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Joseph Wheatland

Weimar Germany
Q4) The Weimar Republic was relatively knew when the source was
created and was launched in the year following the end of WW1.
While any knew type of political group would struggle, the Weimar
Republic was heeded greatly as it was the first democracy created in
the countries life span. From Source C it can be inferred that it was a
failed move from the start as it suggests that many civilians were
disinterested. It seems strange that they would think this though as
after just losing a war a country should try and move on rather than
lose interest in politics that made things less elitist and more vote
based. Also the Weimar had to face many weaknesses such as
making a democracy work with little political experience from the
politicians. This means that the government were not able to get
everything correct over the period, but were more inclined to rush
Germany to a better future. However I know from previous
knowledge that the constitution was limited as the dramatic change
meant that everyones vote counted in the government and lead the
way for anyone to create a successful party.

Q6) After Germanys defeat in WW1 they were forced to pay over six
billion pounds in reparations to other countries including America
and Britain. From the source it suggests that Germany was in bloom
of culture and wealth and poverty is almost non-existent. However
this source infers that everyone was well off which is rejected by the
Hyperinflation period that occurred only a couple of years later. This
source is not very useful in the enquiry as it was written from a
British view point to a newspaper. It appears that the letter is biased
to make it look like Germany can afford the reparations and
therefore need no more help to kick-start their economy. Being a
nationalist newspaper the Times have most likely included this letter
in their paper, possibly exaggerated the claim, as the author had
recently visited Germany so has up to date facts about the countrys
economy. The evidence is not useful as we know not where the
person travelled in Germany, they may have gone to a well off area
and assumed that all of Germany was the same, or the reason he
travelled there. If he was on a business trip from the times then the
person would exaggerate to make a more nationalist headline but if
he was on a holiday then he would be treated in class to perhaps
show that Germany is starting to recover and is a non-hostile

Joseph Wheatland
territory. From my knowledge Germany started to bloom in the
Golden era which may be a partial reason that the source claims
that the country is teeming with wealth.