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An Examination of the Concepts of Self-Assessments

A Discussion of Personal Self-Assessment Results
Angelina Spaulding
OGL 200: Introduction to Organizational Leadership
College of Letters and Sciences
Arizona State University

An Examination of the Concepts of Self-Assessments

A Discussion of Personal Self-Assessment Results

What is the value of completing self-assessments such as the ones in the Managers
Anytime a person can take a step back and review their own personal growth and
development the results will likely be positive, because it provides an individual with a moment
to have greater awareness of ones self. One great way to review your personal work habits and
beliefs is through self-assessment. Self-assignments can come in many forms. We can take
tests that ask specific questions about our behavior, or we can take a step back and reflect on
our own behaviors and actions in any given moment. Self-assessments help people understand
different aspects of their daily lives. Within the business world, self-assignments help leaders
become more aware of the working environment around them and how it affects personal work
Self-assessment tools help a manager to be proactive, rather than reactive. Managers
and employees work in the same physical environment. However, a manager may find that
their physical environment to be suitable for completing the demands of a job, whereas, an
employee may find that the physical environment is not conducive to completing the tasks at
hand. Self-assessments help to spot if the physical work environment is one that should be
changed or maintained based on the results of the assessment.
Self-assessments can also help organizations to better understand the basic needs of
their employees. This can be done by identifying the aspects of an employee's work can be
considered to be the most important to the individual. Maybe a person is motivated by their
compensation package, whereas another employee may be motivated by the opportunity for a
future within their current company?

Self-assessments help to bring important needs of employees to the surface. These

types of assessments can help organizations develop better programs or implement different
systems based on feedback. Self-assessments are non-intrusive surveys that help
organizations; managers and subordinates communicate their needs and desires to those that
have the best opportunity to promote change.
On which dimensions of the job satisfaction self-assessment did you score the highest? The
lowest? Do you agree with the results? What insights do these results provide for you in
enhancing your self-awareness and understanding of your personality?
The two highest scores received on the Job Satisfaction self-assessment were for Kind
of Work (4.5) and Organization (5). These two scores are not surprising. The kind of work that I
am responsible for is continually changing. The demand for the completion of specific tasks
various depending greatly on the needs of the business at any given moment. In addition, the
type of work that I complete provides direct interaction with clients. This gives me an amazing
opportunity to develop and build relationships with a wide range of people. I am continuously
communicating with peers, superiors and guests.
In regards to the Organization, I could not be more pleased. I work for an international
cooperation that prides itself on investing in its people for future success for the individual.
When responding to the questioner, one major factor that made me strongly agree with the
questions of happiness with my organization was the fact that I am sitting here at this very
moment going to school. Which was facilitated mainly by my organizations new benefit
However, it is important to point out that one of the lowest scores on my self-assessment
was in regards to Pay (2). The school program, 401 (k), stock options and medical benefits is
part of my overall pay package. Yet, I still view my immediate pay as insufficient. A new system
has been recently added that provides a more direct form of compensation, however I have yet
to feel the impact of that new system. As an employee I am looking at the organization as a
whole in a positive light. With the recent introduction of the updated compensation package this

makes me believe that my organization is trying to do what is best for the employee. However,
this system is less than a month old and the benefit has not yet had the chance to be effective.

I maintain my position within my company strictly for need-based reasons. I require the
benefits that the organization provides. However, I am also motivated to look for another
position within the company, or outside of the company, to meet another need based driven
motivation; which is my direct financial compensation. Since I have seen a change in the
system within the organization, I have reverted my intensity for the looking for another position
and changed direction to focus more on learning to see what will happen with my new
compensation package within the company.

How could you use the job satisfaction self-assessment to be a more effective manager of
employees in the real world?
Any organization, regardless of their size, that conducts a job satisfaction selfassessment has put themselves in a great place to determine the motivations of the employees.
Every employees motivations are different. However, with the use of the self-assessment tool
managers at any level most likely will have a clearer picture as to what is the general overall
motivation of a group.
Organizations can learn where funds should be allocated that would best meet the
needs of the business through the use of self-assessments. For example, what if I an
organization have realized that co-works are not working well together. A management team
can make it a point to conduct more group building activities. Activities like having an in office
catered lunch, which will help facilitate conversation in a more relaxed environment. Or, to have
a group dynamics coach come into the office for a seminar to help employees learn to better

