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Revised 5/21/2010

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory

This Consultants Directory is provided by Preservation Massachusetts as a service to

all individuals, organizations, municipalities, property owners, and potential clients
seeking the professional assistance of consultants with expertise in historic
preservation. This directory does not presume to be all inclusive; however, all
consultants who request inclusion will be listed if they meet the Secretary of the
Interiors Professional Qualification Standards, if applicable.

*NOTE: Where applicable, persons listed in this directory must meet the Secretary of the
Interior's Professional Qualification Standards (36 CFR 61 Appendix A ). Preservation Mass does
not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the listings or for the performance of those
listed. Anyone using this directory assumes full responsibility for checking the consultant's
credentials. Listing does not imply endorsement or recommendation by Preservation Mass.

The inclusion of a consultant in this directory is not a demonstration of professional

competence. Preservation Massachusetts does not accept responsibility for the
performance of any consultant. This is not an “approved” list.

Individuals and firms are listed in the following categories:

• Architectural History
• Architectural Lighting Design
• Craftsmanship
• Environmental Impact Documents
• HABS/HAER Documentation
• Historic Architecture
• Historic Barn Preservation
• Historic Bridges
• Historic Burying Grounds
• Historic Landscape Architecture/Historic Landscapes
• Historic Mortar Analysis
• Historic Paint Analysis
• Historic Resources Survey
• Historic Structure Reports
• Maritime Preservation

Revised 5/21/2010
• Materials Conservation
• National Register Nominations
• Preservation Planning/Preservation Plans
• Section 106 Reviews
• State & Federal Tax Credit Applications
• Stained Glass Restoration
• Structural Engineering
• Other: Additional specialties/experience is noted in the individual/corporate
directory listing.

For the professional disciplines – architectural history, historic architecture, historians

(historic research), and architectural historians – there are National Park Service (NPS)
Professional Qualification Standards as part of the larger Secretary of the Interior’s
Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation. (36CFR Part 61).
The Professional Qualification Standards represent only a minimum threshold for
training and professional experience that historic preservation practitioners should
demonstrate to be considered specialists in their field(s). Those seeking consultants
should request resumes, work samples and references sufficient to determine the
level of experience and quality of services offered by any consultant under

The standards can be viewed on the NPS website at:


For archaeological assistance please contact the State Archaeologist, Massachusetts

Historical Commission, 220 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston 02125 . Phone:

The Directory is divided into two sections:

• Cross Reference by Categories – All consultants are grouped underneath

their particular areas of expertise.
• Directory Listings – Includes contact information for all listed consultants.

We at Preservation Massachusetts hope that you find this directory helpful and should
you have any questions, please contact our office at 617-723-3383.

Individuals or corporations who would like to be included in this directory should

contact Elsa Fitzgerald: ElsaFitzgerald@aol.com

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

Architectural History Hardy, Alison

Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc. Maliszewski, John
Boston Affiliates, Inc. Moore, Craig
Broomer, Kathleen Kelly Preservation Services, Inc.
Community Opportunities Group, Inc. Riedl, Paul
Detwiller, Frederic C. Serpentino Stained Glass Inc.
Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Tobies, Uwe
EBI Consulting, Inc. Environmental Impact Documents
Epsilon Associates, Inc. Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Finch, William B. Boston Affiliates, Inc.
Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc Community Opportunities Group, Inc.
Fannin-Lehner EBI Consulting, Inc.
Farmer, Gregory Epsilon Associates, Inc.
Faye, Linda Frontiero, Wendy
Frontiero, Wendy JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Gordon, Edward W. PAL
Gray & Pape, Inc. PAST, Inc.
Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc. Mones, Andrea
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) Preservation Services, Inc
Krim, Arthur Tremont Preservation Services LLC
Larson Fisher Associates, Inc. VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.
Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc. HABS/HAER Documentation
Mones, Andrea Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc. Boston Affiliates, Inc.
PAL Ceccacci, Susan McDaniel
PAST, Inc. Detwiller, Frederic C.
Pfeiffer, Brian Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Architects
Preservation Services, Inc. EBI Consulting, Inc.
Randall, Elizabeth L. Epsilon Associates, Inc.
Robinson, Arnold N., AICP Fannin-Lehner
Schuler, Gretchen G. Farmer, Gregory
Serpentino Stained Glass Inc. Gray & Pape, Inc.
Tremont Preservation Services LLC Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.
Ttl-Architects LLC Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.
Foy, Rosemary Battles, M. A Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc.
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
PAST, Inc.
Craftsmanship Pfeiffer, Brian
Autio, David P Pioneer Valley PC (HABS only)
Classical Details Preservation Services, Inc.
Colonial Restorations Teller, Michael S., AIA
Ellison, Ian Tremont Preservation Services LLC

