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Shepherds of

the Flock
Vol. 4 No. 9

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May 16-June 16, 2016

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PPCRV Volunteers Commended

Sr. Teresita C. Espina, FSP

Fr. Satur Lumba, SSJV, Parish

Pastoral Council for Responsible
thanked and commended the
efforts of all the volunteers
throughout the Archdiocese
of Cagayan de Oro. They were
committed to their assignments
and worked until the following
day. Maayo kaayo sila, puno sa
kadasig ug dedikasyon sa pagalagad. Wala sila magdahum
kon naay makuha; gusto lang
gyud nilang makatabang ug
magserbisyo alang sa kaayohan
sa nasud. (They were really good,
alive and dedicated to serve.
They dont mind if they receive
anything; they just want to serve
for the good of the country) he
The volunteers noted that
there were malfunctioning vote
counting machines (VCM) in
Suntingon, Bugo, Gingoog City,
Bugo Central School, Macanhan
Elemnertary school, Lapasan
Elementary School, Nazareth
South, Barangay 19, City Central,
Camaman-an, COC, Bayabas
Elementary School, Macabalan,
and Misamis Oriental General
Comprehensive High School
(MOGHS). The vote counting
machines that I saw were not
functioning well, some worked
but didnt issue receipts, said
Fr. Lumba. He was disappointed
because the COMELEC assured
them during the testing days
that the machines were in good
condition. He was worried that
these technical problems might
affect the results of the election.
Carl Cabaraban, PPCRV
Coordinator said that they were

PPCRV Volunteers at the command center, St. Augustine Cathedral

evaluating the complaints sent to

them, and will determine which
ones are to be investigated. He
said that the COMELEC officials
need to explain why there were
many VCMs not functioning well.
It was also noted that there
was rampant vote-buying in
some barangays. Mr. Cabaraban
said that the Church has
repeatedly reminded the people
about the sacredness of their
votes. Tarpaulins, and banners
were hung in churches and in
strategic locations as a reminder
to the people that: My Vote is Not
for Sale, No to Political Dynasty,
No to Political Patronage, etc...
Few days before the
election, Archbishop Antonio
J. Ledesma, issued a second

Pastoral Letter, A Matter of

Conscience, urging the people
to vote for candidates with
moral integrity. He appealed to
everyone to vote for candidates
with pro-life ethic, and reject
those who promote the culture
of death such as abortion, war,
extrajudicial killings and ecological
destruction. Furthermore, he
discouraged them from voting
for those who steal millions and
those who are unfaithful to their
marital vows.
The volunteers throughout
the archdiocese numbered over
3,000 and their work included:
Accountable Materials Verifiable
Audit Trail Team (AMVATT),
Voters Assistance Desk (VAD),

PPCRV CDO-Camiguin Volunteers

Hold General Assembly

More than a thousand PPCRV Volunteers from CDO Archdiocese

More than a thousand

volunteers of Parish Pastoral
Council for Responsible Voting
(PPCRV) Cagayan de OroCamiguin Chapter came for
the general assembly on April
30, 2016 at St. John Vianney
Theological seminary covered
The Eucharistic
assembly with Fr. Satur
Lumba, Social Action (SAC)
Director, as the main presider
and concelebrating priests,
Fr. Roberto Balsamo, and Fr.
Aurelio Jaranilla.
In his homily, Fr. Lumba
said that before
ascended into heaven, he gave
his last will and testament: to
love one another. This love can
be tested this coming election
through ones commitment
for a Clean, Honest, Accurate,
election (CHAMP). One has

to stand for his principle. No

to vote buying, no to political
dynasty and no to political
patronage, for these breed
corruption, he stressed.
Palmer Palamine,
City COMELEC Officer shared
his dream of peaceful and

orderly election, and he urged

everyone to exercise
right to vote. He gave general
instructions on how the PPCRV
could help during voting and
canvassing of ballots. He also
practical tips for
pollwatchers. When problems
arise, he said they are to
approach the Board of election
Inspectors (BEI).
John Deloso, and PO2 Danilo
Calurasan Jr. shared the security
measures. They will coordinate
closely with COMELEC. The
Cagayan City Police
intensify efforts and do their
best so that the election will be
peaceful and orderly.
shared on how to operate the
vote counting machine and
reminded all the volunteers to
report to their respective posts

(L-R) Fr. Satur Lumba, Social Action Director, Atty. Palmer Palamine, City
COMELEC Officer , Carl Cabaraban, Social Action Coordinator

Polling Place Pollwatcher (PPP),

Special Witnesses of Truth
(SWOT), Technical Assistance
Group (TAG), Power Prayer
Group (PPG), Voters Education
Team (VET), Unofficial Parallel
Count Encoder (UPCE), Legal

Team, Logistics Team (Food,

Supplies, etc.) Transportation
Ways & Means Team, PostElection Pollwatcher (PEP),
Media Liaison Work Team, and
Secretariat Team.

Interfaith Prayer for the

CHAMP Elections

Cleb B. Calimutan

The Young Men Christian

Association (YMCA) convened
different sectors of society and
inter-religious groups at Kiosko
Kagawasan, Divisoria, Cagayan de
Oro on May 5, 2016 to pray together
for a Clean, Honest, Accurate,
Meaningful and Peaceful election.
Atty. Proculo Sarmen mentioned
during his rationale that there are
three main issues facing the nation
today: extreme poverty, failure in
governance and corruption.
The event was graced with
the presence of Bishop Ledesma
who encouraged the voters to look
for candidates and decide with a
good conscience. He said that a
candidate must have the 5 Cs: he
must be competent; he must have
compassion and be committed to
the people he is serving. We must
also consider the companion of
the candidates we have to check
who are his constituents and
supporters, particularly those who
support them financially.
The Commission on Election
representative, Atty. Wilfred Jay
Balisado said that the commission
is doing their best to promote
honest, peaceful and credible
elections. He added that the No
Bio, No Boto is of great help in
cleaning up the voters list to avoid
fraud. He reminded the audience
that the power of the government
emanates from the people.
To conclude the talks, Msgr.
Elmer Abacahin read the socalled Ten Commandments for a
responsible voter:
1. Follow your conscience (be
informed and be educated).
2. Respect the rights of other
3. Know the personal character
of the candidates.

Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ.D.D.

4. Know the issues of a
particular candidate.
5. Dont sell your vote.
6. Dont vote candidates that
harbor guns, goons and gold.
7. Dont vote candidates who
are known to be corrupt
8. Dont vote because of debt of
gratitude, popularity, good
looks and companionship
9. Dont vote candidates with
immoral life.
10. When you vote think first of
the good of the country.

