Teachers Tell us a little about your experi- family. continuing to serve 130 residents
Best memory? Meeting my hus- College at Columbia University. ences with The Stein Residence. three meals on the same day.
band Sam in 1938. Science teacher, Staten Island. The staff has been very responsive to all my mother’s problems and What are some of the special
How many years married? 68 needs. When she’s had a problem, or they felt a problem was developing, products you order?
years. Aaron taught Hebrew school they’ve contacted my wife or me immediately. They work hard to keep the Handmade Shmura matza,
How many children, grandchil- in Linden, New Jersey. As a mat- residents engaged and entertained, whether it’s with a New Year’s party, chubs, egg kichel and shank
dren, great-grandchildren? Three ter of fact, he taught the sons of sing-alongs, bingo, or news discussions. bones.
boys, four grandchildren, and two fellow resident and dining room What do you and your mom like the most about The Stein How many boxes of Matzah
great-grandchildren. table mate Ruth Sobel, along with Residence? do you order?
What do you enjoy most about our new Chief Executive Officer The caring, concerned people, particularly the nursing staff. I ordered 280 boxes.
living at The Stein Residence? The Susan Harris (who was then Susan What do you tell your friends and family about the care at The Stein How about your other food
people, the environment, and the Koenig). Given the success of his Residence? supplies for Passover? How much
employees. students, he must have been quite I tell them that I don’t think we could have picked a better place. did you order of those items?
Doris was an active member of a teacher. I ordered 50 boxes of matzah
the Auxiliary and has been on the The Bechtel-Frankel Family meal, 90 dozen eggs, 14 full sheet
Age, if you are willing to tell? I What is your name?
board of the Wilf Campus for Senior was born in 1929. cakes and 30 rolls, 24 dozen cook-
Living for many, many years. As a Sheri Bechtel ies and only 15 bottles of wine.
Best memory? My life in What is your mom’s name?
current board member she is very Bridgeport. I also enjoyed collecting How much staff do you need
proud to live at The Martin and Edith Phyllis Frankel to prepare the kitchens for
stamps and coins. Where do you live?
Stein Assisted Living Residence. Doris How many years married? 35 Passover?
served as the second president of the Princeton Sixteen staff members.
years. Why did you pick The Martin
Auxiliary, secretary of the board, and How many children, grandchil- How many days does it take to
currently serves as secretary/treasurer and Edith Stein Assisted Living clean the kitchen for Passover?
dren, great-grandchildren? Three Residence?
of the Wilentz Senior Residence. Doris sons, three daughters-in-law, and It takes at least two days.
was also a patient advocate at the My dad had recently passed away How many meals are usually
seven grandchildren. and my mom was left living alone in
Central New Jersey Jewish Home for What do you enjoy most about served on the campus during
more than 20 years. Florida where they had retired 20 years Passover?
living at The Stein Residence? The earlier. I wanted to move my mom
nursing care is very good. We usually serve 960 meals.
closer to me so I could take care of her. How many tables and seder
Alice Calman She had never lived in New Jersey, so Phyllis Frankel and her daugh-
Where were plates do you usually prepare
Susan Mann she didn’t know anyone here. Not only ter Sheri Bechtel.
you born? for the seders?
Where were was I looking for a place where she
Philadelphia. We usually have 24 tables, 24
you born? would be safe, I wanted her to be able
Where did seder plates and 85 individual
Jersey City, New to meet people with whom she had things in common, as she is very social.
you live most plates.
Jersey. My parents had always been very involved with their temple and Jewish
of your life? In How many meetings are
Where did causes. Stein offered everything I was looking for and much more.
Brooklyn, New needed to coordinate the two
you live most Tell us a little about your experiences with The Stein Residence.
York. Passover seders?
of your life? 35 The quality of care at Stein is exceptional. From the moment my mom
Occupation We usually need three meet-
Alice Calman years in Roselle, moved in, the staff went out of their way to make her comfortable. All the
and education? ings.
New Jersey. staff members I’ve met — from maintenance workers to administrative per-
Bookkeeper Susan Mann What is the residents’ favorite
Occupation sonnel — go out of their way to make my mom feel that her needs are a pri-
and legislative aide to Senator Frank thing to eat on Passover?
and education? ority. The nursing staff, led by Tammy, is the best. Not only do they provide
Pelley. I would say our favorite
Graduated high school in Newark, great medical attention, they also offer my mom concern and respect.
Age, if you are willing to tell? 89. Passover dish is matzah brei.
New Jersey. Office work, billing and And it’s also the little things, from her painted fingernails to her home-
Best memory? Being married to In addition to all that Brian
expediting, and I worked in nursery made necklaces, to the walks around the lovely grounds, especially when the
my husband, Lenny. and the dietary staff does, our
schools. vegetable garden is in full bloom.
How many years married? 57. Recreation Director Jackie Kott
Age, if you are willing to tell? 66. What do you and your mom like the most about The Stein
How many children, grandchil- and her staff coordinate the sed-
Best memory? Getting married to Residence?
dren, great-grandchildren? Two ers and services with Rabbi Yossi
my husband and having a ready-made My mom is constantly telling me that she feels very safe at Stein. She’s
daughters, one son, six grandchildren, Neufeld. They also coordinate the
family. made friends and is very happy. That warms my heart. Each of her needs is
three great-grand children. Chometz burning with the resi-
How many years married? 35 taken seriously and the staff constantly makes sure to keep me in the loop.
What do you enjoy most about dents and Rabbi Newfield. They
years. What do you tell your friends and family about the care at The Stein
living at The Stein Residence? They inventory all hagaddas, matzah
How many children, grandchil- Residence?
take good care of me here. It is always covers, yarmulkas, take reserva-
dren, great-grandchildren? Three Clearly, I rave about Stein. I’ve heard many stories from people whose
good to have people around you who tions from the family members
sons, seven grandchildren, and three parents reside in other facilities, and many of them have been less than
can help when you need them. attending the seders, and organize
daughters-in-law. glowing. I do not have one thing to say about Stein that isn’t positive. I thank
Alice Calman is a lifetime member a seating chart for each table.
What do you enjoy most about G-d we found Stein.
of the Central Jersey Jewish Home’s living at The Stein Residence?
Auxiliary. She served for many years Activities, getting out by bus. It’s

