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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night

a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 2, March 15, 2007
Round Two! Actual Play: GURPS Technomancer
As evidenced in the first issue, I’ve
been on a kick to mix various games / Morrow Project
together to create something new. I
continue that with this issue, mixing
GURPS and an old favorite of mine,
The Morrow Project. I’m a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre of
games and I’ve collected a large number of
Corvis Monkey Troupe them, like The Morrow Project (Timeline),
Gamma World (TSR/WotC), Aftermath!
This issue is dedicated to my Friday (FGU), Tribe 8 (Dream Pod 9), Year of the
game group, the Corvis Monkey Phoenix (FGU), Twilight 2000 (GDW), and
Troupe. I've been gaming with these D20 Apocalypse (WotC).
guys for a good long time, so three cheers for
present and past members: MW, XO, TE, GM, The Morrow Project was first published in
PP and BC! 1980. It is currently in it’s 3rd edition, with a 4th
edition on it’s way (waiting, waiting). A man
Great Webcomic #2 named Bruce Morrow (probably with psychic
time-travel powers) “convinced” some of the
Another great webcomic is Girl Genius Online leading industrialists to fund
(www.girlgeniusonline.com) by Phil and Kaja a program (The Project)
Foglio. In a world controlled by super-scientists which cryo-froze teams of
called “Sparks” who build amazing machines, specialists buried in bunkers
with missing legendary heroes, the Heterodyne all around the U.S. Five years
Brothers, this comic focuses on the “Spark” after the bombs dropped, the
Agatha Clay (the lost Heterodyne heir). My teams would be thawed out
favorite characters are the Jägermonsters, and help rebuild the U.S.
creatures created by House Heterodyne long Didn’t work out that way,
ago – they’re humorous killing machines who though, as the main base (Prime Base) of the
often lose their hats, which leads me to the next Project is attacked with biologicals and the
topic . . . teams sleep for 150 years. The world they wake
up in is very different.
Baron Munchausen's Jägermonsters Sounds like a pretty good game to play, right?
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron But I’m on my crossing genres kick, so I picked
Munchausen (Hogshead) is a great game that up GURPS Technomancer
was first published in 1998. The premise of the and thought “this would be
game is to tell a story, with the other players an interesting mix.” In
adding complications that have to be included. GURPS Technomancer,
It’s a fun game for beer & pretzels play. This history changes after the
variant requires each player Trinity Test in Alamogordo,
play Jägermonsters from New Mexico, on July 16,
Girl Genius Online. The goal 1945 . Oppenheimer says
then is to tell a humorous some words, which end a
story where you don't lose Necromantic Ritual and
your hat, for, as every good Magic flows back into the world. Spells and tech
Jägermonster knows, “a plan mix over the next 50+ years in this alternate
where you lose your hat is a world.
very bad plan!” (continued on Page 2, First Column)
Content © Wooden Leg Named Smith Productions 2007 published in association with the Corvis Babbage Cliological Society
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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Page 2
a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 2, March 15, 2007
My Style: Cut-Scenes into the area. After the battles were over, the
MPs returned to their base. Over the next
I picked up an issue of Dragon Magazine a century and a half, the MPs became known as
number of years ago that had an article on the “Imps,” a violent gang of thugs who
using different techniques for narration. One of dominate Riverton, armed with Army weapons
them was what I call “cut-scenes.” At the start (pretty much the only guns in the area) and
of each game session, I describe a number of quasi-military know-how.
short scenes, letting the players know what the
important NPCs and NPC groups are doing. I
allow the PCs to notice things by making sense
How I Changed the Adventure
First, I had the adventure set in my local area
rolls and that sort of thing. I usually progress
instead of the Midwest, since there’s a military
the “cut-scenes” as play continues, so if the first
reservation nearby and the players, all locals,
view is of a Mysterious Man in Black reading a
are familiar with the area. With magic common,
book with the title obscured, the next game
I let the main bad guys, the
session has him reading the book with the
“Imps,” be controlled by a
“Poisons for Professionals” title visible. It
powerful Mage who cast a
allows the players to become familiar with the
spell of deep winter all over
good guys, the bad guys and the don’t know
the land (snow everywhere,
which they are guys. Give it a try!
all the time). The “Imps” still
had the same bad history but
Actual Play (continued) I let their standard uniforms
be scrounged from a Lucas
System Choice Arts warehouse – they wore prop Star Wars
GURPS was the obvious system choice, it has Imperial Stormtrooper armor (they really
magic rules and technology rules and, with became “Imps”) enhanced with protection
GURPS Technomancer, a mix of the two as spells. Also the Mage created zombies, put
well. Converting The Morrow them in extra Stormtrooper suits and placed
Project to GURPS is a no- them in strategic areas around the land. They
brainer. I gave each player the wouldn’t harm the locals (unless attacked) but
guidelines for making their would fight any strangers with weapons (like
characters based on GURPS the PCs).
Lite. I used weapons listings
from GURPS High Tech and
Modern Firepower. The thing
Wake-up and Deploy
I reviewed the PCs made by JD, CD, KH, EH,
that took me the longest to do
GT and PW, and we started with “de-thawing”
was to convert The Morrow Project equipment
from “cryo-sleep/suspended animation.” They
lists into magic enhanced technology using
exited the bolt-hole and one of the PCs was
GURPS Magic without overbalancing the game.
possessed by the ghost of a recently dead
I made the magic items pretty standard,
special NPC, gaining insight into the local area.
vehicles had magical protection, weapons had
They found out that more than 100 years had
accuracy and damage bonuses, and so on.
passed and could not contact Prime Base,
which concerned them. They ran into some
Scenario Choice zombie “Imps,” shocked by the Stormtrooper
The easiest adventure to run, I decided, was armor. Unfortunately, I could only run about 4-
Liberation at Riverton. 150 years before, after 5 sessions before my work/school schedule
WW3, the locals of Riverton along with some interrupted the game. I think the players
surviving Army MPs from a nearby military enjoyed themselves and I know that I did. I’m
base fought off violent refugees that flooded sure that I’ll get back to it sometime!

Content © Wooden Leg Named Smith Productions 2007 published in association with the Corvis Babbage Cliological Society
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