After the musical rendition

of the 4th Infantry Division Band,
Fr. Paul Glynn initiated the call to
prayer. Msgr. Rey Manuel Monsanto
representing the Roman Catholics
and different representatives from
the Muslims, Lumad, UCCP, Iglesia
Filipina Independente, Methodist
groups, and the youth expressed
their prayers for the election. The
event ended with the lighting of
candles as the Divine Mercy Choir
led the closing prayer through a


May 16-June 16, 2016

Archbishops Page

Shepherds of the Flock

Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ

Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro

(Homily at the Ordination Mass of Fr. Patrick Nogoy, SJ, Loyola House of Studies, 2 April 2016)
Gods flock is in your midst; give it a shepherds care. (1 Peter 5:2)
As we celebrate todays Mass of
ordination of a new priest, we can reflect on
these words from the letter of St. Peter. We
can do so perhaps more concretely by looking
back at the lives of some pastors with whom
I worked as bishop of the Prelature of Ipil in
the late 90s.
The parish church of Subanipa on the
island of Olutanga is made of hard wood
and still stands today, a legacy of the logging
company that operated on the island in
the 1950s. Two wall paintings drawn by a
student artist form the background of the
altar on the left, Jesus and the Twelve at the
Last Supper; and on the right, Jesus washing
the feet of the apostles. In many ways, these
paintings depict the two key events of the
Last Supper and summarize the twofold mission of a priest to celebrate
the Eucharist and to be of service to others, especially the poor.
Fr. Raimundo Argarate, a Spanish Jesuit missionary priest, served on
Olutanga Island for 48 years or almost half a century. He founded the two
parishes of Subanipa and Mabuhay and the two high schools of Loyola
and Xabier (retaining the Basque spelling). When he died at the turn of
the century, I examined the 15 baptismal books with his name on every
entry and estimated that he must have baptized about 30,000 persons
practically the entire population of the island! Ironically, he was expelled
from China because he had refused to surrender the baptismal books
there containing the names of Catholics that the Communists wanted to
identify. And so, in Gods providence, he was blessed with many more
baptisms to perform on Olutanga Island.
Another Spanish Jesuit missionary priest, Fr. Jenaro Aguinagalde,
was also expelled from China. He served for several years as parish
priest of Kabasalan, along the main highway. Then he was assigned for a
longer period in the more remote parish of Alicia. In Naga-Naga, a nearby
barangay of the present poblacion, the original parish church was built
fronting a nearby mosque. Perhaps in line with his conquistador spirit,
Fr. Aguinagalde started to build a multi-story tower for Nuestra Seora
del Pilar that would be taller than the mosque! Despite his austere way
of life, Fr. Aguinagalde always had a soft spot in his heart for the little
people. There is a picture of him distributing relief goods to families
affected by the 1976 tsunami that killed thousands of people in Pagadian
and also reached the coastal communities of Alicia.
In 1980-81, I was assigned to the
newly-created Prelature of Ipil for my
pastoral year after special studies. In
January 1981, I joined all the Jesuits in
the prelature to meet Fr. Pedro Arrupe,
Superior-General of the Jesuits, at the
Zamboanga City airport. The roads at
that time from Zamboanga to Ipil were
unpaved and dusty. So all the prelature
Jesuits travelled to Zamboanga instead
of Fr. Arrupe coming to Ipil. While
waiting for the plane to arrive, Fr.
Aguinagalde quietly told me in Spanish
that he and Fr. Arrupe had been fellow
novices in Spain. It struck me then as
the two Jesuits greeted each other how
their vocations took separate paths
for one, to stay for a lifetime in remote
parishes; and for the other, to travel all
over the world visiting Jesuit houses
When they arrived in the Philippines,
these two Spanish missionaries from
China could barely speak English and

had to learn the rudiments of Bisaya directly by simply being with the
people. Despite his rudimentary Bisaya, Fr. Argarate once described
succinctly the state of the roads on Olutanga island: Ang dalan dili dalan;
ang dili dalan dalan! (The road is not a road; what is not a road is the
road.) When they died, the remains of both Frs. Argarate and Aguinagalde
were laid to rest in gravesites fronting the parish churches they built a
gesture of esteem and gratitude by the townspeople for their beloved
A third parish priest continues to work in the Diocese of Ipil. Fr. Larry
Helar was among the first diocesan priests ordained in what was then
the Prelature of Ipil. He was a good basketball player and also engaged
in dramatics and stage plays during his seminary days. Unfortunately,
in 1998, five years after his ordination, he met a freak accident. While
riding on his motorcycle on his way to give a retreat to parish leaders, a
rotten post for electric wires suddenly fell on him. The live electric wires
ignited the spilled motorcycle gasoline which severely burned his legs.
The only way to save his life, according to the doctors in Pagadian, was to
cut off his legs.
Since then, Fr. Larry moves around on a wheelchair and uses artificial
legs to celebrate Mass. Despite his traumatic experience, Fr. Larry has
maintained a cheerful disposition and an active ministry. He was for
many years director of the youth apostolate, with its demands for creative
activities, culminating in a yearly BALIAKAG, or prelature-wide assembly
of youth delegates. As parish priest of Siay, Fr. Larry also popularized the
Paje-paje festival, highlighting the need to conserve the local species of
prawns (called paje) that were slowly disappearing from the Sibuguey
River and its tributaries. By the early 2000s, Fr. Larry with contributions
of the local parishioners was able to build the fan-shaped parish church
of Siay, a distinctive structure for the townspeople today.
Fr. Larry and other diocesan priests worked closely with the older
Jesuit priests in the prelature like Frs. Sim Sumpayco, Sammy Dizon,
Angel Antonio, Domingo Macalam, and Francisco Montecastro to start
the Kristohanong Kasilinganan (KRISKA) program. Literally meaning
Christian Neighborliness, the KRISKA program became the blueprint for
forming Basic Christian Communities (BCCs) later called Basic Ecclesial
Communities in practically all the parishes.
How then do these pastors measure up to St. Peters counsel to be
shepherds of the flock? Perhaps we can simply complete the passage
from 1 Peter 5:2-4: Take care of the flock willingly, as God wants you
to, and not unwillingly. Do your work not for mere pay, but from a real
desire to serve. Do not try to rule over those who have been put in your
care, but be examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears,
you will receive the glorious crown which will never lose its brightness.