Cross Reference by Categories 1

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

ttl-architects LLC American Dreamwrights

VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Colonial Restorations
Historic Architecture Detwiller, Frederic C.
Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc. Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels
Boston Affiliates, Inc. Architects
Chenot, D. Keith Ellison, Ian
Detwiller, Frederic C. Finch, William B.
Donham & Sweeney Architects Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Dray, Eric E. JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Latady, Kevin
Architects Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc.
Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects PAST, Inc.
Eayrs, Ted Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
EBI Consulting, Inc. Preservation Services, Inc.
Eisenberg Haven Architects, Inc. Structures North Consulting Engineers
Faye, Linda Teller, Michael S., AIA
Finch, William B. Tobies, Uwe
Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc ttl-architects LLC
Foy, Rosemary Battles, M. A
Frontiero, Wendy Historic Bridges
Gary Wolf Architects, Inc. Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Gray & Pape, Inc. Detwiller, Frederic C.
guzman/prufer, inc EBI Consulting, Inc.
Hadley Crow Studio Ellison, Ian
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Gray & Pape, Inc.
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Krim, Arthur JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Larson Fisher Associates, Inc. Krim, Arthur
Latady, Kevin McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.
McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc. Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc. PAL
Mones, Andrea PAST, Inc.
PAST, Inc. Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Pierce, Deborah
Preservation Services, Inc. Historic Burying Grounds
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc. Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Pfeiffer, Brian Berg, Shary Page
Robinson, Arnold N., AICP Boston Affiliates, Inc.
Salem, John H. Daedalus, Inc.
Schuler, Gretchen G. EBI Consulting, Inc.
Serpentino Stained Glass Inc. Faye, Linda
Strekalovsky Architecture Inc. Fannin-Lehner
Teller, Michael S., AIA Gravestone Services of New England
Tremont Preservation Services LLC JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
ttl-architects LLC Krim, Arthur
Monument Conservation Collaborative,
Historic Barn Preservation LLC

Cross Reference by Categories 2

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

Myjer, Ivan Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects

PAL Finch, William B.
PAST, Inc. Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Preservation Services, Inc. Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc
Structures North Consulting Engineers Preservation Services, Inc.
Teller, Michael S., AIA Riedl, Paul
ttl-architects LLC Vaughan, John
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Walcovy, Donna E. Historic Resources Survey
Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Historic Landscape Architecture/Historic Boston Affiliates, Inc.
Landscapes Broomer, Kathleen Kelly
Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc. Community Opportunities Group, Inc.
Berg, Shary Page Detwiller, Frederic C.
Detwiller, Frederic C. Dray, Eric E.
Dodson Associates, Ltd. Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels
EBI Consulting, Inc. Architects
Gray & Pape, Inc. Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects
Hadley Crow Studio EBI Consulting, Inc.
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Epsilon Associates, Inc.
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) Faye, Linda
Krim, Arthur Frontiero, Wendy
PAL Gray & Pape, Inc.
PAST, Inc. Gordon, Edward W.
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.
Preservation Services, Inc. Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Rhodeside & Harwell, Incorporated JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Rowe, Clarissa Krim, Arthur
Schuler, Gretchen G. Larson Fisher Associates, Inc.
Tritsch, Electa Kane Latady, Kevin
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Mones, Andrea
Williams, Norma E. Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
Wye, Ida Overlook Associates, LLC
Historic Mortar Analysis PAST, Inc.
Finch, William B. Pfeiffer, Brian
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) Preservation Services, Inc.
Monument Conservation Collaborative, Randall, Elizabeth L.
LLC Robinson, Arnold N., AICP
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc. Schuler, Gretchen G.
Preservation Services, Inc. Teller, Michael S., AIA
Structures North Consulting Engineers Tremont Preservation Services LLC
ttl-architects LLC Tritsch, Electa Kane
Vaughan, John ttl-architects LLC
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Historic Paint Analysis Foy, Rosemary Battles, M. A

Cross Reference by Categories 3

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

Historic Structure Reports Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.

Boston Affiliates, Inc. Daedalus, Inc.
Colonial Restorations Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects
Detwiller, Frederic C. Eayrs, Ted
Dray, Eric E. Finch, William B.
Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Architects JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects Maliszewski, John
EBI Consulting, Inc. McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.
Eisenberg Haven Architects, Inc. McNally, Rika Smith
Epsilon Associates, Inc. Moore, Craig
Farmer, Gregory Myjer, Ivan
Finch, William B. Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
Frontiero, Wendy PAST, Inc.
Gray & Pape, Inc. Pfeiffer, Brian
guzman/prufer, inc Preservation Services, Inc.
Hadley Crow Studio Monument Conservation Collaborative,
Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc. LLC
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Riedl, Paul
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) Structures North Consulting Engineers
Larson Fisher Associates, Inc. Teller, Michael S., AIA
Latady, Kevin
McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc. National Register Nominations
Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc. Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Mones, Andrea Berg, Shary Page
Myjer, Ivan Boston Affiliates, Inc.
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc. Broomer, Kathleen Kelly
Pfeiffer, Brian Community Opportunities Group, Inc.
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Detwiller, Frederic C.
Preservation Services, Inc. Dodson Associates, Ltd.
Strekalovsky Architecture Inc. Dray, Eric E.
Structures North Consulting Engineers Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects
Teller, Michael S., AIA EBI Consulting, Inc.
Tremont Preservation Services LLC Epsilon Associates, Inc.
ttl-architects LLC Fannin-Lehner
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Farmer, Gregory
Foy, Rosemary Battles, M. A Faye, Linda
Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc
Maritime Preservation Frontiero, Wendy
Boston Affiliates, Inc. Gray & Pape, Inc.
Finch, William B. Gordon, Edward W.
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc. JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Robinson, Arnold N., AICP Krim, Arthur
Larson Fisher Associates, Inc.
Materials Conservation MacRostie Historic Advisors, LLC
Autio, David P McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.

Cross Reference by Categories 4

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

Mones, Andrea McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.

Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc. McNally, Rika Smith
Overlook Associates, LLC Mones, Andrea
PAL Myjer, Ivan
PAST, Inc. Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
Pfeiffer, Brian Overlook Associates, LLC
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission PAL
Preservation Services, Inc. PAST, Inc.
Robinson, Arnold N., AICP Pfeiffer, Brian
Rowe, Clarissa Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Schuler, Gretchen G. Preservation Services, Inc.
Teller, Michael S., AIA Randall, Elizabeth L.
Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc. Rhodeside & Harwell Incorporated
Tremont Preservation Services LLC Robinson, Arnold N., AICP
ttl-architects LLC Schuler, Gretchen G.
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc.
Foy, Rosemary Battles, M. A Tremont Preservation Services LLC
ttl-architects LLC
Preservation Planning/Preservation Plans VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Berg, Shary Page Section 106 Reviews
Boston Affiliates, Inc. Archaeological and Historical Services, Inc.
Broomer, Kathleen Kelly Boston Affiliates, Inc.
Chenot, D. Keith Community Opportunities Group, Inc.
Community Opportunities Group, Inc. Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects
Detwiller, Frederic C. EBI Consulting, Inc.
Dodson Associates, Ltd. Epsilon Associates, Inc.
Dray, Eric E. Fannin-Lehner
Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Farmer, Gregory
Architects Frontiero, Wendy
Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects Gray & Pape, Inc.
EBI Consulting, Inc. Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.
Eisenberg Haven Architects, Inc. Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
Epsilon Associates, Inc. JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)
Fannin-Lehner MacRostie Historic Advisors, LLC
Farmer, Gregory McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc.
Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc Mones, Andrea
Finch, William B. Overlook Associates, LLC
Frontiero, Wendy PAL
Gary Wolf Architects, Inc. PAST, Inc.
Gray & Pape, Inc. Pfeiffer, Brian
Gravestone Services of New England Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Hadley Crow Studio Preservation Services, Inc.
Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc. Tremont Preservation Services LLC
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. ttl-architects LLC
JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.) VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Larson Fisher Associates, Inc.
Latady, Kevin Stained Glass Restoration

Cross Reference by Categories 5

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

Serpentino Stained Glass Inc. Overlook Associates, LLC

Shalan Stained Glass PAL
Sloan, Julie L. Pfeiffer, Brian
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
State & Federal Tax Credit Applications Preservation Services, Inc.
Boston Affiliates, Inc. Robinson, Arnold N., AICP
Cini, Marcia Mulford Tremont Preservation Services LLC
Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels ttl-architects LLC
Architects VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects
EBI Consulting, Inc. Structural Engineering
Epsilon Associates, Inc. Colonial Restorations
Farmer, Gregory Ellison, Ian
Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc Preservation Services, Inc.
Historic Documentation Company, Inc. Structures North Consulting Engineers
MacRostie Historic Advisors, LLC Teller, Michael S., AIA
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.

Cross Reference by Categories 6

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Cross Reference by Categories

