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EFY Expo show directory February 2014

C h i e f

G u e s t

J Satyanarayana, IAS,
secretary, Department of
Electronics and Information Technology,
Government of India

J Satyanarayana assumed the office of Secretary to the Government of India,

Department of Electronics and Information Technology on March 14, 2012. A
member of the Indian Administrative Service (1977 batch), Andhra Pradesh Cadre,
Satyanarayana was Special Chief Secretary to the government of Andhra Pradesh
before taking on this current assignment. During his various assignments in Andhra
Pradesh, he has served as Principal Secretary Health, Medical & Family Welfare
Department; Principal Secretary IT and Communications, and CEO of the National
Institute for Smart Government (NISG).
With an MSc in Physics and an MBA from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia),
Satyanarayana has made wide contributions in the field of e-governance. As the
founder of e-Seva, a one stop shop for citizen services, he was responsible for
mentoring NISG as a Centre of Excellence in e-government consultancy and
capacity building, leading to the formulation of e-governance and capacity building
roadmaps for the state governments and union territories in India.
He was responsible for the conceptualisation and development of large egovernment projects for various central and state government ministries, including
the extremely successful MCA 21 for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, e-Biz for
the Ministry of Industries, the Passport Seva Project for the Ministry of External
Affairs, Bangalore One and e-Procurement for the government of Karnataka, and
the Goa Broadband Network for the government of Goa. He has been instrumental
in training the political leaders and policy makers on the concepts and principles
of e-governance.
His books, titled, e-Government, the science of the possible and Managing
Transformation: Objectives to Outcomes capture his wide experience in the field of
e-governance and management. J Satyanarayana was honoured by the Council of
Ministers of Andhra Pradesh by the passing of an extraordinary resolution, placing
his services on record for the successful implementation of the CARD project, that
involved the computerisation of the Registration and Stamps Department in the
state, in 1998.


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory



G u e s t

o f

H o n o u r

Hari Ranjan Rao, IAS (MP-1994)

secretary, Chief Ministers Office and DIT,
Government of Madhya Pradesh;
MP State Electronics Dev Corp Ltd, MD;


Hari Ranjan Rao belongs to the 1994 batch of the Indian

Administrative Service (IAS). He is an administrator by profession, and
is qualified as an electronics and telecommunications engineer. He
takes a keen interest in development works and keeps himself abreast
with the latest technology updates. His contributions in the areas of IT
applications in government have been widely appreciated, and have
won several national and international awards for the state of Madhya
Shri Rao is an officer with about 20 years of work experience in the IAS.
He has handled various assignments such as additional commissioner
for commercial tax, district collector, project director in the urban
administration department and managing director of MP State Tourism
Development Corporation. Besides being the secretary in the office of
the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, he is also the secretary in the
departments of Information Technology and Public Service Management
for the state, MD of the MP State Electronics Development Corporation,
and CEO of the Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information
Technology [MAP_IT]. He is the chairman of MPOnline Ltd (a joint
venture company between the government of Madhya Pradesh and Tata
Consultancy Services) and a member on the Board of Governors of
IIITDM, Jabalpur and IIITM, Gwalior.

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

o f

H o n o u r

Dr Ajay Kumar, IAS

joint secretary, Department of
Electronics and Information Technology,
Government of India

Dr Ajay Kumar is a member of the Indian Administrative Service (1985 batch). As the
Joint Secretary in the Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government
of India, Dr Kumar is currently responsible for the promotion of the electronics hardware
industry, the development of human resource for IT and electronics, as well as the development of e-infrastructure and e-learning initiatives in the country.
In his previous posting as the Principal Secretary for the Information Technology Department, Government of Kerala, his significant achievements included: IT investments in
the state growing to three times the national average during the period; scaling up of
e-governance initiatives within the government; and a focus on several niche projects,
including mobile computing, cloud computing and open source computing.
Dr Ajay Kumar has received over 20 international and national awards for various e-governance initiatives including the Stockholm Challenge Award, the National E-governance
Award, the eIndia Award, the CSI-Nihilient Award, the Manthan Award, etc. He has also
won a citation by the Honble Prime Minister of India. His work has appeared in several
national and international journals/conferences.

G u e s t

He has earlier served as:

Secretary for the Industries Department, Government of Kerala

Managing Director, Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (KELTRON)

Managing Director, Kerala State Agricultural and Rural Development Bank

Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Sub-Divisional Magistrate and District Magistrate, Tellicherry and Palakkad,

Government of Kerala

Instructor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr Kumar has been a part of several international negotiation teams and working groups to
discuss border trade, boundary disputes and other issues promoting mutual cooperation.
He has a PhD in Business Administration from the Carlson School of Management,
University of Minnesota, USA, and an M.S. in Applied Economics from the University of
Minnesota, USA. He has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of
Technology, Kanpur, India.


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


M e s s a g e


After taking a number of initiatives in the last two years to

boost domestic manufacturing of electronics, we are now
seeing their impact on the electronics industry, which is
significant. This year, we would like to take a fresh look at our
policies and treat 2014 as the year of Made in India products.
Wishful thinking will not take us anywhere. We need to
prioritise our efforts. We must focus on manufacturing 25 topselling electronic products in the country. It makes commercial
and economic sense to make these products and components
in India. If we are able to focus on these 20-25 products, there
should be a substantial change in the electronics industry by
the end of 2014.
We are happy to support EFY Expo 2014, as this platform will
help in creating awareness in the electronics industry about
the goals and targets of the government initiatives, policies
and schemes.
I wish the event all the best and am hopeful that it would be
able to contribute to the growth of the industry.

J Satyanarayana
secretary, Department of
Electronics and Information Technology,
Government of India


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

M e s s a g e

Over the last one-and-a-half years, significant progress has been made in the Electronic
System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) landscape. It has been decided to declare 2014
as the Made in India year to consolidate the growth of the Electronics India brand, and
build on the foundation of new policy initiatives announced by the Central government.
The long cherished hope of setting up a semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility
(fab) in the country has come closer to reality, with the cabinet giving the go ahead to
two consortia to set up fabs in India.
Investments under MSIPS are another major development, with 28 proposals involving
fresh investments of nearly Rs 135 billion having been received during the past one
year. Approvals of these are in different stages of being processed.
Electronics manufacturing clusters (EMC) is another big initiative introduced by the
government and this is moving ahead with great momentum. Seven greenfield EMCs
have already been granted approval by DeitY.
The EFY Expo is in sync with our objective of taking the Indian electronics industry ahead.
We have been supporting EFY Expo for the past two years as it provides an ideal platform to
accelerate the growth of the electronics industry in India. The EFY Expo is a perfect meeting
ground for potential suppliers, buyers and consumers to exchange ideas. Companies engaged in electronics can benefit from this platform as it engages the complete ecosystem.
I extend my best wishes for the success of the EFY Expo 2014.

Dr Ajay Kumar
joint secretary, Department of Electronics and
Information Technology (DeitY)
Government of India


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


M e s s a g e


I am delighted to witness the growth and progress of the Electronics For You Expo,
and keenly look forward to its 4th edition that opens on February 20, 2014, at Pragati
Maidan, New Delhi.
As a partner of EFY, ELCINA is committed to developing the EFY Expo into a high value
platform for the Indian industry, as well as for international players interested in the Indian market and ESDM sector. ELCINA is confident that the 4th EFY Expo will be a grand
success and welcomes all the participants.
The Expo focuses on electronic components, assemblies, EMS, LED, as well as capital
equipment. This year, a Green Electronics Zone has been created in addition to the
special zones for innovators, designers, manufacturers and engineers. This will bring
together the business and technology aspects of electronics on one platform.
As in the earlier editions, ELCINA will organise a one-day CEO Summit during the
Expo, to enable industry leaders to share their vision with all stakeholders. ELCINA is
also organising a buyer-seller meet to support sourcing from domestic manufacturers
and facilitate matchmaking. I invite the electronics community to participate in the Expo,
and the workshops and conferences being organised at the event.
ELCINA, through its initiative to develop EMC clusters, is committed to establishing
Indias own dedicated manufacturing platform, which will support and help create an
ecosystem to catalyse the growth of high value-added electronics manufacturing in the
I wish EFY Expo 2014 great success, and am sure that it will continue to grow and
achieve its objective of bridging the gap between manufacturing and consumption in the

Subhash Goyal


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

M e s s a g e

The Indian market is going to expand rapidly, and the challenge will be in
how Indian manufacturers gear up to tap this market. India may well emerge
as a strong manufacturing base, provided the government handholds the
industry and creates an atmosphere conducive for manufacturing.
There is a need to create demand for ICT products in India and build a globally competitive, standards-compliant, ethical and healthy ICT ecosystem.
Another critical requirement for the growth of the ICT sector in the country is
green IT practices - particularly the promotion of sustainable and environmentally sound e-waste management.
The rural sector in India is largely untapped and has great potential to grow
in terms of IT penetration and, hence, presents a lot of opportunities for the
entire industry, including the channel community.
I compliment EFY on organising the EFY Expo 2014, which will certainly
help the industry showcase its products and services. I wish this endeavour
all success!

Anwar Shirpurwala
executive director


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


M e s s a g e


The electronics and computer software services industry is continuing to play a key
role in Indias exports, which are on the high growth path. Indias electronics and ICT
entrepreneurs are setting high standards by competing in the global arena and crafting
new market niches for their products and services.
The growing recognition of Indian capabilities in the knowledge-based industry and a
congenial business environment enabled by proactive government policies is indeed
paying rich dividends to the country.
Electronics hardware exports, too, have shown some resurgence in the recent past; however, a stronger push is required to strengthen the hardware manufacturing base in the
country, as competition is getting intense with the emergence of several other players.
India needs to build up a strong hardware base to remain strong in the software field.
The demand for electronics in India will be worth around US$ 400 billion by the year
2020. The main segments contributing to this growth will be wireless, consumer electronics, aerospace and defence, medical devices, identification and security solutions.
Consumer electronics goods will account for the largest slice of this market, followed
by communications and broadcasting equipment. While domestic consumption will
continue to be the main driver of Indias electronics industry, it is expected that export
opportunities will also witness high growth. India exported electronics goods worth US$
8.14 billion in 2012-13.
We are sure that the EFY Expo will project India as a reliable source of hardware suppliers
and also a preferred destination for hardware manufacturing. There exist excellent opportunities for the relocation of hardware manufacturing from various other countries to India.
I wish the EFY Expo is a grand success.

D K Sareen
executive director


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

sign * Ma






re * Ass


M e s s a g e


On behalf of the Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA), it gives me

great pleasure to congratulate the EFY Group on the organisation of the
4th Electronics For You Expo (EFY Expo) 2014.
The EFY Expo is definitely a unique event, as it focuses on the entire
ecosystem for electronics in India. As a result, it witnesses an overwhelming gathering of visitors from the electronics industry. The Expo
also provides a comprehensive platform for updating visitors on the
latest innovations in the electronics industry.
We are extremely glad to have the EFY Group as our media and marketing partner for the IPCA-EFY Expo 2014 scheduled in Pune from
August 6-8, 2014.
We convey our best wishes and complete support for the success of this

Viral Bhulani
Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA)


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


M e s s a g e


The EFY Expo, which we have supported for many years, is

one of the best opportunities for technology providers from
Taiwan to meet their clients and agents in India. We are very
enthusiastic about the show this year, and we do believe
more industrial co-operation between Taiwan and India will be
enabled through the EFY Expo 2014.

David W J Chen
Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

M e s s a g e

At this time, at the grand opening of the EFY Expo 2014, I would like to sincerely
congratulate the organisers, EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd. I also extend a warm welcome to exhibitors and visitors from across the world on behalf of China Electronics International Exhibition and Advertising Co Ltd.
As one of the pioneering professional exhibition companies in the Chinese
mainland, we have kept our focus on exhibitions for the electronics industry for
over two decades. We have successfully organised nearly 1000 international fairs
all over the world, based on the professional electronics exhibition we organise in
China, which is today a well-known and influential event in the Chinese electronics industry.
India and China are important trading partners. The electronics market in India
and South Asia is an emerging one and is very attractive to mainland Chinese
We are immensely pleased that the EFY Expo has improved in terms of scale,
influence and quality, and that there have been more and more high-level and
high-end exhibits that are made in China and created by China. Its gratifying
that we can contribute to it.
Wishing the EFY Expo 2014 complete success.

Wang Ying
general manager
China Electronics International Exhibition and Advertising Co Ltd


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


M e s s a g e


We are currently going through an exciting phase in the Indian

electronics industry, with a lot of changes in the internal and
external business environments. Technology continues to
change at an equally fast pace and the adaptability of new
technologies brings in new challenges to the industry.
At this juncture, the EFY Expo 2014 presents a platform for
professionals across disciplines within the ESDM industry to
share ideas, network and explore immense opportunities.
We, at SMTA India Chapter, support this initiative of the EFY
Group and wish the organisers and participants all success.
With regards

Rajeev Kulkarni
SMTA India Chapter


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

M e s s a g e


Dear Friends,
With your blessings, the Electronics For You Expo India has
become a regular annual event, which most participants and
visitors look forward to. We are proud to present to you the
fourth edition of the Expo, which is also popularly known as
EFY Expo, for brevity.
As you would notice, every year we try to introduce some new
features at this Expo, based on your valuable suggestions. This
year, we are introducing a conference on LED manufacturing.
With LED lighting gaining popularity, the demand for LEDs is
bound to increase many-fold in the coming years. So this is
the right time to start thinking of their manufacture in India in
larger numbers.
Of course, all the previous features of the Expo are being
retained. Such as, a live SMT line, like last year; a section devoted to test and measurement equipment; the second edition
of eRocks with a special demo showcase pavilion; and the
CEO Conclave and Buyer-Seller Meets. Besides, there will be a
seminar on How to sell to the government and best practices
in public procurement.
This year, we are fortunate to get the support of the Department
of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications & IT,
Government of India, besides the support of the Department of
Electronics and IT (DeitY). Of course, ELCINA continues to be
our valuable Exhibition & Knowledge partner since the inception of EFY Expo. The support of NSIC, in particular, has been


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

found very valuable by some of the exhibitors in EFY Expo; so we

are glad NSIC has supported us this year too.
There are many more who have been contributing to the success
of EFY Expo as partners and sponsors. Being primarily a media
house ourselves, we highly value the support extended to us by
our valued media partners also. We are grateful to all our partners
and sponsors for their support in making EFY Expo a fruitful exercise in the promotion of the electronics industry and in building
a complete ecosystem in India, comprising innovation, design,
manufacture and sourcing.
Our vision of having an Indian electronics exhibition that we can
all be proud of seems to be taking shape, slowly but steadily. Of
course, a lot more needs to be done, which we would definitely
like to do with your continued support. The EFY Expo being an
indigenous initiative, we are sure you would like to make it your
first choice in India.
Thanking you once again, and with best wishes to all of you,
Yours truly,

Ramesh Chopra
executive chairman, EFY Group


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


expo overview


4th Edition
Electronics for You Expo 2014
An Indian Exhibition For The
Global Electronics Industry
February 20-22, 2014, Hall No 6, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

lectronics for You Expo (EFY Expo) is the only

electronics event that covers the entire ecosystem of the electronics industry, as it focuses
on the electronics value chain, including components,
parts, materials, manufacturing services and equipment.
Every year, the Expo highlights the strengths of the
domestic electronics market along with providing the
global electronics industry with a stable Indian platform
to showcase their products and services. The needs of
foreign companies wishing to do business in India and
to set up shop here could be met by this annual Expo.
We, therefore, aim to take EFY Expo 2014 one step ahead
as the catalyst for the growth of the Indian electronics
Aiming to raise the bar, the organisers of the fourth
edition of EFY Expo, which is to be held from February
20-22, in New Delhi, have roped in more exhibitors and
added more value to the event. Like its earlier editions,
the show will be a comprehensive and ideal platform
for the electronics industry, where the exhibitors would
include innovators, designers, manufacturers and suppliers. Just as the EFY Expo 2013 turned out to be the
most visited electronics expo to date, we expect the
2014 edition of the Expo to break last years record, in
terms of footfalls.

EFY Expo 2013 was a big success!

If you thought that the fear of the global economic slowdown had affected the spirit of the Indian electronics
industry, you should have visited EFY Expo 2013. With
over 200 exhibitors showcasing their products under
one roof, this electronics exposition turned out to be an
apt platform for innovators, design engineers and manufacturers of electronic systems and components.
Kyoritsu Automation India Pvt Ltd, which is a supplier of
a wide range of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA)


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Key highlights of the 2014 show

The only electronics Expo supported by Department
of Electronics & IT (DeitY) and Department of
Telecom (DoT), Government of India
It is also supported by NSIC
The only annual electronics Expo that happens in
New Delhi
The only electronics Expo to be conducted in the
JFM quarter
Innovators Zone to showcase innovation
The Expo will have a live SMT line manufacturing
finished products
CEO Summit: The second sunrise of the ESDM
sector in India
Industry stalwarts and policy makers will be here
to discuss investment opportunities. Just what the
Indian electronics industry needs right now
Buyer-Seller Meet
The easiest and most convenient way to meet big
buyers face to face-a matchmaking process made
simple with the use of technology
Showcasing 3D Printers
Experience live demos of rapid prototyping equipment
like 3D printers, table-top SMT machines, etc, that
can help you design innovative products faster
T&M India 2014
Indias leading Test & Measurement equipment
providers will exhibit here
2nd Edition of Electronics Rocks
After the very successful Bengaluru edition,
eRocks is back with exciting talks on the Internet
of Things and rapid prototyping
EFY Seminar: A to Z about Manufacturing of
LED Products in India
For all those entrepreneurs interested in LED
manufacturing in India, this will be the most
useful conference in 2014
Mait-EFY Seminar: How to Sell to the Government
& Best Practices in Public Procurement
This is for businesses interested in selling goods
and services to the government and PSUs

4th edition of EFY Expo 2014 gets

Department of Telecoms support

he Department of Telecommunications (DoT),

Government of India, has extended its support
to EFY Expo 2014. DoTs support recognises
the fact that EFY Expo is turning out to be a major
platform for departments and associations to interact
with the Indian electronics industry.

and electronic equipment, received a good response

from buyers and visitors at the EFY Expo 2013. Shares
N Y Patil, managing director, Kyoritsu Automation, We
generated genuine and valuable leads at EFY Expo
2013. We are now looking forward to getting the same
response from EFY Expo 2014. We expect to do even
better than last year.
Says Ajay Gugnani, proprietor, Trade Corp, We had
meaningful discussions with most of the visitors who
participated in the Expo last year. We are very satisfied
with our experience at EFY Expo 2013, as we managed
to receive business orders worth about Rs 7 million.
Audience-packed conferences and seminars running in
parallel to the Expo provided an informative insight into
the Indian electronics industry. These proved beneficial
for senior decision-makers of the industry and design
engineers alike. With an impressive footfall of over
13,000 visitors, the show proved that the Indian electronics industry knows the art of surviving and flourishing even in the worst of situations.

EFY Expo 2014: All set for an

even better show
Till date, the fourth edition of the EFY Expo has generated
a better response when compared to the previous three
editions of the show, over the same booking period. The
number of companies exhibiting with us has gone up and
international participation has also increased this year.
This has been possible because of the huge success of EFY
Expo 2013 and the aggressive promotional marketing campaigns initiated by the EFY Group this year, which include advertisements in EFY Group publications, such as Electronics
For You and Electronics Bazaar along with online advertisements on our various portals, advertisements in leading national dailies, online advertising and promotion through popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

An Indian Expo for the global

electronics industry
No electronics exhibition is complete without an international
focus. Large scale participation of foreign companies is a
must to make an electronics expo successful. Keeping this
in mind, the EFY Expo team has made an all out effort to get
on board more foreign companies to participate in the fourth
editioneither as exhibitors or as buyers.
EFY Expo 2013 had witnessed a growth of 32 per cent in
international exhibitors. It had participants from Singapore,
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe, and
thus helped foreign and Indian players to network, interact
and explore business possibilities with each other.

Department of Electronics and IT supports EFY Expo 2014

epartment of Electronics and IT (DeitY) has, yet

again, extended its support to EFY Expo 2014.
DeitYs support is in recognition of the fact that
the EFY Expo is turning out to be a major platform for
government departments and industry associations to
interact with the Indian electronics industry. With both
the industry and government working towards establishing a manufacturing base in India, DeitY and DoTs
support for EFY Expo has come at the right time.
Rajoo Goel, secretary general, Elcina-Electronic Industries Association of India also hailed the development.
DeitY has consistently supported EFY Expo, encouraging us to make it a truly global platform. It will provide

vast opportunities to the manufacturers and stakeholders

in India. This is a recognition for EFY Expo as a key industry forum and it will help in attracting greater domestic
and international participation and would bring immense
value for all participants, he says.
Says Ramesh Chopra, founder and executive chairman,
EFY Group, DeitYs support to EFY Expo 2014 once again
confirms that our efforts to help in setting up a complete
ecosystem for the electronics industry in India are being
appreciated. There is no doubt in our minds that if we continue to get the support of DeitY and the other departments
like DoT, EFY Expo will soon be counted among the most
important annual events in the Asian region.


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory



Promotions for EFY Expo 2014

n the fast growing electronics industry, where expos are becoming an important marketing platform,
branding plays a major role. We refresh our strategies each year and try to come up with new marketing and promotional activities, with the sole aim of
making EFY Expo a platform that can contribute to the
growth of the electronics industry.
Every year, the EFY Group plans major promotional activities to inform the industry well in advance about this
mega electronics event. Working on the suggestions and

feedback received from the exhibitors of EFY Expo 2013,

we have taken up several initiatives for EFY Expo 2014:
Newspaper advertisements in leading national dailies
Invitations through various associations to bulk
buyers in the public and private sectors
International and domestic promotional email campaigns
Tele-calling activities to personally invite more
than a thousand senior decision makers
Engaging and involving industry leaders as speakers
and delegates at conferences and seminars

Electronics Design Showcase Pavilion

he Electronics Design Showcase Pavilion is a

special feature of EFY events, where innovative booths are designed specifically for showcasing demos of electronics applications. To make the
facility more user-friendly for senior decision makers
and design engineers, the booths are placed in clusters, where each cluster has a specific theme, such as
automation, industrial or rural electronics.
The main aim of the Electronics Design Showcase Pavilion is to provide a unique platform for senior decision
makers (CEOs and CTOs) and design engineers to experience live demos of innovative applications and cutting
edge technologies, enabling them to take decisions faster.

The testimonials from foreign participants have encouraged us to expand our global reach for EFY Expo 2014.
This year we have tied up with several foreign electronics associations. We already have three international
partners promoting this show in their countriesChina
Electronics International Exhibition & Advertising Co Ltd
(CEIEC), China Electronics Appliance Corp (CEAC), and
Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (TEEMA). This year we have participation from
countries like Tawan, China, Germany, USA and UK.

Benefits for exhibitors and visitors of

EFY Expo 2014
We, as organisers, have chalked out a detailed plan to
ensure that the exhibitors as well as visitors get the max-


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

In a nutshell, the Electronics Design Showcase Pavilion provides exhibitors complete flexibility to suit their
marketing goals and budgets. Participants can not only
choose the applications they want to demonstrate, but
can also select the cities where they want to target the
OEMs and design engineers. The first Electronics Design
Showcase Pavilion was successfully put up at Electronics Rocks 2013 held in Bengaluru, the second one was
put up at Electronics For You Expo West 2013 in Mumbai, and the third will be set up at the Electronics For
You Expo India 2014 in New Delhi. So exhibitors can not
only choose the applications they want to demonstrate,
but also select the cities they want to showcase these in.
imum benefit. From arranging a centrally located venue
and ensuring the necessary amenities, to promoting the
event and drawing visitors to the showwe are doing
everything to ensure a successful event.
All the leading suppliers and solutions providers
for electronics manufacturing will be present under
one roof. Hence, there are a plethora of business
opportunities for visitors to discover. If you are a
manufacturer, trader or buyer, the Expo promises
to be a treasure trove for you. Besides, there will be
conferences and seminars, where industry bigwigs
will enlighten you on how to expand your business.
Whats more, you can also have all your doubts and
business queries cleared during one to one meetings
at the Expo site.

he buyer-seller meet organised at EFY Expo 2013

was highly appreciated by the exhibitors as well as
the buyers who came to the Expo with different aims
and targets. Some of the big buyers last year included:
Anchor Panasonic
Bharat Electronics Ltd
Digital Circuits
Emerson Network Power
Fiem Industries
Intex Technologies
Jabil Circuit
Magneto Mareeli
Moser Baer
NTL Electronics
Samsung Asia

SGS Tekniks

According to Shailesh Mishra, head, technical regulations, Panasonic, The concept of the buyer-seller meetings is good. We came to the EFY Expo 2013 with an open
mind, with no one particular vendor as our focus. We got
4-5 good alternatives and we are in touch with those
vendors for business opportunities to materialise. Something that I really liked about the show was the choice of
vendors. Some of the vendors were RoHS certified, which
increases the trust value of the deal. We can comfortably
bank on such vendors. This is a clear difference between
the EFY Expo and the other electronics shows.
Avinash Deshmukh, senior manager, imports, Videocon, said, We were looking for the raw materials for
our products at EFY Expo 2013. We leveraged the Expo
to find some good alternatives to our existing vendors.
With the new alternatives in hand, we are sure we will be
able to strike better deals henceforth.

Live SMT Line at EFY Expo 2014

he big success of the live SMT line at the EFY

Expo 2013 has encouraged the organisers of the
EFY Expo to do something more challenging during the fourth edition of the Expo. The SMT players who
are participating in the live SMT line this year are planning to manufacture complete products on the SMT Line
at the Expo. It will be really exciting for visitors to actually
witness the production of PCBs taking place at the Expo.
This is the first time ever that visitors at an exhibition will
get the opportunity to see all the stages of electronics
manufacturing, live. The live SMT line will also showcase some of the latest equipment available in the Indian
market, making the EFY Expo a perfect platform for live
demonstrations. Electronics manufacturing companies
that are planning the expansion of their facilities and are

Companies participating in
the live SMT line
Sahasra Electronics Pvt Ltd
EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd
ASYS Group
Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd
Mectronics Marketing Services
looking for the latest SMT machines will find EFY Expo
2014 a great opportunity to see the latest machines in
action. Through these new initiatives, the EFY Expo team
aims to make this exhibition a very useful and informative one for the electronics industry.


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


buyer-seller meet

Buyer-seller meet at EFY Expo

T&M India


T&M India is back again

iding on its success at EFY Expo 2013, T&M

India is back with a bang at EFY Expo 2014.
It is sure to once again provide the perfect
platform for equipment buyers as they would get a
variety of brands to choose from, all under one roof.
The leading brands from this segment are present at
the show.
The increasing emphasis on the quality of products and
services delivered, as well as the need for accuracy and
timely results, is driving the growth of the test and meas-

urement (T&M) equipment market in India. Observing

this rising demand, we are providing a dedicated platform for those in the T&M industry to showcase their
products to the industry.
Some of the leading T&M firms that are participating in EFY Expo 2014 include Agilent Technologies,
Agmatel, Anritsu, Crown Electronics, Goodwill Instruments, Teledyne LeCroy, Metro Electronics, Micsig
Instruments, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz,
Signal Hawk, etc.

Sumit Sharma,
Good Will

regional manager, Anritsu
India Pvt Ltd

Mukul Pareek,
manager, Agilent

Manish Kwatra,
director, Metro

Nasser Jariwala,
head, business
Rohde & Schwarz
India Pvt Ltd

At the EFY Expo

2014, our aim will
be to spread awareness about our new
T&M technologies,
solutions and
our best-in-class
products. We hope
that the show will
scale new heights
by attracting more
and more visitors
and creating more
business opportunities for all. A
dedicated zone for
T&M players and
conferences under
the same roof will
add value for the
T&M players.

