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Sierra Condominium Apartments Association, Inc.

C/O FirstService Residential

543 NW Lake Whitney Pl., #101, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
Phone: (772) 323-2004 Fax: (772) 878-1519
Photo Identification from each applicant must be presented at the time application is made.
Sierra Condominium Association, Inc.
I (we)________________________________ _______________________________ intend to lease apartment
(Applicant name)

(Applicant name)

# ____________, for the period starting ____________________ and ending ____________________________.

In order for you to facilitate consideration of my (our) application for the lease of the above-designated apartment
unit, I (we) represent that the information on the attached application is factual and true. I (we) are aware that any
falsification or misrepresentation of the facts in this application will result in automatic rejection of this application.
I (we) consent and authorize Sierra Condominium Association and/or its agents to use the information and
identification provided to obtain background investigations, credit reports and/or reference verifications.
I (we) will be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Association and I (we) confirm that I (we) have received a
copy of the Rules and Regulations and have read same. I (we) understand that any violation of the terms,
provisions and conditions of Sierra Condominium Association provide cause for available immediate action as
therein or termination of the leasehold under appropriate circumstance.
I (we) understand that the apartment is not to be occupied until such time as the Association has approved the
application. I (we) understand that occupancy of a unit prior to approval by the Association will result in automatic
disapproval of this application.
I (we) acknowledge neither Sierra Condominium Association, nor the owner of the unit, is responsible for the loss or
damage of my personal contents. I have been advised to obtain my own tenant policy to cover loss or damage to
my personal property.
I (we) understand that the Application fee of $50.00 per person is NON REFUNDABLE even if the application is
not approved. I (we) understand that it will take approximately three to seven business days for a final determination
regarding this application and that the apartment unit owner, or their agent, will be notified of said determination.
By witness of my signature below, I herewith attest that I have no past convictions for felony or misdemeanor
violence or pending litigation for same.
All applications for residency must be accompanied by a completed lease to which is attached as addendum
identifying any other proposed residents of the Unit. If no other residents are proposed, then the addendum is not
Do not sign this application until you have received and read the Association Rules and Regulations. These
rules and regulations are important and contain restrictions regarding the use of the apartment unit and the
condominium property. If you have questions, please ask them before submitting your application.
Dated this ________ day of ____________________, 20___.
Signed: Primary Applicant _____________________________________________________
Signed: Secondary Applicant ___________________________________________________
OWNER NAME____________________________OWNER EMAIL_______________________________________
Make checks payable to Sierra Condominium Association. The application fee must be paid directly to the
Association Manager at the time application is made.
***************************************************** SCA OFFICE USE ONLY*****************************
An application fee of $ ____________ (check # __________) received on __________________
Received from: _______________________________
Received by: _________________________________

APPROVED _________ _____________________

DISAPPROVED ______ _____________________

Background Investigation Request Form

Sierra Condominium Association

FAX (772) 878-1519

Please Type or Print Clearly

Name, Last _______________________ First _____________________

Maiden ___________________

Race ____ Sex ____ Birth date _______________ Age _______ Social Security # ________________________
US Born Citizen: Yes ___ No ___ Alien or Permanent Resident # _____________________________________
Document Type ______________________________________________ Expiration Date _________________
Drivers Lic. # __________________________________________ State ______ Expires: __________________
Current Address ____________________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________________ County _______________ State ______ Zip _____________
Current Phone Number: Home ________________________Work ____________________Cell_________________
How long at the above address? ______________________________ Own?


Current Landlord Name _____________________________________ Phone _______________________

Place of Employment _______________________________________ How Long? ___________
Employment Address _______________________________________ Phone __________________________
Child to be living with you? Y N

If yes, Child's Name: _________________________________ Age _______

List two (2) personal references not related to you:

Name ___________________________________ Address _________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State _________ Phone ___________________________
Name ___________________________________ Address _________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State ________ Phone ___________________________
Nearest Relative not living with you:
Name ____________________________________ Relationship _____________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________________ State __________ Phone __________________________
Bank Reference:


Person to be notified in case of an emergency: ____________________________________________________