Cross Reference by Categories 7

Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
Archaeological and Historical Services, Broomer, Kathleen Kelly
Inc. Architectural Historian-Preservation Consultant
Mary G. Harper, President 5 Rolling Lane
569 Middle Turnpike Wayland, MA 01778
PO Box 543 Phone: 508-358-9620
Storrs, CT 06268 Fax: 508-358-9620
Phone: 860-429-2142 Email: kkbroomer@comcast.net
Fax: 860-429-9454 Preservation planning for local historical
Email: mharper@ahs-inc.biz commissions and advocacy groups.
Web: www.ahs-inc.biz
AHS, a SOMBWA firm, provides a full range of Chenot, D. Keith, AIA
archaeological survey; historical building, CHENOT Associates, Inc.
landscapes, barns, engineering and industrial Architecture & Planning
survey; and preservation planning services. AHS 260 Brooks Station Road
is an affiliate of PAST, Inc. Princeton, MA 01541 -2108
Phone: 978-464-0076
Autio, David P. Fax: 978-464-5730
D.P. Autio Ornamental Plaster Company Email: kchenot@chenotassociates.com
Contact: David P. Autio, Principal Web: www.chenotassociates.com
570 Great Road Over fifteen years of thoughtful preservation
Littleton, MA 01460 architecture for
Phone: 978-952-2644 institutional, commercial and private clients.
Mobile: 978-852-4149
Fax: 978-952-2644 Cini, Marcia Mulford
Email: dpautiocompany@aol.com Law Offices of Marcia Mulford Cini
D.P. Autio will restore or create all types of 62 Winter Street
plaster surfaces including horsehair, PO Box 1929
conventional, and veneer. Other decorative Edgartown, MA 02539
details can be tailored to client specifications. Phone: 508-627-1320
Fax: 508-627-9119
Berg, Shary Page, FASLA Email: inquire@mvylaw.com
Landscape Preservation Planning & Design Web: www.mvylaw.com
11 Perry Street Marcia Cini heads a small law firm specializing
Cambridge, MA 02139 in real estate and land use planning with an
Phone: 617-491-3727 emphasis on historic property and affordable
Email: Shary.Berg@verizon.net housing development.
Landscape preservation consultant specializing
in landscape inventory, cultural landscape Classical Details
reports, National Register nominations, master Steven DiMeo, Owner
plans. 18 Rugdale Road
Dorchester, MA 02124-5602
Boston Affiliates, Inc. Phone: 617-381-7054
156 Milk Street Cell: 617-775-8899
Boston, MA 02109 Fax: 617-381-8998
Phone: 617-451-9450 Email: classicaldetails@comcast.net
Fax: 617-451-6475 Web: www.classicaldetails.com
Email: BostonAffiliates@verizon.net Our emphasis is on the architecturally correct
Over 25 years experience documenting and repair and restoration of exterior and interior
interpreting historic properties. Archeological period details. We specialize in gutter systems,
and historical services to assist compliance with wood/copper, period millwork, slate etc.
federal, state and local cultural resources
managment regulations. Colonial Restorations
Tom Green, Partner
Directory Listings 1
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
26 Main Street Scenic road designations, scenic landscape
Brookfield, MA 01506 protection plans, historic site rehabilitation
Phone: 508-867-4400 plans, and a civil war battlefield protection plan
Email: info@cr1981.com show the range of Dodson Associates’
Web: www.cr1981.com experience.
The original "Colonial Restorations" provides
structural restoration/repair for early homes and Donham & Sweeney Architects
barns. Our specialties include sill and beam Contact: Brett Donham
replacement, straightening, jacking and 68 Harrison Avenue
consultation services. Boston, MA 02111
Phone: 617-423-1400
Community Opportunities Group, Inc. Fax: 617-423-2939
Contact: Patti Kelleher, Preservation Planner Email: bdonham@donhamandsweeney.com
129 Kingston Street Web: www.donhamandsweeney.com
Boston, MA 02111 For 30 years, Donham and Sweeney has
Phone: 617-542-3300, ext. 305 designed historically sensitive renovations and
Fax: 617-542-3302 additions to historic buildings in New England.
Email: pdkelleher@comcast.net
COG also specializes in master plans, open Dray, Eric E.
space & recreational plans, farmland Preservation Consultant
preservation, housing and feasibility studies, 258A Bradford Street
zoning and preservation bylaws/ordinances, Provincetown, MA 02657
grant writing, and project management. Phone: 508-487-4449
Fax: 508-487-7354
Daedalus, Inc. Email: ericdray@gis.net
Contact: Clifford Craine, Principal Eric Dray specializes in preservation planning
205-3 Arlington Street and historic district administration, including
Watertown, MA 02472 drafting preservation plans for local
Phone: 617-926-7590 communities, design review guidelines for
Fax: 617-926-7591 historic districts, assistance with historic district
Email: daedalusart@verizon.net administration and review,
Conservation of monuments, sculpture, historic resources survey, and National
architectural ornament, and decorative arts. Register nominations.
Collection surveys and consulting. Gravestone
and grave markers assessment and conservation. Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels
Detwiller, Frederic C., AIA, Contact: Martha L. Werenfels, AIA, Leed AP-
Principal, New England Landmarks Principal
302 Central Street 112 Chestnut Street
Georgetown, MA 01833 Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 978-352-2819 Phone: 401-831-1240
617-640-4935 Fax: 401-331-1945
Email: rick.detwiller@comcast.net Email: mwerenfels@durkeebrown.com
Web: www.NewEnglandLandmarks.com Web: www.durkeebrown.com
Incorporating sustainable design solutions and
Dodson Associates, Ltd. smart growth principles into our work has been
Contact: Peter Flinker an important part of DBVW's success with
PO Box 160, 463 Main Street adaptive reuse and historic preservation
Ashfield, MA 01330 projects.
Phone: 413-628-4496
Fax: 413-628-3216
Email: sarah@dodsonassociates.com Dyer Brown SouthCoast Architects
Web: www.dodsonassociates.com Contact: Joseph M. Booth
Directory Listings 2
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
One Johnny Cake Hill Fax: 508-896-8400
New Bedford, MA 02740 Internationally known. Discovery Channel
Phone: 508-999-6220 expert. Speaker. Historical timberframe and
Fax: 508-990-1265 church restoration expert. Available for
Email: jbooth@dyerbrownsouthcoast.com consulting, inspections, emergency repairs,
Web: www.dyerbrownsouthcoast.com troubleshooting and long term solutions.
Dyer Brown SouthCoast is an award winning Available statewide.
architectural practice specializing in Historic
Restoration including feasibility studies, Eisenberg Haven Architects, Inc.
restoration architecture and grant applications. Contact: Richard E. Brimley, Principal
123 North Washington Street
Eayrs, Ted Boston, MA 02114
Blackburn Restoration Services LLC Phone: 617-227-1100
48 Plymouth Street Fax: 617-227-1086
Middleboro, MA 02346 Email: rbrimley@ehaarch.com
Phone: 508-947-1739 Web: www.EHADesign.com
Fax: 508-947-6949
Email: ted@blackburnrestoration.com Epsilon Associates, Inc.
Web: www.blackburnrestoration.com Contacts:
Comprehensive preservation services for Maureen Cavanaugh, Senior Planner
institutional, commercial and residential clients Taya Dixon, Project Planner
specializing in the preservation of historic Doug Kelleher, Senior Planner
finishes including, decorative painting, wood, 3 Clocktower Place, Suite 250
gilding, and faux finishes, ornamental Maynard, MA 01754
metalwork, lighting fixtures, fine art, and Phone: 978-897-7100
furniture. Fax: 978-897-0099
Email: mcavanaugh@epsilonassociates.com
Web: www.EpsilonAssociates.com
State and Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits,
Massachusetts Historical Commission
EBI Consulting Inc.
compliance, Boston Landmarks Commission
Contact: Maureen Taylor, Architectural
compliance, Section 106 Reviews, Preservation
Planning for Institutions, MEPA, NEPA, BRA
21 B Street
Burlington, MA 01803 Article 80, Demolition Delay.
Phone: 781-418-2325
Fax: 781-418-2375 Fannin-Lehner Preservation Consultants
Email: Mtaylor@EBIConsulting.com Contact: Minxie J. Fannin, Managing Principal
Web: www.EBIConsulting.com 271 Lexington Road
Services include: historic property surveys, Concord, MA 01742 -3722
certifications for federal tax credits, National Phone: 978-369-6703
Register nominations, HABS/HAER Fax: 978-371-9883
documentation, education projects, state level Email: DENTILS@aol.com
documentation of historic buildings and sites, 18 years experience in historic burying grounds
and archaeological assessments. preservation plans, gravestone/monument
condition assessments, execution of stone
Ellison, Ian conservation treatments. National
Engineer, Master Timberframer Register/National Historic Landmark nomination
133 MacLean Road preparation.
Brewster, MA 02631
Phone: 508-896-8400 Farmer, Gregory
Agricola Corporation
Directory Listings 3
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
PO Box 861 Brookline, MA 02445
Chicopee, MA 01014-0861 Phone: 617-851-7035
Phone: 413-592-3875 Email: rbattlesfoy@comcast.net
Email: agricola.corp@yahoo.com Architectural historian researches the origin and
Web: www.agricolacorporation.com history of a single building or districts for
Agricola Corporation supports the preservation municipal, institutional, commercial and private
and adaptive reuse of historic buildings, sites, clients. Results delivered to clients’
and structures by offering independent advice specifications, including presentations, reports &
and assistance to public, private, and nonprofit MHC Survey forms. Sotheby’s Institute training
clients. in fine & decorative arts.

