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MTK smartphone Multiple downloading tool operating


1General Description
1.1 Software Installation
No need to install, direct COPY entire directory to a local can, if you change the
path must be re-set program
1.2 Power Settings
Power supply output voltage is set manually 4V, current limiting set to 2A
First open the program, you need to download configuration parameters and files, after
which the program will automatically save settings.
1.4 Start the program:
On the Tools directory which has a SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe file,
double click to run
1.5, Following documents are required

2Specific steps
2.1 Install the phone driver. Mobile power supply, plug in the USB cable, the computer
recognizes the "New Hardware Wizard" as shown below, select Install from a list or
specific location

Figure one
2.1.2 As shown manually select "Browse", select the folder in Driver_AUTO_Installer
"infs", Figure II. Click OK to install phone drivers, Figure III.

Figure two

Figure III
2,2Projects with G517 download software, version D1-G517-20130813
2.2.1 Download software, make sure package "D1-G517-20130813" There
checksum.ini file, as shown in Figure 4

Figure IV
2.3 Multiple downloads Kit SP_MDT_exe_v3.1452.00.00 use Notepad to open
SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.ini files, configuration tools, download port, the
port is not configured as illustrated five previous instruments

Figure V
2.3.1 Open SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.ini documents, drawing six and find
ports will be as shown in the number of ports for the computer to modify the port
number, shown in Figure 7.

Figure VI

Figure VII
2.3.2 The ports port changes from 1 to 16 and kept modifications shown in Figure

Figure eight
2.3.3 The PreloaderPorts port as nine, is amended as 2-17 number, and save the
changes, shown in Figure 10. (Note: PreloaderPorts port to port and in front of the
modified ports staggered not consistent)

Figure IX

Figure X
2.3.4 Double SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe file, open download tool, port
becomes configured port (Figure 11).

Figure XI
2.4Configuration options
Figure XII
BUnder the File menu select open download Agent file; choose to tool storage address
directory, select

Figure XIII
2.5Select the upgrade file
In Scatter files menu, select Scatter file button (Figure fourteen):

Figure XIV
Select the interface into the software version to upgrade storage address, select the
software, select MT6572_Android_scatter.txt file (Figure fifteen), select and open (Figure

Figure XV

Figure XVI
2.6Select the corresponding COM port
ACOM port selection is based on download cable plugged into the computer's fixed
port may be. Make sure the COM port: You can in the "My Computer" icon on the
right mouse button select Manage ----- Device Manager. A dialog box appears as
shown in Figure seventeen. In the red box instructions to download the cable into the
computer's serial port to: COM4. Notice must be in the drive when you have to install
the downloaded appear.

Figure XVII
BTool port settings, you can select all, as shown in eighteen red border, the phone
will automatically recognize connected port.

Figure XVIII
2.7Click Start all. (Figure nineteen), ready to download.

Figure XIX
Then phone (Loading the battery) Connect download cable, start the upgrade (as
twenty), red box marked Show download progress

Figure twenty
Progress bar to 100%. Upgrade is complete. Figure 21:

Figure Twenty-one

3Figure 21
3.1 Full stop after the red progress bar does not move: the emergence of DA ERROR.
1, check the downloaded files with a BIN packages Memory configuration and
motherboard correspond; 2, the download rate reduced by one level to try; 3, the
detection download line defines pick the wrong foot there; 4, while it may be the
reason the motherboard hardware .
3.2Press Start, insert phone press the power button is no response, one that may be
downloaded line driver is not installed. 2, may be incorrect or corrupted download
cable. 3, may cause the motherboard hardware.
3.2 As shown twenty-two tooltip error box for package checksum.ini

Figure twenty-two
3.2 Click the tool start All appear as shown XXIII error window, the port is not
configured tool, you need to configure SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.ini
document detailing the process see 2.3.2 and 2.3.3

Figure twenty-three