EFY is the leader in

the electronics industry and an association
with the EFY Expo
will increase our
reach in the electronics industry. The EFY
Expo 2014 will be
very beneficial for
the T&M players as
it caters to the entire
electronics ecosystem that includes
prospective buyers,
educational institutes,
distributors, etc. The
Expo provides us the
required platform to
grab new and lucrative opportunities.

Agilent Technologies has been a regular exhibitor at the

EFY Expo since its
inception. This show
provides us a good
platform to reach out
to a diverse range
of our customers in
the country. The EFY
Expo witnesses
tremendous participation from various
sectors such as the
government, R&D,
education, defence,
etc, which makes the
Expo an ideal platform for us to launch
our new products.

The EFY Expo is the

only show in India to
have a specific T&M
section and it has
been quite successful. We have been
participating since
the inception of the
Expo and have gained
a lot in terms of
brand awareness and
a customer connect
for our products.
This year, we will be
using the platform to
launch our new line
of products into the

We believe that EFY

will provide a unique
platform to bring
together the electronics manufacturing
industry, academia,
government bodies and vendors,
including T&M
suppliers. The EFY
Expo will help us to
showcase our new
range of products
targeted specifically
at quality-conscious
and price sensitive


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

events at a glance


Feb 20, 2014
MAIT-EFY Seminar:
How to Sell to the Government & Best Practices
in Public Procurement

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

10 am-5.45 pm

J Satyanarayana, secretary, DeitY,

to inaugurate EFY Expo 2014
Inaugural Programme:
The Road AheadManufacturing for Global
Leadership. Heralding the Era of Made in India

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

10.50 am-12.15 pm

Workshop on EMC Cluster & M-SIPS Policy

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

Feb 21, 2014

CEO Summit: The Second Sunrise for ESDM

Sector in India

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Seminar on ERP Software for PCBs

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Feb 22, 2014

EFY Seminar:
A to Z about Manufacturing of LED Products
in India

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

10 am-2 pm

eRocks Conference Delhi 2014

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

10 am-6 pm

COMSOL Workshop on Multiphysics for

Design of Electronics Devices

Hall No 6, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 11 am-1 pm

Workshop on EMC Cluster & M-SIPS Policy

Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,

12.00 pm-1.15 pm

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Log on to www.electronicsb2b.com and be in touch with the Electronics B2B Fraternity 24x7


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


inaugural Programme


J Satyanarayana, secretary, DeitY,

to inaugurate EFY Expo 2014
and industry associations to interact with the Indian
electronics industry.
J Satyanarayana became secretary, DeitY, on March 14,
2012. A member of the Indian Administrative Service (1977
batch), Andhra Pradesh cadre, Satyanarayana was special
chief secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh before
taking on this current assignment. During his various assignments in Andhra Pradesh, he has served as principal
secretary health, Medical & Family Welfare Department;
principal secretary, IT and Communications, and CEO of the
National Institute for Smart Government (NISG).

Satyanarayana, IAS, secretary, Department of

Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India, will inaugurate the
fourth edition of Electronics For You Expo 2014. DeitY has yet again extended its support to the Expo, in
recognition of the fact that the EFY Expo is turning out
to be a major platform for government departments

With an MSc in Physics and an MBA from the University

of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Satyanarayana has made innumerable contributions in the field of e-governance. As
the founder of e-Seva, a one stop shop for citizen services, he was responsible for mentoring NISG as a Centre
of Excellence in e-government consultancy and capacity
building, leading to the formulation of e-governance and
capacity building roadmaps for the state governments
and union territories in India.

EFY Expo 2014: Inaugural Programme

The Road Ahead: Manufacturing for Global Leadership
Heralding the Era of Made in India
Feb 20, 2014, Hall No 6, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Programme Schedule
10:50-11:00 am
11:00-11:05 am
11:05-11:15 am
11:15-11:30 am
11:30-11:45 am
11:45-12:00 pm
12:00-12:20 pm
12:20-12:30 pm


Lamp lighting
Welcome Address by Subhash Goyal, president, ELCINA & MD,
Digital Circuits
Address by Kenji Urai, managing director, Toshiba India Pvt Ltd
Address by Tamaki Tsukada, minister (economic), Embassy of Japan
Guest of HonourAjay Chowdhry, founder, HCL
Chief GuestJ Satyanarayanan, secretary, DeitY, Govt. of India
Vote of Thanks by Ramesh Chopra, executive chairman, EFY Group

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Feb 20, 2014, Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan,

New Delhi, 10 am-5:45 pm

f you are interested in selling your goods or services to the government and PSUs, this seminar will help you understand the procurement process. The seminar has been designed to help eliminate road blocks in doing business
with the Centre and state governments as well as PSUs.

Welcome Address
By Anwar Shirpurwala,
Executive Director, MAIT

Selling to the Government & Best

Practices in Public Procurement:
An Industry Perspective
Speaker: J V Ramamurthy, president, HCL


New Initiatives by DGS&D for
Procurement Process Simplification
Speaker: S N Srivastava, DDG (supply),
Co-opting the Right Processes to
Strengthen Public Procurement
Speaker: Sunil Soni, director general,
Bureau of Indian Standards
Challenges in Procurement and Best
Practices Adopted by PSUs
Speaker: Yuvaraj A R, additional
general manager, CMS division, Bharat
Electronics Ltd

How E-procurement can Deliver

Savings for the Exchequer
Speaker: Sanjay Aggarwal, director,
PPD, Dept of Expenditure, Ministry of
Finance, Govt of India
Empanelment of New Vendors/
Products: Speeding up the Process
Speaker: H R Sharma, DDG (QA),
Procurement of Test Equipment: A
Case Study of Best Practices
Speaker: Sudhir Singh, general
manager-sales, Agilent Technologies


Procurement Policy in Telecom Sector
Speaker: Rita Teaotia, additional secretary
(T), Department of Telecommunications,
Govt of India
Facilitating Technology Procurement
by the Indian Army
Speaker: Lt Gen Kochhar, Ministry of
Defence, Govt of India

State Procurement Process &

Bridging the Digital Divide: Worlds
Largest Electronics Procurement
Speaker: G S Naveen Kumar, special
secretary, IT & Electronics, Govt of Uttar


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


MAIT-EFY seminar

MAIT-EFY Seminar:

Ceo summit


CEO Summit: The Second Sunrise

for ESDM Sector in India
Feb 21, 2014, Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati
Maidan, New Delhi

t ELCINAs CEO Summit, you will get a chance to listen to and interact with industry leaders, policy makers
and influencers, and other key stakeholders of the Indian electronics ecosystem, enabling you to take informed
decisions about your business.

SESSION I: Inaugural SessionThe Road Ahead
Welcome Address
T Vasu, past president &
chairman, ELCINA Cluster
Committee & director,
Tandon Group

Inaugural Address
Vinod Sharma,
managing director, Deki
Electronics Ltd & past
president, ELCINA

Industry Address
Satish Kaura, CMD,
Samtel Group

Keynote Address
Banmali Agarwala,
president & CEO, GE
India & GE Energy

Guest of Honour
Hariranjan Rao, secretary,
Chief Ministers Office
& Dept of IT, Govt of
Madhya Pradesh

Chief Guest
Dr Ajay Kumar, joint
secretary, Department
of Electronics & IT,
Govt of India

SESSION II: Industry PerspectiveSectors Driving Demand

Session Chairman
Sanjiv Narayan, MD, SGS
Tekniks Manufacturing
Pvt Ltd & past president,
Speaker: Praveen
Gupta, director, NTL
Electronics Ltd

Speaker: Harsha Adya,

CEO, Wuerth Electronik

Speaker: Vivek
Sharma, regional
VP & director,

Speaker: Muthu Sivan,

VP & managing director,

Speaker: Pavan
Ranga, CEO,
Rangsons Electronics
Pvt Ltd

Speaker: Amrith
Prabhu, India country
manager, Philips
Lumileds Lighting

Speaker: Harish Chitale,

CEO, HCL Infosystems

SESSION III: Enabling Investment Opportunities through

National Policy on Electronics


Speaker: Amrit
Manwani, CMD, Sahasra
GroupLED Lighting

Speaker: Vikram
Desai, CMD,
Desai Electronics

Speaker: Prabhu P M,
managing director, Bosch
Automotive Electronics

Speaker: Ambrish
Bakaya, Samsung

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Speaker: Sanjay
Nayak, CEO,
Tejas Networks


Feb 22, 2014, Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan,

New Delhi, 10 am-6 pm

Rocks, just as the name suggests, is an exciting

conference thats quite unlike any other. It aims at
fuelling the desire to not just innovate, but also
put ideas into action in the real world.

So what happens here?

A lot! We begin by designing, testing and simulating
rough designs so as to create a working prototype, after
which we discover faster prototyping using 3D printers.
Then we explore, converting ideas into IoT prototypes
using Arduino and Android!

Following this is an exciting session on developing smart lighting control-cum-monitoring systems

based on the IoT, after which a speaker reveals coding
standards that help you secure your final embedded
IoT product.
We all know that theres no point in making a product
if it doesnt work in the real world. And that is why
our final session of the day will take you through
the complete process of how to set up a proper lab
at home.

Programme Schedule


10:00-11:00 Top 10 lessons to design, simulate and

test your prototype

UC Patnaik, managing
director, Projects N Training

11:10-12:10 3D printing, scanning and modelling

Karan Chaphekar, maker-in-chief,


12:20-13:00 Using 3D printers for rapid prototyping

Paul Anand, CEO, Biots Intelligent Devices



14:00-15:00 Convert your idea into a prototype using

Arduino & Android

Vinay Chadha, founder of GVC

Systems Pvt Ltd

15:10-16:00 How to develop smart lighting control and

monitoring systems

Udayabhaskar Rao Abburu, chief

operating officer, iRAM Technologies Pvt Ltd

16:10-17:00 Coding standards for secure embedded


Deepu Chandran, field

applications dngineer, LDRA
Technology Pvt Ltd

17:10-18:00 Labs @ home: Heres how to set them up! Kapil Kumar Garg, CEO, KC
Robotics & Embedded Pvt Ltd


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory


eRocks conference

eRocks Conference Delhi 2014

LED seminar


A to Z about Manufacturing of
LED Products in India
Feb 22, 2014, Hall No 6, First Floor, Pragati Maidan,
New Delhi, 10 am-2 pm

he LED products industry in India is still evolving, although it is sitting on a huge untapped market that is yet to
be explored. This seminar is a definitive platform that brings together LED manufacturers, importers, distributors and end users to discuss, manage and chart the future of this growing industry.

Topic: LED Lighting: How Technology
Trends are Opening Markets
Speaker: Amrith Prabhu, country
manager, Philips Lumiled

Topic: The Untapped Sectors and How

to Penetrate Them
Speaker: Sanjay Choudhary, vice
president, sales & marketing, SYSKA LED
Lights Pvt Ltd


Topic: LED Lighting Manufacturing: Need
for Co-ordination Between Research,
Development & the Consumer
Speaker: Ramadas Patil, head, SSL
business, Moser Baer

Topic: Role of Innovation and IP

in Boosting Manufacturing of LED
Speaker: Piyush Gahalaut, vice
president, technology, Surya Roshni Ltd

Topic: Manufacturing LED Products:

Best Practices
Speaker: Sandeep Singh, CMO,

Topic: Managing the Supply Chain for

LED Manufacturing: Best Practices
Speaker: Ajay Goel, CEO, Goldwyn Ltd

Topic: Improving Electronic Circuit

Reliability and Harsh Environment
Test Specification Design
Speaker: Chris Palin, EMEIA manager,

Topic: How to select the Right

Equipment for Manufacturing LED
Speaker: YB Kang, managing director,
YB Techsolution Pvt Ltd

Topic: How to Improve LED Lighting

Solutions to Meet Various Challenges
Speaker: Corey Deyalsingh, director,


EFY Expo show directory February 2014



Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
Visitor Bag Partner

Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt Ltd

Lanyard Partner

MP State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd

State Partner

COMSOL Multiphysics

Workshop Partner

Agmatel India Pvt Ltd/

Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Anritsu India Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

ASYS Group Asia Pte Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Exide Industries Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Good Will Instrument Co Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Juki India Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

LDRA Technology Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Mectronics Marketing Services

Associate Level Partner

Metro Electronics Products

Associate Level Partner

Sahasra Electronics Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Tektronix (India) Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

Teledyne LeCroy

Associate Level Partner

Trade Corp

Associate Level Partner

Transtechnology India Pvt Ltd

Associate Level Partner

World Phone Internet Services Private Limited

Internet Partner

Vantage Integrated Security Solutions

Security Partner

Simmtronics Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Internet Cafe Partner


EFY Expo show directory February 2014


List of

3Q Wire and Cable
Pvt Ltd
A2batt Inc
Advance Tech
Services Pvt Ltd
Agilent Technologies
India Pvt Ltd
Agmatel India Pvt Ltd
Aimil Ltd
Anant Enterprises
Anritsu India Pvt Ltd
Antrix Associates
Arrow Electronics
India Pvt Ltd
ASYS Group Asia
Pte Ltd
AVX / Kyocera
International Trading
Co Ltd
Bergen Associates
Pvt Ltd
Binary Semantics Ltd
BMC Components
Cermet Resistronics
Pvt Ltd
Changzhou Shunye
Electronics Co Ltd
Changzhou Tonghui
Electronic Co Ltd
Chibi General HighTech Industry Co Ltd
China Aviation
Optical Electrical


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Tech Co Ltd
China Electronics
Appliance Corp
Circuit Systems India
Ltd / PCB Power
Cirkit Electro
Components Pvt Ltd
Componix India
Multiphysics Pvt Ltd
Continental Device
India Limited
Crimptech Solutions
Crown Electronics
DDS International
Deki Electronics Ltd
Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd
Duggar Power
Products (P) Ltd
East West
Technologies Pvt Ltd
Electronics City
EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd
Components Ltd
Epoxy House
EVE Energy Co Ltd
Exide Industries
FCI OEN Connectors Ltd
Film Electronics
Pvt Ltd

Semiconductor India
Pvt Ltd
FTD Automation
Private Limited
G P Tronics Pvt Ltd
Genus Electrotech
GMR Krishnagiri
Goepel Electronics
India Pvt Ltd
Gola Electronics
Golden Jade
Electronics Limited
Good Will Instrument
Co Ltd
GzTy Ferro Star
Technologies Pvt Ltd
HK Wentworth
(India) Pvt Ltd
Humiseal Europe Ltd
I3 Indya Technologies
Intrinsic Solutions
Iota International
Juki India Pvt Ltd
Kyoritsu Electric India
Pvt Ltd
LDRA Technology
Pvt Ltd
Littelfuse Far East
Pte Ltd
MP State Electronics
Corporation Ltd

electronics for you expo 2014

Magus Sales and Services

Pvt Ltd (World Phone
Maxgtech Engineering
Pvt Ltd
Maxim SMT Technologies
Pvt Ltd
Mectronics Marketing
Megha Enterprises
Metro Electronic Products
Minmax Energy Technology
Co Ltd
Miracle Electronic Devices
Pvt Ltd
Naman Enterprises
NCSI (India) Private Limited
Nextgen Manufacturing
Services Pvt Ltd
NI Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Ningbo Aurich Electronics
Co Ltd
Olive Led Lights (P) Ltd
OM Circuits Boards
P S Bedi & Co Pvt Ltd
Paras Enterprises
Peach Technovations Pvt Ltd
Prosem Technology India
Pvt Ltd
Qmax Test Technologies
P Ltd
Quectel Wireless Solutions
Co Ltd
R. J. Industrial Corporation
Reliable Circuits
Renesas Electronics
Singapore Pte Ltd

Rohde & Schwarz India

Pvt Ltd
Royal Appliances
Sahasra Electronics Pvt Ltd
Saini Electronics
Saison Components &
Salicon Nano Technology
Pvt Ltd
Saru Smelting Pvt Ltd
SGS Tekniks Mfg Pvt Ltd
SGV Industries
Shanghai Everstars
Electronics Co Ltd
Shenzhen Micsig
Instruments Co Ltd
Shenzhen Morel
Equipments Co Ltd
Shenzhen Ruilongyuan
Electronics Co Ltd
Shenzhen Victor Hi-Tech
Co Ltd
Signal Hawk Electronics (P) Ltd
Silver Point Electronics
Electrical Co
Semiconductors Pvt Ltd
Sri City (P) Ltd
Subitron Solar System
Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd
Supreme Circuits
Synapse Techno Design
Innovations Pvt Ltd
Systellar Innovations
Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable
Co Ltd

Tachyon LED Solutions

Pvt Ltd
Teck International Pte Ltd
Tektronix (India) Pvt Ltd
Teledyne LeCroy
Tesca Technologies Pvt Ltd
Thinvent Technologies Pvt Ltd
Tianli Electrical Machinery
(Ningbo) Co Ltd
Toradex Systems (India)
Pvt Ltd
Trade Corp
Transtechnology India Pvt Ltd
Uday Enterprises
UL India Private Limited
Uni Connectronics
Vantage Integrated Security
Vasavi Electronics
Victor Component Systems
Pvt Ltd
Vidhata Electronics Private
Virginia Panel Corporation
Vishapa Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Vital Electrocomp
Wah Hong Industrial Corp
Wings Automobile Products
Pvt Ltd
Wonder Polymers Pvt Ltd
Wuxi Huahao Electric Co Ltd
Yontro Mechatronic Systech
Xiamen PRT Technology
Co Ltd
Zhejiang Jialong Electron
Co Ltd


February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Department of Electronics & Information Technology

The Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY), is a department under the
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. The mission of
the department is the e-development of India through a multi-pronged strategy of e-infrastructure
creation to facilitate and promote e-governance.
The department also aims to promote electronics and the Information Technology-Information
Technology Enabled Services (IT-ITeS) industry, providing support for the creation of innovation
hubs and R&D centres, building a Knowledge Network and securing Indias cyber space.
Objective of DeitY
e-Government: Providing e-infrastructure for delivery of e-services
e-Industry: Promotion of electronics hardware manufacturing and IT-ITeS industry
e-Innovation / R & D: Providing support for creation of innovation infrastructure in emerging areas
of technology
e-Education: Providing support for development of e-skills and knowledge network
e-Security: Securing Indias cyber space
Functions of DeitY
Allocation of business rules pertaining to DeitY
Policy matters relating to IT, electronics and Internet
Initiatives for development of hardware/software industry including knowledge based enterprises,
measures for promoting IT, exports and competitiveness of the industry
Promotion of IT and IT enabled services and Internet
Assistance to other departments in the promotion of E-governance, E-infrastructure, E-medicine,
E-commerce, etc.
Promotion of IT education and IT-based education
Matters relating to cyber laws, administration of the IT Act. 2000 (21 of 2000) and other IT
related laws
Matters relating to promotion and manufacturing of semiconductor devices in the country
Interaction in IT related matters with international agencies and bodies
Initiative on bridging the digital divide, matters relating to Media Lab Asia
Promotion of standardisation, testing and quality in IT and standardisation of procedure for IT
application and tasks


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Our State partner


MP State Electronics Development

Corporation Ltd

Booth No. B-8 | Size: 20

MP State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd is state government owned, and is registered
under the Companies Act 1956. The registered office of the corporation is situated at State IT
Center, 47 A, Arera Hills, Bhopal 462011.
The corporation was established in 1984 with the mandate to facilitate the electronics industry
in the state. But with the advent of information technology, in the year 1999, the major thrust of
the corporation shifted to encompass the use of IT. The official mandate that made facilitating and
using IT as one of the focus areas of operation, was given in the year 2005. Today, it is the only organisation in the state that is working under the Department of IT, Government of Madhya Pradesh
to develop IT infrastructure in the state.
MP State Electronics Development Corporation also works towards promoting and implementing
IT and e-governance programmes. It is the single point of access for any IT business opportunity in
Madhya Pradesh, and it encourages various players in the field of IT to come forward and invest in the
state. With a massive agenda of inviting investors to the state, the MP State Electronics Development
Corporation is working very proactively to create a brand for Madhya Pradesh.

Inclusive e-development of Madhya Pradesh through promotion and implementation of IT and e-governance
by working as an engine to bridge the digital divide and build a seamless society with global opportunities.

1. To develop IT infrastructure in the state
2. To provide IT-enabled citizen-centric services
3. To use IT for improving governance
4. To empower people by improving their access to information resources

Broad outline of the organisations objectives

1. To promote and develop the IT, ITeS and electronics industries in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
2. To establish companies and associations for starting and taking over or conducting electronics
industrial enterprises of any description; to operate as agents of the state government in schemes
designed to develop the IT, ITeS and electronics industries in Madhya Pradesh.
3. To generally act as an industrial, management, financial and technical consultant and, in particular, to advise prospective entrepreneurs and corporate bodies, and extend the necessary assistance
and services to them for the development of both the IT and the electronics industries.
4. To promote the use of IT and ITeS in various departments, corporations, companies, societies and boards of
the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The scope would include consultancy, software development, hardware
procurement, training, testing, networking, recruitment of IT professionals and the development of specified
areas as hardware and software technology parks. The corporation is also involved in the emerging areas in IT.

Contact details: Ms Awantika Varma, State IT Centre, 47-A Arera Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462011;
Ph: 91-0755 - 2518300, 2518500; awantika10@icloud.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014



ELCINA: Genesis, Evolution and Mission

ELCINA was established in 1967 as the first industry association supporting electronics
hardware, when Indias electronics industry was still in its infancy. Since then, ELCINA
has established itself as an interactive forum for electronics and IT manufacturers. ELCINA
actively interacts with the government and advises it on policy and business environment
issues. It networks with technical institutions and business support organisations in India
and abroad to enable business expansion and information dissemination on technical
developments. With greater liberalisation, ELCINAs focus has shifted to professional and
value-added services to the electronics community.
While it originally focused on promoting the manufacture of components - the building
blocks of the industry - ELCINA (recently renamed as ELCINA Electronic Industries Association of
India) has broadened the scope of its activities to include the development of the entire electronics and IT hardware ecosystem. It now focuses on promoting the manufacture of:
Electronic components
Industrial/professional electronics
Defence/strategic electronics
Electronics manufacturing services
Other growing areas in electronics such as medical, automobile, electronics design, embedded systems, and more
ELCINA also focuses on supporting the value chain for consumer electronics, telecom
and computers/IT, leveraging the common factors in these industries with regard to equipment, material and machinery producers, to expand manufacturing.
ELCINA believes that the government and the industry need to work together to stimulate manufacturing and catalyse an IT/electronics boom that can contribute significantly to
Indias development. It constantly works to facilitate changes that would strengthen Indias
electronics and IT manufacturing base to make it a leader on the world electronics map.
Services and activities
ELCINA constantly endeavours to upgrade services that include, among others:
Active industry-government interfaces and networking channels with key decision-making bodies that ensure quick and effective representation to the government
Swift dissemination of information/data, circulars and notifications using electronic media and
promoting business with the support of ELCINAs website
Publications, reports and surveys to capture the latest in the industry


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Training and interactive programmes and workshops to enhance the competitiveness of the
Indian electronics industry, organised under the umbrella of ELCINAs Centre for Knowledge
Co-promotion of the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) with sister associations,
and with support from NSDC, to develop and impart skills development programmes throughout
the country
Facilitating the establishment of greenfield and brownfield clusters under the National Electronics Policy
Advisory and consultancy services on business viability, opportunities and market trends
Infrastructure support for business meets, conferences and promotional activities at ELCINA
House with an auditorium, board room and committee room
Annual awards for excellence, and permanent product display facility at ELCINA House, including virtual display on the ELCINA website
Contact details: ELCINA House, 422 Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III, New Delhi 110020;
Ph: 91-11-41615985, 26924597, 26928053; Fax: 91-11-26923440; info@elcina.com





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National Small Industries

Corporation (NSIC) Ltd
The National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) Ltd, an ISO 2008 certified
company and a Government of India enterprise, has been working to fulfil its
mission of promoting, aiding and fostering the growth of micro, small and
medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country. Over a period of five decades
of transition, growth and development, NSIC has proved its strength within
the country and abroad by promoting modernisation, upgradation of technology and quality consciousness, while strengthening linkages with large and
medium enterprises and enhancing export projects and products from small
NSIC operates through a countrywide network of offices and technical centres
in the country. To manage operations in African countries, NSIC operates from its
office in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition, NSIC has set up a training-cumincubation centre. With a large professional team of experts, NSIC provides a package
of services as per the needs of the MSME sector.
NSIC carries on its mission to assist small enterprises with a set of specially tailored
schemes designed to put them in a competitive and advantageous position. The schemes
comprise facilitating marketing support, offering credit support, technology support and
other support services.
Marketing, a strategic tool for business development, is critical for the
growth and survival of MSMEs. It is the most important factor for the success
of any enterprise. Hence, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,
through NSIC, has been providing marketing support to MSMEs under the Marketing Assistance Scheme. Through this scheme, NSIC facilitates the participation of MSMEs in select national and international exhibitions to showcase their
products and services.

Manufacturers Association for

Information Technology (MAIT)
Set up in 1982 to promote the scientific, educational and IT industries, MAIT
(Manufacturers Association for Information Technology) has emerged as
an effective, influential and dynamic organisation. Representing hardware,
training, R&D, hardware design and other associated service segments of the
Indian IT industry, MAITs charter is to develop a globally competitive Indian
IT industry, promote the use of IT in India, strengthen the role of IT in national
economic development, promote business through international alliances,


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

and promote quality consciousness in the IT industry. It also aims to transform

Indian IT into a global industry, with worldwide usage.

Contact details: PHD House, 4th Floor, Opposite Asian Games Village,
New Delhi 110016, Ph: +91-11-26855487, 26854284, 26866976,
contact@mait.com, www.mait.com

Electronics & Computer Software

Export Promotion Council (ESC)
The Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), sponsored
by the Government of India, isthe countrys apex trade promotion organisation
mandated to promote Indias electronics, telecom and IT exports in global markets. With members from a wide range of organisations, the Council has been laying emphasis on facilitating the interaction of Indian SMEs with potential buyers in
global markets. Established in 1989, with an export performance of US$ 200 million, ESC has successfully steered Indias electronics and software exports to US$
83 billion during 2012-13. ESC has 2200 exporters as its members today. The
Council also helps foreign companies interested in establishing business linkages
in India. ESCs excellent matchmaking services help interested electronics and IT
companies to locate a reliable partner in India for their business requirements.

Contact details: D K Sareen, executive director, Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council, 3rd Floor, PHD House, 4/2, Siri Institutional Area,
August Kranti Marg, New Delhi 110001, Ph: 91 11 47480000, info@escindia.com,

Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA)

Set up in 1985, with just 15 members, the Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA)
today has 196 members from all over the country.
IPCA is a voluntary, non-profit, service-oriented, professional organisation.
Its members comprise highly-qualified tech personnel and leading experts in
PCB manufacture, who help in promoting state-of-the-art PCB technology and
business through seminars and conferences, which act as a platform for the
exchange of ideas and for technical interactions. Its membership is open to
PCB manufacturers, users, suppliers of equipment and raw materials, and their
authorised representatives, who devote their time and effort to the development of PCB technology and business in the country. The associations primary
objective is to promote learning in the science and application of electronics
packaging, namely, printed circuit and inter-connection techniques. The stalwarts
of the industry help IPCA in the study of the Indian and global PCB markets. It
also conducts educational training programmes and courses on PCB design,



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manufacture, assembly and testing, with the help of recognised institutions, in order
to train manpower for the PCB industry.
IPCA has completed 28 years of successful, dedicated and devoted service to
the PCB and allied industries in India. It has formed its own training division to equip
technical personnel employed in the industry with practical knowledge and skills
in electronics. It is also an active member of the World Electronic Circuits Council
(WECC), along with the other global members, viz, JPCAJapan; KPCAKorea;
TPCATaiwan; CPCAChina; HKPCAHong Kong; EIPCEurope; and IPCUSA. These
are the worlds leading PCB associations devoted to promoting the development
of PCB technology and business. IPCA is recognised by the Government of India,
Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), and is a Governing
Council Member of the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI).