Faye, Lynda Frontiero, Wendy

Preservation Consultant Architect and Preservation Consultant
Purple Gables 32 Abbott Street
232 East Pleasant Street Beverly, MA 01915
Amherst, MA 01002 Phone: 617-290-8076
Phone: 413-549-0705 Email: wfrontiero@alum.mit.edu Evaluation
Email: faye.lynda@gmail.com of existing building conditions;
architectural/historic research, documentation,
and evaluation; National Register nominations;
preservation plans; design review, including
development and interpretation of guidelines;
Finch, William B. and environmental review.
Finch & Rose
Preservation & Design Consultants Gary Wolf Architects, Inc.
50 Front Street Contact: Gary Wolf, AIA
Beverly, MA 01915 7 Marshall Street
Phone: 978-922-4950 Boston, MA 02108
Fax: 978-922-9732 Phone: 617-742-7557
Email: Finch@finchrose.com Fax: 617-742-7656
Preservation Plans for Buildings Email: gwolf@wolfarchitects.com
Web: www.wolfarchitects.com
Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc Expertise in assessing and working with historic
Contact: James G. Alexander, FAIA, LEED, AP, buildings, including feasibility studies, adaptive
Principal use, rehabilitations, renovations, additions.
77 North Washington Street Inventive solutions. Successful approvals.
Boston, MA 02114 Numerous preservation and design awards.
Phone: 617-227-9272
Fax: 617-227-5582 Gray & Pape, Inc.
Email: jga@faainc.com Contact: Ray Pasquariello
Web: www.faainc.com Northeast Regional Manager
A 35-person architecture firm with over 40 years 60 Valley Street, Suite 103
experience in historic preservation, adaptive use Providence, RI 02909
and design of new buildings in historically Phone: 401-499-4354
sensitive communities. Services include building Fax: 401-942-9124
restoration, master planning, building Email: rpasquariello@graypape.com
evaluations, historic documentation and Web: www.graypape.com
appropriate additions to existing structures and Gray & Pape, Inc. is a nationwide cultural
sustainable design. resource management firm specializing in
identification, documentation, evaluation, and
Foy, Rosemary Battles, M. A. treatment of archaeological sites, historic
Cornerstone Architectural Research, LLC buildings, and cultural landscapes.
230 Buckminster Road
Directory Listings 4
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
Gravestone Services of New England Specialist in repair and restoration of wooden
Contact: Kai Nalenz windows. Complete stripping, glazing, weather
14 Edinburgh Drive stripping and final paint.
Bedford, NH 03110
Phone: 978-821-9185 Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.
Fax: 603-472-5397 Contact: Karen Hartgen, President
Email: Kai@GravestoneServices.com 1744 Washington Avenue Extension
Gravestone conservator specializing in 17-20th Rensselaer, New York 12144
century monuments, certified to use Jahn Phone: 518-283-0534
Restoration Mortar, ground penetrating radar- Fax: 518-282-6276
and GPS mapping Email: wwheeler@hartgen.com
Web: www.hartgen.com
Gordon, Edward W. Hartgen Archaeolgical Associates, Inc. has over
Architectural Historian 30 years of experience in cultural resource
1 Menlo Street management
Brighton, MA 02135 including all phases of archaeological studies
Phone: 617-789-3927 and a variety of architectural history services.
Fax: 617-789-3927
Email: EdwardWGordon@aol.com
Historic Documentation Company, Inc.
guzman/prufer inc Richard M. Casella, President
Jose A. Guzman, President 490 Water Street
Marc J. Prufer, Vice -President Portsmouth, RI 02871-4229
5 Powderhouse Lane Phone: 401-683-3483
Sherborn, MA 01770 Fax: 401-683-4217
Phone: 508-655-3166 Email: rcasella@HistoricDoc.com
Fax: 508-590-0277 Web: www.HistoricDoc.com
Email: jose@guzman-prufer.com HDC conducts historic preservation studies and
marc@guzman-prufer.com prepares reports and permitting documents
In undertaking historic preservation, success pertaining to historic buildings and structures
depends upon accuracy and skill with which the with a high level of tailored service, product and
work is done - this is our most sincere endeavor expertise.
at guzman/prufer.

Hadley Crow Studio JMA (John Milner Associates, Inc.)

