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Kenya Trade Network Agency




SGS Contract Manager, Kenya & Uganda

KIFWA, Chairman
Reps of PGAs present
Ladies and Gentlemen

I warmly welcome you all to this very important meeting. I am indeed grateful for
this opportunity to speak to you this morning on what the Government is doing
through KenTrade and Partner Government Agencies (PGAS) to facilitate
international and cross border trade in Kenya. It is always a pleasure for us at
KenTrade to meet with our stakeholders especially on such relaxed setting for
discussion on issues of mutual importance.
We take forums such as this seriously because they are the rare opportunity where
we can engage, learn, share and discuss freely. From our experience, listening to
our stakeholders is a key success factor especially when implementing a complex
and cross cutting project as the Kenya TradeNet System (Single Window) which
you will be updated on shortly.
I am therefore hopeful that besides the Questions and Answer Sessions, we will
later in the program be able to interact with each one of you about our stated goal
of furthering the Government transformative agenda as enablers of economic
1 Simplfying Trade Processes for Kenyas Competitiveness

growth and most importantly the Agencys relations with you as our valued
Equally, I am pleased to see representatives of our partner, SGS who have been
gracious enough to make this forum possible with their sponsorship and also so
many representatives of our Partner Government Agencies (PGAs including
Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Bureau of Standards and also Kenya
International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA).
Your presence here today is a testimony of the importance you attach to
partnership with KenTrade and the delivery of our core mandate which is to
facilitate cross border and international trade through the implementation of
Kenya TradeNet System.

Why we are here

The need for sensitization on the PVoC cannot be emphasized given the
implication on the Government directive and subsequent notice that has brought
a new regulatory process which states that all imports to be inspected at source.
This forum is therefore part of the planned countrywide sensitization that
KenTrade, KRA and KEBS have scheduled to conduct across the country.

Expected Outcomes
I am happy to note that all the key actors are well represented here and that the
scheduled presentation by KRA, KEBS and KenTrade will highlight the issues that
are of mutual interest.
It is therefore my hope that this forum will exhaustively address all your concerns
and more importantly enables us as trade facilitators to also enlist your
cooperation and support in making the implementation of the and PVOC a
2 Simplfying Trade Processes for Kenyas Competitiveness

The outcome of this forum will go along way on contribution to the realization of
the desired cross border trade facilitation and reforms at our ports and borders
that the Government place great emphasis on.

KenTrade Updates
On our part as KenTrade, we are glad to inform you that the Kenya TradeNet
System implementation is now at its conclusive phase and the PGAs are working
seamlessly with the goodwill and support of the Government. Since its roll out in
October 2013, the usage of the Kenya TradeNet System has grown tremendously.
Today we have more than 27 stakeholders on board with the last 5 new players
namely: AFFA Fibre Crops Directorate, AFFA Food Crops Directorate, AFFA
Pyrethrum Board, AFFA Nuts and Oils Directorate and the Department of
Fisheries which are in various stages of training and piloting.
We continue to receive very positive feedback on the use of the System from the
Public and Private sectors. Reports received from various Users, indicate that the
objectives of the TradeNet System are gradually being achieved. The number of
times a client needs to visit a Government Agency for a single application has
been reduced to zero in a number of instances.
We still have some outstanding modules which are yet to be rolled out. i.e.
the Declaration , Exemption and Outbound processes which are all targeted for
rollout in due course. To this end, we have been in contact with the relevant
Agencies to ensure the implementation of these modules is concluded in time.
It is therefore my expectation that through this forum we, as stakeholders will
continue building on the momentum to improve Kenyas Ease of Doing Business
Index as articulated by His Excellency the President during the official opening of
the 2016 Africa Ease of Doing Business Index Conference in Nairobi.

3 Simplfying Trade Processes for Kenyas Competitiveness

As I conclude, I wish to reiterate that this and other similar forums scheduled at
the border points are proof of our commitments as PGAs to ensure that you, our
esteemed stakeholders are facilitated to transact your businesses in a secure and
cost effective environment.
Finally, wish you successful deliberations and I look forward to receiving the
conclusions and action points from this forum for implementation. Let me assure
you that your opinion and ideas count and that as KenTrade team we will work
together to implement recommendations/results of your deliberations.

Thank You
Amos S.Wangora
Nairobi, Thursday, June 23, 2016

4 Simplfying Trade Processes for Kenyas Competitiveness