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Chapter II

This chapter presents the research design, setting, subjects, source of data and
procedure of the study.

Research Design
The researchers used the qualitative type of research. This type of research is
one of the first forms of social studies, but in the 1950’s and 1960’s as qualitative
science reached its peak of popularity it was diminished in importance and began to
regain recognition only in the 1970’s. Qualitative research is also highly useful in policy
and evaluation research, where understanding why and how certain outcomes where
achieved is as important as establishing what those outcomes were.
The researchers believed that this method will be more reliable to use in this
study “Probabilistic Model on the Life Span of the Selected Incandescent Bulbs”. The
researchers chose this type of research because it goes directly to the particular setting
in which the study focuses. This method allows the researchers to explain, analyze and
interpret the study precisely. This helped the researchers find the needed information
without surveying and go on a deeper study in order to find solutions to the problems in
the study. This greatly helped the researchers to come up with the developed
probabilistic model that would help estimate the life span of the selected incandescent

the Tertiary and Graduate Levels of Education. the Secondary. This two (2) clubs go hand in hand promoting the knowledge and understanding of Mathematics among the students of the aforementioned college. where College of Science belongs. The Tertiary level. Incandescent bulb. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics aims to develop the mathematical skills of the students from the fundamental up to the higher Math. The University has four (4) levels of Education. . Subject of the Study In order to determine the life span of the selected incandescent bulbs mentioned above. They used the information about the life span of the selected Incandescent bulbs made by the manufacturers of incandescent bulb to be their data in conducting the study. There are two (2) clubs in Mathematics in the institute of arts and sciences namely: Mathematics Circle and Statistics Organization. Philips Incandescent bulb. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Rizal. These incandescent bulb are the G. The Elementary. Firefly Incandescent bulb and incandescent bulb that are bought at the “tiangge”. The Probabilistic Model used by the researchers was derived from the formula of the consumption of the incandescent bulbs. offers Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. The Tertiary level having the Institute of Arts and Sciences which offered.E. This University is the center of human resource development in the eastern part of Rizal. Panasonic incandescent bulb. the researchers used the Probabilistic Model as the focus of the study.Setting of the Study The study was conducted at the University of Rizal System located at Sumulong Street Morong.

while the information in the Firefly Incandescent bulbs expected life span of the incandescent bulb that were bought at the “tiangge” was directly gathered from the people who engaged in selling incandescent bulbs. Procedure of the Study In conducting the study. Along with this. unpublished materials. the researchers followed several procedural steps. The researchers prepared their research title. The assumed life span given by the manufacturers of incandescent bulb is used as the main source of data to estimate the life span of the selected incandescent bulbs. the researchers gathered related literature. related studies and legal basis for the introduction.E incandescent bulbs and Panasonic incandescent bulbs expected life span is gathered in the internet as well as the expected life span of Philips incandescent bulbs. The expected life span of Incandescent bulbs were also used as the source of data. encyclopedia. the researchers wanted to know if the typical number of hours (900) of the span of incandescent bulbs would be true to all selected incandescent bulbs. The G. After that. which was presented to the instructor for recommendation and suggestion. and details included in the study to gather more ideas and information related to the study. dictionaries. the researchers also used the internet.However. the researchers formulated a conceptual model based from the gathered theoretical framework and . Source of Data Since the study is a qualitative research. the needed data were gathered from different reading materials such as books.

the researchers were able to gather. the researchers were able to finish discussing Chapter 3. The researchers also gathered the prices of the selected incandescent bulb for the information of the readers so as to fairly compare the life span of the incandescent bulb and the prices of these light bulbs. interpret and then chose which specific problem to use as the center of the study. As the process of the study went on. the final revision was done and the thesis hard-bound copy was accomplished. Along with this. . Right after that. The rest of the Chapter 1 was gathered also.conceptual framework. In Chapter 4. The researchers considered 60 watts of incandescent bulbs so as to be fair for the estimation of its life span. the researchers formulated the conclusions and recommendations well. since the content related to Chapter 3. and the final oral defense followed. Finally. analyze. construction of the Chapter 2 followed.