Phone Numbers (1) ___________________________________ (2) ___________________________________
Make of car 1. ______________________________ Year ________ Tag # ________________ State: _______
Make of car 2. ______________________________ Year ________ Tag # ________________ State: _______
I authorize Sierra Condominium Association, Inc. and/or its agents, to perform any of the below investigative
searches. I further request that contacted companies, institutions or state agencies release this information as
expeditiously as possible.
Applicant Signature _______________________________________________ Date _____________________

Investigative Searches Requested:

____ Local Criminal History

____ Social Security # Verification

____ Eviction Notice

____ National Criminal History

____ Florida Workers Comp History

____ Credit History

____ Drivers License History

____ Sexual Offender/Predator

Sierra Condominium Apartments Association, Inc.

Resident Selection And Occupancy Guidelines
Revised March 2012

Management reserves the right to reject applications or revoke approvals if it is determined that any applicant
falls within any one or more of the following categories:
Misrepresentation: Willful or serious misrepresentation in the application process or failure to provide all of
the information requested. If it is determined that the applicant made false statements as to prior activities
which would have led the board to refuse the application, then that application is void as well as the
accompanying lease. The applicant then has 3 days to vacate the property.
Records of Disturbance of Neighbors, Destruction of Property or Other Disruptive or Dangerous
Behavior: Includes behavior or conduct which adversely affects the safety or welfare of other persons by
physical violence, gross negligence or irresponsibility, which damages the equipment or premises in which the
person resides; or which is disturbing or dangerous to neighbors or may disrupt sound community life.
Violent Behavior: Includes evidence of acts of violence or of any other conduct that may constitute a danger
or disruption to the peaceful occupancy of neighbors.
Non-compliance with Rental Agreement: Includes evidence of any failure to comply with the terms of rental
agreement at prior residences, such as providing shelter to unauthorized persons, keeping pets, other acts in
violation of rules or regulations, lease default, or a pattern of late payments.
Non-compliance of Rules and Regulations: If, because of any violation of Sierras Rules and Regulations
or federal, state or local law I am requested by the Sierra Board of Directors to vacate the property which I am
leasing as a result of my acceptance as a Sierra resident by the Board of Directors, or any act or condition
which is deemed, by the Board of Directors, to be a nuisance or determent to the Community, I will vacate
within 30 days and hold all parties harmless of any future litigation.
Criminal Activity: Management has established a policy to reject all applications where the applicant has
engaged in certain criminal activity. The activities that will be grounds for rejection of an application are as
Any arrest, conviction or adjudication other than acquittal within 5 years, which involved:
injury to a person or property
the sale, distribution or manufacture of any controlled or illegal substance
illegal use or possession of any controlled or illegal substance
any sexual offense

bodily harm to a child

Any act which results in the person's tenancy constituting a threat to the health or safety of other
individuals, result in substantial physical damage to the property of others, or interfere with the
peaceful and quite enjoyment of the premises.
Alcohol Abuse: If a determination is made that an applicant's abuse, or pattern of abuse, of alcohol interferes
with the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents, the application will be
Credit History: A pattern of credit abuse, default, or problems shall be considered to be an indication of
questionable character.



Sierra Condominium Apartments Association, Inc.