Organizations can also learn that employees may desire more training, or advancement
opportunities within the business. When a business analyzes information in regards to
employee workload, employee supervision, employee training or employee career goals an
organization can learn how to better address the needs of the masses. If employees feel they
require more training to complete their job, then the survey can help bring that information to
light. This would then give the company the opportunity to look at the current systems in place
to see if the old system of training should be updated or if the system itself should be renewed
all together.
Training employees to do their job better and more confidently can help increase
production. Implementing a manager in training program. Manager training programs help to
promote the idea of employee investment and the strong chance for a future career within the
organization. As well, these programs give employees the feeling of job security, which can
help result in lower employee turnover.
Organizations that use job self-assessment surveys have the opportunity to learn what
motivates their employees. Systems can be developed that can help drive their intensity
towards certain targets, which help to lead to overall organizational success. Job selfassessment tools are useful tools for any organization of any size.
On which dimensions of the motivation style self-assessment did you score the highest? The
lowest? Do you agree with the results? What insights do these results provide for you in
enhancing your self-awareness and understanding of your personality and leadership style?
The motivation self-assessment looks at three different aspects of the manager to
subordinate relationship. The two aspects that I scored the lowest on, Theory Y vs. Theory X
(2.8) and Employee Participation (2.9), were the most surprising in the assessment.
First, Theory Y vs. Theory X. Every person is motivated in different ways and for
different reasons. However, prior to this assessment I was under the impression that I believed
that most people are generally self-driven and are committed to being overall successful. Yet,
when I reviewed my results I learned that I believe that most people need to be driven by an

outside source. As well, I realize that I believe that most people need to be directed toward the
completion of tasks. Guided towards an appropriate level of intensity to have those tasks
completed in a timely and professional manner. This would lead me to believe that when I am
attempting to motivate a group that I would be more goal driven in my management style.
Another reason that shows I am a more goal driven in regards to motivation is the fact
that I also believe that employee participation is important. But, at the same time employee
participation needs to be guided more through formal management rather than employees.
If I were to manage a project I would set specific goals, to ensure that everyone in the
group understood their roles. I would do my best to ensure that no employee would have any
confusion as to what their set responsibility would be at any given time. I would also let them
know that if any confusion did arise to please reach out to me by email, or if the matter is urgent
to call or come to my office. I would also calendar out my expectations for due dates with my
employees, and let them know when to expect me to check in on their respective progress.
This would help provide a timetable for completion and understanding of everyones
It is also important to have the employee involved in the layout of the completion of a
project. Have the employee set their own goals for the task, as well as, be involved in the
overall goal setting, execution and delegation of project needs along with the group. Employees
are important aspects of any project and utilizing the human capital of a group is essential to
any organization's overall success.
Another way to help motivate employees is by helping the employee find a portion of the
project to be a valuable buy in on the assignments completion. The employee could help set his
or her own goals and then develop their own reward system. Giving the employee the chance
to set their own expectations for themselves helps to empower an employee; but also sets
expectations for the manager. In addition, good managerial practices would support motivation

by providing recognition on the personal level and the public level within the group or the
This motivational assessment made me really think about my leadership style. This
assessment helped me to realize how I would help employees see their importance within their
own company. The assessment also gave insight on how I can motivate others to develop
intensity to drive the need to meet targeted goals. After the completion of this assessment I
have a very different understanding of my preferred managerial style.

How could you use the motivation style self-assessment to be a more effective manager of
employees in the real world?
The motivation self-assessment is a great tool for managers to use within the real world.
It gives managers the opportunity to step back and evaluate their personal thoughts and
actions in regards to how subordinates are motivated. This form of self-assessment can open
up a managers perspective of how they are executing projects within their group.
This form of assessment gives managers the chance to be self-respective and bring to
light areas of their personal management style that may not have been very clear through
everyday choices. Managers have the chance to understand what they do well, or expose other
managerial tactics that they themselves may have never considered using within their own
group. This assessment can also analyze what motivational tactics that the manager uses.
May be a manager has a specific group that is motivated best under the learned theory. For
example, if an employee starts having poor attendance that the employee may be documented
and reprimanded for their actions. That employee will learn that if they continue to show up late
for work that they may be asked to leave the organization with so many documented late
The motivation self-assessment tool can be a very useful for managers to help develop a
more positive work environment for employees. Managers may also become aware of different

areas of their own management style that may not be helping the overall organization. This tool
can help managers reach a level of self-realization that can aid in facilitating a stronger manager
to subordinate relationship within an organization.