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Lafayette Charleston

Mobile Phone: 850-225-4053

Secondary Phone:

E-mail: charlestonl_2000@yahoo.com



Aircrew Survival Specialist

April 1990 - May 2010

USAF | Texas

Aerospace and Defense

Managed all daily operations of assigned aircrew members and subordinates for the past
15 years. Ensured over 300 monthly in shop and flight line inspections completion and
conducted 25 percent quality assurance inspections on all daily operations. Efforts led to
identification of crucial aircrew flight equipment. Supervised the compliance of over 450
monthly preflight/postflight inspections which quickly identified any technical order
discrepancies during 19 years of specialized experience. Process expedited repair of
critical flight equipment to aircrew member. Primary technician task certifier of
subordinates. Conducted weekly equipment familiarization workshops which enhanced
shop overall knowledge competency. Subject expert for night vision goggle(NVG), Anti-
Exposure suit, Aircrew Chemical Warfare ensemble. Anti G garment, Torso Harness,
Oxygen Helmet/Mask, Life Preserver, and ACES II Survival Vest/Kit/Parachute
inspection and training. Managed flight line operations of various USAF aircraft. Have
17 years experience on various fighter aircraft (T-43, KC 135, T-37, C-5, C-141, C-130E,
MC-130) and (F-4, F-15, F-16, A-10)which incorporates ACES II ejection system. Spear
headed initial implementation of JHMCS system implementation throughout 27FW at
Cannon AFB, N.M in 2005-2006. Personally fit 2 fighter squadrons (89 personnel) with
USAF equipment upgrade. Certified continuation survival instructor for past 18 years.
Lead instructor for monthly aircrew continuation survival training which included water
survival, life support equipment familiarization, aircrew chemical warfare, post bailout
and egress training procedures to wing aircrew members. Aircrew chemical
decontamination process facility manager. Fully certified USAF crash investigator.
Conducted Class A mishap investigation. Mentor to numerous aircraft survival repairer
award winners, including USAF Life Support Airman of the year in 2005. (Contact
Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: LtCol Sean Dewitt, Supervisor's Phone: 043430-


Associate Degree,

4 1990 - 1 2010

CCAF | State:AL

Major Accounting, Minor Business


Crash investigation Certified

2 2002

USAF Crash Investigative Course

• Life Sciences Equipment Investigation, 30 hours
Provides the knowledge to conduct the life sciences equipment portion of a safety investigation board (SIB).


CMSgt Martin Austin

Chief, Aircrew Flight Equipment Branch & 1P0 Functional Manager USAF AFSOC

(850) 884-2235



Lt Col David Chace

31 Operations Support Squadron Director Officer US Air Force