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Total Exp

3years 2months

Communication Skills
Current Organization


Current Location
Highest Degree
Notice Period


Wipro Technologies Limited

3+ Years of extensive Software Application Development experience in Information Technology

Having 1+ years of experience on BigData Hadoop

Strong knowledge in Pig, HIVE, MapReduce & HDFS.

Working experience on Amazon EC2 with Amazon S3 and Amazon EMR

Exposure towards NoSQL databases like HBase

Strong Knowledge in relational database RDBMS

Having working experience on Sqoop

Good experience in Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Struts MVC, Oracle

Having good experience in System Analysis, Development and Implementation of various

applications including Web and Client/Server Application development.

Highly motivated, detail oriented, has ability to work independently and as a part of the team with
Excellent Technical, Analytical and Communication skills.

Work Experience

Worked as a Developer for Tata Consultancy Services

Working as a Hadoop developer in Wipro Technologies

Academic Profile

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) from Nagarjuna University , India

Bachelor Of Science(Comp.Sc) fromm Nagarjuna University,India

Skill Set


Operating System


: HDFS, Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Sqoop

: Windows, LINUX

Programing Languages

: Java

NoSql Databases

: Hbase

Project Profile

1. Watch Guard


Hadoop, Amazon EC2, HDFS, Apache PIG, and Hive,.

Watch Gaurd Technologies, USA
Hadoop Developer

WatchGuard is a provider of Internet security solutions and network security appliances, this organization
which uses firewall to filter the network traffic. At times it becomes difficult for the network team to analyze
the log and decide the filtering criteria for the website and analyze the user behavior and network
consumption. This solution is focused on Watchguard Firewall but the same can be implemented on any
other firewall or proxy such as Squid. In a network where we have the user base in around 8000 or plus
the log file size can go into Terra bytes and it will become difficult for the admin to analyze the data.
Hence we can process the data using Hadoop and provide the Admin with set of reports.

Worked as one of the Hadoop developers of the team.

Moved all transactional log files generated by various network devices into hdfs location

Configured Hadoop cluster(Amazon EC2 spot Instance) to transfer the data from HDFS to
Amazon S3

Involved in Core Concepts of Hadoop HDFS, Map Reduce (Like Job Tracker, Task tracker)

Involved writing MapReduce Programs in java as per business Requirement.

Involved in running Hadoop MapReduce programs by configuring Job flow on Amazon Elastic
MapReduce framework by using Amazon S3 for Input and Output.

Involved in developing the Pig scripts

Writing UDF (User Defined Functions) in Pig, Hive when needed.

Involved in the part of scripting maintenance and filtered the records according to the

Involved in Create the table in HBase, Create a Transformation to Load Data into HBase.


: Medical Registry
: N Technologies


: Java Developer
: Core java, J2ee, Struts MVC, Oracle, Tomcat

This web application is to allow registered customer to upload and maintain the registry of the patient, and
Other documents in the define file folders using a personal phone no which can be DID(Direct Inward
Dialing) or Toll Free. It also allow customer to store and maintain the records like medical history,
calendar event, prescription and providers. This Medical registry
web application support the
internationalization and content management for corporate customer through which they can do the
branding using Medical registry web application.

Involved in the development of Customer Module and Administrator Module using struts

Configure the Action Class and Form Bean into struts config.xml.
Written Action Classes for the requirement using Struts 1.3 Framework.

Used struts tag libraries and created struts configuration files, application-resources properties
files for the application.

Involved in development of Value Objects(Action Forms) and validations related to User Interface.
Responsible for writing Client-side Validations using JavaScript
Involved in developing UI (User Interface) using JSP and HTML.

Involved in KT Sessions.