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Patrick Mackaaij
is a marketeer at team Worcade.

It has become quite common for organizations nowadays to outsource work such
as coffee machine maintenance or server management. As a result, more and more
customers deal with specialists from other organizations. The end user trusts that you,
as a service professional, are in charge of this collaboration.

Every supplier works differently. One supplier prefers it when you call

Simplifying the collaboration with your supplier

them, the other can be reached on a general email address and another

You work more and more with service professionals from different

works with their own service management tool. This way, important

organizations who are also connected to the internet. Why not

information that helps you stay in charge is spread out across different

take advantage of this? In order to make the collaboration with

communication channels, making it difficult to keep track.

service professionals easier, we have created Worcade. Worcade is

In the best case scenario, forwarding an end user question is simply

a collaboration platform that makes the communication between

a case of duplicating work. You often lose track when the request

organizations and their suppliers easier, more efficient and more fun.

is forwarded and you need to regularly ask the supplier for a status

Complicated links, copy-pasting text and old interfaces are part of the

update. Sometimes you need to contact the supplier for this, because

past. Worcade creates overview.

you cant access their system to check the status.

Telephone calls are often not registered, which leads to forgotten

In Worcade you can easily chat with other service professionals.

It is easy to start a conversation and to add new participants to it.

agreements or details. Email messages can be lost in someones

Worcade notifies all participants when the conversation is updated.

inbox. This way, you lose time repeating request and trying to get

This email comprises the subject and a link to the conversation.

a good overview.

Worcade offers facilities to customize the conversation. You can


add work orders to communicate tasks and time spent, or close the

name. With a single click you can share additional information from

conversation and give feedback.

the TOPdesk call with your supplier. This could be a request, action,
object, location and attachments. Worcade includes handy details such

Starting a conversation from a call

as the objects model/make or a map of the location so the handyman

knows where to go.

From TOPdesk you only need a single click to start a conversation with

Having all your supplier conversations in Worcade gives you one

your supplier. Responses from the supplier are directly recorded on the

clear overview. The supplier can easily add a work order and invoice

Worcade tab of the call card. This way, the entire conversation is in one

to the conversations, so you have everything in one place. This makes

clear location and you can directly see whether the supplier has read it.

three-way-matching very easy: you can quickly check whether the

Worcade uses data from a call, like the short description or the supplier

assignment, performed activities and invoice match.

Suppliers can get started right away

As soon as you start a conversation with a supplier, he or she receives
an email with a link to the Worcade conversation. The link leads to the
Worcade server (https://worcade.net). This way, you do not have to give
your suppliers access to your TOPdesk environment. Worcade works on
a desktop, tablet and smartphone, which means your supplier can get
to work right away. The chat interface prompts a quick response.

Image 1 The Worcade tab in TOPdesk


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your supplier

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Image 2 Schematic overview of a

Worcade conversation

Mackaaij, Roeland van Rijswijk, Wolter Smit, Jeffrey

Verstegen, Annemarie Wolfrat
Layout: Denise van Rijst
Illustration: Frank van Klink, Martin de Rooij

Do your suppliers use TOPdesk? They can then easily link the Worcade

Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn, Menno van der Bijl

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