Contact: James W. Hadley
P.O. Box 1917 Contact: James A. Chiarelli
Orleans, MA 02653 Michael E. Roberts
Phone: 508-255-8001 410 Great Road, Suite B-14
Fax: 508-255-8001 Littleton, MA 01460
Email: info@hadleycrowstudio.com Phone: 978-486-0688
Web: www.hadleycrowstudio.com Fax: 978-846-3470
Architects/Landscape Architects with Email: jchiarelli@johnmilnerassociates.com
specialization in preservation. mroberts@johnmilnerassociates.com
Web: www.johnmilnerassociates.com
JMA provides cultural resources services through
Hardy, Alison
the disciplines of architecture, archeology,
9 River Road
preservation planning, landscape architecture,
Topsfield, MA 01983
building materials conservation, preservation
Phone: 978-561-1062
technology, and historical research. JMA's multi-
Fax: 978-561-1062
disciplinary staff all meet or exceed the
Secretary of the Interior's Professional
Web: www.window-woman-ne.com
Directory Listings 5
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
Qualifications Standards for their respective Web: www.macrostiehistoric.com
disciplines. MacRostie Historic Advisors provides consulting
services nationwide to developers, lenders, and
investors active in the rehabilitation of historic
income-producing real estate. With extensive
contacts in the equity syndication and corporate
Krim, Arthur investor communities, we provide linkages
Survey Systems between our developer and corporate investor
36 Highland Avenue clients.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-547-9323 Maliszewski, John
Email: arthur.krim@the-bac.edu Owner, All Star Historical Cast Iron Restoration
Historic properties research, MHC town surveys, 8 Hood Farm Road
photo and atlas research. Ipswich, MA 01938
Phone: 978-887-7617
Latady, Kevin Fax: 978-887-7615
Latady Design Email: allstar42@verizon.net
2 Myers Lane All Star specializes in the repair and
Bedford, MA 01730 maintenance of historic fences, gates and
Phone: 781-275-6061 monuments, including replication of missing
Fax: 781-275-1410 components. All Star provides advice, guidance
Email: klatady@latadydesign.com and services to restore your ironwork to
Web: www.latadydesign.com its original condition. All work is preformed in
Traditionally inspired, innovative architectural the tradition of historic and preservation
design for renovations, new construction, and practices.
historic projects, with a focus on fine quality and
richness in detail.
McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc
Larson Fisher Associates, Inc. Architects and Preservation Planners
(Formerly Neil Larson & Associates) Contacts:
Contact: Neil Larson, President, Architectural Wendall C. Kalsow, AIA – Architecture
Historian Paul J. McGinley, AICP – Preservation Planning
Jill Fisher, Principal Planner PO Box 45248, 324 Broadway
PO Box 1394 Somerville, MA 02145
Woodstock, NY 12498 Phone: 617-625-8901
Phone: 845-679-5054 Fax: 617-625-8902
Email: nlarson@hvc.rr.com Email: wendall@mcginleykalsow.com
jillfisher47@hotmail.com paul@mcginleykalsow.com
Web: www.larsonfisher.com Web: www.mcginleykalsow.com
Larson Fisher Associates is a professional Over 32 years experience in award-winning
preservation and planning firm offering a range renovation and restoration of historic buildings
of quality services, including surveys, HSRs, and structures, adaptive reuse and sensitive
preservation plans and National Register additions. Strong record of accurate cost
Nominations. estimating, code and accessibility compliance,
timely completion and grant assistance. Other
MacRostie Historic Advisors LLC services include feasibility studies, building
Contact: Albert S. Rex, Director Northeast assessments, preservation planning/consulting,
Office historic structures reports and HABS/HAER
810 Memorial Drive, Suite 101 documentation.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-499-4009 McNally, Rika Smith
Fax: 617-499-4019 Conservator of Objects & Sculpture
Email: arex@mac-ha.com Principal, Rika Smith McNally & Associates
Directory Listings 6
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
59 Fountain Street, Box 55 Monument Conservation Collaborative LLC
4th Floor East, Studio 15 Irving Slavid, President
Framingham, MA 01702 PO Box 541
Phone: 508-620-2929 Norfolk, CT 06058
Fax: 508-620-2904 Phone: 860-379-2462
Email: Rika.mcnally@verizon.net Email: MCCLLC@gmail.com
Web: www.sculpturecare.com Web: www.mccmonumentconservation.com
Conservation of monuments, sculpture, MCC works in all areas of graveyard
architectural ornament, and historic objects. conservation to provide: master plans;
Services include treatment specifications for recommendations for stone conservation;
outdoor bronze sculptures. Cleaning, casting of execution of treatments; and specialized courses
replacement parts, repatinating, protective and training.
coatings, and maintenance.
Moore, Craig
Menders Torrey & Spencer, Inc Moore Plastering
Contact: Lynne Spencer, Principal, Preservation 10 Union Lane
123 North Washington Street Rockport, MA 01966