These Rules and Regulations are for the protection and benefit of all residents of Sierra
Condominium Apartments. It is the intent of the Association to provide an attractive, safe, orderly
and congenial Community for the residents. Your adherence to these rules will help in achieving this
goal and will assure all residents of a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere in which to live.
1. All residents must be approved by the Association. ONLY TWO (2) persons may live in any unit
(this includes children of any age). Guests are limited to 3 overnight stays per month.
2. NO PETS (other than fish, birds and small caged animals) are allowed to live or visit the
property. Violations of this Rule must be cured within 48 hours. Feeding wild or stray animals is
not allowed.
3. No plants, shoes, bikes, chairs, grills or any other article are allowed on the walkways.
4. All bikes must be parked in bike stops or kept inside your apartment.
5. Hanging of articles from the railings, porch lights or other fixtures is prohibited.
6. Excessively loud noise and loud music is prohibited in apartments and common areas.
7. The laundry room, clubhouse, restrooms, pool area, picnic area and all other common areas
must be kept neat at all times. Furniture in the Clubhouse may not be removed or moved to
another location. Wet swim wear is prohibited in the Clubhouse. Pool furniture may not be
removed from the pool area. Please discard all trash properly and return items to where they
belong before leaving the area.
8. The laundry room is open daily except for major Holidays. Do not start wash after 7:00 pm.
Clothes left in machines after 8:00 pm will be locked up until the next day. Do not remove
laundry carts from the laundry room.
9. All garbage must be bagged and placed inside the dumpster. Boxes should be collapsed and
discarded in the large dumpster at the end of "B" building. Discarded furniture and other items
too large for the dumpster should be placed beside the large dumpster at the end of "B"
10. All vehicles parked at Sierra, on a permanent basis, must display a SCA decal. Parking of
boats, trailers and motor homes is prohibited. Motorcycles must be parked by the D building
fence with a protective device under the kick stand. Commercial vehicles must be parked
along the D building fence. Back-in parking in front of buildings and parking on grass areas,
designated no parking areas or along roadways is prohibited, except for temporary loading,
unloading or service purposes, where appropriate. Parking spaces are unassigned, available
on a first come, first serve basis, with the exception of the designated office parking spaces.
Repair and/or washing of vehicles on the property is prohibited. The speed limit in the complex
is 5 MPH.
11. Pest Control is provided by the Association. Treatment of all units is mandatory. Check the
Bulletin Board in the Laundry Room for the current schedule.
12. Alcohol and drug use or possession is prohibited in all common areas.
13. Residents may make a written request to use the Clubhouse for a private, non-business
function during the normal hours of operation. Requests for 12 or less guests may be
approved by Management and a $100.00 cleaning deposit is required. Requests for groups
larger than 12 must be approved by the Board of Directors and the cleaning and damage
deposit required will be determined by the Board.
14. No open containers of alcohol or drinking of alcohol on the common property.
15. The Association reserves the right to remove anyone from Sierra Condominium property who
disregards the Rules and Regulations or is causing problems and/or disturbances.
16. No sitting on the stairs.
17. No loitering or gathering on walkways.
18. No smoking within 30 feet of the apartments.
19. Residents are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests and must be sure their
guests abide by the Association Rules and Regulations.

Pool use is restricted to residents and guests accompanied by residents. Non-residents not
accompanied by a resident will be required to leave the property. Only 2 guests at a time are allowed
per unit. The approved bathing load for the pool is only 18 persons.
Please familiarize yourself with the rules and be sure your guests are informed of the rules. You are
responsible for the actions and conduct of your guests. Blatant violation of the ban of alcohol and
drugs, or any of the pool rules, will result in the pool being closed for the day, regardless of the hour.
Repeated violation of the pool rules or entering the pool area after the gates are locked, will result in
the violator being permanently banned from use if the pool.

Hours of operation are 9:00 am until Dusk, weather permitting.


Everyone must shower before entering the pool.


Appropriate swimwear is required. Thong Bikinis and street clothes are prohibited.


Anyone with open sores or bandages and babies in diapers are prohibited.


Diving, pushing, jumping & throwing are prohibited.


Do not bounce or swing on the ladder or handrail.


Toys and floats, other than lifesaving devices or childrens swimming aids, are prohibited.


The life ring is to be used for lifesaving purposes only.


Food, alcohol and drugs are prohibited in the pool area.


Glass containers of any type are prohibited.


All chairs, lounges and tables must be kept at least 4 feet from the edge of the pool.


Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, at all times, while in
the pool area.


Occasional guests are permitted, but limited to two per apartment and guests must be
accompanied by the resident.


Radios/music must be kept at a reasonable level.


Trash, cans and cigarettes must be disposed of in proper receptacles.


Adherence to all state mandated health department rules is required.


AT & T


PLEASE NOTE: Basic cable service is provided by the Association. If you elect to add other
services from Comcast, it is important to mention this with the account activation specialist.
Failure to pay for your additional Comcast services (such as premium channels or internet
service) will likely result in the interruption of your basic television service. This is caused by
Comcast and you must deal with them to resolve the problem.