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Time 3 Hrs
Weightage 25

Chose the correct answer in each of the following

1. Which is the common sound in the following words
men, send, pen bet
a. p
b. b
c. e
d. u
2. A syllable is
a. A unit of sound
b. A combination of a vowel and a consonant
c. Two sounds put together
d. A combination of two consonants
3. Which of the following greeting is suitable when someone gets promoted
a. Its celebration time
b. Good Luck
c. Welcome
d. Congratulations
4. In which of the following situation do we make a short formal speech
a. To welcome a guest at a function
b. To seek permission
c. Making a request
d. Expressing opinion
5. Which of the following is not a diphthong
a. aI
b. au
c. eu

6. When we listen to a news bulletin on a cricket match, that was played the
previous day, we listen
a. For specific information
b. For common knowledge
c. For overall information
d. To learn about sports
7. Where does the stress fall on the word temporary
a. First syllable
b. Second syllable
c. Third syllable
d. Fourth syllable
8. Which of the following is an example of a syllable having a consonant sound
before and after the vowel sound

a. stand
b. ig
c. eye
d. up
9. Which of the following words are not stressed in a sentence
a. Noun
b. Verb
c. Adverb
d. Article
10. To be an active listener,
a. Sit in a sound proof room
b. Lean back and sit relaxed
c. Make eye contact with the speaker
d. Wear sunglasses
11. What role does an initiator play in a group discussion
a. Operate the mile system
b. Disagrees with everyone
c. Presents the topic
d. Support the arguments
12. What type of intonation will you use for a yes/no question
a. Rising tone
b. Falling tone
c. Slanting tone
d. No tone
13. Hearing is
a. An involuntary act
b. A deliberate act
c. An evil act
d. An accidental act
14. Which of the following is not a strategy to be used in a conversation
a. Initiate
b. Sustain
c. Clarify
d. Follow up
15. How many diphthongs are there in English
a. 4
b. 9
c. 6
d. 8
16. Which of the following is not a stage in making a short formal speech
a. Writing
b. Delivering
c. Planning
d. Deleting

Answer any three in a sentence or two

17. Transcribe the following

Well done
18. What is telephone etiquette?
19. You want to borrow your friends camera for a day. How will you seek
20. Mark the stress in the given words
Object (noun), Object (verb)

Answer any two in about 100 words.

21. Write a short note on the difference between British And American accents
22. Write a short note on the different types of reading
23. Write a paragraph on topic based group discussions


Answer any two in about 300 words

24. What is meant by group discussion? What skills are required for effective
participation in group discussions?
25. Describe to your friend any two members of your family
26. Write a conversation between two friends who are meeting after few years