Mazel Tov to…

as the volunteer in charge of taking more like a country club and people
reservations for the annual dinner are very nice.
dance fundraiser. She also helped to
organize the yearly fashion show. Ruth Sobel
Where were BARNEY COHEN: Grandson Brian Binder will graduate from Ithaca College in May. Granddaughter
Louis you born? Becca Binder will graduate from South Brunswick High School in June.
Lampert Brooklyn, New
Where were York. FAYE BRADUS: Granddaughter Taryn will travel to Israel on a Birthright program.
you born? Where did
Poland. you live most HELEN SOLOMON: Granddaughter Rachel has started a master’s degree program in juvenile education.
Where did of your life? ETTA HOFFLEICH: Birth of her ninth great-granddaughter, Samantha.
you live most Linden, New
of your life? Jersey. SITTA DESSAU: Great-granddaughter Shira Allen Jerry will become a bat mitzvah this spring.
Ruth Sobel
Brooklyn, New Occupation
York. and education? DAVID HORNSTEIN: Mr. Hornstein is expecting his first great-grandchild in Israel this spring.
Louis Lampert
Occupation High school secretary for the board LILLIAN RAPP: Granddaughter Allison is graduating from the University of Vermont, and will attend
and education? of education in Linden. Johns Hopkins for a master’s degree in specialized nursing.
Master’s degree. I worked as a com- Age, if you are willing to tell?
puter science project engineer and an 93. HELEN MONDROW: Granddaughter Stephanie Mondrow was married.
instructor at junior college. Best memory? The day I met my
Age, if you are willing to tell? 85. husband. LILLIAN EPSTEIN: Great-granddaughter Danielle Epstein and great-grandson Dylan will celebrate their
Best memory? Getting out on the How many years married? 46 bar/bat mitzvahs.
golf course every spring. years.
How many children, grandchil- How many children, grandchil- TELLY GOLDSTEIN: Son Lenny is celebrating his 77th birthday.
dren, great-grandchildren? Two dren, great-grandchildren? Four MILDRED ROBINSON: Daughter Dina is celebrating her 65th birthday.
daughters. children, four grandchildren, four
What do you enjoy most about daughters-in-law. BINNIE WEST: Granddaughter recently became a bat mitzvah.
living at The Stein Residence? What do you enjoy most about
Serenity, peace, being able to take a living at The Stein Residence? The ALLAN GRAYZEL: Granddaughter is completing her freshman year at George Washington University,
walk and look at the grounds, fresh people. Washington, D.C.

