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Part B drug payment policy. Boring. Obscure. But an ongoing battle over these policies will affect
you -- especially what you pay for drugs.
While it's important to unite in joy throughout this month, it's equally important to turn our
collective attention towards the work left to be done. For trans and gender non-conforming members
of the LGBTQI community, every day in http://www.mynewsmile.com/cosmeticdentistrycosts.htm
this country is a struggle -- a battle not only for equality, but for survival.
Where is your anger at a culture that has more concern for the impact of jailing a rapist than the
impact of a rape? Weeks ago, we were told that women needed to be protected. But apparently not
from rapists.
Alise D. Chaffins
Writer, speaker, musician, and defender of Oxford comma. Author of 'Embracing Grief'
For me, wearing what I want is non-negotiable. Clothing is my most flamboyant way to show off the
real me -- to announce who I am and where I stand.
Jeffrey Marsh
Vine Star with over a quarter billion views across social, author and LGBTQ youth advocate

Clinton's biggest problem in this case is her foreign policy record. Most Americans don't want to
intervene more overseas, but Clinton is not most Americans. She is the Democratic neoconservative,
a veritable war queen, who backed every major conflict fought by the U.S. over the last quarter
I am twenty, queer, non-gender conforming, trans, black, mentally ill, and despite being college
educated and situated in america, i do not expect to live long.
Hafsa Musa
Nonbinary aspiring novelist, artist, poet, activist, and scholar
Texas and France have a number of things in common. They're roughly the same size. They were
both republics. They have delectable, widely loved cuisines. And, just last week, both were battered
by torrential rains and flooding turbocharged by human-made global warming.
Ramadan in the United States is not as dreary as some people may think. The Muslim diaspora here
is large, and the ties between them grow stronger during Ramadan.
Is doubling a seven year sentence going to deter crime? Statistically, the answer is no. Hate crime
laws do not look at the roots of the problem, including systemic racism and transphobia.
Individualizing the problem by sending one person to prison does very little for our community.

Eli Erlick
Transgender Youth Activist, Writer, Public Speaker
While the recent rise in poverty may be attributed to poor economic growth policies during the
Obama Administration, the sustained high rates of poverty over the past 50 years are striking
evidence that it is time for new approaches to support economic success.
I have a tip for any new parents or parents-to-be. Never, never, never say never.
Michelle Zunter
Writer, artist, sarcasm lover, thought enthusiast, passionate human.
Leaders can be dictatorial yet inspire and motivate if they listen and communicate effectively -- and
honestly. To survive the disruptions that technologies will cause in practically industry, companies
will need enlightened dictators who have a heart.
Does the question of morality have a place in the realm of banking and regulation? That it feels
awkward to even raise the issue is convenient for bankers who engage in reckless and harmful
activities every day without fear of punishment.
It is necessary to my survival as a womxn of color to be compassionate with myself. The world
already shoves lies down my throat, erases my history, and tries to rip away me and my family's
humanity. It whispers wetback, illiterate, rapists, poor, illegal, no-good, third world and third rate,
tries to make shame pool in the pits of my belly. I refuse to taste bitterness and pity.
In a world where women continue to allow themselves to be taken in by bullshit ageist messaging, a
single gray pube doesn't necessarily worry me from a desirability standpoint, although it bums me
out. For me, a gray pube means time is passing, and it's not the pube I'm afraid of.
Meg Furey
Copywriter. Essayist. Screenwriter.
Watching Secretary Clinton speak after Tuesday's primaries, I couldn't help but think of how historic
the moment was. Less than 100 years ago, women obtained the right to vote. Just over 40 years ago,
it was affirmed that women had the right to make health decisions about their own bodies.
The 2016 campaign has been marred by division. Between gender, age, income, party affiliation,
personality, you name it and it has been split apart. One big divide that continues to exist is the gap
of knowledge and understanding between rural and urban communities.
Dan Glickman
Former Congressman and Secretary of Agriculture and a Senior Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy
Why is a group of eminent American foreign policy hands espousing a retrograde approach to
Mideast foreign policy that has been tried and failed over and over again?

Alastair Crooke
Fmr. MI-6 agent; Author, 'Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution'
Whether we're talking about college kids coming home for a few months or simple relocation, there's
nothing relaxing about a move -- or simple. Get it wrong, and you become vulnerable to identity theft
and other forms of fraud.
Adam Levin
Author of Swiped. Former Director New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs; Co-founder of
Credit.com and IDT911
Thank you for reawakening a wave of excitement within the Democratic Party. Thank you for
championing a list of issues that I could heartily agree with, and for refusing to be distracted from
your agenda by the usual mudslinging and other negative campaigning tactics so common in politics
While I am certainly excited that there are a growing number of individual organizations committed
to building communities of environmental action, it's also important to recognize that we can't
create change in isolation. When we work together we can go further, faster and build more blue
Congratulations on breaking the next to last glass ceiling. To break the final one you have two tasks.
The first is to unite the party behind your candidacy, especially those who supported Senator
Sanders. The second is to prepare for the Trump onslaught. I cannot help with the first but maybe
have some useful insights on the second.
The North Carolina "Bathroom Bill" isn't simply about North Carolina, nor is it simply about
transgender issues. It is about archaic definitions of manhood, womanhood and personhood in
general, and truth be told, my rainbow-colored bubble burst last night.
You can be deaf to the public's shouts for cosmetic dentist only so long. The insurgency of popular
discontent that has upended politics this year will continue no matter the results in November. For
much too long now it's been clear that money doesn't just rule democracy, it is democracy. Until we
prove it isn't.
Bill Moyers
Managing Editor, Moyers & Company
Michael Winship
Senior writer, BillMoyers.com. Former senior writing fellow, Demos. President, Writers Guild of
America, East.
There comes a time when a network has to take action against one of their panel members. I thought
Jeffrey Lord couldn't sink any lower than this battle with Van Jones, but I was wrong.
John Amato

Founder and publisher, CrooksandLiars.com

We hit a point where he had to change or we were going to separate. That point was the Trayvon
Martin trial and verdict. From the moment Trayvon's murder became visible, I dismissed the idea
that his murderer's actions were justifiable in any way. Imagine my surprise when Kevin said that
the evidence supported the murderer's account.
As encouraging as it is to see Clinton start to embrace "the vision thing," big questions remain. One
is whether she will revert back to attacks on Trump and laundry lists of policies.
Richard Kirsch
Senior Fellow, Roosevelt Institute and Director of Our Story - The Hub for American Narratives.
The use of CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapons and other banned cluster munitions for the past year in
Yemen by a Saudi Arabia-led coalition of states has ignited a firestorm of concern.
Mary Wareham
Mary Wareham is the arms division advocacy director at Human Rights Watch
The United States military is not a genderless institution and will likely never become one. The
existence of a "band of brothers" culture is indisputable. And yet thousands of women, including
Deshauna Barber, serve in our armed forces regardless of this fact.
Jessica Trisko Darden
Assistant Professor with the School of International Service at American University
We hope parents and educators find this list of action items and teaching tools helpful, and that
together we can help create a generation of children who have less rape and sexual assault in their