Boston, MA 02114 Phone: 978-546-3978
Phone: 617-227-1477 Email: craig@mooreplastering.com
Fax: 617-227-2654 Web: www.mooreplastering.com
Email: lspencer@mendersarchitects.com For 25 years Craig has combined skill and
Web: www.mendersarchitects.com knowledge to masterfully repair and duplicate all
Over 25 years’ experience including master types of original and unique plaster surfaces in
plans, conditions assessments, preservation New England’s wonderful historic homes.
restoration, interior rehabilitation, sensitive
additions to historic buildings, plus grant writing Myjer, Ivan
and fund raising assistance. Building and Monument Conservation
83 School Street
Arlington, MA 02476
Phone: 781-641-1603
Miller, Skip Fax: 781-643-2067
Email: i.myjer@verizon.net
American Dreamwrights
Web: www.ivanmyjerbmc.com
100 Captains Row #401
Consulting services include: conditions
Chelsea, MA 02150
assessments, preservation plans and project
Phone: 617-851-4001
management for the restoration of masonry
Email: skip@americandreamwrights.com
buildings, monuments and gravestones. On site
Web: www.americandreamwrights.com
conservation for gravestones, monuments and
Specializing in historic preservation carpentry,
sculptures. .
integrating environmentally responsible and
energy efficient green building strategies into our
building practices. Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
Contacts: J. Michael Abbott, AIA, Principal Olga
A. Bachilova, Historic Preservation Specialist
Mones, Andrea
Newport Collaborative Architects, Inc.
Architectural Conservator
333 Westminster Street
20 Franklin Street, Suite 1
Providence, RI 02903
Marblehead, MA 01945
Phone: 401-272-2144
Phone: 781-631-0210
Fax: 401-272-7622
Email: andreamones@verizon.net
Email: jmabbott@ncarchitects.com
Web: www.building-knowledge.com
32 years of project management as Historic
Web: www.NCArchitects.com
Preservation Officer, Public Buildings Service,
NAC has focused on preservation projects for 25
G.S.A. Managed 18 restorations.
years, and possesses a range of skills in
Directory Listings 7
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
preservation planning, structures assessment /
analysis / documentation, restoration design /
implementation, and adaptive reuse. Pfeiffer, Brian
Preservation Advisory Services
Overlook Associates, LLC 147 Brattle Street
Contact: Fred Phillips and Elaine Finbury Cambridge, MA 02138
14 Lynde Street Phone: 617-661-4753
Salem, MA 01970 Fax: 617-661-4753
Phone: 978-744-0311 Email: brpfeiffer@verizon.net
Fax: 978-744-1319 Extensive background in preparation of
Email: lanie@overlookassociates.com conditions assessments for historic buildings and
Web: www.overlookassociates.com in the negotiation and monitoring of
All phases of adaptive reuse projects including preservation restrictions. Marketing of historic
feasibility analysis and complex financing properties subject to preservation restrictions.
requirements. Selection and management of Management and development consulting to
development team to take project from non-profits involved in preservation.
conception to completion.
Pierce, Deborah, AIA
PAL, Inc. Pierce Lamb Associates
The Public Archeology Laboratory 1075 Washington Street
Contact: Deborah C. Cox, President West Newton, MA 02465
210 Lonsdale Avenue Phone: 617-964-1311
Pawtucket, RI 02860 Fax: 617-630-9374
Phone: 401-728-8780 Email: dpiercearchitect@aol.com
Fax: 401-728-8784
Email: dcox@palinc.com Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
Web: www.palinc.com Contact: Bonnie Parsons, Principal Planner for
PAL, the largest cultural resource management Historic Preservation
consulting firm in New England , provides a full 26 Central Street, Suite 34
array of terrestrial and underwater archaeology, West Springfield, MA 01089-2787
architectural history and preservation planning Phone: 413-781-6045
services. Fax: 413-732-2593
Email: bparsons@pvpc.org
Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc. Web: www.pvpc.org
(PAST) The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission is the
Mary G. Harper, Director regional planning agency for 43 towns of
569 Middle Turnpike Hampshire and Hampden Counties with
PO Box 209 community development, land use,
Storrs, CT 06268 transportation, data, mapping, and historic
Phone: 860-429-1723 preservation staffing.
FAX: 860-429-1724
Email: mharper@past-inc.org Preservation Services, Inc
Web: www.past-inc.org R. Christopher Noonan
PAST is New England's oldest cultural resource PO Box 18
management firm, with over 30 years of Mendon, MA 01756-0018
experience. PAST conducts historic resource Phone: 508-473-4884
studies and archaeological surveys of all levels Fax: 508-473-4884
and on all types of sites, and prepares public Email: rcn@pre-serve.com
education products such as web sites, books, Web: www.pre-serve.com
and museum exhibits. Interdisciplinary architectural, landscape, and
construction services for the restoration,
renovation, historic rehabilitation and/or