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The Gallery

Residents of the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence Assisted living residents sing along with Ruth. Shirley Bernstein takes a break between activities for a nosh.
visit a flower show.

Hanukkah shopping with Francis Block. David Hornstein and Toby Ehrlich enjoy the Hanukkah music. Evelyn Poppick does crafts.

Residents of the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence A resident bundles up to spend some time in the sun on a recent Staff members meet to make plans for Passover.
have a celebration to ring in 2010. winter afternoon.

The Hanukkah celebration was filled with music. Residents of the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence Residents play Mah Jong at the Martin and Edith Stein Assisted
participate in a tai chi exercise class. Living Residence.

Staff members are special at The Stein Residence

These are some of the staff members at The Martin Brunswick and has two children: Ben, who is currently cooking, and continues to travel. She has a son, Adam, who
and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence in Somerset. attending the Joint Program at List College and Columbia will graduate from Arizona State University this spring, and
Toby Ehrlich, LCSW University, and Hannah, who works for Lee & Low Books a daughter, Abby, who attends Boston University.
Director of Marketing, and lives in New York City. Toby is an active member of
Congregation B’nai Tikvah in North Brunswick. Karen Natkow
Wilf Campus for Senior Living Resident Services Coordinator
Toby is a Licensed Clinical Social Randi Rosen Karen joined the staff of The Stein
Worker and a Certified Assisted Living Assistant Director of Marketing Residence in 2004. In addition to working
Administrator with more than 31 years Randi has been with the Stein Assisted with the marketing department, Karen is
of experience working with older adults Living Residence since the doors first the “problem-solver” for our residents,
and their families. As director of market- opened in 2003. It has been exciting for helping them to settle into their apart-
ing for The Wilf Campus, she informs her to be a part of its growth since then. ments, arranging medical transportation
the community about the options that She has worked with seniors and their and generally trying to make their lives
Toby Ehrlich
The Wilf Campus offers. Toby also helps families for more than 10 years, includ- better. Before coming to Stein, Karen
families to explore care options for their ing as a nursing home social worker
Karen Natkow
spent 10 years working in a boutique that
loved ones. She truly enjoys working with older adults on and admissions director, and assistant catered to dogs and their owners. She
The Wilf Campus. Toby’s past experience includes serving Randi Rosen
director of marketing at Stein Assisted also taught in an adult high school for many years working
as director of the Monroe Township Office of Jewish Family Living. Randi earned a bachelor’s degree with students pursuing their equivalency diplomas. Karen
Services, being a Jewish Matchmaker, and working in the in social work from SUNY College at Brockport. Randi is a graduate of Douglass College, Rutgers University. Karen
field of adoption. Toby also currently has a private practice lived in Germany for eight years, becoming proficient in grew up in Somerset and now lives there with her husband,
in counseling in Monroe Township. Toby earned a bach- the language, and travelled throughout Europe, satisfying David; and two children: Neil, who works for Suburban
elor’s degree from Hofstra University and a master’s degree her wanderlust. Now residing in Montgomery Township, Propane, and Megan, who will attend law school next fall;
in social work with a certificate in gerontology from Rutgers with her dog Rocky, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and and the family’s two dogs, Marley and Lucy.
University. Toby lives with her husband, Gary, in South

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