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Independence Songs

Where Land and Sea Make Beauty

Words by B.O. Breton
Music by Yvonne Maginley
Where land and sea make beauty,
At the rainbows very end
The island of Antigua wants to know what you intend
If youll be another lover
To be lured to her shore,
The promises shell give to you
Will be yours forever more.
Where land and sea make beauty,
At the rainbows very end,
The island of Antigua
Beckons you to come again.
Celestial loveliness
That canopies the land
Is inspired artistry from a Master painters hand
Seductive shade awaits you
Neath scarlet flowered trees
And the gentle warmth of summer
Will be tempered by the breeze.
Once youve known Antiguas spell,
Youll never quite forget her,
Shes waiting still to give her (all) if you will only let her,
If youve been the slave of hours,
Youll find it timeless here
Whatever does that matter,
If you feel that God is near.

God Bless Antigua

Words and Music by
Robert (Bobby) Margetson
Additional verse for Barbuda by the family of Bobby Margetson
God bless Antigua, Land so dear to me
Where first I felt a mothers hand and learnd to bend the knee.
Where land and sea make beauty let every man be free
To proudly hold his head up high, and walk with dignity.
Bless all her people, enter all her doors,
And may Thy peace forever dwell within her shores,
And may Thy peace forever dwell within her shores.
God bless Barbuda, isle across the sea,
Beloved land of coral sand and birds in majesty.
May blessings flow upon her from Gods Almighty hand,
And may these gifts forever grow and nurture our fair land.
God bless our nation; let us trust in Thee,
And may we always dwell in peace and unity,
And may we always dwell in peace and unity
God bless Antigua, land of sun and sea
Bless all her fruits and crops and flowrs with harvests bounteously.
May brother walk with brother, in fellowship and peace.
And banish hate and fear and want; her unity increase.
God bless our Nation grant us grace that we,
May each endeavour, all achieve in pleasing Thee,
May each endeavour, all achieve in pleasing Thee.

Freedom and Dignity

Freedom an dignity!
Freedom an dignity!
This an more have come to all our people.
Sing an jump up for joy,
Sing an jump up for joy,
Show the world that we are all one people.
Antigua --- so beautiful.
Antigua --- so wonderful.
Beaches plentiful, climate healthy,
People peace-a-ble, life so lengthy,
Hospitality full an plenty, Antigua!

Words by Novelle H. Richards
Music by Yvonne Maginley
From the reaches of Barbuda to Antiguas Coral Sea
Where the rock-face of Redonda, proudly lies
Let us raise the shout of praises for our Nations liberty
Like the pealing sound of thunder from the skies.
We will build a godly nation, with our might and industry
We will make the right provision for the poor
We will educate our children in true democracy
That peace and equal justice shall endure.
Rejoice! Rejoice! All the nation rejoice.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Peal it out with one voice
Lets join hearts together in Love, Unity
In strength and endurance, to keep our hearts free.
Antigua Prayer
Words by Jacqueline James Tobitt
Music by Shelley Tobitt
Bless, O Lord, our land
Help us to love and understand
Each of us, his fellow-man,
May we live in peace and
Dignity in our Nation.
Bless, O Lord, our land
Grant us health and vigour and
Blessings from thy mighty hand
On the waters, on the land
Of our twin island Nation.
Bless our leaders, lead them on
Hold our nation in your palm
May our lives be rich and long
Keep us from the wrong
Great and small we join in song
To offer our supplication
United may we always stand
Antiguans and Barbudans
Bless, O Lord, or land
And forever let freedom stand
In all our aspirations

Be our Guide and vision

Bless, O bless, O Lord, our land.