Archdiocesan News


May 16-June 16, 2016

Clergy, Religious Men and Women Joint Recollection

By: Sr. Elsie G. Nini, FdCC

The Clergy, Religious Men and

Women, and Lay Ministry collaborators
and workers spared a special time
for reflection and prayer during the
Lenten recollection facilitated by
Fr. Luciano Felloni, an Argentinian
missionary who was invited as the
speaker. He shared three points: 1.
Jesus in the Eucharist 2. Jesus in the
presence of the Priest. 3. Jesus in the
Among the various points, he
underscored the importance of prayer
and Eucharistic adoration. When
we celebrate the Holy Mass, Jesus
continues to kneel before us and
washes our feet in sublime humility
and immeasurable love. Jesus remains

steadfast in His mercy and compassion

sinfulness. In fact, He came down from
heaven to save us. We may be inspired
to follow the Lords exemplary life of
The said recollection made
me reflect and examine my life
and vocation. I asked myself some
questions, like, Am I totally giving my
life for God and others? Am I truly
humble in serving others for their
welfare without counting the cost?
I received Jesus in the Eucharist, but
how is He is in my life? I remember my
four years old nephew asked me, Tita
madre, di ba kada adlaw ka mikaon
kay Jesus, nasaan na si Jesus karon
sa imong kinabuhi, sa tiil, sa tiyan, sa

ECBA Holds 21st National

Bible Workshop

Most Rev. Pablo Virgilio S. David, D.D.

By: Cleb B. Calimutan

The Episcopal Commission

on the Biblical Apostolate (ECBA)
organized the 21st National
Bible Workshop on February
23-26, 2016, in Marbel, South
Cotabato. There were clergy and
lay representatives coming from
different dioceses all over the
country. There were 188 Bible
Apostolate workers from 53 of
the 86 dioceses of the Philippines
who attended the said event. Cleb
Calimutan and Renante Rafisora
were the representatives from
Cagayan de Oro.
The event started with a Bible
enthronement with the Utopian
prayer dance. There were a lot
of activities introduced like Bible
Dubsmash, Role Plays and Bible
Workshops, but the main course
of the event was the appreciative
inquiry which was assisted
by the Institute for Pastoral

Development (IPD). The method

was to 1. Define, 2. Discover, 3.
Dream, 4. Design, and 5. Deliver.
The outcome of the inquiries will
become the guiding principle
of the commission to bring the
Word of God to every family.
This was reinforced by Most Rev.
Pablo Virgilio S. Davids talk in
relation to the events theme:
Strengthening the Family through
the Word and the Eucharist.
On the ECBA final statement
of the event, the chairman of the
Episcopal Commission on the
Biblical Apostolate, Most Rev.
Sofronio A. Bancud, S.S.S., D.D.,
Bishop of Cabanatuan, signed the
document saying, We projected
into the future with 2021 as
immediate goal in mind, i.e., the
celebration of the 500th year of
Christianity, following the annual
themes proposed by the CBCP.

puso o sa liog? It made me

reflect, Oo nga, kumusta na
si Jesus sa akong kinabuhi
karon? Kumusta na ang
akong kinabuhi diha ni
I beg the grace of
presence, love, and mercy
in my life. Hopefully with
Gods grace, I become an
effective channel of Gods
graciousness to others. I
fervently pray that I remain
faithful to my vocation to
make God known and loved
especially those who do not
know Him. Amen.

Fr. Luciano Felloni

Theres great hope in the

Philippines... NO to Divorce!
By: Lolit T. Bacarrisas

The Canon Lawyers Society of

the Philippines (CLSP) conducted
its 24th National Convention on
February 29-March 3, 2016 at Luxe
Hotel, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de
Oro City with the theme: Challenges to
Marriage & Family. It was attended by
the Canon Lawyers, priests and laity
from different parts of the country.
Atty. Nilo T. Divina explored on
the Myth of Divorce: Sociological
Arguments Against Divorce and
the Catholic Approach to Troubled
Marriages. He said that divorce is
not the solution to a troubled union.
His arguments are sociological and
practical. The sociological arguments
are, however, compatible with natural
law. They the following:
transformed from a lifetime
commitment to a revocable
commitment, the social
support to marriage and the
legal entitlements that are
based on marriage for life
will lose its sense.
divorce would lead to the
development of a divorce
3. Once
common, legal reasons will
be sought for terminating
the financial shackles of
previous marriages.
4. Divorce does not make
economic sense. The man
will have two families to
support. A second family
does not increase in salary.
Divorce is among the main

life events that can lead to

5. The over-all impact to
divorce would lead to the
establishment of a new
category of social welfare
6. Marriage is a personal
relationship that serves a
public purpose in a political
community. Divorce has the
potential to cause major
disruption in the lives of
adults and children and the
effects can be long-lasting.
7. Marriage is a natural
institution that predates
violates and abolishes two
natural rights of married

In conclusion, the speaker said,

values are cultural standards of what
is good and desirable. The creation
of the option of divorce will create a
social stigma which may attach to a
country particularly mandated by its
own fundamental law to protect and
strengthen the family. Divorce would
be the primary hindrance in promoting
family values.
Divorce demeans the recognition
in our Constitution, as a sentiment of
the Filipino people, that the Filipino
family is the foundation of the nation.
Divorce threatens this foundation
by going against the very values
collectively asserted by the Filipino
people in ratifying the Constitution
wherein the guarantees for protection
of the institution of marriage and the
family were championed.

Participants of the Canon Law Seminar


May 16-June 16, 2016

Gisaulog ni Fr. Cesar Ramantin ang ika25th Anibersaryo sa Pagkapari

Msgr. Elmer Abacahin Celebrates

33rd Sacerdotal Anniversary
Cleb B. Calimutan

Fr. Cesar Ramantin, SSJV and concelebrating priests

Timay Emano

Gipahigayon ang kasaulogan sa

ika-25 ka tuig nga anibersaryo sa
pagkapari ni Rev. Fr. Cesar Ramantin,
SSJV niadtong Abril 29, 2016, sa Sta. Ana
Chaplaincy, Sta. Ana, Tagoloan Misamis
Oriental. Gisugdan ang selebrasyon
pinaagi sa usa ka concelebrated mass
nga gipangunahan ni Rev. Fr. Cesar A.
Ramantin, SSJV uban sa mga pari nga
sila si Fr. Jose Ramer Colanse, SSJV, Fr.
Remar Dagoc, SSJV, Fr. Roy Barros, SSJV,
Fr. Enerio Tacastacas, SSJV, Fr. Joel
Lusat, SSJV, ug Fr. Recolito Sacris, SSJV.
Diha sa homiliya, gisaysay ni Fr.
Joel Lusat, SSJV ang tulo (3) ka aspeto
nga gikinahanglan nga huptan sa usa ka
pari aron mahimo siyang malampuson
sa iyang bokasyon. Una: GUGMA.
Kini ang pinakasentro ug tinubdan sa
kinabuhi sa usa ka pari. Ang pagkapari
mao ang tubag sa GUGMA sa DIOS. Ang
tanan mahimo sa usa ka pari tungod
sa gugma. Ikaduha: ang TAWAG SA
DIOS. Kini nagpasabot nga ang pari
wala magpili nga siya mamahimong usa