Contact details: No 2711, 2nd Main, HAL 3rd Stage, New Thippasandra, Bengaluru
560075, Karnataka, Ph: +91-80-25210109, 25210309, Fax: +91-80-2528 2288,
ipca@ipcaindia.org, www.ipcaindia.org

Taiwan Electrical and Electronics

Manufacturers Association (TEEMA)
Established in 1948, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association
(TEEMA) is the predominant organisation representing the manufacturers of electrical and
electronic products with around 3615 members, employing more than 7,70,724 people,
across the island.
The main services offered by the association include enabling communication and
coordination between the members, trade services, industrial assistance, providing
information, legal consulting support, training and fostering international business relationships. TEEMA is the first manufacturers association to be ISO 9002 accredited since
1997. It completed the transformation to ISO 9001: 2000 in 2001, which properly reflects
its professionalism, and is characteristic of the quality of its work in the electrical and
electronics industry in Taiwan.

Contact details: 6F, No 109, Sec 6, Min Chuan E RD, Taipei 11490, Taiwan,
Ph: 886-2-87926666, Fax: 886-2-87926088, www.TEEMA.org.tw

China Electronics Appliance Corp

Established in 1964, the China Electronics Appliance Corporation (CEAC) is
the organiser of the China Electronics Fair (CEF), which is the largest and most
comprehensive exhibition for the electronics and information technology industry in
China. Since its debut in 1964, the CEF has grown along with Chinas fast-growing


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economy, and has witnessed the transition and development of Chinas electronics and
information technology industry from a planned economy to a market economy. Every
year, the CEF is held in spring, summer and fall at Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai,
respectively, covering a total exhibition area of 150,000 sq m. The CEF caters to the 3C,
automobile, power supply and defence industries. It helps companies to tap into the
worlds fastest growing electronics market.

Contact details: Zoe Zou, project manager, 49 Fuxing Road, Beijing 100036;
Ph: 86-10-51662329, Ext: 27 68189519; zoezou.ceac@gmail.com

China Electronics International Exhibition and Advertising Co Ltd is a holding subsidiary
company of China National Electronics Import & Export Corp (CEIEC), the largest foreign
trader in Chinas electronics industry. The company was established in 1988 and turned
into a limited liability company in 2001. Its main business involves exhibitions, advertising
and design. During the past 21 years, the company has successfully organised or coorganised nearly 1,000 international fairs across six continents. Adhering to its mission of
promoting foreign trade and international communication, the company is steadily boosting
Chinese electronics enterprises in international markets. Progressive ideas, a rich experience and good service have earned the company an excellent reputation and a brand image
in the exhibitions industry at home and abroad. As the foreign public relations window of
Chinas market economy, the company never stops improving on its professionalism and
services for the development of Chinas foreign trade.

Contact details: Wang Tiejun, A-808, Tyg Center,No C-2, Dongsanhuan Beilu,
Chaoyang,Beijing, China100027, Ph: 86-10-84415311,13371698341; wangtj@ceiec.com.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) is an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experiences and develop solutions in electronics assembly technologies, including microsystems, emerging technologies and related
business operations. Established in 1984, it is a non-profit international association of
companies and individuals involved in all aspects of the electronics industry. The association is dedicated to the advancement of the electronics industry through member education
and interaction.
SMTAs India chapter began operations in 2013, and is located in Bengaluru. Through its
chapter officers, members and participants from the industry, it conducts quarterly meetings.

Contact details: Plot No. 31, SEMICON Park, Phase II, Electronics City, Bengaluru 560100



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EM Media Pvt. Ltd.

Booth No. M-28 | Size: 15

Incorporated in 1996, Electronics Maker has grown to become one of the popular publication of electronics industry. The magazine delivers state-of-the-art technical articles,
news, updates, products, trends, market research of electronics world. Created by
experts in the field, the high density of useful articles reflects positive bias. With 70,000
subscriptions every month of Electronics Maker, the magazine provides a highly effective
and cost-competitive means to reach the audience. EM Medias mission is to disseminate high-quality, timely, focused editorial material to as wide an audience as possible.
EM captures the latest of Information systems development, management and policy
issues of government pertaining to electronics industry, technical notes, views and trade
stories pertaining to all electronics segments.

Contact details: Arvind Kumar 210, 2nd Floor, Sagar Plaza-1,Plot No.- 16,
Road No. 44, Pitam Pura, New Delhi110034; Ph:09971000785;


Booth No. M-33 | Size: 9

Jimtrade.com is Indias largest online business directory with more than 300,000
product reviews. Apart from these, JimTrade has a listing of manufacturers and
distributors for volume buyers. The portal enables buyers to establish direct contact
with the source of supply, and eventually cut down costs. Regular product updates
enable buyers to keep themselves informed about new product launches in the
market and stay ahead of their competitors. JimTrade is the No 1 destination for
buyers to source Indian products, and for Indian sellers to find trade opportunities
and promote their businesses online.

Contact details: Jennifer Mathias, client support executive,

Ph: 91-22-61979000-10, cs@jimtrade.com, marketing@jimtrade.com

Seagem Media Systems

Booth No. M-35 | Size: 6

Exhibition Showcase is a leading monthly magazine dedicated to the exhibitions & B2B
events in India. Exhibition Showcase is an exclusive platform that connects service providers & organizers with the exhibitor community through print magazine and a unique
online portal. Exhibition Showcase is head quartered in New Delhi. It is a refreshing and
informative magazine showcasing the world of exhibitions.

Contact details: Raghav Khosla, 201, BG-8,DDA Central Market,

Paschim Vihar,New Delhi110063; Ph:011-40719561,9811 80 6260;



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Booth No. M-32 | Size: 9

Tradeindia.com is Indias largest B2B market place, offering comprehensive business

solutions to the global EXIM community through its wide array of online services,
directory services and trade promotional events. Tradeindia.com is an ideal forum for
buyers and sellers across the globe to interact and conduct business smoothly and
effectively. The portal has more than 2.5 million global registered users classified into
1593 categories. The company is headquartered in New Delhi with 34 regional offices
across the country. Tradeindia.com participates in over 250 major domestic and international trade shows. It has been a pioneer in launching yellow pages for exporters,
which provides information about Indian manufacturers, exporters and service providers. The company has been actively involved in collaboratively hosting various events
to voice the problems of SMEs. Its weekly e-newsletter reaches out to over 925,000
global EXIM subscribers.

Contact details: G H Biswal, manager, Trade Shows; A-86, Okhla Industrial Area,
Phase-II, New Delhi-110020; Ph: +91-11-46710500; Fax: +91-11-40546715;
biswal@tradeindia.com; www.tradeindia.com


Booth No. M-34 | Size: 9

Trade4india.com aims to provide business and professional communities of the world with
the first hand Information about Indian exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors
and service providers and their products. It offers you an opportunity to choose from thousands of Indias businesses from various industries. It is most sought after by Importers,
Large Trading Houses, Trade Associations, Indenting Agents, and Manufacturers looking for
information on Indian business.

Contact details: Vikram Sachdeva, 201, 5, Old Market, Ramesh Nagar,

New Delhi - 110015 ; Ph:9811740558 ; vikram01718@gmail.com

Trafalgar Publications Ltd

Booth No. M-36 | Size: 9

Trafalgar Publications Ltd brings out several industry-specific trade publications, which
include Global SMT and Packaging for the electronics assembly industry, Global Solar
Technology for the solar manufacturing industry, and Global LEDs/OLEDs for the LED
design, assembly and manufacturing industry.

Contact details: Trevor Galbraith, publisher/editor-in-chief; Ph: +1 (239) 245 9264 x 101,
+44 7432 609172 UK, +1 239 287 5401 (US); tgalbraith@trafalgarmedia.com



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ELCINA clusters


ELCINA clusters
The Government of India has created a focused policy in order to attract investments, by providing
incentives, identifying land for manufacturing clusters, etc. ELCINA took the early initiative to establish the first few greenfield clusters in India, under the National Electronics Policy 2012. ELCINA
believes that this policy will give a major boost to the manufacturing of electronic products in India.
Advantages of a cluster
Increased productivity of the companies in the cluster
Drives innovation in that particular industry segment
Cuts down on unproductive costs and reduces overall costs by sharing resources
Offers critical mass for customisation of interventions
Provides economies of scale in operations
Enables better access to customers, technology and information
Facilitates cheaper access to inputs and raw materials
Ensures that environmental safety standards are maintained

ELCINAs model cluster for sustainable growth

The broad parameters of the cluster park are
envisaged as follows:
1. Gross area of 100 acres
2. 50-60 acres for manufacturing units
Total of 40-50 manufacturing units
Plot sizes of 2, 1 and acres
May be a combination of SEZ and/or DTA
3. A facilities complex that supports manufacturing
Test and certification laboratory, tool room,
design house
Plastic moulding, sheet metal, packaging
IT/communication centre
Common training/convention centre
Workers housing complex and related facilities
4. Balance 40-50 acres for utilities, roads,
back-up power generation, water supply,
welfare facilities, etc.
5. Financial support by the Central and state
governments through investments in infrastructure
6. Managed by an association of users (Special
Purpose Vehicle) along with representatives
of the Central and state governments, industry
associations and other stakeholders


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As a model cluster that supports the environment and social causes, the following
facilities and infrastructure are proposed:
1) Rain water harvesting
2) Energy saving infrastructure with LED/
solar lighting
3) Green belts and adequate green cover to
support the environment
4) Back-up power facility for all manufacturing units to avoid the installation of
individual diesel generator sets, which
results in wastage of fuel and energy
5) Skills development and training centre
for workers to enable continuous enhancement of skills and capabilities
6) Facilities to house workers in hygienic
and healthy conditions
7) Facilities for women workers children
such as playschools/crches, etc.
8) Hospital/dispensary for urgent medical

Clusters promoted by ELCINA in India

1. ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Pvt Ltd, IA Salarpur Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
Name of the cluster: The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company has been registered as
ELCINA Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Pvt Ltd
Size of the cluster: 100 acres
Supported by: RIICO (Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd),
Government of Rajasthan
Key features and advantages
100 acres of land allotted by the RIICO l 19 members have already joined the SPV
In-principle approval granted by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY),
Government of India under the EMC (Electronics Manufacturing Clusters) Policy l Special package of incentives under consideration by the government of Rajasthan
60 km from New Delhi l Excellent road, rail and air accessibility
Rajasthan state governments IT policy benefits l M-SIPS benefits to all units, EMC grant
approved (in-principle) for the development of common facilities and infrastructure
2. ELCINA-Raga Mayuri Electronics Park (Near Bengaluru)
Name of the cluster: SPV has been registered as ELCINA Raaga Mayuri Electronics Park Pvt Ltd
Size of cluster: Approximately 50 acres
Location: Village Chilamathur, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh
Key features and advantages
Land is on NH7 (BengaluruHyderabad) l 65 km from Bengaluru airport
35 km from Puttaparthy, 30 km from Hindupur l 5 km from Bagepalli Space City
Compound wall all around the site l 300 m faces the highway
EMC application has been submitted to the Government of India for an infrastructure grant l M-SIPS
benefits of capital subsidy up to 25 per cent of the capital expenditure of the project. In addition, tax
benefits on excise and CST
AP state governments industrial policy benefits l AP state governments IT policy benefits
3. Coimbatore Electronics Cluster in Add Industrial Park (co-promoted by ELCINA), Coimbatore
Another greenfield EMC spread across an area of approximately 157 acres near Annur taluk, Coimbatore
district, in Tamil Nadu is being co-promoted by ELCINA. A memorandum of understanding has been signed
by the Tamil Nadu government and Add Industrial Park Ltd (AIPS) to develop a 2500-acre industrial park.
The site is located near the town of Annur about 9 km from NH 209 connecting Coimbatore and
Mysore l A total of 182 saleable plots, of an average area of 2000 sq m each, are proposed to be developed along with world class common infrastructure and amenities to encourage investments in the EMC

For more information on ELCINA clusters, contact: yogesh@elcina.com, sanjjeev@elcina.

com; Ph: 9911445891/9910187001, 011-26928053; www.elcinaclusters.in


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Our Exhibitors

3Q Wire and Cable Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-3 | Size: 9

Zhejiang 3Q Wire & Cable Co Ltd is the first professional enterprise in China to specialise in
R&D for various kinds of wires and cables of high quality, such as connecting wires for electrical
equipment, wires for electrical installations, wires for locomotives, solar wires, electric vehicle
charging wires, etc. Since its establishment, the company has stood for and implemented the
motto Quality, Quickly, Quantity. 3Qs brilliant technical team helps it maintain its leading
position in the industry.

Contact details: Frank Zhang, vice general manager, Building 7 No 2889, Zhong
Shan, West Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China; Ph:86-573-82798955 82799399;
frank@3qcable.com, frank@3qcable.com, mack@3qcable.com

A2battery Inc

Booth No. E-5 | Size: 12

A2battery concentrates on the definition, analysis, design, manufacture, marketing and service
aspects for mobile/portable power solutions. The company designs tailor-made solutions by
understanding the exact needs of its customers. It has created a number of proven designs for
many different industries and its team is passionate about providing suitable portable power
solutions for its customers.

Contact details: Dora Cheng, sales manager, 1960 Essex Court, Redlands, CA , USA 92373;
Ph:1-909-7988700, India@a2batt.com

Advance Tech Services Pvt Ltd

Booth No. F-24 | Size: 12

Advance Tech was established in 1996 with the dream and determination to bring to India
world class equipment, tools and consumables for the electrical, electronics, automobile
and pharma industries and other commercial applications, including maintenance of electronic equipment. Advance Tech, through its vision and imagination, strengthened by its
continuous pursuit for excellence, has brought under its umbrella well-proven, state-of-art
technologies that have been time-tested to fulfil the stringent needs of the Indian industry.
The company focuses on telecom, defence, medical electronics, auto electronics, space,
consumer electronics and maintenance of electronic equipment in process plants. Its
strategy is to build long-term partnerships with its customers. With their support, it aims
to maximise the potential of its traditional business through a combination of enhanced
quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost-effective after sales

Contact details: Anil Gupta,managing director,709 & 710, GD-ITL Towers, B-8,Netaji
Subhash Place, Ring Road,Pitampura,New Delhi110034; Ph: 91-11-47002024, 47002025,
47002026, 47002027,9810131452; info@advancetechonline.in

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Advance Technologies

Booth No. D-10 | Size: 6

The company was established in 1992 in New Delhi and has seen consistent growth since. The
company deals in printed circuit boards, membrane key boards. The company has wide range of
customers that mainly includes manufacturers and r&d labs of India and overseas. Company is
interested in expanding its overseas market and invites applications for franchisees in unrepresented countries. Major industry segments that are served by the company are telecommunication, defence, railways, computers, power electronics, office equipments, automobiles,
instrumentation, consumer electronics etc.

Contact details: Amit Agrawal, director,309, 3rd Floor, Plot No.17, Sachdeva Corporate

Tower, Karkardooma Community Center, New Delhi 110092; Ph:91-11-22378590, 9810139334;

com, info@advancetech-india.com

Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-3 | Size: 55

A Agilent Technologies Inc (NYSE: A) is the worlds premier measurement company and a
technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, diagnostics, electronics and communications. The companys 20,600 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Agilent
had revenues of $6.8 billion in fiscal 2013. Information about Agilent is available at www.
agilent.com. On Sept. 19, 2013, Agilent announced plans to separate into two publicly traded
companies through a tax-free spinoff of its electronic measurement business. The new company
has been named Keysight Technologies, Inc. The separation is expected to be completed in early
November 2014. Electronic measurement is where the company first established its reputation
for quality and precision, a legacy built upon for more than 70 years. As electronics technologies
evolve, it stays one step ahead, anticipating, accelerating and achieving its customers test and
measurement needs.
The products and services it offers include oscilloscopes, analysers and meters generators,
sources and supplies, software applications, advanced research and academics, aerospace and
defence cellular components services, calibration services and a repair infoline (by which customers register their products, check warranty status, PXI, AXIe and modular systems, additional
test and measurement products, digital design, RF and microwave wireless connectivity, wireline
and optical communications control as well as automation. Agilent solutions partners operate in
the solutions, application engineering services, customer experience and quality space.
Achievements 2013: Agilent Technologies has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Excellence
Award for customer service leadership in the Indian calibration and repair services market in
2012-13. 2012. It also won the award for Innovation in Telecom T&M Award 2012 for its productFieldFox handheld RF analyser at Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2012.
2012: Agilent Technologies was chosen as the 2012 Top T&M Company in India by V&D 100.
Keshav Bapat, GM, sales, Agilent Technologies India, was awarded the coveted award from the
Association of Old Crows (or AOC, an international non-profit professional organisation specialising in electronic warfare, tactical information operations, and associated disciplines headquar-



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




tered in Alexandria, Virginia), India Chapter for the Best Contributor to Electronics Warfare(EW)
from the Private Industry. Agilent also won the 2012 Frost & Sullivan India Award for its Market
Share Leadership in Wireless Communication Test Equipment.
2011: Agilent won the award for Product Innovation in Measurement & Instrumentation (India)
at GIL 2011, a Frost & Sullivan event on growth, innovation and leadership.
2010: Agilent won the Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership in 3G and WiMAX Test
Equipment Markets at the annual Indian Electronics Industry Excellence Awards.
2009: Agilent won the 2009 Global WiMAX and LTE Test Equipment Market Share Leadership
Award By Frost & Sullivan.

Contact details: Neeru Gambhir, marcom specialist, Unit 105-116, Splendor Forum,

Plot No. 3, Jasola District Centre, New Delhi 110025; Ph:91-11-4727134 4543000 4543466,
9810013899; neeru_gambhir@non.agilent.com

Agmatel India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-3 | Size: 55

Way back in 1992, when IT infrastructure and the electronics T&M industry were in its infancy in terms
of quality, service footprint and, most importantly, support, two seasoned technocrats with a clear
vision of offering carefully benchmarked cost-effective quality products and solutions, coupled with
an unprecedented support system, set up Agmatel. Having started with the vision of delivering quality
and innovation, within no time, Agmatel took off as a vibrant and dynamic customer-centric enterprise,
primarily encompassing IT infrastructure and T&M solutions, and soon becoming the technology partner of choice in the government, public and private sectors, across India. Agmatel progressed through
rapid expansion, going pan-India with a presence in all major cities and subsequently overseas, in
Singapore. It has highly competent human capital of over 205 committed professionals. With the
continuous endeavour of delivering excellence, since inception, Agmatels highly skilled application
team has set very high benchmarks in relation to product lines, quality, service and support, which is
evident in its track record of numerous satisfied customers across India. The firm has been growing at
a very rapid pace, and its last recorded annual sales revenue was Rs 220 million.

Contact details: Vijyant Sharma, group manager, E-366 2nd Floor, Nirmal Vihar, Vikas
Marg, New Delhi 110092; Ph: 91-11-43064312, 8130290176; marketing@agmatel.com

Aimil Ltd

Booth No. B-9 | Size: 12

Aimil Ltd is a leading ISO:9001(2008) certified company with an all-India network of 13 offices.
With a focus on instrumentation and over eight decades of experience, the company offers a range
of state-of-the-art products manufactured in India and from reputed overseas manufacturers. The
company is driven by highly trained and experienced personnel. Aimil offers an array of value
added products and solutions aimed at simplifying the customers needs, improving efficiency and
optimising the value proposition offered. The firm offers instruments in the field of civil, industrial

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

and electronics engineering, apart from analytical applications and also offers consultancy through
its various divisionsAdvanced Technology & Engineering Services, Engineering Services Group,
Noise & Vibration Engineering Services and Condition Monitoring Services.

Contact details: Suruchi Huria, Marcom, Naimex House, A-8, Mohan Co-Operative Indus-

trial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi 110044; Ph:91-11-30810244; suruchihuria@aimil.com,


Anant Enterprises

Booth No. E-4 | Size: 10

Anant Enterprises designs, develops and mass produces high quality wound components like
transformers, coils, chokes, inductors, solenoids and AC-DC adaptors. The company is headed by a
closely-held management team that has a professional and open attitude. The CEO of the company is
a technocrat with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying these components
for consumer electronics, telecom and medical electronics verticals, as well as the Indian Air Force.
Its aim is to deliver pre-determined quality materials at competitive prices, consistently. In order to
assure precision, quality and timely deliveries, the company maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Quality has always been an important aspect of its operations. It maintains a thorough quality
check throughout its production processes. Its unit has various stringent procedures, test equipment
and jigs that are used in process testing. It also has modern equipment for internal and final quality
control. The company develops and manufactures wound components for switching mode power supplies (SMPS), high-frequency high voltage transformers, sensing transformers, impedance matching
transformers, signal distribution transformers, pulse transformers, power transformers, coils/inductorsair core, ferrite core type, axial/radial type; and adaptorsSMPS type, linear type.

Contact details: Ashok K Jain,partner,Kishan Flour Mills Campus,Railway

Road,Meerut,Uttar Pradesh250002; Ph: 91-121-2403984,9897013973;

Anritsu India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-16B | Size: 16

Anritsu India Pvt Ltd is the Indian subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation. Headquartered in Japan, it has
been a global provider of innovative T&M solutions for the communications domain since more
than 110 years. The company provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/
RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing,
installation and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical
devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. With offices
throughout the world, Anritsu sells in over 90 countries and has approximately 4000 employees.

Contact details: Madhukar Tripathi, regional manager, north, 2nd and 3rd Floors, # 837/1,
Binnamangla, 1st Stage, Indiranagar 100 Feet Road, Bengaluru 560038; Ph:91-080-40581300,
9310666466; madhukar.tripathi@anritsu.com



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Antrix Associates

Booth No. G-20 | Size: 10

Antrix Associates head-quartered at Bengaluru with 4 branch offices at Gurgaon,

Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai and is a leading distributor for all type of electronics pcb assembly solution ranging from small tool to high end machine through
its principal companies in Korea, japan, China, Singapor, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore
and Malaysia. Product Range :- The small series of product line includes complete
range of esd/antistatic, soldering stations, solder material and electric screwdriver.
The medium range of product line offers complete automation with soldering , dispensing and screwing robotic systems. The highest range of product line includes
various inspection machine like x-ray, automatic optical inspection and solder paste
inspection. New products :- Recently the company has come up with the revolutionary product in Indian market with the introduction of fully automatic desktop
smt pick and place machine having CPH Of 7000 With 31 types of components
placement through camera vision system facility. It is an ideal solution for small and
medium segment companies / led lighting companies who can start complete SMT
facility with manual printer and semi automatic reflow oven altogether for just an
investment of 7-8 lakh rupees approx.

Contact details: Nitin Jain, branch manager,205, 2nd Floor,Pal Tower,Sikanderpur,

122001; Ph:91-124-2389228,9818663818; antrixsales@gmail.com

Arrow Electronics India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-8 | Size: 20

Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial

and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions,
with sales of $20.4 billion in 2012. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner to over
100,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial
customers through a global network of more than 470 locations in 55 countries. A
Fortune 150 company with 16,500 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology
solutions to a wide range of markets, including telecommunications, information
systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. Arrow provides
specialised services and expertise across the product lifecycle. It does this by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place at the right time all at
the right price. Arrow provides extraordinary value to customers and suppliers the
best technology companies in the worldand connects them through the companys
industry-leading services

Contact details: Bhartendu Mishra, marketing director, # 26, Akshaya Commercial Complex, 4th Floor, Victoria Road, Bengaluru 560047; Ph:91-080-4135736,
9845288104; bhartendu.mishra@arrowasia.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

ASYS Group Asia Pte Ltd

Booth No. D-7 | Size: 27

The ASYS Group (www.asys-group.com) is a global technology company and a leading manufacturer of handling, process and special machines for the electronics and solar industries. Its
corporate headquarters in Dornstadt, near Ulm, Germany, controls the activities of its subsidiaries in more than 40 countries and always ensures the highest standards in quality and service. In
the SMD business, the group has the following products and services: PCB solder paste screen
and stencil printing under the brand name EKRA, and PCB handling conveyor systems with
the brand name VEGO. Other products include PCB label or laser marking equipment branded
INSIGNUM, PCB depaneling machines called DIVISIO, final assembly systems branded TECTON,
etc. For the solar industry, ASYS provides high speed and highly efficient solar cell metallisation
lines. The main products in the solar portfolio include turn/flip, transportation, buffer, loading
and unloading systems, with the brand name ASYS SOLAR; solar screen printers under the brand
name ASYS SOLAR; solar cell testers, solar cell sorters, solar cell laser edge isolation systems
and solar cell wafer structuring systems marketed under the brand name ASYS SOLAR.
ASYS/EKRA products are manufactured in three manufacturing plants, two of which are located
in Germany and one in Singapore.

Contact details: Shailendra Mathur, general manager, India, Unit No 501, 5th Floor,
Elegance Tower, Plot No. 8, Non-Hierarchical Center, Jasola, New Delhi 110025;
Ph: 91-11-41070801/02/03, +91 9910911992; shailendra.mathur@asysgroup-asia.com

AVX Kyocera (Shanghai)

International Trading Co Ltd

Booth No. F-22 | Size: 9

AVX Corporation is a leading international supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions, with 26 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around
the world. AVX offers a broad range of devices including capacitors, resistors, filters, timing and
circuit protection devices, and connectors.

Contact details: Erin Singleton, Asia communications specialist, Room 501, Zhongyi
International Commercial Plaza, No 88 Guangxin Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200061, China;
Ph: 86-21-32551933 115, erin.singleton@avx.com

Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd

Booth No. B-1 | Size: 52

Bergen Associates Pvt Ltd was established in 1983 and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company,
catering to electronics manufacturing companies (EMS) with the products of its foreign principals.
The specialised machines/equipment offered are high production drilling and routing machines, PCB
wet processing multi-layer presses, multi-layer registration equipment post punch, chemicals for PCB
surface treatment, automatic optical inspection systems, in house PCB prototyping by the dry method
as well as by chemical processes, LD/HDI laser fabrication, industrial laser drilling and milling systems, plastic welding and direct structuring by laser, laminates/mass lamination materials, automatic



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




post punch, solder masking, flexible board paneling, etc. It also caters to the requirements of effluent
treatment plants, wave soldering systems, reflow soldering, selective soldering, screen printing,
cleaning machinery, solder paste height measuring machinery, NDT X-ray and CT inspection systems,
AOI inspection systems, leak testing and detection systems, BGA/SMT rework systems, and soldering/
desoldering stations for SMD as well as PTH components. For its rapid growth, Bergen is thankful to
its valued customers from the telecom, consumer, automotive, communications, and energy products
sectors who have constantly placed their trust in the company.

Contact details: Kumud Tyagi, vice president, 305 306, Magnum House I, Commercial

Complex, Karampura, New Delhi110015; Ph:91-11-25920283, info@bergengroupindia.com,


Binary Semantics Ltd

Booth No. F-1A | Size: 20

The companys embedded and VLSI businesses are represented by its three brandsInxee: for R&D and
product development services; FleetRobo: a range of fleet and vehicle tracking products; and Xinoe: for
training and placement services. Inxee is an international embedded systems and semiconductor company offering design and development services in PCB, ASIC/FPGA, as well as embedded software and
system solutions to its clients in any of its target domains. Its design, development, manufacturing and
technical support services cover entire systems as well as individual hardware and software components.
FleetRobo is a combination of in-vehicle hardware clients and a customisable server software
application for trucking and logistic companies, car rental companies, taxi service providers,
public/police departments, and school fleet management. With its 24X7 call centre service and
mobile applications, fleet managers can access real time information about the location of their
vehicles at anytime, anywhere.
Xinoe focuses on providing hands-on real world training and placement in embedded/VLSI
technologies. Xinoe is equipped with a state-of-the-art lab, training faculty for industry experts,
and workstations with all the tools required for experiencing these technologies. Xinoe provides
on campus and off-campus training to students and corporate employees.

