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Bullying in School

Bullying happens everywhere and, unfortunately has a major impact on students

and schools. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to identify bullying issues and
take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. A safe environment, means
a well-managed class where everyone can learn to the best of their ability.

A) Definition: Name three types of bullying and give a brief

description of each.
1. Verbal Bullying: the bully says bad or mean things to the victim to make the
victim feel small.
2. Physical Bullying: threaten or harm physically, pushing, shoving, hitting,
tripping, punching
3. Social Bullying: getting others to make fun of a victim, telling lies or rumors
about the person, getting others to ignore or not be friends, making the
victim feel left out.

B) Identification:
1. Who are the people involved in bullying? Label the diagram

2. What are the signs that someone is a victim of bullying?

Does not want to go to school

Suddenly does not want to participate in a group
Sudden lower school work
Nightmares: bad dreams wen sleeping

Anxiety: fearful of sudden sounds

3. What are the signs that someone is a bully?

Control over someone else

Hit or kick or pushes others
Suddenly has more money or food

4. Why do people bully? Find three reasons.

they are upset with themselves

they think if others are as miserable as they are, they will be happy
jealousy the bully believes if he bullies, he will feel important
learn bullying from home
to get attention
learn bullying from movies, computer games, TV

5. What are the effects of bullying on the victim and observers/witnesses?

Effects on Victim:

increased feelings of sadness and loneliness
decreased academic achievement
might commit suicide
long term effects: problems trusting marriage relationships, might
become a bully

Effects on Observers:

fear that they will be bullied next

fear of being a tattletale

C) How to Prevent or Stop Bullying in your Class/ School

1. What can you do at the beginning of the year to prevent bullying from starting?

discuss bullying with students

identify bullying- show videos and
establish consequences for bullying
teach children what to say/do if they are bullied
establish HERO responsibilities

2. How can you stop bullying in your class if it has started?

- remain calm, say something right away to stop the bullying: To the bully: Dont do
that or say that it hurts the other person and is bullying. I like you but I dont like
Victim: you can walk away from the bully, dont talk to the bully, tell a teacher or
Witnesses: Stop the bullying right away, tell an adult.
- talk to the students about it
- build up the bullys self-esteem by praising them when they do something right
-speak to the victims parents
- speak to the bullys parents
3. How can you stop bullying in your school?

school wide campaign

get the whole school to be aware of bullying and how to stop it
assign students to have the job to stop bullying in the class, in the play
area and in the cafeteria
friendship bench in the play area if someone is alone they sit on the
bench and others can come and sit and play or talk
put up anti-bullying posters

4. What should you do about cyberbullying?


ban children from using computers

parents monitor computer uses by their children
help children think before posting something: ask question is it
hurtful, are you proud of it, is it respectful
dont give away passwords and change passwords often