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/¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·​ ​Isabella Ness​ ​·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.

Senior Sound Designer & Producer 
703 623 1936 
✧​ = project role of lead designer  

Team Audio​ - Austin, TX - March 2019 to present 

Senior Sound Designer & Producer 
- ✧​ Brawlhalla (Blue Mammoth Games/Ubisoft) 
SFX design & implementation for gameplay; audio pipeline planning & execution; middleware integration; asset delivery and 
Three Seas Inc./Clean Cuts​ ​- Washington, DC Metro area - June 2016 to March 2019 
Sound Designer & Mixer 
- ✧​ Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Year of the Dragon (Toys For Bob/Sanzaru Games/Activision) 
- Marvel Powers United VR, VR Sports Challenge, Ripcoil (Sanzaru Games/Oculus) 
- ✧​ Discovery VR (VRGEN/Oculus/Discovery) 
- NBA 2K17, NBA2K18 (2K Sports/Visual Concepts) 
- Brass Tactics, Witchblood (Hidden Path) 
- Real Estate Today (Westwood One Radio/Momentum Media Marketing) 
SFX design/mastering for picture, radio, and interactive media; 360/VR design and implementation; audio system design and 
implementation in-engine; middleware integration; VO recording and processing; localizing VO in multiple languages for 
animation & gameplay; Foley; 5.1 mixing; studio session recording; asset delivery and organization; mixing and producing for 
broadcast; music mixing and mastering for commercial release. 
BCM+D Records​ - Philadelphia, PA - September 2014 to May 2016 
Audio Engineer & Recording Tech 
- Temple University Concert Choir: “Northern Lights,” 2015 
- The NeW Quintet: “Diversity” (EP), 2014 
- Cynthia Folio: “Inverno Azul (Blue Winter),” 2014 
Studio session engineering; mastering and editing albums, EPs, and singles for wide-release platforms; livestream setup, 
recording, and production. 
​DAW/Library clients:​ Pro Tools, REAPER, Cubase ​— Soundminer, Kontakt, Mutant 
​Engine/Workflow Tools:​ Unreal Engine, Unity, RPGMaker, Bitsy, Lumberyard — Perforce, Git, SVN, Jira 
​Middleware/Programming:​ ​Wwise, FMOD, PureData & MaxMSP — SuperCollider, QLab, basic C#/C++ 
​Video:​ ​Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Maya, VEGAS Pro 
BM in Music Composition, concentration in Computer Music & Sound Recording 
​cum laude,​ Boyer College of Music & Dance — Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 
Auxiliary Skills 
Highly-trained ear for pitch, balance, rhythm, and EQ; experience with restorative and archival sound 
editing; ambitious, team-oriented, self-motivated; good communicator; comfortable with complex project 
management; fast learner. Piano, guitar, kalimba, Renaissance flute; proficient vocalist (folk, jazz, and 
classical). Experience translating and coaching voiceover in Old Norse. Audiobook recording & mastering 
for digital release. 
/¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·¯`·._.·​ References available upon request ​·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯·._.·´¯\