Contact details: Jagjyot Singh, assistant manager, marketing, Plot No 38, Electronics City, Sector
18, Gurgaon 122015; Ph:91-124-4787361, 8826520567; jagjyots@binarysemantics.com

China Electronics International Exhibition and Advertising Co Ltd is a holding subsidiary
company of China National Electronics Import & Export Corp (CEIEC), the largest foreign trader
in Chinas electronics industry. The company was established in 1988 and turned into a limited
liability company in 2001. Its main business involves exhibitions, advertising and design. During the past 21 years, the company has successfully organised or co-organised nearly 1,000
international fairs across six continents. Adhering to its mission of promoting foreign trade and

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

international communication, the company is steadily boosting Chinese electronics enterprises

in international markets. Progressive ideas, a rich experience and good service have earned
the company an excellent reputation and a brand image in the exhibitions industry at home and
abroad. As the foreign propaganda window of Chinas market economy, the company never stops
improving on its professionalism and services for the development of Chinas foreign trade.

Contact details: Wang Tiejun, A-808, Tyg Center,No C-2, Dongsanhuan Beilu,
Chaoyang,Beijing, China100027; Ph: 86-10-84415311,13371698341; wangtj@ceiec.com.

Changzhou Shunye Electronics Co Ltd

Booth No. G-9 | Size: 9

Changzhou Shunye Electronics Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of diode and bridge rectifiers. Over the years, the company has always set a high standard with regard to quality, competitive pricing and superior service as its key management policy and guideline. The company
provides all kinds of products like rectifier diodes, TVS, small signal diodes, bridge rectifiers
and automotive rectifiers, etc. The major application industries cover automobiles, computers,
consumer appliances, telecommunications, etc. The company has a dedicated and proficient
management team with a deep understanding of the industry, which works continuously on quality improvement, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Contact details: Xu Rui, foreign trade manager, No195, West Hehai Rd, Xinbei
District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, China; Ph:86-519-89810098,
xurui130025@126.com, jiangjunben@126.com

Changzhou Tonghui Electronic Co Ltd

Booth No. F-7| Size: 9

A Changzhou Tonghui Electronic Co Ltd was founded in 1994. It is a privately-owned technologybased company involved in research and development, manufacturing and marketing. It has been
ranked as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province. Its plant is spread over an area of 12,000 sq
m with 8,200 sq m of built up space. It has more than 150 employees and 70 per cent of them are
technicians. For many years, Tonghui has been devoting itself to R&D to develop electronic measurement instruments and it has grown to be a well-known brand in the electronic instruments industry.
It has developed the following products: digital storage oscilloscopes, digit multimeters, electronic
component parameter meters, transformers and motor parameter meters, safety testers, DC resistance
meters, high and low frequency voltage testers, etc. Tonghui strongly believes in providing users with
creative solutions for more efficient measurement and higher product quality. With its reputation for
fast development and its increasing popularity, the business of the company has expanded overseas,
with Tonghui making great strides towards becoming a renowned international enterprise. The company is eager to share its future technologies with customers.

Contact details: David Lu, sales manager, No 3, Tianshan Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou,
Jiangsu, China; Ph:86-519-85195566, lq@tonghui.com.cn



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




CHIBI General High-tech

Industry Co Ltd

Booth No. F-16 | Size: 9

ChiBi General High-tech Industry Co Ltd was established in August 2009. The enterprise was set
up by Liqun Shao, a graduate from Hubei University, China. Since 1993 he has devoted himself
to the electronic components industry, and has been working for the past 18 years to accumulate a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. Chibi General High-tech Industry Co Ltd is
located in ChiBi in China, in the Economic Development Zone, Development Avenue 5, covering
30 acres, with a plant area of 8,000 square metres. The company is also an integral part of the
Materials Sciences department of Hubei University and other universities, offering technical support. The firm is committed to developing joint ceramic capacitors, varistors, conductive paste
and other products. It has two national patents and, in 2010, the company won the support of
the Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund. It supplies its products to the southern provinces,
Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe.

Contact details: Liqun Shao, chairman, No 5, Development Road, Economic Zone, CHIBI
437300, China; Ph:0086-715-5067708 5067709, 15872761288; 582386047@QQ.COM

China Aviation Optical Electrical

Tech Co Ltd

Booth No. G-23 | Size: 24

China Aviation Optical-Electrical Technology Co Ltd (known as JONHON), owned by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, is the largest professional and integrated connection solutions
provider, committed to R&D and manufacturing of highly reliable optical and electrical connectors.

Contact details: Roy Wang, sales manager, No 10, Zhoushan Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang,
China 471003; Ph:86-379-64335024, 86-15838580050; roy.wang@jonhon.cn

China Electronics Appliance Corp

Booth No. F-14 | Size: 9

Established in 1964, the China Electronic Appliance Corporation (CEAC) is the organiser of the
China Electronics Fair (CEF), which is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition for the
electronics and information technology industry in China. Since its debut in 1964, the CEF has
grown along with Chinas fast-growing economy, and has witnessed the transition and development of Chinas electronics and information technology industry from a planned economy to a
market economy. Every year, the CEF is held in spring, summer and fall at Shenzhen, Chengdu
and Shanghai, respectively, covering a total exhibition area of 150,000 sq m. The CEF caters
to the 3C, automobile, power supply and defence industries. It helps companies to tap into the
worlds fastest growing electronics market.

Contact details: Zoe Zou, project manager, 49 Fuxing Road, Beijing 100036;
Ph:86-10-51662329, Ext: 27 68189519; zoezou.ceac@gmail.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Circuit Systems India Ltd/

PCB Power

Booth No. B-3 | Size: 20

PCB Power/Circuit Systems India Ltd (CSIL) has been manufacturing printed circuit
boards since 1996, offering reliability as a core competence, globally. It has been
actively serving the aerospace, defence application, automotive, industrial electronics
and telecom markets up to 24 layers. Its products incorporate new advancements in
metal clad PCBs, RT Duriod and higher layer counts with lean manufacturing as well
as SPC with ISO/TS 16949: 2009 accreditation. It has a capacity of 100 orders/day,
serving customers for proto/small/medium volume requirements with flexible deliveries from 24 hours to three weeks, based on customer requirements.

Contact details: Khushal Panchal, manager, sales, B-24, GIDC Electronics Estate,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382044; Ph:91-79-232870868788, 9898035406;
khushal@pcbpower.com, sales@pcbpower.com, powersales@pcbpower.com

Cirkit Electro Components

Pvt Ltd

Booth No. F-18| Size: 12

A Established in 1980, Cirkit Electro Components Pvt Ltd is one of the leading
independent stockists and distributors in India with 20 years experience. Cirkit is
a reputed supplier in the electronics industry with proven credentials both in the
domestic and overseas markets. The company specialises in supplying all components in kit form to OEMs and EMS companies. With a line card covering the most
popular and reputed brands under its umbrella, Cirkit boasts of being a leading
vendor for power components. The company has wide sourcing contacts with all
major distributors and manufacturers from America, Europe, Japan, Singapore,
Hong Kong and China. It has a team of dedicated purchasing professionals with
expertise and experience in the IC and semiconductor industries. Cirkit provides
sourcing solutions for everyday components, as well as for obsolete, allocated and
hard to find parts that require long lead times. The company plans to grow with all
its business partners. It keeps an eye on the latest trends in the market, updates
its stock lists from suppliers on a timely basis and analyses trends to meet the
customers requirements, on time. Over 99 per cent of the products Cirkit supplies
come directly from its stocks or within a short one- or two-day lead time. Cirkit
is a distributor for Inchange Semiconductor, Macroblock, SCTF, Crystals, Eagle
Power CE Displays, LDRS, CE Breadboards, Mospec, Iksemicon, and Integral &

Contact details: Gulab Chand Hariya, director, Drug House Building, 54-B, Proctor

Road, Drug House Building, Off. Lamington Road, Mumbai 400007; Ph:91-22-23877777,
238008888, 9322234370/9322791112; cirkitelectro@gmail.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Componix India

Booth No. B-6A | Size: 24

Established in 2004, Componix is one of the fastest growing organisations in the distribution of
electronic components. It is located in the heart of Mumbai, the major electronic components market
as well as the commercial capital of India. Componix has a sales network in all the metro cities. It
put great effort into expanding its product portfolio to cater to its existing customers and increase its
market share by forming strategic ties with renowned and leading active discrete components manufacturers, internationally. Componix India has business agreements with few of the leading component
suppliers from Taiwan, Korea, China, USA, etc. One of the companys strengths is its ability to hold a
large inventory as buffer stock. Those in the company understand that for long term growth, it is most
essential to have a global outlook and diverse sourcing capabilities. Componix also supports a wide
range of electronic components and offers them at competitive prices. It also offers consolidation
services from diverse component manufacturers along with MODVAT/zero excise benefits. Componix
provides value added services to the lighting, power, auto electronics, telecom, process controls and
automation sectors. The company is the authorised distributor and stockiest for Taiwan Semiconductor
Co (TSC) for its diodes and rectifiers, analogue ICs and MOSFETs; Shenzhen SI Semiconductor Co
(Sisemi) for bipolar power transistors; Jinan Jing Heng Electronics Co (Jifu) for diodes and rectifiers;
Samwha Electric Co (Samwha) for aluminium electrolytic capacitors; Shenzhen Weidy Industrial Dev
Co (Weidy) for polyester film capacitors; Jie Jie Micro Electronics Co (JIe Jie) for thyristers, SCR and
traces; Shenzhen Huady Technology Dev Co (Haudy) for ceramic capacitors; MOV Wuhan Huagong
Xingaoli Electron Co Ltd (HGGL) for NTC, PTC and temperature sensors; Valorstar Semiconductor Inc
(VSC) for ESD protection devices; and Sensolute GMBH for micro vibration sensors.
The electronic components domain is a high volume, price sensitive business with strong seasonal
demands. Almost the entire demand in India is met through imports. Componix India is increasing its sales
turnover at a 40 per cent growth rate, with the help of its strong marketing team and also its active participation in electronics trade fairs around the country. Componix India has experienced sales engineers in metros
like New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune, with a 22 emplyee back-up team at its head office in Mumbai.

Contact details: Chetan Ajmera, proprietor, A-8, Ahmed Chambers, 2nd Floor, 386,
Lamington Road, Mumbai 400004; Ph:91-22-23808762 23808760 66587574,\ 9987227772;

COMSOL Multiphysics Pvt Ltd

The COMSOL Group provides software solutions for multiphysics modelling. It is a fast growing
high-tech engineering software company, with a proven track record and a vision as a future
leader of the industry. The company was founded in July 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden. It has
grown to include offices in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, India,
Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and USA.

Contact details: Nandita Roche, marketing manager,Esquire Centre, C-Block,3rd Floor,

No.9,MG Road,Bengaluru560001; Ph: 91-080-25323001, nandita@comsol.com;

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Continental Device India Limited

Booth No. A-15 | Size: 18

Continental Device India Limited (CDIL) has been a world class manufacturer of silicon
semiconductor devices since 1964. CDILs expanded product profile currently includes a
comprehensive range of discrete semiconductor devices in a wide variety of conventional
leaded insertion as well as surface mount packages. These include transistors, diodes,
rectifiers,, SCRs, triacs and voltage regulators; LED lighting products like tubelights,
bulbs etc; and LED display boards for text, graphics, animation and video displays. Other
products are Hirel /special grade devices for space and defence applications, wound components, semiconductor testers and full functional electrical characteristics testers. The
company also provides electronics manufacturing services, and uses state-of-the-art EMS
capabilities in SMT and conventional leaded insertion mounts. In line with the industrys
requirements, all CDIL semiconductor devices are lead-free, RoHS compliant and green
compound products.

Contact details: PT Thomas,DGM,C-120,Naraina Industrial Area,New Delhi110028;

Ph: 91-11-25796150 / 25795290; pt.thomas@cdil.com,pgulati@cdil.com

Crimptech Solutions (Mfg)

Booth No. E-10 | Size: 18

Established in 1994 as Competent Industrial Consultants, at NOIDA, the company has

catered to the wiring harness industry and earned a name in the field. Crimptech went
on to set up one more unit at HaridwarCrimptech Solutions (Mfg) in 1997 to meet the
demands of the industry. Recently, it has started a private limited concern at NOIDA called
Competent Crimping Machinery PVT Ltd. With this unit in operation, the company now
has a large capacity to execute bigger orders. The company is managed by technocrats
and professionals. There is a full fledged team of technical staff and experts in the field
of crimping technology. The designs of the equipment are well regarded. The technology
used for manufacturing is such that the products are reliable. That is why almost all the
multinational companies in the field of wiring harnesses that manufacture in India, are its
Its stated mission is to improve the economic well being and quality of life of all stake holders of
the organisation by adopting the principle of centred policies, practices, systems and strategies
for producing the quality products which will earn the trust of the customers as well as that of
stake holders and thus ensure the sustained growth of the organisation. The company follows
modern management practices, where employees are empowered to work independently, to
achieve both organisational and personal growth.
With its primary focus on customer satisfaction, the company has earned a reputation for continual improvement, often anticipating what customers wants

Contact details: Sanjay Arora, director, B- 92, Sector 65, Noida 201301;

Ph:91-120-4337663, 9891121944; sanjay@regenato.com, marketing@regenato.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Crown Electronics Systems

Booth No. B-8 | Size: 10

Incorporated in 1984, Crown Electronics Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of electrical and
electronic test and measurement instruments. The company provides solutions for test and measurement instruments, including oscilloscopes, DSOs, oscillators, function generators, digital multimeters, digital panel meters for V, A, Hz, W, and Pf digital, milli/micro ohmmeters, LCR meters,
capacitance meters, clamp meters, digital IC tester multifunction meters, HV breakdown testers,
million mega ohmmeters, insulation testers, meggers, earth testers, DC regulated power supplies,
SMPS, analogue meters, auto transformer (variacs) and electronic training boards for semiconductors, amplifiers, OP-amplifiers and filters. The company also offers instruments from Agilent, Fluke,
Tektronix, GwInstek, Aplab, Scientific, Motwane, Owan, Mastech, CIE, Meco, Sanwa, etc.

Contact details: Aditya Nagpal, proprietor, 69 / 2A II Floor, Najafgarh Road, Industrial Area,
Near Moti Nagar Crossing, New Delhi 110015; Ph:91-11-64508649/50, 9811259443;

DDS International

Booth No. C-1 | Size: 18

DDS international is a company that has been engaged in manufacturing and importing micro
switches and connectors since 2009. It was founded by Diwan Chand Sachdeva, who has vast
experience in the highly technical domain of switches and connectors. His vision, long term
plans and business ethics are now followed by Ashish Sachdeva and Chiranjeev Sachdeva. DDS
International deals extensively in all kinds of tactile switches, rocker switches, slider switches,
glass fuses, fuse holders, potentiometers, pin headers and connectors, catering to customers
that manufacture various appliances like inverters, DTH players, DVD players, induction cookers,
USB players, torches, computers and LCD/LED/colour TVs. It has built up the brand Dzeal on the
basis of excellent delivery schedules, quality and competitive pricing. The company strives to
keep itself a step ahead of todays radically changing technological advancements.

Contact details: Ashish Sachdeva, CEO, Shop No 259, Old Lajpat Rai Market, New Delhi
110006; Ph:91-11-23867710, 9818082777; ddsinternational11@gmail.com

Deki Electronics Ltd

Booth No. D-1 | Size: 18

The company was established in technical collaboration with Okaya Electric Industries Company Ltd,
Japan, in 1984. Deki has since been manufacturing high quality plastic film capacitors at its state-ofart automatic plant, machinery for which has been imported from Japan, Korea and Italy. The present
capacity of 1.2 billion pieces per annum makes Deki the largest manufacturer of plastic film capacitors
in India. The product range includes plain polyester/metallised polyester, plain polypropylene/metallised polypropylene, plain and metallised polypropylene mixed, CDI, X2 and Y2. Dekis capacitors are
used in all segments including consumer electronics, telecom, lighting (HF and CFL ballast), medical
electronics, industrial electronics, auto electronics, IT hardware, fan regulators, energy meters, etc.
Deki has a strong presence in lighting (LED, CFL and HFL) and supports all leading lighting players

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

in India for their film capacitor requirements. Dekis capacitors are currently exported to Europe, Hong
Kong, China, the Middle East, Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea.
The companys quality system is TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified by ESR, USA.
The company has also received ISO 14001: 2004 certification from BIS. In addition to this,
Dekis entire range is RoHS compliant. Its capacitors are tested by ERTL to meet IEC standards.
They are also approved by OEMs like Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Sharp, JVC, NEC, Toshiba, Philips
and Osram for use in their manufacturing operations in India. The technical centre at Deki is
responsible for carrying out its R&D activities, and has been recognised by the Department of
Scientific and Industrial Research.
Deki has been consistently introducing new types of film capacitors into the market to meet the
needs of its customers. Lighting being its main focus, Deki has recently introduced the PES
Series and its patented PSH Series. PES (Polyester Extra Strength) is a unique six-film design,
which helps to achieve better minimum break down with similar or smaller-sized capacitors.
PSH (Polyester Self Healing) is a unique patented design, with inductive construction and the
self-healing propertyespecially developed for high wattage CFLs and HF ballasts. This is an
ideal capacitor to replace MPP/MPP 15 mm pitch capacitors with a footprint of 5.0 mm and 7.5
mm pitch. Dekis high stability capacitor for energy meters meets a long standing demand from
the energy meter industry for a highly stable capacitor in very humid coastal areas. Deki has
been growing at an average annual rate of 29 per cent since 1989-90.

Contact details: Mohammad Shariq, senior manager, marketing, B-20, Sector 58,
Noida 201301; Ph: 91-120-2585457 2585458, 9313808478; shariq@dekielectronics.com,
bali@dekielectronics.com, vinod@dekielectronics.com

Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-4 | Size: 48

Digital Circuits Pvt Ltd (DCPL), a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, is
head quartered at Bengaluru. DCPL has been an electronics hardware technology partner to the
automobile, telecom, consumer electronics, medical electronics, instrumentation and electronic metering industries for about three decades. It is a UL DQS, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO
9001:2008 certified company with a clear focus on quality, cost and customer delight. It also
follows WCM practices like 5S, Kaizen, Poka Yoke, and JIT manufacturing. Its facility includes
state-of-the-art infrastructure for SMD, pick and place, chip shooters, automatic solder paste
printers, reflow ovens, wave soldering, AOI, BGA/micro BGA work stations and ICTs. DCPLs capabilities and core strengths include SMT, through-hole and mixed technology, plastic injection
moulding, sheet metal fabrication, wiring harness, box build, and testing, including environmental tests. Hence, it offers all electronics manufacturing solutions under one roof, starting from
the design of the product. It has manufacturing units in Bengaluru, Baddi (Himachal), Rudrapur
(Uttaranchal), Pune, Mysore, Delhi (Manesar) and Chennai, which reach out to more than 100
customers spread all over India. DCPL exports to countries like USA, Europe and Israel.

Contact details: Subhash Goyal, director, #60, Doddakala Sandra, Kanakapura Road,
Bengaluru 560062; Ph:91-80-22560995, 9845026472; subhashgoyal@digitalcircuits.in



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Duggar Power Products (P) Ltd

Booth No. E-16 | Size: 9

Duggar Power Products is a part of the Capri Group, which was founded by Sushil K R
Jain. With modest beginnings, it has grown to become one of the leaders in the field of
power conditioning devices, specialising in voltage stabilisers, UPS systems and solar
products. The companies in the group comprise five manufacturing unitsTara Products,
Duggar Power Products (P) Ltd, Pushkar Controls (P) Ltd, Capri Transformers (P) Ltd,
Duggar Power Supplies which operate across four states and a marketing firm called
Capri Sales and Services (P) Ltd with eight branch offices across several states in India.
It has always been a quality driven company since its inception in 1977 and has received
various accolades from the industry for delivering consistent quality products over the last
four decades.
The personnel make an organisation and, in turn, its products. Capri has always believed
in the welfare of its employees, which is the companys strength and pride. A strong R&D
remains the backbone of every organisation, more so in the dynamic, competitive world of
power electronics. Those at Capri were among the first few to undertake ISI certification in
voltage stabilisers, way back in 1981 along with ISO 9001:2008 and.SO 14001. Besides
being the largest manufacturer of voltage stabilisers in India, the firm boast of a total builtup area of 9290 sq m (100,000 sq feet); a modern conveyor assembly line for electronic
voltage stabilisers; transformer manufacturing facilities with a vacuum impregnation plant;
an in-house circuit manufacturing facility; sheet metal fabrication and conveyorised powder
coating plant; lamination cutting facilities with 100 T capacity, etc. Apart from above
services, the firm is an OEM for reputed companies and would like to actively pursue this
business model for small appliances manufacturing.

Contact details: Amit Jain, managing director, Plot No 12, 2nd Floor, Cat II DSIDC, Nangloi,
New Delhi 110041; Ph:91-11-25471382; amit@capri.net.in

East West Automation

Technologies Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-10A | Size: 6

East West Automation Technologies is an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing and exporting wiring harnesses for a wide range of products like auto harnesses, CNG harnesses, white
goods, UPS and inverter harnesses, etc. The company has offices in Singapore and in the NCR
region. It is the distributor for Molex India Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Molex Inc, USA,
for its products in north India. Molex is a world leader in connectors with an annual turnover of
approximately US$ 3 billion and has a wide range of products like connectors, terminals, PCB
cards, industrial tools, etc. The East West Automation production team is well trained by Molex,
and also gets periodical training from the Molex technical staff. The company has the latest
machines and a dedicated team to fulfil the requirements of customers.

Contact details: Arvind Kaul, 45 Harton Complex,Electronics City,Sector 18, Gurgaon

122001; Ph:91-124-3048504, 9810262773; sales@ewindia.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Electroconnect Systems

Booth No. B-15 | Size: 9

Electroconnect Systems is a professionally managed organisation that was established in 1990, when it launched its Ocean brand of products. It is a leading player
in the manufacture of plastic moulded instrument enclosures in accordance with DIN
standards for process control instruments, supplying to over thousands of clients
across the globe. The company has always kept pace with changing market needs,
which has been enabled by the efforts of its sister concern, TOOLS & COMPONENTS.
The state-of-the-art services available at TOOLS & COMPONENTS help in the development and maintenance of moulds, jigs and press tools. It has an in-house production facility equipped with advanced machinery.
The company is proud of its consistent commitment towards providing world class
products through prompt delivery. It offers an extensive range of plastic moulded
enclosures for process control instruments. These are developed by a highly skilled
team of engineers to guarantee high quality, performance and durability. The firms
enclosures are available with all accessories like front plate, back plate, terminal
block, angles, dummy terminals, back covers, etc. Colours available are white and
black. Assembly of Ocean products has been made simple; for example, L pin terminal
blocks are designed in such a way that component PCBs can be directly soldered
to terminals, thus improving the efficiency of instruments and saving lots of time in

Contact details: Jagjit Singh Kahlon, director, J 111, Ansa Industrial Estate,
Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400072; Ph: 91-22-28471917/1928/1960,

Electronic City

Booth No. M-35A | Size: 6

Shiohum Business Publications (Electronic City) was established in 2002 and is

backed by 25 years of experience in the print media. The first issue of the magazine
was published in 2003 under the licence of RNI No. APENG /2003/ 10379. Electronic City, with its promising and enthusiastic approach, aims to improve business
performance through better information. A monthly magazine, it is circulated all over
India and covers power and testing electronics, industrial electronics components,
solar energy, LED lighting and components, instrumentation and control, design and
technology, trade fair news, dealers/distributors, resale opportunities, manufacturers, innovators, engineers, technical institutes, consultants and buyersall under
one umbrella. The companys other publications include Andhra Pradesh Industrial
Reporter, a bi-monthly; and Andhra Pradesh Manufacturers Guide, an annual

Contact details: Ram Niwas,editor,No. 542, A.K.T.C., Opp.Raniganj Bus Depot,

M.G. Road,Secunderabad 500003;Ph: 9391371137; editorecity@yahoo.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd

Booth No. D-6 | Size: 35

EMST has specialised in the field of SMT, through-hole PCB assembly and wire processing machines. Its product range is a unique mixture of locally manufactured machines as
well as equipment from overseas leaders. It is able to offer cost effective solutions using
manual/semi-automatic as well as fully automatic manufacturing processes. Both PCB
assembly and wire processing are process-oriented and need extensive support, especially
in the case of small companies and start-ups. With over two decades of experience in this
field and established as a reputed supplier, its USP is that it offers total process support to
customers and not just machinery. With a well trained team of sales and service engineers
and branches strategically situated across India, the companys goal is to ensure customer
satisfaction in every aspect.

Contact details: L Sampath, director, S No 43/3, New Gat, No. 322 Plot No 1,

Vishwachhaya Industrial Estate, Pirangut Taluk. Mulshi, Pune 412115; Ph:91-20-32501000,

9371077917; l.sampath@emstonline.com, contact@emstonline.com

Epitome Components Ltd

Booth No. C-7 | Size: 9

Epitome Components Ltd is a leading PCB manufacturing company in India with advanced
infrastructure. It has customers in India and outside the country. Its last years turnover was
recorded at Rs 930 million. Its monthly production capacity for single-sided PCBs is 100,000
sq m. The capacity for double-sided, MLB and metal clad PCBs is 10,000 sq m per month, and
for RF PCBs is 5,000 sq m per month. The maximum length of its PCBs can go up to 1.6 m.
The company is ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, UL- 94-V-0, LCSO (defence) certified. Its
products are also RoHS compliant.

Contact details: Rohan, A - 20 1 SUPA MIDC SUPA,Talkua - Parner Dist,

Ahmednagar414301; Ph: 91-2588-243133; rohan@epitomeindia.com

Epoxy House

Booth No. F-15 | Size: 9

Epoxy House is a renowned organisation in India, and has been in the business of copper clad
laminates and PCB materials since 1984. Epoxy offers a quick supply of laminates from its
distribution centre in Delhi. Its new plant, established in 2011, is located in Ghaziabad, which is
only 25 km from Delhi. The companys warehouse is spread over 4645.2 sq m (50,000 sq ft),
and it has the capacity to handle more than 100 tonnes of copper clad laminates per month. Its
customer network covers metropolitan cities, and it has been serving a clientele of more than
500 customers for over 30 years.

Contact details: Dinesh Kumar Jain,proprietor,T-159 / 1,Baba Farid Puri,

West Patel Nagar,New Delhi110008;Ph: 91-11-25883803, 25887203,
65463767,9810014894; Email:epoxyhouse@hotmail.com

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

EVE Energy Co Ltd

Booth No. F-3 | Size: 9

After a decade of rapid development, EVE Energy has become one of the largest providers
of primary lithium cells within China. EVE became the first company listed on the Growth
Enterprise Market (GEM) in Shenzhen (Stock code: 300014.SZ) in China. EVE specialises
in high-energy lithium batteries that incorporate leading technology and production scales.
Its main products cover lithium primary batteries and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
including Li/SOCl2, Li/MnO2, Li/FeS2, lithium-ion polymer, lithium-ion power and storage,
etc. Currently, its products are widely used in the following fields: global intelligent meters,
automotive, safety and security, data communications, intelligent transportation and power
energy storage. EVE is committed to being an advanced manufacturer of high-energy
lithium batteries using the best technology.

Contact details: Jeff Li, sales manager, No 36, Huifeng 7 Road, Zhongkai High

Technology Development Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong, China; Ph:86-752-2606966, 2606033;


Exide Industries Limited

Booth No. B2A | Size: 18

Exide Industries Limited is Indias flagship company in the storage battery industry. It is also the
largest power storage solutions company in South Asia and South East Asia. It designs, manufactures, markets and sells the widest range of lead acid storage batteries in the world, ranging
from 2.5 Ah to 20,600 Ah in capacity, to cover the broadest spectrum of applications. Recently,
Exide Industrial launched the Solatron SGL series with unique GEL technology, specially
developed for renewable energy applications. Exide has integrated this technology in accordance
with state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality processes, and in compliance with environmental
rules as well as economic and technical demands. Its products have wide application in solar
lanterns, solar street lighting, solar photovoltaic systems, solar power plants, hybrid power backup systems, etc.