ka pari, kon dili, ang Dios maoy unang

nagpili kaniya. Pinaagi sa mga pari,
mamahimong balaan ang katawhan sa
mga dapit nga ilang giserbisyohan kay
siya pinili man sa Dios. Ikatulo: ang
HIGALA. Ang relasyon sa Ginoo ug sa
pari sama sa managhigala. Ang Ginoo
nag-ingon, dili ko kamo mga ulipon,
kon dili kamo akong mga Higala. Ang
pari gihimong instrumento sa Ginoo
aron sa paghimo sa mga butang nga
siya lamang ang makahimo, sama
sa pagsaulog sa Santos nga Misa,
pagpakumpisal ug pagsantalana. Kini
nga mga buluhaton sa pari usa ka
gasa gikan sa Ginoo. Ang bokasyon sa
pagkapari dili sayon, apan kon ikaw
mahigugmaon, mahigalaon sa tanan
ug gitawag sa Dios, ikaw mamahimong
balaan ug gasa ngadto sa katawhan.
Human ang Santos nga Misa,
gihimo dayon ang hamubo nga
programa uban sa paniudto kauban
ang mga bisitang pari, mga higala, mga
lumilihok sa simbahan, mga parokyano
ug pamilya ni Fr. Cesar Ramantin.

Fr. Steve Olario Nagsaulog sa ika-25

ka tuig sa Pagkapari

Malipayong nagsaulog sa ika-25

ka tuig nga anibersayo sa pagkapari
si Fr. Stephen Olario, SSJV, diha sa
Santos nga Misa sa Abril 29, 2016 sa
San Agustin, Cathedral uban sa mga
kaparian sa Arkidiyosesis sa Cagayan
de Oro.
nagpasalamat siya ug dako sa Dios nga
mitawag ug mipili kaniya nga mahimo
siyang pari. Giangkon niya nga dili siya
takos sa maong tawag apan ang gugma
sa Dios kaniya walay kondisyon ug
walay paglubad. Nagpasalamat ako sa
Dios sa gasa sa pagkapari ug sa iyang
grasya aron ako magpabilin nga pari
hangtod sa kahangturan, matod niya.
Kinsa kadtong mobiya sa iyang
ginikanan, asawa, ug kabtangan ug
musunod kanako, makabaton niining
tanan. Kining Pulong sa Dios buhi

kanunay sa iyang kasingkasing ug maoy

nagdasig kaniya sa iyang kaakuhan diha
sa parokya. Nasinati niya ang kabuhong
sa kinabuhi, buhong sa kalipay diha sa
pag-alagad sa iyang mga parokyano.
Naka-abot siya sa ubang lugar ug
kining kasinatian nakadugang sa iyang
kaalam ug kinaadman isip Magbalantay
sa panon.
Nasinati niya ang kalisod, ang
kamingaw sa iyang pamilya, ang
pagduhaduha ilabi na sa dihang
nagsakit ang iyang amahan. Nakaingon
siya sa iyang kugalingon nga basin dili
siya makadayon pag-alagad sa Dios.
Apan namatay ang iyang amahan busa
mipadayon siya pagpuyo sa iyang
bokasyon isip pari kay nagtuo siya
nga mao kini ang kabubut-on sa Dios
kansang gugma kaniya dili masukod.(Bag-ong Lamdag News)

Fr. Steve Olario, SSJV with Oro Clergy and Friends

It is glorious for a man of God, a

priest for life, to serve Jesus and his
people. Msgr. Elmer S. Abacahin SSJV,
PC celebrated his 33rd Sacerdotal
anniversary at Holy Cross Parish
Alubijid through a concelebrated
Mass. The event was participated by
a good number of priests from the
Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro.
He had a great treasure of
experiences in serving the Lord. When
he was an acolyte he already felt the
burning fire of Gods love calling him
to something special. This helped him
to overcome all the difficulties he
encountered as a seminarian. During
the homily he narrated that there were

ups and downs in his years of formation,

and even more tough moments came
when he was already a priest.
The assembly was struck by his
deep union with God: He was sent
but the sender is always with him,
he stressed. This is the reason for his
33 years of service the grace of God
working through him in every endeavor.
Msgr. Elmer is known for his prowess in
giving homilies where he makes even
the most difficult theological question
simple and understandable to ordinary
people. He continues to inspire a lot of
people, bringing them closer to Jesus
with his different involvements and the
way he shows Gods love to others.

(L-R) Msgr. Abacahin, Fr. Balacuit, Fr. Valmores and Fr. Burlat

It was I who chose you and appointed

you to go and bear fruit.

Fr. Eddie Magtrayo, SSJV and concelebrating priests

Fr. Eddie Magtrayo, SSJV said In

his homily, that this passage from
the Bible has struck him to the core
and reminded him of his vocation to
the priesthood 25 years ago. Indeed
priesthood is a vocation, a calling, a
special gift from God. It is always
Gods initiative . I could have refused
the invitation or say no to his plan
for me, but I found myself drawn to
the seminary despite of my initial
reluctance to respond to his calling, he
Fr. Magtrayo celebrated his 25TH
sacerdotal anniversary on April 30,
2016, at San Jose Chapel, San Jose
during the Eucharistic
priests: Fr. Gil Escalante, Fr. Raul
Ricacho, Fr. Noel Carbayas, Fr. Raoul
Magracia, Fr. Joel Lusat, and Fr. Rabuyo.
He shared that it is a pure blessing
from God who taught him how to offer
his life and bear fruit. He said that
the Lord taught him how to love and
to express it through administering
the sacraments, especially the Holy

Eucharist and
visiting the sick.
Being with the people in the parish,
in assemblies, rallies,
centers, he knew their lives, their
dreams, their joys, and problems. In the
seminary being with future priests is
not easy task but it is an inspiration to
his life as a priest.
He was grateful to his mother who
stood by him when he experienced
affective crisis. He pointed out that
his father, his brother, Fr. Elcon, his
Sr. Joy, a Camillian Sister and other
siblings were his pillar when the going
was tough. He thanked his benefactors,
friends and relatives who helped the
celebration more meaningful and
Fr. Magtrayo, who is one of the
formators of San Jose Seminary was
ordained by Most. Rev. Jesus B. Tuquib
together with Fr. Steve Olario, Fr. Cesar
Ramantin, Fr. Remar Dagoc, and Fr.
Lando Fabellan on April 29, 1991.
(Bag-ong Lamdag News)