Directory Listings 8
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
expansion of pre-1950’s residential/commercial properties and neighborhoods using techniques
buildings. from historic preservation, community planning,
consensus building and feasibility analysis.
Randall, Elizabeth L.
Project Management, Preservation & Interiors Rowe, Clarissa
180 Sheldon Road Brown, Richardson & Rowe, Inc.
Wrentham, MA 02093 Landscape Architects & Planners
Phone: 781-812-3679 3 Post Office Square
Fax: 508-384-1272 Boston, MA 02210
Email: elizabethlrandall@comcast.net Phone: 617-542-8552
Providing planning, project management and Fax: 617-542-8517
design expertise for your preservation projects. Email: crowe@brownrowe.com
Web: www.brownrowe.com
Rhodeside & Harwell, Incorporated Brown, Richardson & Rowe is a 16-person firm
Contact: Faye Harwell or Elliot Rhodeside specializing in waterfront parks, campus
320 King Street, Suite 202 planning, streetscape improvements,
Alexandria, VA 22314 playgrounds, transportation projects, community
Phone: 703-683-7447 participation, corporate and commercial
Fax: 703-683-7449 projects.
Contact: Deana Rhodeside
60 Park Place, Suite 502 Salem, John
Newark, NJ 07102 John H. Salem Architect
Email: fayeh@rhodeside-harwell.com P.O. Box 433
deana@rhodeside-harwell.com Warren, MA 01083-0433
Web: www.rhodeside-harwell.com Phone: 413-436-7752
Rhodeside and Harwell is deeply committed to Fax: 413-436-7750
the stewardship of historic landscapes Email: jhsalem@aol.com
throughout the United States, with an extensive
portfolio of experience in preservation, Schuler, Gretchen G.
rehabilitation and adaptive reuse 126 Old Connecticut Path
Wayland, MA 01778
Riedl, Paul Phone: 508-358-7980
Principal, Restoration and Conservation Studio Email: ggschuler@verizon.net
59 Fountain Street Local Historic District Designation and Design
Framingham, MA 01702 Review Guidelines.
Phone: 508-524-5500
Email: paulmriedl@gmail.com
Serpentino Stained Glass Inc.
Web: Paul@galleryxiv.com
Roberto Rosa, Vice President
Specialize in restoring original finishes and color
21 Highland Circle
matching on antique furniture and architectural
Needham , MA 02494
woodwork. Finishes include clear varnish, paint,
Phone: 781-449-2074
and gilded surfaces. Clients include private
Fax: 781-449-0821
collectors, architects, interior designers, and
Email: info@serpentinostainedglass.com
Web: www.serpentinostainedglass.com
Specializing in the restoration and conservation
Robinson, Arnold N., AICP of historic stained glass windows, providing
129 Constitution Street honest evaluation, condition reports and
Bristol, RI 02809 professional, reliable service from impeccable
Phone: 401-855-2946 workmanship, to detailed documentation.
Fax: 401-254-4271
Email: arobinson66@cox.net
Shalan Stained Glass
Twenty years assisting individuals and
Contact: Glenn Shalan
organizations planning for their historic
Directory Listings 9
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
121 Union Street, Box 3 Teller, Michael S., A.I.A.
North Adams, MA 01247 NCARB, Leed AP, Vice President, CBI
Phone: 413-446-7187 Consulting Inc.
Fax: 413-664-3224 250 Dorchester Avenue
Email: glenn@shalanstainedglass.com Boston, MA 02127
Web: www.shalanstainedglass.com Phone: 617-268-8977
Shalan Stained Glass specializes in the Fax: 617-464-2971
conservation and restoration of stained glass Email: mteller@cbiconsultinginc.com
windows for churches, public buildings and Web: www.cbiconsultinginc.com
private residences. CBI is an award-winning architectural firm that
specializes in historic preservation projects and
ornamental ironwork. Many of our historic
projects are listed on the National Register of
Sloan, Julie L., LLC Historic Places.
Consultants in Stained Glass
54 Cherry St. Tobies, Uwe
North Adams, MA 01247 Tobies Restoration
Phone: 413-663-5512 39 Willow Dale Street
Fax: 413-663-7167 Groton, MA 01450
Email: jlsloan@jlsloan.com Phone: 978-996-3130
Web: www.jlsloan.com Fax: 978-448-6350
Julie L. Sloan pioneered the field of stained-glass Email: uwe@traditionaltimbercraft.com
consulting in 1984. We provide stained-glass Web: www.traditionaltimbercraft.com
condition studies, prioritization, German timber framer. Sixteen years experience
recommendations, estimates, specifications, restoring post & beam buildings dating back to
bidding, and project management. Not affiliated the 15th century. Specializing in structural
with contractors or studios, we represent repair, rigging and moving.
Tremont Preservation Services LLC
Strekalovsky Architecture Inc. Contact: Chris Beard and Leslie Donovan
Vcevold Strekalovsky, President 374 Congress Street, Suite 301
22 North Street Boston, MA 022
Hingham, MA 02043 Phone: 617-482-0910
Phone: 781-740-4292 Fax: 617-423-3910
Fax: 781-740-4279 Email: christinebeard@verizon.net
Email: vs@shrarchitects.com donovanl@erols.com
Web: www.strekalovskyarchitecture.com
Extensive experience in design within historic Tritsch, Electa Kane
context while at the Boston Redevelopment Director, Oakfield Research
Authority, in historic Hingham, and in projects 233 Heaths Bridge Road
receiving historic tax credits for owners. Concord, MA 01742
Phone: 978-371-2128
Structures North Consulting Engineers, Email: e.tritsch@comcast.net
Inc. Historical research and archaeological site
Contact: John M. Wathne, PE documentation
PO Box 8560
Salem, MA 01971 ttl-architects LLC
Phone: 978-745-6817 Contact: John Turk,. AIA, Principal
Fax: 978-745-6067 Julie Ann Larry, AIA, Principal
Email: jwathne@structures-north.com 28 Danforth Street
Web: www.structures-north.com Portland, ME 04101
Timber and dimensional lumber inspection, Phone: 207-761-9662
grading and species identification.
Directory Listings 10
Preservation Massachusetts Consultants Directory
Directory Listings
Fax: 207-761-9696 50 Madeline Drive
Email: studio@ttl-architects.com Ridgefield, CT 06877
Phone: 203-431-5866
Vaughan, John Fax: 203-431-5866
Architectural Conservation Services Email: norma_williams@sbcglobal.net
190 High Street Cultural Landscape Reports. Historic American
Bristol, RI 02809 Landscape Survey (HALS) Documentation
Phone: 401-410-0077
Fax: 401-410-0079 Wye, Ida
Email: ArchConserve@aol.com Ida Wye Designs
Investigation, analysis, documentation, and One Andover Street
recommendations made, usually within the Georgetown, MA 01833
context of structure conservation, concerning Phone: 978-352-4403
historic building materials, including paint, Email: ida.wye@verizon.net
wallpaper, decorative stenciling, mortar and Landscape design planned and coordinated with
stucco, Preservation and Conditions Assessments building architecture. Specialty is Victorian
are also provided. flower boarders but expertise ranges from first
period through contemporary. As a plant and
VHB/Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. soil scientist, proficient in plant growth regimes,
Contact: communities and natural systems my landscapes
Rita Walsh, Senior Preservation Planner not only look good, they live!
101 Walnut Street, PO Box 9151
Watertown, MA 02471 -9151
Phone: 617-924-1770
Fax: 617-923-2336
Email: rwalsh@vhb.com
Web: www.vhb.com
VHB is an engineering, planning, and applied
sciences firm that provides integrated
transportation, land development, and
environmental services to public, private and
institutional clients. VHB also specializes in
exhibit research and narratives, site/civil
engineering, community planning, geographic
information systems, and brownfield

Walcovy, Donna E.
Gravestone Conservator
46 Woodland Avenue
Mashpee, MA 02649
Phone: 508-477-1947
Email: MarkingBurials@hotmail.com
Website: www.MarkingBurials.com
Cemetary and gravestone conservation and
preservation. Assistance with CPA proposals for
historic presentation of Old Burying Grounds.
Mapping, surveys, photography, research and
repair and restoration of gravestones and

Williams, Norma E.
Landscape Architect
Directory Listings 11

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