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Student Name: Ryan Moore

Date: 6/17/16
Artifact Description: Music in you take a song and change the lyrics to a
knowledgeable song that is appropriate for the grade/subject I plan to teach, while
keeping the same vocal melody and chords.
What you learned about your Multiple Intelligence results (include the scores from
the survey): My top three highest scores on the Multiple Intelligences test were
Naturalistic (100%), Musical (100%), and Linguistic (83%). After that was Visual-Spatial
(75%) and Intrapersonal (75%). Followed by that was Interpersonal (69%) and LogicalMathematical (63%). The subject I scored lowest in was Bodily-Kinesthetic (50%). It
makes sense that this is my lowest score, for I am not very sport oriented or dancing
oriented. Having Naturalistic as my highest score does make sense, as I truly do
understand nature and have a vast fascination in its beauty. Musical also scored just as
high, as I do spend most of my time playing guitar and learning about musical theory. I
have always found studying to music to be easier, and it keeps me more on track.
National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS)S Addressed:
Standard 1 Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop
innovative products and processes using technology.
Application of Skills Learned for the Future: I absolutely loved this activity. I think it
is a very fun and effective way to get students to think creatively about what they will be
reading in class. By turning it into a song, students are studying the plot of what they are
reading, for example Hamlet, which I used for this artifact.