May 16-June 16, 2016

CABUSTAM Hold Youth Congress 2016

Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro youth delegates

Sweet Adorio and Ninia Estillore

Fr. Joseph Montemayor, SSJV, Youth

Director of the Archdiocese of Cagayan
de Oro and 25 youths participated
in the most-awaited CABUSTAM
Youth Congress at the Immaculate
Conception Parish, Cantilan, Tandag,
Surigao del Sur on April 7-10, 2016.
The theme of the Congress is: The

Eucharist: Source and Summit of the

Youth Ministry. It opened with the
Eucharistic celebration presided by
Most. Rev. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ, D.D.,
Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro.
In his homily, he highlighted the
importance of the Eucharist in the life
of young people journeying in faith. The
first guest speaker was Most Rev. Severo

Thanksgiving Fiesta Celebration

C. Caemare, D.D., MSPC-YC Bishop incharge. He shared about the Eucharist

as a gift and as a thanksgiving. He said
that the Eucharist is important to youth
leaders regarding their commitment
as followers of Christ. He deepened and
inspired the pilgrims with his personal
sharing about the Eucharist. The act
of giving oneself is like the Body of
Christ broken and shared to others.
Christ Jesus himself offered himself
to nourish us spiritually and for us to
remember always his goodness and
love, he said. He challenged everyone
to live a Eucharistic way of life and
continue to nurture ones Christian
On the second day, Rev. Msgr.
Arturo Langit, DCT, Episcopal vicar of
the diocese of Tandag celebrated the
mass. Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Balanay, youth
director of diocese of Iligan, was the
homilist and he said that the Eucharist
is the summit of Christian life and he
encouraged the pilgrims to take part in
the Eucharist and receive Christ Jesus
our Lord.
Fr. Emmanuel Dumadag, DCT
spoke about the Eucharist and the
Environment. He said that when we
celebrate the Eucharist with the whole
creation, it becomes more meaningful

because the Eucharist is not just a

personal prayer. It is a prayer of the
Church and the whole creation. He said
that the Philippine Mining Laws are
already giving our lands to foreigners
with liberal conditions while the people
live in poverty. He challenged the
youths to celebrate the Eucharist and
be good stewards of the environment
and be the catalysts for change.
Most Rev. Juan de Dios Pueblos,
D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Butuan
spoke about: Eucharist is Forever.
He said as youth, one should not be
scared to proclaim the risen Jesus to
friends who dont attend mass, who
dont believe in his unconditional
love. Many are afraid of commitment
and Eucharist tells us that Jesus has
committed himself to us. Do not be
afraid of commitment , with Jesus there
is forever because he will be with
us until the end of time, he said. He
encouraged the youth to take care of
the environment, and to serve the poor
and the neglected.
The participants enjoyed the video
presentations, the songs and dances
that showcased the culture of the
place. CABUSTAM is composed of subregions of Cagayan de Oro, Butuan,
Surigao, Tandag and Malaybalay.

RP-NFP to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Ann Pielago

Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ.D.D. with Oro Clergy

By: Sweet Kristine Ace G. Adorio

Fiestas are one of the most

important events in the life of many
Catholics. It is really great that every
year parishes celebrate the fiesta
of their patron saints. Our parish
recently celebrated a thanksgiving not
only for the fiesta but for a milestone!
April 5, 2016 is the feast of
San Vicente Ferrer. Known as one
of the most influential persons to
politicians, theologians, intellectuals
and philosophers of his time, many
miracles have been attributed through
his intercession. Believers and faithful
devotees recognize how San Vicente
strengthened their faith and answered
their prayers.
Through the years, innumerable
stories from different people who
received inexplicable blessings from
him contributed anonymously for the
construction of the church. The now
majestically beautiful parish church
was built through the generosity and
kind support of many parishioners.
Many are amazed at the renovations
and developments in this glorious
house of God.
For almost a year Rev. Fr. Demli
Redeemer C. Valmores, SSJV,
Parish Priest, made preparations
and offered sacrifices to raise funds
through different initiatives. His
wisdom guided the builders of the
church and inspired everyone, both
young and old, to participate in making
the dream for a new church a reality.

Everyone saw how the construction

team worked from morning to night,
so that the church will be ready for the
solemn thanksgiving during the fiesta.
In gratitude and prayer, the first
fiesta mass was presided by Fr. Julius
B. Clavero, Archdiocesan BEC Director,
at 6:00 AM. In his inspiring homily, he
congratulated all the parishioners for
their success in building a beautiful
church. He was inspired from the
different support of the parishioners
who contributed, proving that there is
indeed a true living Church in Cugman.
He emphasized that without the
people, the dream will remain only a
dream. And he strongly stressed that it
is through their unity and prayers that
this great significant symbol of love
was built.
The concelebrated mass was
led by Most Rev. Antonio J. Ledesma,
S.J., D.D., Archbishop of Cagayan
de Oro at 10:00 AM with 20 other
priests from different vicariates. It
started with the Rites for the Church
Blessing and proceeded with the
solemn Eucharistic thanksgiving. The
celebration concluded with everyone
beaming with joy and wearing a proud
smile: the parishioners, visitors,
devotees, youth, religious sisters,
priests, and Archbishop Ledesma.
The small parish then has grown into
beautiful edifice of worship because of
the presence of a living Church among
the parishioners whose faith in Jesus
Christ moved them to share and to
serve in love.