Contact Details: SK Vaish, regional sales manager, industrial, North, 6A Hatibagan Road,
Entally, Kolkata 700014; Ph:91-33-22866158/6159, 9874921226; indlcare@exide.co.in

FCI OEN Connectors Ltd

Booth No. F-1 | Size: 20

With a global footprint covering Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, FCI
Electronics is renowned and respected for technological leadership, as well as innovative
connector and cable assembly solutions. It designs and manufactures a wide array of hitech connector solutions for various market applications, including telecommunications,
data storage, consumer electronics, as well as industrial and medical instrumentation. Its
product offerings include backplane, power solutions, board/wire-to-board connectors,
input/output connectors, optical interconnect, cable assemblies, terminal blocks and
flex connectors. It places great emphasis on both research and innovation. Every year,



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




FCI invests approximately 5.5 per cent of its annual revenue into R&D, focusing on the
advancement of the next generation of high speed interconnects and power distribution
systems. Its R&D centres worldwide have registered thousands of patents and licensing
agreements, developing some of the worlds first innovation in connectors such as the
ball grid array attachments and shield-less high speed connectors. It constantly seeks
to improve its products, increasing the number of solutions it offers, as well as improve
overall cost effectiveness, precision and reliability. This ensures that the firm meets
or even surpasses the ever changing needs and expectations of the market. FCI OEN
Connectors is a 100 per cent subsidiary of FCI Electronics. FCI OEN has two manufacturing facilities in India, one in Cochin for connectors and the other in Bengaluru for
cable assemblies. Being specialists in high end connectors and cable assemblies, FCIs
Cochin plant manufactures DSub, modular jacks, 2mm hard metric connectors (Millipacs, Metral, etc), smartcard connectors, wire-to-board and board-to-board connectors of various pitch sizes. The Bengaluru facility is focusing on cable assemblies and
backplane assemblies. The total employee strength in Cochin is approximately 1100 and
in Bengaluru, its about 160.

Contact details: Mathew Manoj, assistant general manager, PB 1958, Thykoodam, Vytilla,
Cochin 682019; Ph:91-484-4090872 2301973, 09895709609; mathew.manoj@fci.com,

Film Electronics Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-1A | Size: 12

Founded in 1983, Film Electronics is a pioneer in the field of thick film hybrid microcircuits. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experts, the company is
committed to developing high quality customised products. The company has access to
the entire range of power supply solutions through its sister company Akshat Autoline
Pvt Ltd, which was set up in 1997 to cater to the needs of high voltage power supplies
required for office automation products. Subsequently, it diversified into manufacturing
other types of supplies like switch mode low voltage AC/DC and DC to DC converters.
The company also provides manual and SMT electronics manufacturing services as per
customer requirements. Its expertise in power electronics has led to the launch of its
line of eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting products under the brand name Tejas LED
Lighting. Its electronic products are used in the automotive, telecom, defence communications, power, security systems and lighting sectors. Film Electronics has the capacity
to execute bulk orders and has been doing so successfully for various OEMs in the above
sectors. Its manufacturing activity is undertaken at its two plants located in Meerut and its
suburb, Partapur.

Contact details: Sushil Mithal,director,192, Delhi Road,Opp. Roadways Bus

Stand,Meerut250001; Ph: 91-121-2661106,9837045390; Email:shobhit@filmelectronics.in,

sm@akshatauto.com,film@vsnl.com / kapilgoyal@filmelectronics.in


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Freescale Semiconductor
India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-13| Size: 12

Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) is a global leader in embedded processing

solutions, providing industry leading products that are advancing the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. From microprocessors and microcontrollers
to sensors, analogue integrated circuits and connectivity, its technologies are the
foundation for the innovations that make the world greener, safer, healthier and more
connected. Some of its key applications and end-markets include automotive safety,
hybrid and all-electric vehicles, next generation wireless infrastructure, smart energy
management, portable medical devices, consumer appliances and smart mobile
devices. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, R&D, manufacturing
and sales operations around the world. In India, the company has over 1000 employees and is headquartered in Noida. The company also has offices in Hyderabad and

Contact details: Anjali Srivastava, manager, India, marketing and communications,

Plot 2 and 3, Sector 16 A, Noida, U.P. 201301; Ph:0120-3950000, 9810937805;

FTD Automation Private Limited

Booth No. B-13 | Size: 14

FTD Automation Pvt Ltd has its headquarters in Bengaluru. It provides superior sales
and support in electronic design automation and the printed circuit board industry,
serving hardware and software markets. FTD Automation is the authorised channel partner for Cadence or CAD solutions, providing industry-proven PCB design suites. These
are feature-rich, fully scalable solutions that can be expanded and upgraded as the level of design sophistication in PCB manufacture increases. In order to meet customers
needs, FTD Automation maintains a wide range of PCB design applications, exceptional
functional and technical expertise, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, making
it the ideal choice as a consulting firm in PCB design solutions. The companys goal
is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service,
increased flexibility and greater value in PCB design. Its principals are distinguished by
their functional and technical expertise, combined with hands-on experience, thereby
ensuring clients receive the most effective and professional support. The companys vision is to be an indispensable partner to those in the Indian electronics design industry
by providing a one point contact for customers in the complete electronics system
design ecospace.

Contact details: Rakesh Gupta,manager marketing,# 7,1st Floor,100 Ft Road, 17th

Main, 5th Block,Koramangala,Bengaluru560095;Ph: 91-80-42600900,9916507333;
Email:rakesh.gupta@ftdautomation.com; ftdautomation.com, sales@ftdautomation.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




GP Tronics Pvt Ltd

Booth No. E-11 | Size: 12

GP Tronics Pvt Ltd (GPT) is a 35-year-old company based in Kolkata, which exclusively
deals in power electronics products with a special focus on solar photovoltaic power
electronics. Pulse Power Technologies Pvt Ltd (PPT), the holding company of GPT, has
a tie-up with an Australian company to manufacture high-end solar power conditioning
equipment, of 5 KW to MW, for the Indian subcontinent as well as for export to Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, US, etc. The company has its own R&D facilities
and manufactures inverters with off grid/hybrid application capacity. Its systems have
benchmark peak efficiencies of 91 to 94 per cent with a THD <3 per cent. They have
MNRE compliance with IEC 61683 and IEC 60068, which is mandatory for subsidy
claim. GPT has signed an agreement with two major European companies, KACO New
Energy GmbH and Nedap Energy Systems, to market and service their range of solar
inverters in India. KACO New Energy GmbH is the second largest German manufacturer
of grid connected solar inverters, offering multiple MPP trackers capable of symmetric
as well as asymmetric loading, high efficiencies, and the largest product portfolio in
string inverters.

Contact details: SK Roy,managing director,502, Kamalaya Centre, 156A ,

5th Floor,Lenin Sarai,Kolkata700013; Ph: 91-33-30073171,9830037537;

Genus Electrotech Limited

Booth No. G-13 | Size: 9

Genus Electrotech Ltd is one of the fastest emerging EMS companies in India. Genus has
proved itself as the first Indian venture having total backward integration, right from the bare
PCB to corrugated/EPS manufacture of all types of consumer electronics, IT, automobile
and communication products. Genus has a modern manufacturing plant with a dedicated
team of professionals, engineers and skilled operators. The group works with the belief
that there are no dead ends, only beginnings. Backed by this spirit, and the brand name
GENUS, the group today has a turnover of more than US$ 350 million. The company is
spread over an area of 72000 sq m, and has the following manufacturing facilities: hi-tech
PCB plant, automatic component insertion line, SMT line, final assembly line (CE, HA and
IT), automatic powder coating/liquid paint shop, plastics and sheet metal molding, cable
plant, etc. It is ISO-9001:2004, ISO/TS-16949:2009 and ISO-14001:2004 certified, and UL

Contact details: Rajnish Shrivastava / Sarveshwar Mishra, sr executive marketing /

plant head, Survey No-43, Meghpar Borichi, Galpadar Road,Taluka-Anjar, Dist-Kutch-Gandhidham,Gandhidham,Gujarat 370110; Ph: 91-11-26371882 26371883,9978959751
9978959734; pcb.marketing@genuselectrotech.com,sarveshwar@genuselectrotech.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

GMR Krishnagiri SEZ Ltd

Booth No. E-9 | Size: 12

GMR Group is developing a large Special Investment Region (GKSIR), spread over 4300
acres near Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The region is being developed as an integrated smart city
encompassing residential, commercial and social infrastructure. GKSIR is just 45 km
away from the Electronics City, Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and falls strategically
within the Chennai-Bangalore industrial corridor with excellent multi-modal connectivity
to domestic and export markets. 527 acre for an electronics manufacturing cluster (EMC)
is being developed within GKSIR, which has been approved by the DeitY, Government of
India. Apart from an investment subsidy of up to 25 per cent from the GoI under the M-SIP
Scheme, various central and state tax benefits are also available for units within the EMC.
World class master planning leading to shovel-ready plots with all infrastructure and
utilities up to the plot boundary are available, along with common facilities like a centre
of excellence, an incubation centre, a multi-skill development centre, an international
convention centre, etc. Other special facilities include a testing and certification facility, a
prototyping facility, etc, all of which makes this an ideal location to set up manufacturing
facilities. Best in class social infrastructure is being planned on the Live, Work and Play
concept to improve the work-life balance.

Contact details: Arivu Chelvan R, VP, GMR Group, 11th Floor, D-Block, Phase II, 4 1 IBC
Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560029; Ph:91-80-40432014, 9741399819;

Golden Jade Electronics Limited

Booth No. B-10 | Size: 10

Founded in 1976, Golden Jade Electronics Limited (GJ) is a manufacturer of film capacitors. The company set up its own factory in Guangdong, China, in 1988. To achieve worldclass standards, GJ has incorporated integrated process systems, the best machinery for
manufacturing and the latest packaging processesall of which are backed by a team of
professional engineers that ensures its services and products are of superior quality. Over
the years, GJ has been well recognised in Hong Kong, China and the Southeast Asian
countries as a specialist in manufacturing electronic components. Its products include:
film capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, power capacitors,
ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors, SMDs, mono capacitors and metal oxide varistors. These products are used in alarms, computer displays, electronic ballasts, lighting,
remote controls, stereo/TV sets, switching mode power supplies, transformers and vending
machines, etc. GJ is committed to designing new products to meet different kinds of
customer requirements.

Contact details: Yim Hoi To,manager,Room 806 8/F Yuen Fat Industrial Building,

25 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay,Kowloon,Hong Kong; Ph: 852 -27967933, 27967682,
852-27967933; yim@goldenjade.hk



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Goodwill Instrument Co Ltd

Booth No. A-5 | Size: 30

Founded in 1975, Good Will Instrument Co Ltd was the first professional manufacturer in Taiwan to
specialise in electrical test and measurement instruments. It began as a manufacturer of power supplies,
and quickly expanded into the development of high precision electronic test and measurement instruments. After 39 years in the test and measurement industry, the company has grown to become the
largest manufacturer and developer of test and measurement instruments in Taiwan. Over these years, it
has successfully provided cost-effective measurement solutions to the domestic electronics industry.

Contact details: Sumit Sharma, No.7-1, Jhongsing Road,Tucheng Dist,New Taipei City
236,Taipei; Ph: 886 2-2268-0389 ext 683,9999167300; sumit_sharma@goodwill.com.tw

GzTy Ferro Star

Booth No. E-15 | Size: 12

Ferro Star was established with the aim of providing ferrite components (core as well as bobbins) to the industry. Its wealth of experience and technical knowhow enables it to design and develop customised ferrites
components as per customer requirements at very competitive prices. The company markets the products
of Guangzhou Tongyang Electronics Co Ltd in India. Its motto is customer satisfaction on a long-term basis
through innovation and cost-consciousness. The company hopes to grow and develop along with its customers. Presently, its main products are soft ferrites; ee, ec, edr, efd, rm, pq, et, torroidal cores; drum cores
and rod cores. The firm also provides bobbins in bakelite and phenolic, and iron duct cores of various sizes.

Contact details: Arvind Bajaj,proprietor,C-3A / 31-C Janak Puri,New Delhi110058; Ph:

9810720345; arvindbajaj66@yahoo.com

Hbeonlabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

Booth No. G-17 | Size: 6

HBeonLabs provides customise solutions in embedded systemsworking from scratch, right up

to product realisation, product design, live projects and consultancy, to help customers design and
develop embedded products. HBeonLabs is a premier VLSI and embedded system development,
training and consulting company with a presence in India. The company has been offering quality
solutions to its clients since 2008 and is managed by a team of experienced embedded systems
professionals and business analysts who each have over 15 years of industry experience. They have
the expertise in embedded systems development, customised embedded solutions and embedded
software solutions for various industry verticals, globally. The company also offers GSM-based irrigation systems and GSM-based security systems. At a time when students were unaware of the modern
innovations and their commercial values, the corporate lacked quality consultants, those at HBoenLabs
felt the need to bridge this gap. They realised that there was a dire need for an organisation that could
train the early birds, professionals as well as the existing corporate on some of the most influential and
confusing aspects of technology and hence HBeonLabs was established in 2008.

Contact details: Bikramjeet Singh, CEO/founder, Off No 44, 1st Floor, Kadamba Complex,
Greater Noida 201308; Ph:91-120-4298000, 9212314779; info@hbeonlabs.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

HK Wentworth India Pvt Ltd/


Booth No. E-1 | Size: 35

Electrolube is a global specialist in all aspects of formulated chemical products for the electronics industry. The company also offers a vast array of products including thermal management
materials, conformal coatings, encapsulation resins, cleaning solutions and general maintenance
products for the electronics domain. With a presence in 55 countries and expanding, its ethos in
innovation and service remains strong.

Contact details: Padmanabha Shakthivelu, sales manager, India, 110, BDS House, No 26
Cunningham Road, Bengaluru 560052; Ph: 91-11-40407110, 9880007130; padmanabha.s@
hkw.co.in, info@electrolube.in

Humiseal Europe Ltd

Booth No. E-14 | Size: 42

One of the original creators and innovators in conformal coatings, Humiseal has led the way for
over 50 years and today stands out as a uniquely experienced and dynamic company. It is the
only company in the market whose sole business is the development and supply of conformal
coatings. This single-minded focus enables it to work as a partner with customers, developing
products that are tailored to exact requirements.

Contact details: Chris Palin,European sales manager,505 Eskdale Road,Winnersh,

Wokingham,BerkshireRG 415TU, Europe; Ph: 44-1885410486,7768531229;

i3indya Technologies

Booth No. F-16A | Size: 10

The i3indya Group is a leading knowledge and technical solutions provider, and a pioneer in the
electronics and IT industry. It operates companies in six different sectors: training, cyber solutions,
automation, Web solutions, e-shopping and publications. Its technical training and consulting
services, along with its in-house R&D cell for IT/ITES, banking, finance and insurance, education as
well as electronics and communications, cater to 40,000 customers, which include more than 300
government organisations, universities and corporate housesa remarkable achievement in just
four years since inception. The firm has partnered with many colleges, companies and government organisations. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, it offers quality and standardised
services to all its customers. Its focus is on new technologies and innovation to drive its business
in India and globally. The company has remained at the forefront of its business as it understands
how to use technology changes and innovate to deliver value to its clients. Its customer-focused
approach and continuous quest for world-class quality has enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in all its major lines of business. With the objective of combining services with dedication, all
the firms within the i3indya Group envisage a long voyage in exploration.

Contact details: Deep Arora,co-founder & coo,G-85 Basement,Preet Vihar,

New Delhi1100092; Ph: 91-11-42815252,9212499081; deep@13indya.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Iota International

Booth No. G-2 | Size: 6

Iota is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It is a leading manufacturer and trader that has been
operating in the domain of acoustic and signalling products since 1996. Its products have got
CE approval because of the efforts of a very competent team of qualified engineers. The firm is
equipped with advanced machinery, computer equipment and an in-house R&D department.
It has achieved widespread customer satisfaction because of its prompt technical support and
quality products. Its high profile customers include: Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, ADI, Honeywell, Force Motors Ltd, NELCO Ltd, Reliance India Ltd, Central Electronics Ltd (a supplier to
the Railways), Chubb Alba Control Systems Ltd, Minda Huf Ltd, Adtech Systems Ltd, Philips
Electronics India Ltd, Hotline Switchgear & Controls, and many more.

Contact details: Mahesh Mahawer,proprietor,B-47, East Uttam Nagar,New Del-

hi110059;Ph: 91-11-28566590 / 28565204,9810021697; info@iota.in,sales@iota.in

Juki India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-2 | Size: 56

Juki Corporation, Japan, is aggressively pushing organisational reform with the intent to transform the entire Juki Group into a world-class manufacturing organisation. It has continuously
strengthened the electronic assembly and test systems, and apparel systems and equipment,
using the core technology of industrial sewing machines. It is now focusing on customer relationships, and will continue to provide products and services by taking its customers needs and
desires into account. Juki treats customers as co-production partners, with whom they create
value. The company believes in learning from its customers. Also, Juki aims to contribute to the
world industry, and ultimately to the happiness of human beings everywhere, by promoting management with an emphasis on product quality as well as introducing attractive new products. In
addition, it is taking environmental concerns into account while shaping company activities. Juki
is promoting environment-friendly management and is currently acquiring ISO14001 certification. It is the companys sincere hope that it will continue to receive support and cooperation in
these important times. Juki has 12 offices in major cities in India, and offers post and pre-sales
services through its team of engineers.

Contact details: Praveen Madaan,country head SMT division,B-220, Okhla Indus-

trial Area,New Delhi110020; Ph: 91-11-26813333, 26811900, 26819273,8879998664;


Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-6 | Size: 24

Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt Ltd was set up in India as a subsidiary of its mother company Kyoritsu Test System Japan, for the marketing and sales, and after sales support of PCB in-circuit
testers, AOM/AOI, function testers and fabrication of test jigs. Headquartered in Thane, the
company has branches at Bengaluru, New Delhi and Pune, and represents various companies

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

for their products. Its products include in-circuit tester Focus 2000, (Minibox) in-circuit tester
Focus 3000, combi (in-circuit + function) tester system Focus 4000, automatic optical
measurement system (AOM) Focus 5000GX, high speed AOI Focus 6000IA, function testers
Fx-Series/Modules, ICT and function jigs/fixtures, etc. The companies it represents include:
Chip Hua Equipment & Tools Pvt Ltd, Singapore, for all types of cutting /forming/bending
machines, soldering irons, soldering stations, wave soldering machines, PCB assembly tools,
screen printers, lead-free reflow and wave soldering machines; HEDA pre-forming machines
for radial and axial components; Shuttle Star BGA rework machines; M.O.A Co Ltd, Korea,
for splicing tools and tapes; Bosung Engg Co Ltd, Korea, for SMT nozzles, cleaner and wiper
paper roll cleaning machines; Leeno, Korea, for spring contact probes and receptacles for PCB
test applications; Statwin Co, Korea, for semi-automatic screen printers and component tapping machines; NTC, Korea, for SMT magazine racks; JMT, China, for desktop and inline PCB
routers; Goodfeel, Korea, for high frequency induction soldering irons; ESE, Korea, for LED
automatic screen printers; Dektec MI conveyors; Japanese X-Ray inspection machines; and
Pemtron, Korea, for solder paste inspection (SPI).

Contact details: N Y Patil,director,359 B, Shiv Chintan,Near Veterinary Dispensary,

Nirmal,Nallasopara (W),Thane401203;Ph: 91-250-2471678,9552597460;

LDRA Technology Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-9 | Size: 25

For more than 40 years, LDRA has developed and driven the market for software that automates
code analysis and software testing for safety, mission-, security- and business-critical markets,
namely- aerospace, defence, nuclear, industrial, automotive, railways, medical, etc. Working with
clients to achieve early error identification and full compliance with industry standards, LDRA
traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and verification for a wide
variety of hardware and software platforms. With a worldwide presence, LDRA is head quartered
in the UK with subsidiaries in the United States, India and an extensive distributor network. For
more information on the LDRA tool suite, please visit www.ldra.com.

Contact details: Divya Srinivasa, marketing executive, # 2989 / IB, 3rd Floor, 12th Main,
80 Feet Road, HAL II Stage, Bengaluru 560008; Ph:91-080-40808705, 9686190912;

Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

Booth No. F-5 | Size: 27

Littelfuse products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy
from consumer electronics and automobiles, to commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.
Its history of innovation, proven technical expertise, and the industrys broadest and deepest
portfolio of circuit protection products enable it to provide objective, comprehensive solutions
for each customers unique needs. It is now expanding into adjacent markets that complement
its core business including power distribution centres for mining operations, generator controls



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




and protection for marine applications, heavy-duty switches for commercial vehicles, and electromechanical sensors used in the automotive industry. Its ability to innovate has transformed
Littelfuse from a fuse manufacturer into a global leader in circuit protection. With an eye on the
future, it continues to invest in research and development, creating new circuit protection solutions to meet the future needs of customers in an ever-changing marketplace. The ISO 14000
certification is evidence of its dedication to preserving the environment and meeting stringent
sustainability requirements. Littelfuse is the preferred brand for leading manufacturers around the
world, with more than 30 sales, manufacturing and engineering facilities and a global network of
distribution channels.

Contact details: Gursharan Bhatia,country head-India SAARC,B-113,Sec 43,

Noida201301; Ph: 9958447153; Gbhatia@Littelfuse.com,BKapoor@littelfuse.com,


MP State Electronics Development

Corporation Ltd

Booth No. B-8 | Size: 20

MP State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd is state government owned, and is registered
under the Companies Act 1956. The registered office of the corporation is situated at State IT
Center, 47 A, Arera Hills, Bhopal 462011.
The corporation was established in 1984 with the mandate to facilitate the electronics industry
in the state. But with the advent of information technology, in the year 1999, the major thrust of
the corporation shifted to encompass the use of IT. The official mandate that made facilitating
and using IT as one of the focus areas of operation, was given in the year 2005. Today, it is the
only organisation in the state that is working under the Department of IT, government of Madhya
Pradesh to develop IT infrastructure in the state.
MP State Electronics Development Corporation also works towards promoting and implementing
IT and e-governance programmes. It is the single point of access for any IT business opportunity
in Madhya Pradesh, and it encourages various players in the field of IT to come forward and invest in the state. With a massive agenda of inviting investors to the state, the MP State Electronics Development Corporation is working very proactively to create a brand for Madhya Pradesh.
Inclusive e-development of Madhya Pradesh through promotion and implementation of IT and
e-governance by working as an engine to bridge the digital divide and build a seamless society
with global opportunities.
1. To develop IT infrastructure in the state
2. To provide IT-enabled citizen-centric services
3. To use IT for improving governance
4. To empower people by improving their access to information resources

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Broad outline of the organisations objectives:

1. To promote and develop the IT, ITeS and electronics industries in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
2. To establish companies and associations for starting and taking over or conducting electronic industrial enterprises of any description; to operate as agents of the state government in
schemes designed to develop the IT, ITeS and electronics industries in Madhya Pradesh.
3. To generally act as an industrial, management, financial and technical consultant and, in
particular, to advise prospective entrepreneurs and corporate bodies, and extend the necessary
assistance and service to them for the development of both the IT and the electronics industries.
4. To promote the use of IT and ITeS in various departments, corporations, companies, societies and boards of the government of Madhya Pradesh. The scope would include consultancy,
software development, hardware procurement, training, testing, networking, recruitment of IT professionals and the development of specified areas as hardware and software technology parks.
The corporation is also involved in the emerging areas in IT.

Contact Details: Ms. Awantika Varma, State IT Centre, 47-A Arera Hills, Bhopal, Madhya
Pradesh 462011; Ph:91-0755 - 2518300, 2518500; awantika10@icloud.com

Magus Sales and Services Pvt Ltd

(World Phone Group)

Booth No. G14 | Size: 9

Magus Sales and Services Pvt Ltd, a part of the World Phone Group of companies, offers a portfolio
of products for the Indian mass market in the field of remote video surveillance under the brand
name Magus Secure. The World Phone Group is controlled by TI Investment Services, a US
corporation based in New Jersey, and provides management and technical expertise to its Indian
partners. World Phone is a Category A Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Internet Telephone
Service Provider (ITSP) licensed by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. It
offers a bouquet of Internet-based services, ranging from Internet bandwidth and Internet telephony,
to other related services, both for corporate and domestic users. World Phone launched its Cyclops
brand of surveillance cameras in 2010, and thanks to the strong credibility of World Phone and
its astute advertising, Cyclops is already a well-known brand. The company has been in operation
since 2000-2001 and has a staff strength of over 150 employees all over India. It has regional
offices in six cities, and several business partners and distributors across the country. It offers 24x7
customer support for all its products and services. With Magus Secure, the company aims to offer
products with the right combination of the latest technology, innovation and cost effectiveness to
satisfy the surveillance needs of small households as well as large industries. The company has its
own dedicated R&D team that tests every product extensively before sourcing it, to ensure that the
product meets with its approval before it is sent to the customer. The company has a full-fledged
sourcing and quality assurance team, which sources products from well-known OEM manufacturers
in Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan, keeping in mind quality factors as well as industry standards.

Contact details: Namrita Khurana, manager marketing & channel fulfillment, C-153,
Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi 110020; Ph: 9312089341; namrita@worldphone.in



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-7A | Size: 15

Maxim SMT Technologies Pvt Ltd is driven by a customer-centric corporate philosophy, and
aided by world class quality products and services. It is a dynamic company that specialises in
equipment supply and service to the electronics manufacturing industry. Maxim SMT is headquartered in New Delhi and supported by branch offices at Noida, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai
and Pune. It is the authorised representative for some of the worlds leading brands including
Nutek -Singapore for PCB handling equipment; DEK - United Kingdom for fully automatic solder
paste printing machines; Vitronics Soltec - USA/China for reflow, wave soldering and selective
soldering equipment; CyberOptics USA for AOI and 3D solder paste inspection systems (SPI);
PVA - USA for conformal coatings, dispensing and underfil equipment; ECD - USA for thermal
profilers; Aprotec Instrumentation UK for solder paste measuring and inspection equipment;
OK International - UK for lead-free soldering/de-soldering irons and BGA rework stations; Japan
Unix - Japan for automatic robotic lead-free soldering; Smart Sonic Corporation - USA for
ultrasonic batch type stencil cleaners; InterSelect - Germany for selective soldering machines;
Asscon - Germany for vapour phase and vacuum soldering systems; and GETech - Singapore for
PCB routers.

Contact details: S S Bisht, general manager, 96-B, Sector 5,IMT Manesar,

Gurgaon122050; Ph: 91-124-3937223,9810037637; bist@maximsmt.com

Mectronics Marketing Services

Booth No. E-7 | Size: 19

Mectronics Marketing Services was incorporated in 1994, and is a leading supplier to the Indian
electronics manufacturing industry for their requirements of PCB assembly, consumables and
equipment. With five offices in New Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, Mectronics
has a pan-India presence. Its product categories include solder pastes, SMT adhesives, PCB/
stencil/maintenance cleaning chemicals and accessories, conformal coatings, thermal profilers
and accessories, continuous reflow thermal management systems, replacement parts for pick
and place and dispensing machines, PCBAs/stencil/maintenance cleaning machines and accessories, solder dross recovery machines, ultrasonic spray fluxer systems and accessories, soldering de-soldering systems and accessories, BGA rework machines and accessories, dispensing
systems and accessories, and splice tapes and tools used in electronics assembly houses. The
company supplies its products to Heraeus Materials Technology GmbH & Co KG, Germany;
DR.O.K.Wack Chemical GmbH, Germany; Humiseal Europe Ltd, Europe; OK International Ltd,
USA; Juki India Private Limited; KIC International Sales Inc, USA; KHJ, China; Sono-Tek Corporation, USA; PBT Ronov p.R., s.r.o., Czech Republic; EPS Worldwide Private Limited; and EVS
International, UK.

