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AHD 1015 TC / AHD 1015 MTC

15 TFT Colour Touch Screen Display with integrated PC

User-friendly touch operation

Custom-made configuration
Graphical display of measured values
Analogue as well as digital display
PC and interfaces integrated

The visualization of ship data, general status

messages and alarms forms an important
component of modern alarm and safety systems.
There is a steady increase in the complexity and
volume of the information generated, necessitating
higher speed and accuracy of a visualisation system.
This is enabled by means of high resolution displays,
such as AHD 1015 TC resp. AHD 1015 MTC with
integrated compact PC.
The device is cooled passively, which means it works
without a fan and is therefore insensitive against
dust. No dust is raised or blown out. No other
moving components, such as a hard disk drives, are
used. Therefore, the device is less shock-sensitive and
no disturbing noise is produced.

The incorporated software is operated by means of a

capacitive touch screen. An additional feature is an
integrated buzzer for acoustic alarm messages.
The unit, designed for flush-mounting in
dashboards, control consoles or switch boxes,
provides a fully sunreadable TFT display. The viewing
angle is 160 horizontal (80 left, 80 right) and 140
vertical (80 top, 60 bottom) with no visible losses
in display quality.
Version AHD 1015 MTC additionally provides a VGA,
DVI and Video In- Interface (BNC).

Die Version AHD 1015 MTC verfgt zustzlich ber eine

VGA-, eine DVI- und eine Video In- Schnittstelle (BNC).

Screen layout
These screenshots have been taken from a typical system
for a 86 explorer yacht. All components are tailored to
the specific ship and her on-board systems.



An overview of many ship systems, including navigation

lights, anchors and other devices having an effect on the
ships readiness to sail.

Tank levels including transfer pump status at a glance.



Depicts open or closed doors (red for open, green for

closed). Doors that must be closed when sailing will trigger
an alarm message if open when the ship sails

Visualizes active and inactive power supply systems.


Navigation lights

A list of all alarm messages including when the alarm was

triggered, the corresponding measured value and the type
of alarm (warning or main alarm).

Detailed navigation lights status and operation interface.


A comprehensive list of all alarm and status messages.

Measuring points

Up to 4 camera views simultaneous are possible.

Zooming and turning the cameras via touch screen.

Complete measuring point list in tabular form with

corresponding values.


Technical Data:
Power supply:
Power consumption:
Display resolution:
Visible screen diameter:
Colour depth:
Luminous intensity:
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:

9 ... 32 VDC
appr. 40 W (24 VDC)
XGA 1024 (H) x 768 (V) pixels
15", 304mm x 228mm
16 Mio. colours (24 Bit)
600 cd/m (typ.)
-30 C ... +70C
-50 C ... +85C
appr. 9 kg (TC), appr. 10 kg (MTC)
Front side IP 67, (IP 56 acc. to type
Degree of protection:
test approval),
Rear side IP 55
445mm x 312mm x 145mm (TC)
Dimension W x H x D:
445mm x 312mm x 196mm (MTC)
Desk cut-out W x H:
420mm x 287mm
Pentium Mobile 1.7 GHz
1 GB
Flash disk:
1 GB
Power input
4 x CAN bus
Digital in (4 x Optocoupler)
Digital out (2 x Relay)
2 x USB
1 x COM (RS232)
1 x LAN
1 x VIDEO IN (only MTC), PAL 50Hz
1 x VGA (only MTC)
1 x DVI (only MTC)
At an internal temperature of > 65C the integrated
overheating protection reduces display brightness.
Observe at installation in panels/consoles:
Internal panel
Max. 45C
Installation angle:
55 90

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