The Responsible Parenthood

and All-Natural Family Planning (RPNFP) in the Archdiocese of Cagayan
de Oro will mark 10 years since its
foundation. The RP-NFP will have
a joint celebration with CFLA at
the Year-End assembly on June 4,
2016 at Our Lady of Manaog Chapel,
Lim Ket Kai Drive, Cagayan de Oro
City with the theme: The Filipino
Family: Missionary Disciples of the
The Eucharist at 9:00 am will
be presided by Most Rev. Gilbert A.
Garcera, D.D., Bishop of Daet. The
Most Rev. Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J.,
D.D. together with the CDO Clergy
will concelebrate in this mass of
thanksgiving. Awards will be given
to 10 Outstanding Parishes, 10
Outstanding NFP Coordinators,
10 Outstanding NFP Counselors.
Plaques of Appreciation will be
awarded to NFP Partners: CFC, CWL,
The Most Rev. Gilbert A. Garcera,
D.D., Chairman of the CBCP Episcopal
Commission on Family and Life will
be the guest of honor and speaker.
Looking back from the time we
commenced the ministry up to what
it is now, our hearts are filled with joy,
gratitude and hope. The increasing
number of counselors and acceptors
of the program in the archdiocese fill
us with inner joy and challenge us to
continue in spite of indifference and
being misunderstood. The couple
acceptors and counselors have

Most Rev. Gilbert A. Garcera, D.D, Bishop of Daet

grown not only in number but more

so in competency. Hats off to the
NFP counselors, NFP coordinators
and their parish priests for their
unwavering commitment and joyful
disposition to promote the NFP
programs in their area.
The Lord of Family and Life has
truly been with us and blessed us
with his unconditional love mercy
and love. We are called to love life. In
thanksgiving for what we had been
through the years and our hope for
the future, we celebrate! This 10th
year is indeed a milestone in our
journey with couples and families.
Kudos RP and All-NFP!





Jn.14:23-29/Lk. 24:46-53


tudloan sila sa pagka-maampoon,
kay kadaghanan sa mga batan-on wala nay panahon,
maorag mga pagano-kalibutanon,
unsay hinungdan kon nganong kusog ang korapsyon.

Nakahunahuna ako nga murag ang tanang tawo gusto gyud modaug. Tinuod? Walay
gusto nga magpapildi. Biya! Inilog! Inilog! Biya! LARGA! DAUG! Siete diez! Siete diez! Siete
diez! LARGA! PILDI! Astang lamia baya gyud ihigop sa sabaw sa bihag sa nakadaug nimong
manok. Kon daug ka apan pildi lang gihapon kay hurot ang daug sa pagpangbalato. Daug
nga pildi! Bingo nga Pusoy! Ang tanan mangita gyud og paagi maayo o dautan man basta
aron lang modaug. Bingo! Alang sikat gyud ang daug ug luoy lang intawon ang pildi. Walay
managad sa imo kon pildi ka. Pusoy! Matud pa sa kadaghanan nga ang kalampusan daw usa
ka kadaugan. Ang kadaugan ginahambin sa kaadunahan sa tawo. Pusoy daw ka sa kinabuhi
kon wala kay sapi.
Mao siguro ang tawo gapangita gyud og kwarta aron mabuhi ug masikat ang kinabuhi.
Mao nga gusto gyud siyang mosinggit og BINGO! Mao nga hangtud karon gadahom siyang
mogawas ang mga numero nga dugay na niyang ginatay-an. Bagduki na 5-2-1: Pusoy! Sa
litrang B as in baboy gyud, akong birtdi numero nueve. Bingo! Ambot unsa ka tinuod nga ang
kapakyasan daw usa ka kapildihan. Ang kapildihan ginahambin sa kapobrehon sa tawo. Bingo
ka kon dato ka. Pusoy ka kon kabus ka. Bisan kon nakalampos ka sa pagtuon apan kon wala
kay sapi pusoy ka lang gihapon. Adunay wala makalampos sa pagtuon apan sapian man lagi.
Dili ba mao kini ang pagtan-aw sa katilingban sa kadaugan ug kapildihan sa tawo?
Dili gani daw ka pweding makaalagad sa nasud sa taas nga posisyon kon dili ka sapian
mao nga gusto pud kang modaug aron makaalagad gihapon ug isipon sa kadaghanan nga
Bingo. Tinuod? Ang modagan pagkapresidenti Bingo! Pagka- bise presidenti! Bingo! Pagkasenador! Bingo! Pagka-kongresista! Bingo! Pagka-gobernador!Bingo! Pagka-mayor!Bingo!
Ang modagan pagka-kapitan! Pusoy! Kon Bingo ka ikaw ang mamalato. Kon Pusoy ka ikaw
ang mamato.
Daghan baya ang dili gadawat sa kapildihan ug lisud dawaton kon na Pusoy ka ilabina
gyud kon gilimbungan ka. Samot! Mao lagi kay ang mga Bingo gustong moalagad sa mga
Pusoy. Apan kon atong tan-awon ang mga Pusoy mao bya ang mga madaling masugo sa mga
Bingo. Ang mga Pusoy maoy gasunosunod sa mga Bingo. Dili ba kaha ang mga Pusoy maoy
hinungdan nga sila nahimong Bingo? Mao? Unsa kaha?
Sa akong pagpakisusi Bingo ka kon gwapa o gawpo ka. Pusoy ka kon maut ka. Bingo
ka kon sexy ka.Pusoy ka kon baril ka. Bingo kon nag-alagad ka sa katilingban.Pusoy ka kon
ikaw ang gialagaran. Bingo ka if you are good in English. Isnt it? Pusoy ka kon Bisaya ka rang
dako. That is a dog! No! Iro man na siya! Bingo ka kon makaadto ka sa lainlaing nasud. Pusoy
ka kon taman ka lang sa Sitio Dimatultolan. Bingo ka kon lami permi imong pagkaon. Pusoy
ka kon permi lang ka gaasin. Bingo ka kon dako imong balay. Pusoy ka kon waiting shade ra
ang inyo. Bingo ka kon aduna kay trabaho. Pusoy ka kon ang trabaho dili makakita kanimo.
Kaniadto Bingo ang daghang anak karon Pusoy na daw ang daghang anak kay ang walay
ikapaeskwela ug ikapakaon tungod sa kadaghang anak maoy Pusoy. Bingo ka kon daghan
kang nahibaloan. Pusoy ka kon ang imong nahibal-an kaon ra.
Sa akong nadungog nga hungihong lahi baya daw tong daug ka kaysa gidaugdaug ka
o nagdaugdaug ka. Ang uban magpadaugdaug aron lang makadaug. Ang uban magpapildipildi aron ingnon nga dili makadaug apan sa kaulahian siya mao gyud gihapon ang Bingo.
Paluoy luoy aron higugmaon kay ang adunay naghigugma maoy Bingo. Ang walay nagmahal
maoy Pusoy. Ang adunay daghang ikapanghatag maoy Bingo. Ang adunay daghang higala
maoy Bingo. Ang daghang kaaway maoy Pusoy. Ang walay ikahatag Pusoy. Bingo ang
adunay daghang awards. Pusoy ka kon bani sa saging lang ang imoha. Bingo ka kon naa
kay car. Pusoy ka kon bakya ray imoha. Bingo ka kon aduna kay armas. Pusoy ka kon dagom
ray imoha. Bingo ka kon manglimbong ka. Pusoy ka kon magdinanghag ka. Bingo ka kon
kusog ka modagan, molukso, molangoy, mosipa, mokaon, mosinggit ug mokiay. Pusoy ka
kon hunahuna mo ra ang kusog. Bingo kon baskog ka. Pusoy kon gaapas ka na sa imong
gininhawa. Bingo ang tawong adunay gahom ug kwartang ikabuga. Pusoy ang tawong hangin
lang ang ikabuga. Bingo ka kon kompleto ka pag ngipon. Pusoy ka kon alingagngag na lang
ang imoha.
Nakapamalandong ko nga Pusoy ang Dios kon ang kalibutan maoy paestoryahon apan
Bingo Siya sa mata sa pagtoo. Dili man kaha daw kita mas motan-aw sa unsa nga kinabuhi
ang anaa ang tawo apan kon giunsa kini niya pagkinabuhi. Dili ba ang kinaiya ug batasan sa
tawo maoy labing mahinungdanon sa kinabuhi nga BINGO. Ang sulod sa kasingkasing sa
tawo maoy basihanan sa iyang kadaugan.
Usa ka kasingkasing nga sama sa Ginoo. Ang kasingkasing nga matinud-anon ngadto
sa iyang Dios. Usa ka kasingkasing nga puno sa gugma ug kaluoy ngadto sa uban. Usa
ka kasingkasing nga gahunahuna sa kaayohan alang sa tanan. Usa ka kasingkasing nga
dili mamakak, dili manglimbong, dili mangilad, dili magdaugdaug sa uban, dili mamintaha
ug dili garbuso. Usa ka kasingkasing nga puno sa hugot nga pagtoo. Kini ang madaugong
kasingkasing ni Hesus. Ang kasingkasing ni Hesus nga masinugtanon sa kabubut-on sa iyang
Amahan ug atong Amahan. BINGO!
Murag kasagaran ang Pusoy sa kalibutanong pagtan-aw maoy Bingo sa mga mata sa
Dios. Murag kasagaran ang sikat sa kalibutanong pagtan-aw dili sikat sa mga mata sa Dios.
Murag kasagaran ang daug sa kalibutanong pagtan-aw pildi sa mga mata sa Dios. Bingo ka
kon ang imong kasingkasing sama sa kasingkasing ni Hesus. Kon unsa untang kasingkasing
nga naa ang Ginoo maoy basihanan sa atong kinaiya ug batasan aron kita BINGO! Ang Bingo
sa Ginoo mao ray makasaka sa langit sama ni Hesus. Todas Na! BINGO VS PUSOY. Unsa
man ang imong isinggit BINGO o PUSOY?