Contact details: Manish Agarwal / Pankaj Saxena, partner, 309-311 & 406, Ashish
Corporate Tower, Plot No 18, Community Centre, Karkardooma, New Delhi 110092;
Ph: 91-11-22375108/22376446, 91-9810335220, 91- 9818454421; manish@mectronics.in,
mectronics@mectronics.in, pankaj@mectronics.in

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Megha Enterprises

Booth No. A-17A | Size: 9

Set up in 2010, Megha Enterprises is a leading test and measurement solution provider. Headquartered in New Delhi, it offers a wide variety of electronics/electrical /RF/test and measurement
equipment and solutions to its valued customers. It specialises in marketing state-of- the-art
instruments across various domains. Its clients include companies in the industrial/power/automobile/LED/solar power and telecom sectors, and the IITs. The company anticipates the needs of the
end users and gives them the best solution at competitive prices.

Contact details: Amit Verma, proprietor, H-30, Street No - 3,Shakarpur,New Delhi110092;

Ph: 91-11-2241831,9891419929, 9015133267, 9717124492; meghaenterprises9@gmail.

Metro Electronic Products

Booth No. A-17| Size: 12

Metro Electronic Products is a 50-year-old company, dealing in testing and soldering equipment. The
company was started in 1960 by Prem Prakash Kwatra. From dealing in components, it soon switched to
testing and measuring equipment and, since then, has been at the forefront of the industry. In test equipment,
the company has a strong presence with its range of branded products that enjoy a high customer recall.
These brands include Metro-Q, Mastech and Owon. It has one of the largest networks of dealers all over India.
Mastech is a major manufacturer of world renowned test instruments, for which Metro has the exclusive marketing rights in India. Owon is one of the largest manufacturers of digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs), power
supplies and signal generators in the world, and Metro has an exclusive marketing and service contract for the
Indian market. It is in the process of launching its latest series of DSOs in the market that are co-branded by
Owon and MetroQ. Along with this, the company also markets an exclusive range of cost-effective instruments
in its Metro-Q line of multimeters (digital and analogue), soldering and de-soldering stations (ESD and leadfree), environment testing equipment (light, air, sound, temperature and humidity), oscilloscopes (CRO and
DSO), function generators and oscillators, IC programmers and testers, power supplies, frequency counters
and various other instruments. The company is the sole distributor for the Max Gold range of soldering equipment. It has two retail showroomsin Lajpat Rai Market and in Bhagirath Palace, Delhiwhich cater to a
wide customer base from the industrial and education domains.

Contact details: Manish Kwatra,chief executive officer,355, Old Lajpat Rai Market,Chandni Chowk,

New Delhi110006; Ph: 91-11-23868195, 47508195, 23875355,9810108602;infometroq@gmail.com

Minmax Energy Technology Co Ltd

Booth No. E-13 | Size: 10

Minmax is a leading manufacturer and developer of advanced primary and rechargeable batteries in
China. With the trademark MINMAX, it has built a reputation by supplying custom-made specialty
batteries for varied industrial applications to markets in Europe, US, Australia and New Zealand, BRIC and
VISTA for the past 10 years. Minmax is a qualified supplier for the global Top 500 companies.

Contact details: Tony Guo, general manager, Wei Hong Building, Sandong Avenue East, Huadu
Dist, Guangzhou, China 510800; Ph: 86-20-86963755, 13902287363; admin@maxbattery.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-7 | Size: 12

Miracle Electronic Devices Pvt. Ltd., is a Bengaluru based electronic company established in the year
1994. It has started with manufacturing of complete range of Toroidal and E&I laminated transformers Box building, Wire harness other related products. It is a ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 13485:2012
and AS9100C certified company. Their esteemed clients are from India and overseas countries like
Europe, U.S.A, Australia, and Canada to name a few. Miracle widely produces transformers with the
UL, CE and RoHS REACH compliance which meets the export standards. For wire harness manufacturing they follow IPC/WHMA-A-620 International standards. The company manufactures customized
wiring harnesses for white goods, office automation, automotive and medical diagnostic electrical and
electronic equipments. The companys range of Transformers includes; Power Transformers, Isolation
Transformers, Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers, Toroidal Transformers, E & I Laminated
Transformers, Flat Series Transformers, Encapsulated Transformers, Ferrite Core Transformers, Audio
Transformers, Line Matching Transformers, Wire Harness Manufacturing & Box Building. All custom
components are designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications with quality.

Contact details: Nilesh Vadhar, director, No. 48 1, Thigularpalya Main Road, Peenya 2nd

Stage, Bangalore 560058; Ph:91-080-28362750 28362752, 9845546251; nilesh@miracle.net.in

Naman Enterprises

Booth No. A-7A | Size: 9

Established in 1990, Naman has an experience of 11 years in the manufacture of pad printing
machines, coil winding machines and testing equipment for the Indian market. The company
has acquired a reputed name and a big market share in the sale of printing machines in India. It
believes that aspirations are nothing but an aim, a vision and a goalall combined into one.

Contact details: Sanjay Gupta, proprietor, 1/1911-C, Moti Ram Road, Modern Shahdara,
Shahdara, New Delhi 110032; Ph: 91-11-22575647; namanent@yahoo.com, info.namanenterprises@gmail.com, naman@padprintingmachine.net

NCSI (India) Private Limited

Booth No. G-16 | Size: 9

NCSI has come up with Shopify, a powerful ecommerce website solution that allows individuals and
businesses to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store. Shopify currently
hosts over 80,000 active online retailers, including Amnesty International, General Electric, Tesla
Motors, LMFAO, Foo Fighters, Encyclopedia Britannica, Tata Group, Evisu Jeans, DODOcase, Penny
Arcade, CrossFit, GitHub, Evernote, and Epic Meal Time. Some stores that are empowered by Shopify
in India: Reliance, Poster Gully, Yellow Fashion, The Beach Company, Confession9, Chilli Breeze and
many more. Shopify was founded in 2006 by two snowboarding enthusiasts who wanted to create a
better way to sell their snowboards online. Shopify has received $22 million in Series A and B funding
from Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Felicis Ventures, and Georgian Partners.

Contact details: Rajendra Kuruhuri, marketing manager,31 Exeter Road,# 23 00 Comcentre,Singapore Ph:0065-,9052663343; rkuruhuri@singtel.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Nextgen Manufacturing
Services Pvt Ltd

Booth No. G-6 | Size: 6

Nextgen Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd (NMSPL) was founded in 2008, to cater to the needs of the
fast-growing electronics manufacturing industry in India. NMSPL provides high quality electronic
contract manufacturing services tailored for low- to mid-volume product lines. With its expertise in
prototyping and volume manufacturing, it offers solutions designed to match the requirements of the
customer. Set up close to Delhi NCR, its manufacturing facility has a 1022 sq m (11000 sq ft) production floor with an ESD-controlled assembly process. The facility includes pick and place machines,
chip shooters, semi-automatic printers, five zone reflow ovens, batch type reflow ovens, automatic dip
soldering machines, etc. Its customer base includes start-ups developing new products as well as
established brands. Nextgen helps its customers to achieve market leadership in their respective fields
by providing high quality and highly automated electronics manufacturing services. It serves customers
in the LED lighting, energy meters, consumer electronics, automotive and industrial sectors.

Contact details: SS Rathore, director,Plot No 388,Udyog Kendra II,Ecotech III,

Greater Noida201308; Ph: 91-120-2397104,9818069440; nextgenmfg@gmail.com,

NI Systems (India) Pvt Ltd

Booth No. B-6 | Size: 35

Since 1976, National Instruments (www.ni.com) has equipped engineers and scientists with
tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. NIs graphical system design approach to engineering provides an integrated software and hardware platform that speeds the
development of any system needing measurement and control. The companys long-term vision
and focus on improving society through its technology supports the success of its customers,
employees, suppliers and shareholders. NI has seen a fast growing customer base across public
and private sector companies in India, with tremendous interest from the academic sector in
particular. NI India is headquartered in Bengaluru and has direct sales presence across Delhi,
Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Baroda and Kolkata.

Contact details: Raginee Mamgain, marketing communication,811& 821, Salarpuria

Softzone, Wing B, 5th Floor,Block A, Bellandur,VarthurHobli, Karnataka560103;
Ph: 91-80-41190000,9916129655; raginee.mamgain@ni.com

Ningbo Aurich Electronics Co Ltd

Booth No. E-16A | Size: 9

Ningbo Aurich Electronics Co Ltd is a subsidiary of Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group Co Ltd,
which was established in 1985. The company specialises in producing national standard PVC
wires, power cords, cord sets, cable reels, sockets and lights. AC and DC connectors are its
main products.

Contact details: Tony Ding, manager, Yunhuan Industrial District, Simen Town, Yuyao City,
Zhejiang, China 315327; Ph: 86-574-62163048; tony.ding007@hotmail.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Olive Led Lights Pvt Ltd

Booth No. G-10 | Size: 6

Olive is an LED lighting products manufacturing company. It has the complete infrastructure for both
R&D and manufacturing. Olive has a team of highly qualified technical staff for the manufacture of
products as per customer specifications. The company has three manufacturing facilities in Delhi. It is
an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is registered as an SSI unit under the Ministry of MSME.

Contact details: Shyam Jindal,managing director,3870 A /10,Kanhaiya Nagar,

Tri Nagar,New Delhi110035; Ph: 91-11-27386560,9312400900; s.jindal@oliveled.in,

OM Circuits Boards

Booth No. E-6 | Size: 15

Established in 1992, Om Circuits Boards is a leading manufacturer of PCBs in India. Within a

short period of time, it has taken the lead in todays competitive market. High quality standards, customer satisfaction and fast service are the basic guiding principles of the company. It
follows advanced manufacturing processes, and the quality systems of the company meet ISO
9001:2000 standards. The products manufactured include single-sided PCBs, double-sided PTH
PCBs, metal core PCBs and flexible PCBs.

Contact details: Paramveer Singh,proprietor,26 A Karkarduma,Gali No 1,

New Delhi110092;Ph: 91-11-22372295,9811126195;omcircuit@gmail.com

P S Bedi & Co Pvt Ltd

P S Bedi & Co Pvt Ltd (PSBCPL), established in August 1982, is a global logistics service provider
rendering services for customs clearance, international freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution,
defence logistics, exhibition and event management, supply chain management and project handling.
PSBCPL has vast experience in handling exhibition cargo into India as well as overseas. The company
is one of the empanelled freight forwarders and customs clearing agents registered with major fair
grounds in India such as India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi;
Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC); Hyderabad International Trade Exposition (HITEX); and
TNTPO at the Chennai Trade Centre (CTC). PSBCPL is registered with the commissioner of customs at
New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Kandla, Chandigarh
and Jaipur. It is today a 350-employee company with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai,
Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Kandla, Chandigarh and Jaipur. The company also has
worldwide presence through its network of agents, who are renowned in exhibition freight handling in
their countries and act as an extension of PSBCPL. The companys mission is to continually improve
its services to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, and to provide time-bound and costeffective quality services, supported with the requisite information and expert guidance.

Contact details: Bhupal Singh Rawat, manager exhibitions, D-10, 3rd Floor,South Extension

Part-II,New Delhi110049; Ph: 91-11-4605 5200, 4605 5228,98181 88013; exhibitions@psbedi.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Paras Enterprises

Booth No. C-2A | Size: 9

Paras Enterprises is one of the leading marketers of heat shrinkable sleeves in India.
It started operations in 1996 from its head office at Rajendra Place, New Delhi. It was
set up by a team of technocrats and marketing personnel. Over the past 15 years,
this team has developed the company considerably, having acquired more than 1000
satisfied customers and channel partners. The office is located at a prime location
with all modern communication facilities, live-wire sales personnel and engineers,
as well as prompt delivery systems and efficient after-sales service. The company
offers polyolefin-based heat shrinkable products, solutions and services for a variety
of applications. Its product range also includes heat shrinkable tubing for electrical, electronic and automotive applications, as well as professionally designed and
manufactured heat shrinkable joints and terminations for all types of cables up to 36
kV. Paras Enterprises capability to supply products for almost any application enables
it to deliver custom-made products, since complete customer satisfaction is the
teams goal. The team also monitors delivery performance and lead times, constantly looking for opportunities to shorten cycle times and improve service all of
which is an ongoing process. Since the last five years, the company has represented
Changyuan Group Ltd (A Hutchison Group Company) as its sole distributor in India.
The Changyuan Group offers a comprehensive range of heat shrinkable tubes in various colours and shrink ratios, and has 16 factories in China. Paras has its warehouses
centrally located in Delhi. The company also has UL, CSA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and
KEMA certifications.

Contact details: Manishh Bhalla,director,122, Gagandeep Building,Rajendra

Place,New Delhi; Ph: 91-11-25820571,9811151571;paras71@rediffmail.com

Peach Technovations Pvt Ltd

Booth No. B-16 | Size: 10

Peach is focused on building products to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Indian industries and organisations. Genie, the flagship creation of Peach, is comprehensive ERP software built specifically for electronics and PCB manufacturers. Genie covers a wide range of features, such as marketing and sales, production, quality, stores,
purchase, maintenance, accounts, tasks and time management, website, customer
login, and much more. What sets Genie apart is its unconventional, integrity-driven
approach to the market. Genie is offered at rates as low as Rs 9500, unimaginable for
equivalent ERPs, in order to achieve its aim of empowering every Indian entrepreneur.
Genie offers abundance (no module-wise costs, no user limits) and transparency (no
AMCs, no hidden costs), as it partners with its customers to see them succeed.

Contact details: Parth Shah, managing director, A-44 GIDC Electronics Estate, Nr K-5, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382016; Ph: 91-94276-13237, 91-98982-50740; parth@peachcomp.com,
sales@peachcomp.com, haren@peachcomp.com, gyanprakash@peachcomp.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Prosem Technology India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. D-3 | Size: 24

Prosem is a one-stop fully integrated supplier of electronic manufacturing equipment and

services to the PCB assembly industry. The companys mission is to enable customers to be
more cost efficient and competitive in accordance with their long-term business objectives. It
has offices in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. Prosem offers full line solutions for PCB assembly, including SMT pick and place machines from Assembleon (Philips)
and Mirae; auto insertion machines from Sciencgo; screen printers from Ambitec; reflow ovens
from ETC and Global Active; glue dispensers from GPD Global, USA; AOI from GMS; Gerber to
CAD software from Prosem; process equipment from Ambitec; board handling from Nutek and
Global Active; and spare parts from Ching Yi. It also deals in pre-owned equipment used in SMT
production. Prosem has very attractive pre-owned small SMT line solutions for the LED lighting
manufacturing industry.

Contact details: Alok Gupta, director,51/1/ 8, Site IV,Sahibabad Industrial Area,Ghazi-

abad201010; Ph: 91-120-4284733 34 35,9818146857; alok.gupta@prosemtechnology.com

Qmax Test Technologies P Ltd

Booth No. D-4 | Size: 21

Qmax was founded by S R Sabapathi in Singapore in the year 1992. It expanded into
India in 1993 as a 100 per cent export-oriented unit under the EHTP scheme of the
Government of India, with a vision to be the No. 1 company among the world leaders
in the field of test engineering. Since then, Qmax has achieved a pioneering position
in developing and delivering state-of-the art ATE solutions to its customers in high
technology areas like defence, space, semicon, bio-medical, process automation and
other engineering fields. Its infrastructure includes 3065 sq m of spacious premises at
Sholinganallur, the IT hub of Chennai, with state-of-the-art amenities for R&D in hardware design, software development, product application development and manufacturing
activities. Qmax has a wide range of automated test solutions for PCBs/electronic circuit
card tests, semicon/cable harness tests, etc. Customer applications include manufacturing tests, quality assurance, as well as repair and recovery. The company has recently
added a 1393 sq m technology development centre in a state-of-the-art green building as an additional facility for customised test fixtures and test program development
projects. R&D continues to be a core part of the operations of the company in its effort to
reach new frontiers. With a view to widen its global presence, Qmax has spread its wings
to strategic business locations in USA. Qmax Far East Pte Ltd, Singapore, caters to the
Asia Pacific region, and Qmax Test Research Inc in the US caters to the western markets
of the world. This is in addition to a network of over 25 international dealers and distributors across the globe.

Contact details: SR Sabapathi,director,Level 4, North Wing, #6, Elcot Avenue,I. T.

Highway, Sholinganallur,Chennai600019; Ph: 91-44-24509627l;chennai@qmaxtest.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Quectel Wireless Solutions Co Ltd

Booth No. G-15 | Size: 9

Quectel was established in 1999 and is into the design and manufacture of GSM, GPRS, GPS, WCDMA
and 4G modules. The companys core competency is in wireless modules. Its manufacturing units are
located in China and Brazil, while its design centres are located at Shanghai in China.

Contact details: Dinesh Patkar,country manager,#116, 1st Floor,Hindustan Kohinoor

Industrial Complex,LBS Road, Vikhroli (West),Mumbai400083; Ph: 91-22-25776385,
25775389,9820218317; dinesh.patkar@quectel.com

RJ Industrial Corporation

Booth No. A-7 | Size: 27

RJ Industrial Corporation is the flagship unit of the Roorkee-based RJ Group in Uttaranchal. RJ manufactures a
range of specialty cables made up of a number of advanced materials like PTFE FEP, XLPE, ZOHAL, LFH, PVC,
elastomeric rubber, PU, nylon, etc. It has LCSO approval from the Indian Army and from C-DOT (telecommunications), ISI and CE approval (Europe), as well as ISO-9001-2008 and NSIC certification. Apart from these
standard approvals, it enjoys its customers confidence. The company has been in operation for 25 years and
has a large number of customers in India and abroad. Its major customers include various units of BHEL and
and many others. The company has in-house manufacturing and testing facilities, all integrated into the overall
production process, starting from the raw material stage to final delivery. The facilities include copper drawing,
plating, stranding, extrusion, vulcanisation, sheathing, armouring, braiding, etc. No work is outsourced. The firm
also has all the facilities required by various Indian and international standards like ISI, MIL, JSS, VDE, ASTM,
etc, in-house. It has all the technical departments required for designing cables as per customers requirements.

Contact details: Piyush Jindal,managing director,1-2, Industrial Estate,Roorkee247667;

Ph: 91-1332 -268223,9897049494; marketing@rjcables.com,info@rjptfe.com

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Renesas Electronics Corporation is the worlds number one supplier of microcontrollers (MCUs), and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including MCUs, SoC solutions and a broad-range of analogue and power devices. The company began its business operations as Renesas Electronics in April 2010
through the integration of NEC Electronics Corporation and Renesas Technology Corp, to form the worlds
largest semiconductors company with operations spanning research, development, design and manufacturing
for a wide range of applications. Headquartered in Japan, Renesas Electronics has subsidiaries in more than
20 countries worldwide. In 2011, Renesas Electronics expanded its operations in India by establishing an
office in Bengaluru, offering full-fledged technical support to customers in India. It also offers the full range of
Renesas products and India-focused applications such as automotive, industrial and consumer electronics.
Besides the main office in Bengaluru, Renesas Electronics also has branch offices in Delhi and Mumbai.

Contact details: Valerie Lim,marketing communications,80 Bendemeer Road,

# 06-02 Hyflux Innovation Center,Singapore339949; Ph: 006562130289,6598181835;



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-16A | Size: 16

Rohde & Schwarz is a technology driven group, with an international presence in more than 70 countries
in the fields of test and measurement, information technology, communications and broadcasting. For
almost 80 years the company has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of state-ofthe-art testing solutions for the electronics goods sector. Rohde & Schwarz India Pvt Ltd is a fully owned
subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH, with its head office in New Delhi and branch offices in Bengaluru,
Hyderabad and Mumbai. Its emphasis is on providing outstanding sales, service and support to its customers. Its T&M division specialises in manufacturing instruments for the aerospace, defence, research,
automotive, IT systems, consumer electronics and telecom sectors. Its product range includes a wide
range of spectrum analysers for both analogue and digitally modulated signals for each market segment,
with user-specific applications. It also offers high-end vector network analysers that extend up to several
hundred GHz, ensuring outstanding performance with measurements on active and passive components
modules and wireless communication testers. This, in turn, ensures the development of systems in line
with international standards for technologies like HSPA, Wi-MAX, UMTS/LTE, etc. With its drive test solutions, users get the advantage of testing the network coverage in the most accurate manner. Other products
from Renesas include RF power meters, audio and video analysers, and high-end oscilloscopes with
bandwidths up to 4 GHz that are indispensable for any test or development lab. Its sister company, Hameg
GmbH, caters to the wide base, general purpose, high volume market requirements to supply equipment
like power supplies, signal synthesisers and analysers up to 3 GHz, oscilloscopes, LCR meters, etc.

Contact details: Nikumoni Rajkhowa,marcom,A 27,Mohan Co-Operative Industrial

Estate,Mathura Road,New Delhi110044; Ph: 91-11-42535470,7838388056; nikumoni.


Royal Appliances

Booth No. C-11 | Size: 6

Royal Appliances is a leading manufacturing and marketing firm in the field of air coolers. It manufactures
air cooling fans, and ensures the best quality products and services across India. The company provides
services and after sales services in all parts of India, and caters to the international market as well.

Contact details: Satyavan Patil, proprietor, 70 3 Juhu Versova,Jeet Nagar, 4 Bunglow,Opp

IDBI Bank, Andheri (W),Mumbai400053; Ph: 91-22-65202331 65277577,9220921099;

Sahasra Electronics Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-4 | Size: 42

Sahasra was set up in 2000, and since then has been one of the most successful and fastest growing
electronics companies in India. The group comprises four businesses providing end-to-end solutions in
electronics, ranging from design and manufacturing to distribution. With three manufacturing plants situated in the NCR region in India and one manufacturing plant in Rwanda, Africa, as well as nine sales and
marketing offices in India, USA and Europe, the group has emerged as the leading exporter of electronics
products and services. The groups mission is to deliver goods and services of high quality at competitive prices, with business velocity that can provide complete satisfaction to its customers anywhere in

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

the globe. This has been its success mantra for the last decade. With more than 360 people employed
across its businesses, a group sales turnover of US$ 15 million and a new 20-20 vision, the group is
poised to become a leading international electronics solutions company. Meanwhile, it keeps itself fully
focused on its social and environmental objectives by creating a sustainable business environment for
all its stakeholders, whether they are customers, vendors, investors, employees or partners.

Contact details: Varun Manwani,director,129-G NoidaSpecial Economic Zone,

Noida201305; Ph: 91-120-2462782,9910037172; varun@sahasraelectronics.com,

Saini Electronics

Booth No. F-6 | Size: 9

Saini Electronics is a leading importer and stockist of all types of industrial electronic components
in India, with its headquarters at Mumbai and branches at Delhi and Hyderabad. Since the time it
was founded in 1980, the Saini Electronics Group has strived to enhance its expertise in the supply
of industrial electronic components. The company imports and trades in both active and passive
electronic devices. It stocks and sells the products of leading global manufacturers such as Analog
Devices, AMD, Intel, Fairchild, Intersil, Maxim, ON Semi, National, Philips, ST, Texas Instruments,
Toshiba, Power Integration, etc. Saini has also been appointed as a distributor in India for HEL NTC &
Disc, Sancon Capacitors, Bright King MOV & PTC, CSI Diodes, etc. Today Saini Electronics is ranked
among the top industry leaders and provides a full range of electronic components.

Contact details: G L Saini, partner, 1st Floor, Pushpdant Niwas, 3 Chunam Lane, Off

Lamington Road, Mumbai 400007; Ph: 91-22-23822562, 23822267, 23875634, 9320092400;

sainielectronics@mtnl.net.in, sainielectronics@mtnl.net.in, sainielectronics4@gmail.com

Saison Components & Solutions

Booth No. C-2 | Size: 10

Saison Components & Solutions came into existence as an extension of the Innovate group, which was
established by Vivek Shukla in 2003 for the sales and marketing of electronic components in India.
Puneet Shukla, after serving the components industry for more than 26 years, joined hands with the
company as the exclusive representative of Vinatech, a Korean company. Saison represents more than
35 well reputed manufacturers in USA, UK, South Korea, Taiwan and China, which provide electronic
components and solutions. Saison is not just a trader/reseller; it works with its customers right from the
design stage and helps them meet their needs for cost-effective and quality components. Saisons current product range addresses segments like renewable energy, power, consumer electronics, automotive, defence, telecom and space. Its products comprise different active and passive components like all
types of capacitors (inclusive of super capacitors), resistors, switches, relays, sensors, RF components/
products, network synchronisation equipment, duplexer, antennae, fuses, obsolete semiconductors, inductors and beads, mechanical flanges/shafts/rings, flywheels, PCBs, batteries and magnetic products.

Contact details: Puneet Shukla, CEO, A-82 Ground Floor, Pandav Nagar, Opposite Gurudwara, New Delhi 110092; Ph: 91-11-22483905, 9810412382; puneet@saisoncomponents.
com, ankit@saisoncomponents.com, prashant@saisoncomponents.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Salicon Nano Technology Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-6A | Size: 9

Salicon is committed to remain at the cutting edge of current technologies. Its state-of-the-art
telecommunications training systems form an essential training program for students with an interest
in the dynamic and growing communications industry. Because the program is completely modular in
design, students may enter at any level according to their career goals and abilities to learn systems
such as Basic Electronics Training, Power Electronics Training, Microprocessor & Microcontroller
Training, Microwave Training, Telephony Training, Analog and Digital Communications, Fiber Optic
Communications, and Transmission Lines. Reflecting Salicons commitment to high quality standards
in product design, development, production, installation and service, its manufacturing facility has
received the ISO 9001 certification. Under the able guidance of its mentor, Rohit Gupta, Salicon is
well-equipped to provide the best products and highest quality of pre- and post-sales service to international training communities. Satisfied customers are the best evidence of Salicons commitment to
providing the best products and highest quality of pre-and post-sale services. Over the past 10 years,
the company has exported its products to more than 35 countries across the world.

Contact details: Rohit Gupta, director,111, First Floor,Laxmi Deep Tower,Laxmi Nagar

District Centre,New Delhi110092; Ph: 91-11-22525940,9810575940; info@salicontech.


Saru Smelting Pvt Ltd

Booth No. E-12 | Size: 9

Saru Smelting Pvt Ltd (Saru Solder) has a manufacturing facility located at Meerut, which has
state-of-the-art equipment. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified supplier of solder
products and chemicals. It was founded in 1944, and has more than 50 years of experience in the
non-ferrous industry. It manufactures an extensive range of high purity extruded and cast solder
bars, solder anodes, solder wire, adhesives, no clean and water washables liquid fluxes, preforms,
BGA spheres, fusible alloys as well as other non-ferrous metal alloys. To keep abreast with the
latest technology trends, Saru has collaborated with Ishikawa Metal Co Ltd of Japan, a leading
manufacturer of solder paste, bars, wires, fluxes and lead-free solder products. It is the exclusive
distributor of solders, fluxes, SMT paste and SEM materials for Ishikawa in India and Sri Lanka. The
Saru team is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to a wide section of users, ranging
from the electronics, industrial and automotive, to aerospace, defence and nuclear industries.

