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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership / M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 5324 Integrating Technology into Education
Name: Aydogan Altun

Date: 06/05/2016

Dogan, B., & Almus, K. (2014). School Administrators Use of iPads: Impact of Training
and Attitudes Toward School Use.Computers in the Schools, 31(3), 233250.
Research Questions (if research questions are not specifically mentioned, what is the
theoretical background or overarching theme):
There are three research questions listed in this study as follows:
1. What is the impact of the training process on school administrators use
of iPads for administrative tasks and personal organization in their professional duties?
2. What is the impact of the training process on school administrators beliefs regarding
how teachers should use iPads in the classroom?
3. Are there any differences in school administrators survey responses based on gender,
age, years of experience in school administration and education, highest degree attained,
school classification, or school size?
Purpose of the research:
The purpose of this study is to see the effects of school administrators` iPad usage and
impacts of receiving specific iPad training on school administrators attitudes toward iPad
What is the methodology for the research or the approach used to understand the
issue? Provide information regarding the following:
A total of 51 elementary and secondary school administrators using iPads provided by the
school system. The organization is one of the largest charter school system in southwest
states. Participation in this study is volunteer based.
Participants were reached by email, and approached to finish consent form for this
research. At that point they are given a pre-review, which is around an instructional

meeting on the effective utilization of iPads for administrative duties and individual
association, extending the subjects secured in the instructional meeting, on-going
backing, and a post-survey. Toward the end, post surveys are given to the participants.
This post survey was about inquiries planned to quantify self-reported enhancements in
certain duties in the wake of finishing the preparation, and also things with respect to the
assessment of instructional course and assets gave to school administrators throughout
the study.
Data Collection Methods/Data Source:
Internet based questionnaires are used. E-mails and online surveys are used by
participants .
Data Analysis:
There are several methods used for data analysis. They are listed below:
-To find the difference between pre and post surveys paired sample t-test was used.
-To see if there were any differences in school administrators answers by age, gender,
years of experience in education and school administration, highest degree achieved,
school organization, and school size, a one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test was
-As a last data analysis method in this study SPSS software was used.
Findings or Results (or main points of the article):
When we look at to the paired sample t-test results we see the following number results:
-Mean score on the post-survey is 4.27 and the mean score on the pre-survey is 3.73.
There is a significant difference between those two numbers. The mean score on the postsurvey is significantly higher than the mean score on the pre-survey. According to these
results the overall training process in this study had a statistically significant effect on
participants opinions about the efficiency of iPads as an instrument for administrative
tasks and personal organization.
On the other hand, there are no significant differences found when it is used to see the
change between in school administrators responses by gender, age, years of experience
in school administration and education, highest degree achieved, school classification,
and school size.
Conclusions/Implications (for your profession):
According to results, school administrators believed that iPads were operational
tools for administrative tasks and personal organization. This study proved that the
school administrators` opinions about the effect of iPad usage was right. Moreover,
school administrators were much more in concurrence with this thought in the wake of
finishing the preparation procedure. By and large, there were expansions in the
recurrence of school overseers' utilization of the iPad for regulatory duties and individual
association in every single measured area.

Students Reflections (changes to your understanding; implications for your
I would like to say that it was a very useful study. Because the technology is improving
everyday and we need to implement it in the school. For me iPad is one of the best
technological tools for education and other areas. I was thinking the same as most of the
administrators attending in this study that the effects of using iPad in administrative
duties are very positive. Secondly, getting trainings to enhance usage of it is very
important too.