sa mao usang bulan,
ang pipila moadto sa mall ug ang daghan sa eskwelahan,
aron mopili sa mga pangulo nga angayan,
busa botari kadtong matinabangon yano ug buotan.
ang pilion nga kandidato,
kadtong mahadlokon sa Ginoo,
tinood may gugma sa matag tawo,
yano makamaong mamati dili dako og ulo.
higala kon may anomaliya kang nakit-an,
isulti sa kadaghanan,
aron kini dayon ma-aksyonan,
ang pagpakahilum atong kapildihan.
ug alang usab sa nagka-away,
mag-uli na dayon human sa piniliay,
ayaw tuguti ang yawa malipay,
kay anaa pa gyapon ang kasuko ug mga pagmahay.
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Archdiocesan News
Celebrating Earth Day

By: Ms. Chloee Alaba

Solidarity walk for our Mother

Earth, was a fun, joyous and early
celebration of Earth Day 2016.
Everyone who participated in the
event complemented it and is sure
that it is creating a change for the
betterment of the Earth, our Mother.
The event was led by the Ecology
Care Ministry of the Archdiocese of
Cagayan de Oro, with the celebration
motto: Everyday is Earth Day. This
means that everyday that we step
on the ground and everything we
consider as part of our mother
nature, we treat with due respect and
love. We become conscious of Earths
generosity and the graces we receive
from it, and must be thankful for.
Earth Day 2016 started with
the Solidarity Walk at 5:00 AM from
the Provincial Capitol Grounds and

at 6:00 AM it was going to Kiosko

Kagawasan, Divisoria, Cagayan de
Oro City. This was followed by a short
program, with prayers from different
faith communities. Fr. Satur Lumba,
SSJV delivered the Welcome Address.
A presentation of symbolism through
dance was led by the MUST Students.
To complete the program, there were
solidarity messages from the DENR,
Indigenous People, Cagayan de Oro
Government Chief Executive, Muslim,
and Youth. The celebration was
graced by Katrina Kendall, Ms. Earth
Prayers were offered for the
change of the peoples practice
in order to save and be grateful
for Mother Nature. The program
ended with the community singing
Kapaligiran, Florantes famous song
about the environment and mother

Gipahigayon ang bec

recollection 2016

By: Kent Philip Eduave

Niadtong Febrero 29 hangtud

Marso 1,2016 ang Formation Team
sa BEC sa Archdiocese sa Cagayan de
Oro malampuson nga nagpahigayon
sa duha ka adlaw nga BEC Lenten
recollection didto sa Sitio Komaykay,
Dahilayan, Manolo Fortitch, Bukidnon.
Gitambungan kini sa mga miyembro
sa ACDO BEC Formation team uban sa
mga BEC parish coordinators ug pipila
ka mga kaparian, Fr. Nemesio Pacana,
Fr. Julito Cabactulan, Fr. Harnifer
Godinez, ug Fr. Julius Clavero, ACDO
BEC Director.
Si Sr. Mary Juelar, FI ACDO BEC
Coordinator nga mihatag ug usa ka
pamalandong sa topic nga: Integration
of BEC on the Renewal as Community
of Missionary Disciples & Church of the
Poor. Isip mga binunyagan ato untang
masabtan ug ayo ang panawagan sa
PCP II sa usa ka nabag-ong simbahan
nga mao ang simbahan sa mga kabos ug
nga isip usa ka katilingban nga nabag-o
sumala sa panlantaw sa Vaticano II, ato
untang mapamalandungan ang mga
hagit ug mga problema nga gisagubang
sa atong simbahan karon, matod ni Sr.

Human sa pagpaambit ni Sr.