Contact details: Arun Gupta,technical sales manager SMT,Saru Nagar,Sardhana Road,Meerut

250001; Ph: 91-121-2556051, 2555969,9897888151; arung@sarusolder.com,info@sarumetals.com

SGS Tekniks Manufacturing Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-1 | Size: 42

SGS Tekniks Manufacturing Pvt Ltd aspires to be a preferred value creator for its customers through
innovative and efficient electronic manufacturing services and solutions. A TS 16949, ISO 9001,
ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, it
has five manufacturing locations. Three of its plants are located at Gurgaon in Haryana (near New

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Delhi International Airport) and another two are located at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. A new plant
at Manesar, Gurgaon, is also going to be operationalby the end of this year. Set up in 1990 by a
group of professionals to meet the requirements of EMS, EDS and box builds in India and Europe,
SGST is focused on delivering end-to-end solutions to OEMs. It exports 25 per cent of its production to Europe and Australia. The company has established state-of-the-art design and development centres at Stuttgart, Germany. This is helping it to move up the value chain as an ODM EMS
company. SGST has a simple philosophyquality above everything else. The company has grown
to this level because of its people and use of the best technology, and is today in a position to
deliver solutions that are both innovative and functionally superior. SGST continuously upgrades
technology, infrastructure and manufacturing systems to meet the needs of its customers.

Contact details: Sanjeev Pandey,business development manager,83, INFO City, Sector

34,Gurgaon122001;Ph: 91-124-4628800,9810512275;pandey@sgst.com

SGV Industries

Booth No. F-9 | Size: 21

SGV Industries has emerged as one of the fastest growing electronics manufacturing services
(EMS) providers in north India. Recently, the company won an award for Excellence In Quality
at the ELCINA EFY Awards 2012-2013 (in electronics hardware manufacturing and services). The
company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm and a member of ELCINA (the Electronic Industries
Association of India).
SGV Industries is located in the excise duty exempted zone at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. The
firm specialises in the field of no-clean, leaded and lead-free SMT and mixed technology. SGV
offers turnkey manufacturing solutions to electronics companies, as well as SMD, PTH PCB
assemblies through its strong domestic and global procurement and logistics channels. Apart
from PCB assemblies, SGVs strength lies in electro-mechanical assembly, engineering and
design, re-manufacturing services and systems integration. SGV provides turnkey solutions
and value added services at a speed that is ahead of industry standards. It caters to some of the
most innovative companies whose products have revolutionised the use of electronics in their
respective industries. Over the years, the firms ability to accelerate new product development,
develop prototypes, shorten product lifecycles and improve time-to-market has made it the
chosen manufacturing partner of many customers. Its main goal is to run mission-critical and
time-sensitive operations, allowing its customers to build on their core competencies.
SGV Industries high volume manufacturing facility at Haridwar has capabilities for PCB assembly (SMD and mixed technology), systems integration and turnkey projects. Apart from
EMS, it has a strong presence in the market with a wide range of consumer electronics products
for prestigious brands like Beetal, Intex, Proview, Soyyer, Leomax and MARKSON, for which SGV
does all major box build assembly. The products include LCD TVs, colour TVs, DVD players,
home theatre systems, laptops, TFT screens, etc.

Contact details: Aarti Jain, business development manager, Plot No 330 FIE, II Floor,
Patparganj, New Delhi 110092; Ph: 91-11-46604910, 09818260638, 9811148869;
info@sgvindustries.com, ceo@sgvindustries.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Shanghai Everstar Electronics

Co Ltd

Booth No. F-13 | Size: 9

Shanghai Everstar Electronics Co Ltd was established in Shanghai to produce LEDs and
other light-emitting devices. Its main products include light-emitting diodes, dot matrix
LED digital displays, box version LEDs, LED backlights, SMD LEDs, LED lamps, LED indoor
lights, LED outdoor lights, etc.

Contact details: Ben Pen, sales, RM.B907, No 250 Caoxi Road, Xuhui District,
Shanghai, China 200235; Ph: 86-21-64089800; ben_pan@everstarelect.com

Shenzhen Micsig Instruments

Co Ltd

Booth No. B-14 | Size: 9

Shenzen Micsig committed itself to becoming a leading supplier in the T&M and
railway test industries since the day it was founded. Micsig is an innovator of tablet
oscilloscopes. Its mission is innovation, quality and customer first. Micsigs products
are tablet oscilloscopes (70 MHz to 1 GHz, 1 GS/s to 5 GS/s, 18 Mpts to 450 Mpts, 2
CH/4 CH), handheld multifunctional oscilloscopes (optional electronic input, 70 MHz
to 200 MHz, 1 GS/s, 240 Kpts, 2 CH), rail insulation testers, integrated track circuit
testers, track circuit diagnostic devices, electronic multi-function distance meters and
track parameter measuring devices.

Contact details: Jelin Wei,international sales director,Room 508, Building C,Guanlong

Village, Xili Town,Nanshan Shenzhen,Guangdong, China; Ph: 86-755-26078507;

Shenzhen Morel Electromechanical

Equipments Co Ltd

Booth No. F-8 | Size: 9

Shenzhen Morel Electromechanical Equipments Co Ltd, together with its subsidiary Qinyi Electronics Co Ltd, has been serving SMT industrial customers for more
than seven years. Its clientele includes customers from all over the world including
companies like Smart Module, Bosch and Panasonic. The company supports its clients
with good quality and competitive pricing for SMT spare parts and even for customised
spare parts. The companys products include SMT feeders, nozzles, filters, holders
and valves; automatic insertion machine parts of TDK, Panasert and Universal; SMT
machine motors, machine PCBs, machine drivers; chip mounters, reflow, AOI, printer;
and SMT accessories.

Contact details: Tom Chen, general manager India, Room 409, Rui Jing Ju De Building, Feng
Nan Road, Huaide Fuyong Baoan, Shenzhen, China; Ph: 86-755-21635007; info@qy-smt.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Shenzhen Ruilongyuan
Electronics Co Ltd

Booth No. E-3 | Size: 14

Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co Ltd was founded in 2009. It is a hi-tech group specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of over current and over voltage circuit/lightning/power
protection components and surge protection equipment. The Ruilon brand has been involved
in the circuit protection industry for many years, growing from a single-product supplier to a
cutting-edge company that offers a wide range of circuit protection components and solutions.
Ruilon aims to meet its customers ever-changing demands. The company has invested heavily
in R&D, manufacturing facilities and engineering expertise to provide its clients with leadingedge circuit protection components, and design and testing capabilities.

Contact details: Mina, sales manager, 14th Floor, Haiying Building, Cai Tian South Road,
Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China 518033; Ph: 86-755-82895140855; mina@ruilon.com

Shenzhen Victor Hi-Tech Co Ltd

Booth No. G-7 | Size: 9

Located in prosperous Shenzhen City, the neighbour of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Victor Hi-Tech
Co Ltd specialises in developing, producing and marketing instruments and meters under
the brand name Victor. Its products have won a good reputation since the companys inception in the 1980s.

Contact details: EOS,sales manager,2 / F, 412 Block,Bagua 4 RD, Futian District,Shenzhen, China; Ph: 86-755 82426859 / 82426262 Extn 262;migao@china-victor.com

Signal Hawk Electronics Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-18 | Size: 12

Signal Hawk Electronics Pvt Ltd is an authorised distributor of Kusam Meco products. It
has been a leading test and measurement solution provider since 2009. Headquartered
in New Delhi, the company offers a wide variety of electronics/electrical /RF/microwave/
communications test and measurement equipment and solutions to its valued customers.
Signal Hawk specialises in marketing state-of-the-art instruments across various domains.
Its customers include prestigious technology companies as well as companies from the
industrial, power, automobile, LED, solar power, education and telecom sectors. The company provides services to both private and government organisations. Its main strength lies
in anticipating the needs of end users and giving them the best solutions with a competitive
price performance ratio. Signal Hawk prides itself in providing total solutions and complete
satisfaction to its customers.

Contact details: Shailendra Saroj, DGM- sales, 3rd Floor, Plot No 1, Master Block, Madhubon Road, Shakarpur, New Delhi 10092; Ph: 91-11-65660053, 9650933334; sksaroj@signalhawk.in, info@signalhawk.in, neelam@signalhawk.in, sales@kusam-meco.co.in



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Simmtronics Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Booth No. G-21| Size: 15

Established by a first generation technocrat, Simmtronics is a premium products and solutions company
operating in the IT hardware space since 1992. It has a pan-India presence, with 22 offices supported
by a network of 2,000 dealers. It is also a transnational player, with offices located across the globe in
the UAE, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, UK, USA
and Singapore. It has wholly owned subsidiaries in Singapore, Dubai and USA. It has a strong client
base and a proven track record of product and component sourcing capabilities across the globe. It has
five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilitiesthree in India, one in Singapore and one in Dubai. It is
ISO:9001 and CE certified, and RoHS compliant. The company has the capacity to make 400,000 tablets per month, with the support of its in-house R&D and design teams. A strong infrastructure helps it to
launch new models with advanced technology earlier than the competition. As part of its forward integration strategy, the company has started making netbooks, laptops and desktops. Its control on 40 per cent
of the value of the components needed in their manufacture gives it an unmatched price advantage.

Contact details: Samarth Bansal,brand manager,C-41,Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I,

New Delhi110020;Ph: 91-11-40570300,9810239602; samarth@simmtronics.com

Sri City (P) Ltd

Booth No. D-8 | Size: 12

Sri City (www.sricity.in) is Indias leading integrated business city. Spread over 6,000 acres, Sri City is an
integrated development consisting of a multi-product Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a Domestic Tariff Zone
(DTZ) and Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) along with various residential, lifestyle and leisure amenities. Located 55 km north of Chennai on NH 5, on the Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh border, Sri City is well
connected by road, rail networks and has access to four seaports and two international airports. It is already
home to over 100 companies including Cadbury - USA, Isuzu Motors - Japan, Alstom - France, Kelloggs,
Colgate Palmolive - USA, Kobelco- Japan, Danieli - Italy, Lavazza - Italy, BFG- Bahrain, Rockworth - Thailand, to name a few. Aligned with the Work-Live-Learn-Play concept, residential and lifestyle infrastructure
is an integral part of Sri Citys development plans. Exclusive zones have been planned to set up academic
institutions, medical care facilities, an 18-hole PGA standard golf course along with several other amenities.

Contact details: Karuppan Chetty M, senior executive marketing, No 85, Kutchery

Road,Mylapore,Chennai600004;Ph: 91-44-39173221,9790941282; karuppan.m@sricity.

Subitron Solar System

Booth No. G-12 | Size: 9

Set up in 2013, Subitron is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of a wide assortment of voltage
stabilisers, 3 CFL inverters, etc. It offers a wide range of high quality products such as mini
inverters, 3 CFL UPS systems, solar mini inverters, AC stabilisers, TV stabilisers, multimedia
speakers, home theatres, etc. It manufactures products using high grade raw materials, as per
the industry norms. Subitron uses advanced technology and high-tech machinery to manufacture
these products. A team of experts examines the raw materials thoroughly, before using them

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

in the manufacturing process. Its products are tested on set quality parameters to ensure their
flawlessness, and are widely accepted in the market. These products can be customised as per
the requirements of clients, at competitive prices.

Contact details: S S Chauhan, director, C 5 Adarsh Nagar, Jeewan Park, Som Bazar
Road,Near Kumar Dairy,New Delhi110058; Ph: 91-11-25637311,9811064762;

Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-8 | Size: 27

Established in 1986, Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd is a leading distributor for brands like Hakko Corporation, Japan; Kester, Singapore; Electrolube, UK; ITW Chemtronics, USA; Fisnar Inc, USA, etc. It is also
a distributor of high quality equipment, tools, materials and components for the electrical, electronics,
automobile, pharmaceutical and telecom industries. The company employs 120 workers and has
branches at Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Haridwar. Sumitron stocks a
range of equipment: soldering/de-soldering stations, wave/reflow soldering machines, torque meters,
manual/semi-automatic/fully-automatic (robotic) liquid/paste dispensers, component lead forming and cutting machines, etc. The company also provides tools and tool kits, wire/cable stripping
and crimping tools and equipment, electric screwdrivers, etc. It stocks materials like solder bars,
solder wire, solder paste, fluxes, flux pens, conductive pens, overcoat pens, gold guard pens, etc.
The following components are also available: chip and leaded resistors, capacitors and other passive
components, standard and custom-built SMD/conventional components, high power/high voltage resistors and resistive applications, electrical/electronic connectors and connector systems, heat sinks,
dynamic braking resistors, aluminium housed resistors, and anti-condensation panel heaters.

Contact details: S K Jain, managing director, 27, Community Centre, Naraina Industrial Area,
Phase I, P. O. Box No. 10227, New Delhi 110028; Ph: 91-11-41410631, 9818623979;

Supreme Circuits

Booth No. C-10 | Size: 12

Supreme Circuits is a leading manufacturer of professional grade PCBs, capable of meeting the
requirements of its customers needs, including prototype and production volumes. The company caters to the telecom, automobile, process control and industrial applications industries, and
various R&D establishments. A team of expert engineers adheres to strict QC, while advanced
machinery and equipment ensure outstanding products at very competitive rates. The company
believes that prompt deliveries are the key to success, and uses imported machines to ensure
accuracy during PCB manufacture. Established in 1990, the company has a vast experience of
23 years and a big list of satisfied customers. Its motto is quality, efficiency and a competitive
price. It strictly adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 standards, and continuously applies advanced international technology to improve the quality of its products to meet the needs of its customers.

Contact details: K V Sood, director, F 46 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi 110020;
Ph: 9811054272; supremecircuits@gmail.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Synapse Techno Design

Innovations Pvt Ltd

Booth No. E-2 | Size: 15

Synapse Techno Design is an industry leader in design services and is the engineering backbone
of most Fortune 500 system and semiconductor companies around the world. It targets companies with a turnover of US$1 billion, and enables them to meet their technical and resource
challenges to build next-generation products. Founded in 2003, it is headquartered in San Jose
(Silicon Valley) and has a presence in Irvine, Boston, San Diego, Longmont-Colorado, China,
Europe and India. Synapse has over 700 employees across the globe and is growing at a rapid
pace. The company assists its clients in developing their next-generation flagship product
lines (mobile devices, complex routers/switches, consumer products, storage, microprocessors, graphics processors, etc). This includes developing cutting-edge technologies that are
rare in the industry. An expert in building the most complex SoCs, Synapse boasts of one of
the strongest analogue/mixed signal and software design teams in the industry. The Synapse
engagement model is diverse, ranging from architecture or product spec development to a full
turnkey project. It deploys large and small teams around the world to help its clients deliver their
products fastest to the market.

Contact details: Naren Nande,avp-software,Prestige Shantiniketan,Commercial Complex,

8th Floor, Tower,Near ITPL Road, Whitefield,Bengaluru560066; Ph: 91-080,9900086708;

Systellar Innovations

Booth No. F-17 | Size: 9

Systellar Innovations is a technology firm that focuses on offering affordable solar power
to Indian consumers. It believes that solar energy can become a mainstream power source
today. In its research & development lab, it develops solar products that are efficient, affordable and designed for Indian conditions. Its product range comprises both solar PV and
solar thermal products. Its customers rely on Systellars domain expertise and customer
focus to confidently embrace this free, abundant, clean, and hassle-free energy source into
their daily lives. The companys product range includes solar water heaters with a capacity
of up to 5000 litres per day, MPPT and PWM solar charge controllers for 1, 2 or 4 batteries,
solar power plants up to 100 KW, solar pump systems up to 15 HP for irrigation purposes,
and solar street lights up to 50 W.

Contact details: Siddharth Garg, partner, Shankar Chowk, 302 Delhi Road Meerut, 250002;
Ph: 0121-2400792, 9917080700; info@systellar.in

Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co Ltd

Booth No. D-9 | Size: 18

Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co Ltd, a part of the Magnet Wire Business Group, was founded in
1955. For over 50 years, its diligent, hard-working employees have played a crucial part in the
companys success. Together they have begun new undertakings, moving Ta Ya towards great

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

operational diversity. The company plans to increase its efforts and work with many more clients
to build a sustainable future.

Contact details: Ken Lee, section chief, No. 249, Sec. 2, Chung Shan Rd, Kuan Miao Dist,

Taiwan City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 71847; Ph: 006-595-3131, 886-9-26-297-842; kenlee@mail.taya.

com.tw, export@mail.taya.com.tw

Tachyon LED Solutions Private Limited

Booth No. D-2 | Size: 30

Tachyon LED Solutions Private limited (earlier known as Cube Software Private Limited) is an
ISO 9001:2008 company with experience of more than a decade in LED displays and lighting
products. It has a complete in-house set-up to design, manufacture, install and service the
diverse requirements of its customers. Tachyon is capable of handling and delivering any type
of product and solution in the LED space, with both wired and wireless technologies. It is an
exclusive partner in India with ETI Retop, a publicly listed LED display manufacturer, which has
over 10,000 successful installations since it was set up in 1997. These include the Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour, the National Basketball Association (NBA), US University sports stadiums,
Holland Rembrandt Square, and the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Cup. Retop
products are always at the centre of attention. Its most recent successes include a 1486 sq m
screen for the Charlotte Motor Speedway in the US, as well as a specially designed hung display
for the 14th Final World Championships Shanghai 2011 in China. Retop LED Ltd also installed
the 9500 sq m screen used at the launch of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.

Contact details: Rajendran Kurupath,director,1st Floor,B-8,Sector 60,Noida201301;

Ph: 91-120 4057129,9811004160;rk@tachyonled.com,minakshisaroha@tachyonled.com

Teck International Pte Ltd

Booth No. F-4 | Size: 9

Teck International Pte Ltd is one of the largest distributors for established semiconductor
manufacturers in South East Asia. These include Allegro, Fujitsu, Kodenshi, AUK, NXP (founded
by Philips), ST Microelectronics and Vishay Intertechnology. Set up in 1976, the company has
resources in Singapore, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia offering total solutions
to its customers, including buffer stocking logistics systems, application support and technical services. The company has won several awards that recognise its hard work and effort in
providing the best services to its customers. The success of the company stems from valuing
long-term partnerships with its customers. This is matched by a commitment to working with
world class manufacturers and offering quality services that make a difference to its customers business processes. Headquartered in Singapore, the company is expanding continuously
in many fast growing economies in Asia. This expansion is aimed at deepening the symbiotic
relationship with its customers.

Contact details: Surender Nath,manager India,1 Upper Aljunied Link,Blk A ,

# 06-05 / 06,Joo Seng Warehouse,Singapore; Ph: 0065 62879633,9560748306;




February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Tektronix (India) Pvt Ltd

Booth No. D-5 | Size: 30

For more than sixty-five years, engineers have turned to Tektronix for test, measurement and
monitoring solutions to solve design challenges, improve productivity and dramatically reduce
time to market. Tektronix is a leading supplier of test instrumentation for engineers focused
on electronic design, manufacturing and advanced technology development. As the worlds
standard in oscilloscopes, Tektronix is trusted by 8 out of 10 engineers to meet their test needs.
Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix serves customers worldwide and offers awardwinning service and support. It offers a wide range of electronic test equipment, which include
digital oscilloscopes, mixed signal oscilloscopes, mixed domain oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analysers, logic analysers, digital multimeters, frequency timers/counters, power
supplies, etc..

Contact details: Sai Venkat, marcom specialist,Samrah Plaza, 4/2, First Floor ,St. Marks
Road,Bengaluru560001; Ph: 91-080-30792726,9900591980; saivenkat.b@tektronix.com

Teledyne Lecroy

Booth No. B-7 | Size: 20

Teledyne LeCroy is a leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analysers, and related test
and measurement solutions that enable companies across a wide range of industries to
design and test electronic devices of all types. Since its inception in 1964, it has focused
on creating products that improve productivity by helping engineers resolve design issues
faster and more effectively. Oscilloscopes are tools used by designers and engineers to
measure and analyse complex electronic signals in order to develop high-performance
systems and to validate electronic designs in order to improve time to market. Protocol
analysers are tools used by designers and engineers to generate and monitor traffic over
high speed serial data interfaces, including DDR, PCI Express, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA,
SAS, USB and others. Both products are critical in the development of a wide variety of
demanding design applications. LeCroy uses both these important product areas in combination to tackle the most demanding serial data test applications, offering tailored solutions
to help its customers perfect their chips, interfaces, sub-systems and products which use
these important communications standards. Its oscilloscopes offer a powerful combination
of large and informative displays combined with advanced waveshape analysis capabilities, typically tailored to enhance the productivity of engineers in specific application areas
such as serial data test, disk drive test and automotive bus analysis. Headquartered in
Chestnut Ridge, New York, LeCroy has sales, service and development subsidiaries in the
US and throughout Europe and Asia. LeCroy products are employed across a wide variety of
industries, including semiconductor, computer, consumer electronics, military/aerospace,
automotive/industrial and telecommunications.

Contact details: Prabhanjana Rao, country sales manager, 65 15A, 1st Main Road, Dr Ra-

jkumar Road, 1st Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru 560010; Ph: 91-80-65471822, 9972523774;


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Tesca Technologies Pvt Ltd

Booth No. F-23 | Size: 9

Tesca is a manufacturer and exporter of test, measuring and technical education training
equipment, and has its own design and development facility. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified
company and a member of the Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council, New
Delhi. It sells 2000 innovative products in 52 countries. At present it works out of a manufacturing facility spread over 278.7 sq m (3000 sq ft). A new facility spread over 2136.8 sq m (23000
sq ft) will be operational soon. Its productrange includes test and measuring instruments
oscilloscopes, function/signal generators, spectrum analysers, digital storage oscilloscopes
(DSOs), power supplies, digital multimeters; technical education/vocational/didactic training
equipmentantenna trainers,colour TV trainers, DSP labs,GPS trainers,universal programmers,IC testers, radar trainers,RFID trainers,instrumentation trainers, communication trainers,
electricity trainers,LAN trainers,VLSI trainers, microprocessors (8085, 8086, 8031, 8051, Z80,
68000), microcontroller and interface trainers,consumer electronics demonstration trainers,microwave test benches,educational wall charts,robotics kits,decade boxes (R,L,C),analogue
electronics labs,digital electronics labs,power electronics labs,breadboards, power project
boards, circuit lab trainers, physics systems trainers,fibre optics trainers, etc; website design
and development; soldering and desoldering stations; analogue/digital panel/portable meters,
and variacs/dimmerstats.

Contact details: Ashutosh Agarwal,director,305, Taru Chhaya Nagar,Tonk

Road,Jaipur,Rajasthan302029;Ph: 91-141-2724326,9413330765; info@tesca.in,tesca.


Thinvent Technologies Pvt Ltd

Booth No. G-19 | Size: 9

Founded in 2007 by a group of technocrats from IIT Madras, Thinvent Technologies Private Limited
has grown to become a leader in the automation space in India. It builds hardware and software
integrated solutions such as digital signages, kiosks, point-of-sale and industrial computers. It
enables companies in the adoption of technology and automation of processes, thus allowing them
to focus on their core business. Thinvent has developed customised hardware and firmware for
numerous start-ups and corporates. Its in-house R&D team has a wide ranging set of capabilities
including firmware development, board design, mechanical and thermal modelling, prototyping and
mass manufacture. Thinvent designs and manufactures a wide range of thin client products. It provides a secure and reliable platform, which fulfils key requirements of large organisations. Thinvent
develops and manufactures a variety of ticketing, signage and crew management solutions for the
Indian Railways. Its industrial automation solution automatically tracks attendance and production
activities for large manufacturing entities such as JK Tyres. Thinvents cloud-based digital signage
platform enables companies to create, deploy and manage digital signage systems. It is coupled
with Thinvents signage players in all-in-one and standalone form factors.

Contact details: Saurabh Jain,founder and director,OD-21 Malibu Towne,

Sohna Road,Gurgaon122018;Ph: 91-124-4234867,9990344885; info@thinvent.in,




February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Tianli Electrical Machinery

Ningbo Co Ltd

Booth No. G-3 | Size: 9

Tianli Electrical Machinery Ningbo Co Ltd specialises in developing and manufacturing terminal
blocks. CAD design, tool making, injection moulding, stamping and assembling are all carried
out in-house, which is the major strength of the company. Tianli also has ISO 14000:2004 certification, and its products are certified by UL, CUL, CSA, VDE, CE, CQC, tec. All materials comply
with RoHS and REACH specifications. The company always ensures that it offers the best quality
products, at competitive prices and within a good lead time.

Contact details: Lina & Sudiy,sales/manager,138, Weisan Road,Andong Development

Zone,Hangzhou Bay Area, Ningbo,Zhejiang315327, China; Ph: 86-574-63479600, 63896436

Ext 6626; lina.ge@china-tianli.cn,sudiyfu@china-tianli.cn

Toradex Systems India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-10 | Size: 20

Toradex is a world leader in embedded ARM computer modules. It is a multinational company specialising in embedded computing technology, headquartered in Horw, Switzerland.
Founded in 2003, Toradex is completely owned by its founders and key employees. The
companys product portfolio includes ARM- and x86-based computer-on-modules along
with board support packages for them, all within the respective product families. Its products are embedded in virtually every industry segment. Typical sectors it caters to, amongst
others, include medical devices, point of sales, industrial automation, security systems and
building automation, robotics, digital signage, infotainment, aerospace, laboratory test and
measurement, access control, logistics and transportation.

Contact details: Sanjay Malla,sales director,Third Floor, LXY Aura,99 D, KHB Colony,
Koramangala 5th Block,Bengaluru560095;Ph: 91-80-41119096,9632833299;sanjay.

Trade Corp

Booth No. B-2 | Size: 18

Trade Corp markets plastic film capacitors and ceramic capacitors under the brand name
TC Components. Its capacitors are available with leading distributors and wholesalers of
electronic components in all the major markets in India. The company has been continuously expanding its product range and customer base over the years, and plans to continue
providing a dynamic combination of good quality products at an affordable price, along with
the best service.

Contact details: Ajay K. Gugnani,proprietor,4575/15, 3rd Floor, Onkar House,

Darya Ganj,New Delhi110002;Ph: 91-11-41563300,9810118916;akg@tradecorp.in,
sales@tradecorp.in, ashish@takiar.in

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Transtechnology India Pvt Ltd

Booth No. B-5 | Size: 35

Trans-Technology is a leading supplier of SMT equipment to Indias electronics manufacturing

industry. Trans-Technology, which is headquartered at Singapore, is headed by founder chairman
Christopher J Fussner. The group has operations spanning North America and SE Asia, with 15
centres in nine countries and a fully owned subsidiary in India called TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd.
The group has made investments worth US$ 1 million in setting up three regional application labs
including one in New Delhi to facilitate process support and equipment training. It is the groups philosophy to provide each and every client with the most practical, cost-effective and efficient solution
to itss manufacturing needs, and its continued pursuit of excellence has enabled the firm to achieve
phenomenal growth in the Indian market with clients ranging from big MNCs to SMEs and micro
enterprises, alike. With local service/sales support available from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru,
Mysore, Hyderabad and Chennai, the firm effectively covers the country. Over 26 years of partnership
with global players like Yamaha for pick and place machines, solder paste printers and with Heller for
SMT reflow ovens reflects upon the stability of the firms association with its principals. In order to
provide end to end solution for SMT PCB assembly, the company also offers products such as PCB
X-ray inspection machines, SMT/BGA (SRT) rework stations from VJ Electronix USA, fluid dispensing systems, conformal coating machines from Nordson Asymtek USA, AOI machines from Nordson
Yestech USA, PCB handling equipment from Nutek Singapore, et al. The company believes that if it
does not take care of the customer, someone else will. It is this belief that drives it to work towards
achieving customer delight.

Contact details: Amit Madan, country manager, Plot No 721, Udyog Vihar, Phase V,
Gurgaon 122001; Ph:91-124-6460131, 9810449898; amit@trans-tec.com

Uday Enterprises

Booth No. G-1 | Size: 12

Uday Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and supplier of semi-automatic, automatic, CNC programmable coil winding machines and winding SPMs. It has installed a wide range of coil winding
machines all over India, which cater to various winding applications. The company also has more than
3000 installations of different models of CNC/programmable coil winding machines for electrical/
electronic wound components like transformers, relays, telecommunication components, SMPS transformers, degaussing coils, mobile/battery chargers, etc; auto electrical components (ignition coils,
magneto coils, horns, pick-ups, fuel gauges, etc); lighting (tubelights, chokes, CFL bulbs, electronic
ballasts); motor winding (ceiling fans, mono block pumps); LV, HV winding distribution transformers;
sub-station instrument transformers (CTs/PTs); servo/auto transformers, variacs and dimmers. The
company also manufactures customised machines for instrument transformer (CTs/PTs) winding. All
machines are indigenously built with the best available inputs to make them user friendly, and perform
consistently and efficiently. A dedicated and skilled team helps in after-sales onsite service support to
ensure smoother and trouble-free operation of the machines.

