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Chemical Science: Year 3 Assessment Rubric

Natural and Processed Materials have a range of physical properties; these properties can influence their use (ACSSU074).
Achievement Standard: Applies the observable properties of materials to explain how objects and materials can be used.
Describe and compare
the properties of

Uses scientific
terminology to describe
and compare a variety of
properties and uses of

Students can describe
materials and compare a
variety of their properties.

Students can make simple
observations of properties
of a particular material.

Students can identify
properties of materials but
not in the correct context.

Identify and make

connections between
materials and its

Students can explain in

detail using scientific
terminology, why the
properties of a material
make it suitable for a
particular use.
Demonstrating 2-3

Students can explain why

the properties of a
material makeit suitable
for a particular use.
Demonstrating 1-2

Students can identify

simple observations of the
properties and uses of a

Students can identify

different materials and its
property but not in the
correct context.

Describe and
differentiate between a
natural material and
processed material.

Students correctly
labelled natural or
processed material,
elaborating on the

Students labelled correctly

either natural and
processed in detail.

Students correctly labelled

either natural or
processed materials.

Labels of natural and

processed materials are
used but not in the correct

Use scientific
vocabulary about
materials and

Students fluently
implemented correct
scientific terminology.

Students incorporated
scientific terminology
when necessary.

Students often implement

science vocabulary
throughout the unit.

Students struggled to
understand and
implement science

Students were always

engaged and always
actively participated in
discussions throughout
the unit.
Students presented an
annotated house
representing in depth
detail of their new
knowledge over the unit.

Students were engaged

and actively participated
in discussions.

Students were engaged

and often participated in
class discussion
throughout the unit.

Students were disengaged in class

throughout the unit.

Students created an
annotated drawing
demonstrating their

Students presented an
annotated housedemonstrating simple
brief of their knowledge.

Students struggled to
demonstrate their
knowledge through an
annotated image.

Contribute to
discussion about
properties and uses of
Create an annotated
drawing to represent
what they know about
the properties and how
they relate to their