Mary, gihatagan ang matag vicariate
ug higayon nga mag-inambitay sa
ilang kaugalingong kasinatian sa
ilang matag parokya basi sa ilang
kalisdanan nga giatubang sa paglihok
sa BEC. Gipaambit nila ang ilang
gipamalandongan sulod sa Santos nga
Misa nga gipangulohan ni Fr. Godinez
isip pasiuna sa iyang homiliya. Diha sa
mensahe ni Fr. Godinez gidasig niya
ang mga BEC lider ang tinuod nga pagalagad ngadto sa ilang mga parokya
labina nga gisaulog karon ang tuig sa
Sa pagka-gabii,
ang mga
partisipante nanan-aw ug sine bahin
sa kinabuhi ni Bishop Romero nga
nakigbisog sa sukwahi nga pamalakad
sa gobyerno sa El Salvador. Gisundan
dayon kini sa usa ka pagpa-ambit ni
Fr. Clavero mahitungod sa One Good
Vote nga mao ang duso sa Simbahang
Katoliko isip kabahin sa iyang pag
pangilabot sa umaabot nga piniliay sa
Mayo 9, 2016.
Us aka dakong hagit sa matag usa
kon unsaon ipakita ang pagpakabana
nila sa usa ka hapsay ug malinawon
nga piniliay ug sa mga isyu nga
giatubang sa nasud karon.

Participants of the Lenten recollection


ACDO Ministries Join Basic

Paralegal Training
By: Sr. Pearl Balbastro, DC

Abp. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ.D.D. with representatives from other groups

On February 17-19, 2016, the

Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro
ministries on Migrants, Women,
Children, as Calabrian Childrens
Foundation, Drop-in Belen, House
of Joy Foundation, and Social Action
Center attended a Basic Paralegal
Training organized by BALAOD
Mindanaw in partnership with XUCLA
with support from Asia Foundation.
The training involved getting to
know the different laws on children
particularly on cybercrime, human
trafficking, and other laws pertaining
to the care of children. Its goals are
to raise awareness of common cyber
issues and cases affecting children and
their protection, to acquire paralegal
skills and other remedies to address
and prevent on-line abuse and sex
exploitation of children, and to come
up with an advocacy and campaign plan
for the promotion and protection of
children against the above.
The Training covered the following
topics on the first day: Local and
National Situation on Child On-Line
Sexual Abuse and Exploitation by Ms.
Gloria Mosqueda of DSWD-X; Human
Rights with Emphasis on the Rights
of the Child by Atty. Pilipinas Palma
of CHR-X; Law and Legal System of
the Philippines: Analysis on How the
Government System or Structure on
Addressing Child Protection Against
Abuse and Exploitation by Atty. Buboy
Mendoza of BALAOD; Concept of
Paralegalism and the Roles of Paralegals
on the Protection and Promotion of
the Rights of Children against On-Line

Abuse and Sex Exploitation by Mr. Kaka

Dacup of BALAOD;and Child Abuse:
Overview of Existing Laws and Policies
for the Protection of Children, with
Emphasis on R.A.7610 by Atty. Jarley
Sulay-Trugillo of XUCLA.
On the second day, the topics were:
Salient Features of Anti-Trafficking
in Persons Act of 2003(RA9208 as
amended by RA 10364) by Atty. SulayTrugillo; Salient Features of Anti-Child
Pornography Act of 2009 (RA No. 9775)
by Ms. Issa Gatuslao and Atty. Kay
Lazarito Calingin of BALAOD; Salient
Features of Anti-Photo and Video
Voyeurism (RA 9995) by Ms. Mally
Gargar of BALAOD; Salient Features of
Cyber -Crime Prevention Act of 2012,
RA 10175 and Cyberbullying by PO2
Mitchel Manabo, Regional PNP Cyber
Crime Division; The Criminal Justice
System and Criminal Procedure by
Atty. Emily Calingin of PAO X; Matalegal
Tactics :Campaign and Advocacy by
Kaka Dacup of BALAOD; and Basic
Preservation and Handling of Evidence:
Testimony, Object and Digital, as well
as Prosecution of Cases by Prosecutor
Ruby Malanog.
The third day covered the
following topics: On-line Abuse
Detection, Reporting and Investigation,
with emphasis on handling children
as victims and witnesses by Atty.
Chemene Nacua of NBI X; Challenges
of Cyberculture on Education and
Children by Atty. Normie Batula of
BALAOD; Workshop Planning and
Plenary Discussion by Kaka Dacup;
and Training assessment and closing

Participants of Paralegal training

Pagsaksi sa Mahal nga Adlaw sa Prisohan

Ang Mahal nga Adlaw gisugdan
niadtong 21-27 sa Marso 2016, usa
ka dakong selebrasyon sa tibuok
Simbahan isip pagbalik tan-aw ug
paghanduraw sa mga kasakit, pagantus, pagkamatay ug pagkabanhaw sa
Ginoong Hesukristo.
Ang volunteer in prison service
(VIPS) uban ni Fr. Nestor Caber, ang
chaplain sa BJMP nagpahigayon ug
kasaulogan sa Mahal nga Adlaw sa
City Jail Lumbia. Kini dako og tabang
sa pagporma ug pagpalambo sa
ilang espiritohanon nga
Sa Huwebes Santo,
kabahin ang mga priso
sa paghugas sa tiil ug sa
katapusang panihapon. Sa
Biernes Santo, nagpaambit
usab sila sa
pito (7)
nga Katapusang Pulong
ni Kristo. Sa bihilya sa
pagkabanhaw, gibag-o nila
ang ilang saad sa Bunyag.
Sa Pasko sa Pagkabanhaw,
gihatagan sila ug paambit
sa mga deboto mahitungod

sa Divine Mercy. Nasinati nila ang

tinuod ug dakong gugma ug kalooy sa
Diyos bisan sa ilang pagkamakasasala.
Para kanamo nga mga lumilihok
sa simbahan nga nakasaksi sa maong
kasaulogan sa Semana Santa sulod
sa prisohan, usa ka maundanon ug
mabungahon ang maong paggahin ug
panahon sa atong mga igsoong priso
tungod kay nasinati gayud namo
ang kapait ug kasakit sa kamatayon
ni Hesus, matod ni Gilda Pates, ang
Coordinator sa Prison Ministry.

PPCRV Volunteers in Action

Looking for voters name

Abp. Ledesma with REACT group

RVM at voters assistance desk

Praying for peaceful election

Communications desk

Police assistance desk

May Birthday Celebrations

May 2
May 9
May 13

May 15
May 20

May 28

- Fr. Julius Clavero

- Fr. Jessie Namocot
- Fr. Fredberto Ranan
Fr. Pedro Sombilon
- Fr. Gil Escalante
- Fr. Sanchito Recarde
Msgr. Rey Monsanto
- Fr. Allan Chabit
Fr. Domino Olango

Sacerdotal Anniversaries
May 30

- Fr. Roberto D. Balsamo, Jr. (13th ann.)

Fr. Renato B. Lomonsod