Contact details: Pawan Tyagi,director,Khasra No 1108, Village Makanpur,Behind Indian

Child School, Opp Janta Flat No 432, Nayay Khand, Inderapuram,Ghaziabad201010;
Ph: 91-120-6453321,9212320224; uday_integral@yahoo.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




UL India Private Limited

Booth No. F-2 | Size: 12

UL is a premier global independent safety sciences company that has championed technological progress for 120 years. Its more than 10,000 professionals are guided by the UL mission to promote safe
working and living environments for all people. UL uses research and standards to continually advance
and meet ever-evolving safety needs. It partners with businesses, manufacturers, trade associations
and international regulatory authorities to bring solutions to a more complex global supply chain.

Contact details: Lakshmi Nair, Kalyani Platina, Block 1, 3rd Floor, No 24, EPIP Zone, Phase II,
Whitefield, Bangalore 560066; Ph:91-80-41384400, 41384470; Lakshmi.Nair@ul.com

Uni Connectronics

Booth No. G-4 | Size: 6

Uni Connectronics is a growing company that manufactures a wide range of cable harnesses and assemblies in the IT, electronics, medical, automobile and defence industries. All the products offered by
the firm are made using the best quality of raw materials sourced from authentic vendors. These products are highly praised by users for their high quality, efficiency, flexibility and strength. The company
offers these products in compliance with various standards, as well as based on customised specifications to meet the varied requirements of users. Maintaining the highest standards of quality in its product
range is the ultimate aim of this organisation. All the products are manufactured as per the guidelines of
industrial standards. Strict quality checks are performed at each phase of product development.

Contact details: Himanshu Agarwal, Proprietor, 277 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase -1,
New Delhi110020; Ph: 9899293058; uniconnectronics@gmail.com

Vantage Integrated Security Solutions

Vantage Security is a leading manufacturer, distributor and system integrator of electronic security and
surveillance products in India. Set up in 1990, with over 18 years of hard-earned experience in the
electronics industry, Vantage can today boast of its industrial competence as it uses specialised high
performance technology and state-of-the-art equipment to make its security and surveillance systems.
It takes pride in its products and services, working towards a mission of securing the world. Vantage,
with its vast experience, in-house R&D team and technical knowhow, is fully equipped and capable of
providing world-class solutions, customised according to the needs of its clients. With an advanced
engineering and product planning team and strong software capabilities in the security business,
Vantage continues to offer cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions for small, medium and
large enterprises as well as government sector undertakings. The dedication towards excellence and
quality in products and services is matched by its commitment to create a world-class workforce. It
has a nationwide distribution network of over 200 channel partners who are committed to the highest
quality security solutions, support, and competitive pricing. Vantage has established itself as a strong
player in the industry, serving the security needs of people across India.

Contact details: Parmod Verma, managing director,B-11,Sector-7,Noida201301;

Ph: 91-120-4632200,9811051990; parmod@vantagesecurity.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

Vasavi Electronics

Booth No. D-12 | Size: 6

Vasavi Electronics was established in the early 70s, and is led by a team of highly qualified managers and research
engineers with decades of experience in the instrumentation field. The company competes well with global
products by orienting its products to modern day trends. Vasavi Electronics first introduced its digital LCR meters
in India in the early 70s, and has now started taking up challenging projects in the software-controlled automatic
testing equipment domain. Its products have been exported to USA, Mexico, China, UK, France, Germany, Hong
Kong, New Zealand, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Haiti, etc. Its product range includes LCRs, automatic transformer
testers, coil turned testers, hi-pot testers, impulse winding turn testers and computerised relay test systems.

Contact details: K Ranganath, marketing manager, No. 95, 1st Floor, Road No 6 A, Jyoti Colony,
Secunderabad 500015; Ph:91-40-27744445, 9397110777; vasavielectronics@gmail.com

Victor Component Systems Pvt Ltd

Booth No. A-11 | Size: 12

Established in 1989, Victor Component Systems is a leading manufacturer of OEM electrical components
in India. Its products have gained acceptance in USA and Europe, which is proof of its stringent quality control measures that have helped it to achieve international standards. Today, the companys turnover exceeds
Rs 1 billion. The quality of its products has won all-India recognition, and it is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
certified. The company manufactures quality OEM wound components like ferrite cores, transformers of
high frequency applications, toroid coils for EMI filters, inductors, linear transformers for 50-60 Hz supply,
AC/DC adapters, SMPS/linear power supplies, LED drivers, wires and harnesses, apart from connectors for
the consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer and electronics energy metering requirements.
Victor Components has also promoted a separate company, Victor Pushin Cords P Ltd, to manufacture a
range of power cords for electrical and electronic equipment.

Contact details: Pawan Sharma, director, B-86, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi 110020;
Ph: 91-11-26812653,26812668, 9810031580 9810082172; pawan@victorcomponent.co.in

Vidhata Electronics Private Limited

Booth No. A-11A | Size: 12

Vidhata Electronics Pvt Ltd deals with all kind of soft ferrites such as EE, EI,ER, EFD,T, UU, ET,FT, drum core
and planer cores. Vidhata also provides the cores for LED drivers and LED lamps, the popular shapes are
EPC, EDR, RM and PQ. The above cores are used in the consumer electronics Industry,lighting industry,
mobile charger, metering and telecommunications industry. They also deal in all kinds of magnets for fan
motors and all kinds of plastic and phenolic bobbins for transformers. Their products have been approved
by LG, Onida, Videocon etc in consumer electronics and Osram, Halonix, Havells and Surya for lighting
industry. Their major clents are Surya , Havells, HQ Lamps, Dixon, Delta Electronics, Victor components ,
GSP Electronics, Indotech Magnetics, Utsavgiri electronics, Perfect Electronics, Sree Vishnu Electronics,
Ajanta Manufactures Ltd and many others . Vidhata is an exclusive distributor and agent for brands like LFG,
FERRICS, DMEGC, KDM. The also provide Iron powder cores, MPP core, and Senddust core of KDM China.

Contact details: Sudesh Deepak, director,E-209,Fiatted Factories Complex,Okhla Phase III,New

Delhi110020; Ph:91-11-41802530, 30825209,9810055893; sudeshdeepak@vidhataelectronics.




February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Virginia Panel Corporation

Booth No. A-12 | Size: 16

Virginia Panel Corporation is a world leading supplier of Mass InterConnect solutions to the
automated test equipment industry. Mass InterConnect solutions provide simultaneous connection
of varied signals through one device. Virginia Panel Mass InterConnect solutions provide fast and
reliable unit under test changeover, reduce test costs and improve production. Used in defence,
aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and other applications, VPC Mass InterConnect systems are
available in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any testing requirement.
These solutions provide modular flexibility, address a wide range of signal, power, coaxial, fibre
optic and pneumatic I/O requirements, and accommodate a wide range of ATE chassis sizes/configurations including PXI, LXI, SCXI and VXI applications. High performance cable assemblies and
patch cords ensure quality connections and fast assembly of Mass InterConnect solutions.

Contact details: Anirban Biswas, field application consultant-India,1400 New Hope

Rd,Waynesboro22980; Ph: 91 8588809277,91 9212644687; abiswas@vpc.com,info@vpc.com

Vishapa Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Booth No. D-11| Size: 6

Vishapa Enterprises Pvt Ltd, which was established in 2005, has grown from strength to strength and, today,
is a force to reckon with. The company operates on the basis of certain principles and values, and within a
short span of time has achieved its targets. It manufactures and supplies a wide range of heat dissipation
products that include a variety of aluminium heat sinks, and other customised products. The firm is ably
supported by dedicated and experienced staff and is well equipped with the latest machinery. It also has the
ability to customise and manufacture different kinds of heat sinks according to its customers specifications.

Contact details: Ashish Kulshreshtha, managing director, D 78 2, Site IV, Industrial Area,
Greater Noida 201308; Ph:91-120, 9268380374; vishapapvtltd@gmail.com

Vital Electrocomp

Booth No. B-8A | Size: 8

Vital Electrocomp is a leading manufacturer of PCB terminal blocks, connectors, fuse holders,
fuse clips, switches, relay cards and similar products. The companys terminal block range
consists of screw type, screwless, pluggable, barrier and interlockable type designs. Since
1998, Vital has focused on manufacturing the most widely used printed circuit board terminal
blocks (PCB connectors) in India, keeping in mind the international terminal technology. Vitals
manufacturing facilities have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certifications from TUV Rheinland. Vital
products are approved by North American and Canadian Standards by Underwriters Laboratories.
All Vital products are certified by an independent NABL accredited testing laboratory to meet the
applicable requirements of IS and CE standards. These products are manufactured to comply
with the RoHS law 2002/95/EC and its later amendments. Vital is proud to incorporate in-house
testing facilities to meet the requirements of Indian standards, IEC standards (60947-7-1), CSA
standards (C22.2 No. 158) and UL standards (UL1059). The technical team at Vital is capa150

EFY Expo show directory February 2014

ble of precision mold making designed in-house, using the latest manufacturing technology,
plastic processing, progressive and compound stamping tools, precision jigs and fixtures and
manufacturing of specialised custom-designed connectors. The company specialises in molding
components from a wide range of engineering plastics (like PA6, PA66, PC, PBT, ABS) on a
microprocessor-based fully automatic injection molding machine. It also specialises in the manufacture of fine metal components from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Vital is committed
to customer satisfaction by complying with international specifications and directives through
continuous quality improvement, total quality management and total employee involvement.

Contact details: Milan Shah, proprietor, 830 2 GIDC Estate, Makarpura, Baroda, Gujarat
390010; Ph: 91-265-6640731, 9227979801; milanshah@vitalelectrocomp.com

Wah Hong Industrial Corp

Booth No. C9A | Size: 9

Since its inception in 1973, Wah Hong has concentrated in the production and sales of advanced
material. It continuously adopts new technology, improves manufacturing processes and reinforces good management practices to cope with the dynamic and fiercely competitive industry.
Over the past three decades, it has successfully developed composite materials and advanced
plastics to support the sporting equipment, automobile and electronics industries. Starting out
in 2000, Wah Hong got an immediate good response from the market by developing and manufacturing diffusion films and reflection films to meet the booming TFT LCD industrys requirements. It continuously adopts the complete line of optical films to be a total solutions provider.
Wah Hong has established many plants in Suzhou, Huizhou, Ningbo and Xiamen to achieve the
benefit of local supply and the economies of scale.

Contact details: Macgyver Lee / Ms. Wu, 11F-6, #235, Chung Cheng 4th Road,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Ph:886-7-9717777 67310 67308; astralee@wahhong.com

Wings Automobile Products Pvt Ltd

Booth No. C-9 | Size: 9

Wings is a well-recognised brand in the Indian automobile sector since 1983, and is the
preferred OEM supplier of ignition coils to Honda, Hero Honda, Yamaha and other automobile
manufacturers. The company also has major export commitments in Europe and South East Asia.
An ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, it has a group
turnover of more than Rs 500,000,000. Building on its core competency, it has expanded and
developed its infrastructure to manufacture transformers for inverters and UPS systems, voltage
stabilisation, control panels, ATS panels, isolation, power and telecom applications. The company is situated at Faridabad, a premium business and industrial district on the outskirts of the
national capital. Its manufacturing unit has a total covered area of 5109.7 sq m (55,000 sq ft).

Contact details: Balram Sharma,assistant general manager (R&D),I-35, DLF Industrial

Area,Phase -1,13/7 Mathura Road,Faridabad121003;Ph: 91-129-2250829,9313371520;




February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Wuxi Huahao Electric Co Ltd

Booth No. G-11 | Size: 9

Wuxi Huahao Electric Co Ltd is a global supplier of wires, cables and cable systems used in the electronics,
industrial, appliances, solar and automotive industries. A leader in its field, it specialises in the production
of temperature-resistant fireproof-insulation wires, cables and wiring harnesses. Its products comply with
the UL/CSA standards in USA and Canada, PSA standards in Japan, and the European harmonised standards. Wuxi Huahao has the ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System certifications. The company
is also committed to product safety and compliance with REACH and RoHS specifications. Its production
processes are checked continuously so that they comply with customer demands. The company aims for
zero defects and improvement in all areas. It strives to fulfil customers demands on quality and delivery
dates. This leads to customer satisfaction and, hence, to the success of the company. Its lean overheads
help it to provide cost-effective solutions to its customers, and it prides itself in its flexibility and efficiency
in responding to their needs. Its products are exported worldwide to more than 30 countries including USA,
Canada, Japan, India, Malaysia, Germany, UK, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Contact details: Shijun,sales manager,No 586, Xitai Road,Nanfeng Industrial Zone,Meicun Wuxi Jiangsu Province,Jiangsu, China; Ph: 86-510-88157898; sales@huahao-wire.com

Xiamen PRT Technology Co Ltd

Booth No. G-5 | Size: 9

PRT is the world leading manufacturer of thermal printer mechanisms and thermal printer
modules, and the world leading solutions provider of thermal printing technology. Its products
include thermal printer mechanisms that range from 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) to 20.3 cm (8 inch),
kiosk label printer mechanisms, label printer mechanisms and dot matrix printer mechanisms.
PRT shipped 4.1 million pieces of its products to the domestic and overseas markets in 2012,
and is ranked the second largest supplier of thermal printer mechanisms in the world.

Contact details: Jasmine Wang,overseas sales manager,4-5F, 8#, Gaoqi Nan,

Shier Road (Aide Airport Industrial Park),Xiamen,China361006;Ph: 86-592-5993973;

Zhejiang Jialong Electronic Co Ltd

Booth No. F-11 | Size: 9

Zhejiang Jialong Electronic Co Ltd is located near the Wenzhou Nanxi River in China. Established in
1986, it is spread over an area of 12,000 square metres. It has 1000 employees, over 70 managers
and more than 40 technicians. The company has ISO 9001, UL, CE, RoHS, EMC and DVE certifications. It specialises in developing and manufacturing all kinds of turning buttons, boat pattern
buttons, gentle touch buttons, push-buttons, leaf switches, DC/AC sockets, etc. It has the capacity to
manufacture five hundred million pieces every year, owns fully automatic machinery, uses advanced
technology and has a quality administrative system. Its experience in electronic product development
and research helps it to develop products that meet customer requirements.

Contact details: Leiming Pan, sales manager, Qianshi Industrial Zone, Oubei Town, Wenzhou,
Zhejiang, China 325101; Ph: 86-0577-85222566, 86-13868609000; jialong@calonsw.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014



Goepel Electronics India Pvt Ltd

GOEPEL electronic a German based company, is a leading vendor of electric test, optical test
and inspection systems for electronic components, assembled pcbs and as well as vehicle
control units. the company was founded in 1991, besides the about 200 employees work for
companys headquarters in Jena, Germany. GOEPEL electronic runs several support and services
offices in GERMANY, USA, UK, INDIA, FRANCE and HONG KONG. More than 300 additional specialists ensure the local and on-site support of the products via the worldwide distribution network. GOEPEL electronic is a world class vendor of extended JTAG/Boundary scan test solutions
according to Std. IEEE1149.1. Boundary scan is an innovative technology for test, programming
and verification of electronic components and assembled PCBs. The standard allows the testing
and programming of Microcontrollers, PLDs, CPLDs, FPGAs, DSPs and further highly complex devices. GOEPEL electronic provides extremely innovative and high performance boundary
scan software as well as a well proven hardware product. The companys latest development was
the introduction of a revolutionary new technology for extended Boundary Scan named Embedded System Access (ESA).

Contact details: Harish Kumar N, feild application Engineer, 1568 HSR Layout Sector 1,

Outer Ring Road, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560103; Ph:91-080-65695603, 9900551434;


Gola Electronics

Booth No. F 10 | Size: 9

Gola Electronics based in Sahibabad site IV industrial area in Distt. Ghaziabad (UP),
specializes in the design and manufacturing of medium and high voltage transformers to
customers specification except state electricity board transformers. The company has set
standards in the manufacturing of the transformers. With over two decades of experience in
manufacturing and design with high quality materials they provide great value for transformers. The comapny has modern sophisticated testing facility and excellent support services
also. Gola Electronics has supplied lakhs of small transformers for consumer industry and
several thousands of medium size transformers for others. The factory complex is extended
over an area of 3000sq.ft. The covered area is divided into various blocks viz administrative
block, design and engineering section, coil winding and tapping sections, sub-assembly
sections, oil filtration plant, vacuum plant, assembly section, testing section, general
machine shop, sheet metal fabrication unit and a store. They have a team of experienced
system analysts continuously working on analyzing new projects, followed by our testing
team conducting all the possible tests to make sure that the project is meeting clients

Contact details: Mukesh Chand,14 / 20, Site 4, Industrial Area, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
201001; Ph:91-120-4230023, 9810539360, 9810577197; info@golaelectronics.com



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Reliable Circuits

Booth No. G-25 | Size: 6

Reliable circuits with a deep commitment to its customer service, provides an immediate
response to even the most challenging PCB assembly requirements. Its success in the
market is the direct result of tehir ability to provide and execute the industry requirements,
while meeting the highest quality. Reliable circuits specializes in mid-volume, electronic
printed circuit board assemblies. Reliable Circuits supports all types of circuit board assembly construction. The company maintains top of the line production using traditional
through-hole technology and facilities to support this technology. The company plans to will
continue the same in the future, using the latest advancements in technology processing for
PCB assembly, including current surface mount technology.

Contact details: A D Yadav, H- 143 1, Phase -1, New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon 122017;
Ph:91-124-42468799, 9811400599; akz.akshay@gmail.com,adyadav@hotmail.

Yontro Mechatronic Systech

Booth No. G-8 | Size: 6

Yontro is an enterprise consisting of a group of energetic and dynamic, young professionals, who control the operations of the company, to translate the plans and designs
of a visionary and veteran of more than 25 years experience, into a successful business
enterprise. Yontro has more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing
equipments, testing them to ascertain that they are adopted for the local conditions and
fine tuning them for rugged operation even in harsh conditions. Most of the equipments
are either import substitutes or specially developed to suit the exact requirement of a
specified operation. Yontro plans to market and promote its own innovations and making them available to the production professionals of the world. Over the years, Yontro
has manufactured a range of products which are categorised as PCBA Equipments. This
includes a complete range of machines for the PCB assembly industry like component
pre-forming machines, component insertion line, soldering systems for through-hole
and SMT, final assembly and touch-up lines. Wire processing eqipments, machines
for the wiring harness industry is also available along with wire sizing machine, wire
stripping machines, terminal crimping machines, conveyor Systems. The company
also manufactures various types of conveyor belt, chain, free flow, gravity roller, power
roller, slat, slat band, modular plastic conveyors etc. These conveyors find application
in industries like automobile, engineering, food processing, plastic moulding, pharma,
electronics FMCG etc. For automation industry, they provide pneumatic and PLC based
automation solutions for various applications. Special purpose machines for any tailor
made requirement for production or testing can also be ordered here.

Contact details: Manoj Banerjee, partner,Plot No 194,Sector 7,IMT Manesar,

Gurgaon122050; Ph: 91-124,9810138212, 9818670287; mbanerjee@yontro.com


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

BMC Components

Booth No. E-12A | Size: 9

The company aims to grow by 40% per annum year on year from here on as they step into a new
domain with new growth trajectory seen for Indian consumption of electronic goods and spares.
Their products are Resistors, Diodes and L.E.Ds that are widely used in Electronic CFL Blast
Chokes, Mobile Phone Charger, Color T.vs, Automobiles, Display Boards, Glow Signs, Radios&
Transistors, DVDs, VCDs, Phones, Power supplies, Audio Equipments, LED Lighting, Torchs,
LED Lamps for Solar Lanterns, Battery operated LED Lights, Energy efficient LED Lights for Industrial and domestic Sector. The company is now entering in renewable energy market with new
products specially designed for Wind mills and Power generation and distribution sector with
its first participation of Wind and energy exhibition which was held in Hong Kong in 2012. BMC
components specially designed resistors diodes and L.E.D,s will help conserve electricity even
better than before, making our planet greener and cooler for our young generations to come. The
companies latest product line launched in 2014 is revolutionary LED lights that they feel will
bring a transformation in lighting in India.

Contact details: Arjun Kapoor,director,Shop No 213,Lajpat Rai Market,New Delhi110006;

Ph: 91-11-23868660, 23868669, arjun_kapoor@hotmail.com

Cermet Resistronics Pvt Ltd

Booth No. E-2A | Size: 15

Cermet is a leading manufacture of electronics/electrical resistors in India with rich experience of

42 years in research & development. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with growth rate 40%
every year having annual turnover of USD 3.00 Million with a share of exports 20%. Cermet has
achieved a distinguished success in the field of resistor manufacturing. Cermet has maintained
its high quality standard and is well known for custom built solutions for various industries.
Cermet is eco-conscious RoHS compliance company, manufactures of Thick film/metal glaze/
high voltage/hybrid/flat resistors etc. with its network in india and have the widest range of carbon film, metal film, wire wound, metal oxide resistors, wire wound power resistors up to 1200
w, neutral ground resistors (ngr), dynamic breaking resistors (dbr) & zero ohms resistors(tape
jumper). Cermet also manufacture resistors as per custom design. Cermet also has the first state
of the art hybrid/flat resistor manufacturing facility in India. Cermet has a large network of dealers
all over India. Cermet caters to the needs of the sensitive defence requirements. It directly caters
to the requirements of over 450 small and big industries like ABB, Siemens, BARC, Epcos, Tyco,
BTL, Videocon, MIRC, Honeywell, Terminal Ballistic Labs and CERN/Geneva, Large Hadron Collider project. Cermet envisages to make automotive components & presently exporting resistors
for fan blower assembly, fuel indicator, resistors for air condition. Cermet also has exports to
Germany, UK, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Middle East and Brazil. Cermet has one of the most
well equipped Q.C. department with highly sophisticated testing equipment. Cermet products are
approved by prestigious Defence standard, LCSO, ERTL(W), BARC, BEL & RoHS compliance.

Contact details: Pradeep Khadilkar, director, Gate No 61, Plot No 01 & 02,Shindewa-

di,Bhor,Pune412206; Ph:91-02113-252726 / 27 / 28 / 2, 252732,9822043010; pradeep.khadilkar@cermet.co.in,gauri.joshi@cermet.co.in,vivek.tare@cermet.co.in,sales@cermet.co.in



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory




Silver Point Electronics

Electrical Co

Booth No. G-18 | Size: 6

Silver Point is a Delhi based company, having a vast presence & experience in electronic industry for last 15 years, especially in Inverter manufacturing & assembling. With a vast dealership
network across Western & Central India, the company has been a choice for many people in the
sector. Since last 4 years Silver Point has moved its focus on Technology development in the
Embedded field with Microcontroller based designs & developments. It has assisted many firms
& companies in the electronic industry for development of their products. Its founder Mr. Vinay
Agrawal has always been insisting on quality and good after sales service for customer satisfaction and business growth.

Contact details: Vinay Aggarwal, proprietor, A-1, DSIDC Work Center, A-Block, Jhilmil Colony,
New Delhi 110095; Ph: +91 9868100311; vinayaggarwal@gmail.com

Intrinsic Solutions

Booth No.M-14 | Size: 6

Intrinsic Solutions is a professionally managed organization based out of Bangalore, India. The
company was founded in August 2005 by professionals having over 20 years experience each in
the domestic IT industry. Intrinsic was founded to work in new technology areas and assist the
local educational and R&D efforts towards building solutions largely in the electronics and wireless communication space. The key area identified by Intrinsic from its inception was Wireless
sensor networks. This area offered new opportunities for young companies as a niche field with
a promise of becoming a large technology space. WSN has been identified as one of the Top 10
technologies that will change the world in the coming decade. WSN will help everyone move
towards the area of ubiquitous computing and enable the exchange of data of the physical world
over the internet. It is estimated that the global total industrial WSN market will be worth $4.6
billion in 2011. Automation will be worth 22% of the total WSN market at this time. Two thirds
of the revenues will be for new markets or emerging application areas that are limited today due
to cost of wiring. Intrinsic today has the headquarters at Bangalore, India with representatives at
Mumbai and New Delhi.

Contact details: Ajit Edlabadkar,director,3rd Floor, Above KFC, No. 177, R.T. Nagar Main
Road,Bangalore560 032; Ph:+91 80 4115 1400, +91 98 450 19911; ajit@intrinsic.in

Maxgtech Engineering Pvt Ltd

Booth No. B-4A | Size: 6

Maxgtech Engineering Pvt Ltd is a leading international, independent distributor of

electronics, as well as electrical and mechanical components and products with offices in
Hong Kong, New Delhi, India and USA. Maxgtech is an ISO 9001:2008, D&B registered,
and CRISIL certified company. Products supplied by the company include semiconduc-


EFY Expo show directory February 2014

tor ICs, electronic components, LEDs, relays, gear motors, microwave parts, proximity
switches, load cells, industrial DC fans, ball bearings, power supplies and batteries. It has
a team of highly-qualified professionals to support and meet customer requirements. Its
goal is to meet its customers ever changing needs with quality products at a competitive
price, and support their supply chain requirements. Maxgtechs philosophy is to satisfy
customers to the best of its ability by providing them with creative and competitive solutions and services that live up to and even exceed their expectations. It has a technical
and commercial team for handling various projects and tenders. Maxgtech concentrates
on providing improved and value-added services to its customers, as total quality control
and customer satisfaction is the prime motto of the company. The company operates
in sectors like telecom, steel, cement, power, EPC, infra-tech, chemicals, medical,
automobile, military, electronics, textiles, computers, space, consumer, instrumentation, railways, defence, OEM, EMS and other industrial applications. The company has
an impressive list of satisfied clients. Maxgtech is proud of the fact that almost every
customer has placed repeat orders with the company, to meet additional requirements.
This speaks volumes about the technical superiority and satisfactory level of performance
of the company.

Contact details: Gagan Jain , director,4782/2, 23 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002;
Ph:91-11-41069994, 9899669994; gagan@maxgtech.com

Wonder Polymers Pvt Ltd

Wonder Polymers Pvt Ltd is a company engaged in manufacturing and marketing a
wide range of self-adhesive tapes for the electrical, footwear, leather, air conditioning,
refrigeration, automobile, and thermal insulation sectors and other special applications
including printed tapes, precision die cut components, labels, custom made tapes,
etc. Its factories are located in different parts of India and are equipped with plant and
machinery specially made and designed to ensure the production and supply of the best
quality products at economical prices and with timely delivery. The companys factories are equipped with the latest testing laboratory equipment and trained manpower
to ensure the manufacture of products that match specifications. The company has a
countrywide marketing network, comprising both direct channels and dealers backed by
factory trained professionals. Wonder Polymers Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1981 and
holds registrations, memberships and approvals of the Directorate of Industries (00119/
NL94), The National Small Industries Corporation (W/18/Delhi 97), the Telecom Engineering Centre, Central Excise, ISO 9001-2008, the Badli Industrial Estate Association,
ATMA (Adhesive Tape Manufacturers Association of India), FDDI, SGS Railways - Northern Railway, Rail Coach Factory - Kapurthala, IIP, IFCOMA (Indian Footwear Components
Manufacturers Association), and the Defence - Directorate General, Quality Assurance.

Contact details: AK Gupta, director, S-70 Badli Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi
110042; Ph: 91-11-27296211, 9811142693; arun@wondertape.in



February 2014 EFY Expo show directory



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EFY Expo show directory February 2014

February 2014 EFY Expo show directory






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