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General information and scope

The scope of contract includes collection of material (Polymer Insulator) from POWERGRID
Kankroli Store & replacement of existing EHV lines with composite long rod polymer insulator
strings and deposition of replaced insulator/unused insulators/ other material back to the
POWERGRID Kankroli Store.
The address of store is given below:

Asst. General Manager (SS), (M.No. 08003993648)

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd,
400/220kV Kankroli Substation,
Maha Satiyo Ke Madri,
Bhilwara Road, Kankroli, Dist. Rajsamand (Raj).
The Engineer-In-Charge for subject package shall be Asst.GM,Kankroli or his
authorized representative.


The tower location under Kankroli group shall be as follows:






220 kV S/C RAPP-Debari Transmission

220kV D/C Anta-Bhilwara Transmission

Tower Location




The contractor will make necessary arrangement for:



Transmission Line Name

Safe handling, loading, unloading, transportation of polymer insulators along with

fitting/materials from POWERGRID store to the site, during installation period.
Dismantling of Porcelain/Glass Insulators.
Necessary arrangement to send the dismantled insulator insulators of each batch to
POWERGRID Store as per Instruction of Engineer-In-Charge.
Installation of new polymer insulator strings at identified locations.

The contractor shall deploy minimum 06 nos. of Suspension gangs & 04 nos. of Tension gangs
of skilled manpower for completion of the work in the allotted shutdown period. It shall also be
ensured that each contract shall complete the replacement of insulator strings within the
stipulated period.
The contractor shall arrange himself all tools and plants including discharged rod, equipments,
safety appliances, consumables, transportation, store cum erection and transit insurance of
insulators, labor and other items in sufficient quantity as may be required for executing the work
at his own cost. POWERGRID will not pay anything extra except the rates quoted as per the
BID and accepted by POWERGRID. The polymer insulators shall be provided by
POWERGRID on free of cost which shall be issued from POWERGRID stores.
The contractor should ensure the necessary insurance coverage for all the labours/supervisor
during work execution period.
The exact number of location/strings may vary depending upon the site conditions and shall be
decided by Engineer-In-Charge.


Contractor should mobilize team for taking up the work within 2-3 days after getting the
intimation regarding the shutdown from POWERGRID. Further, contractor should deploy
maximum gangs so that above work can be completed in shut down. Further, for essence of
contract, completion period shall be kept as 4 Month from the date of confirmation of Shut down
1.9 POWERGRID shall not pay any additional amount on account of:
A. Delay in availability of shutdown on particular day due to system constraints.
B. Mobilization and execution of work in the shutdown period is the essence of contract
however, in case shut down on particular day is not available POWERGRID will not pay
any idling charges.
1.10 In case insulators damaged during erection, the contractor will replace the same at their cost, if
not necessary amount shall be deducted from their bills along with taxes, service tax etc.
1.11 Wastage/Breakage:
Wastage/Breakage for old/dismantled insulators: 5 % Wastage/Breakage of the quantity of
dismantled insulators shall be allowed. Recovery shall be made for damaged insulators
exceeding 5% of dismantled quantity. However the damaged insulators shall be returned back to
Wastage/Breakage for new insulators to be erected: No Wastage/Breakage of the quantity of
new insulators to be erected shall be allowed. Recovery shall be made for damaged insulators of
new polymer insulators.



Mobilization and Execution:

Contractor shall ensure that while execution of the said work, no damage/tempering is done to
POWERGRIDs property like conductors and hardware fittings etc. it is the responsibility of the
contractor to keep himself in contact with Officer-In-Charge regarding availability of
shutdown/date of execution of work. The contractor shall engage adequate number of gangs so
as to complete the entire scope of work in the allotted shut down period.
The contractor shall take proper care so as not to damage any standing crop while carrying out
the work. In case some location are such that work cannot be executed without damaging the
standing crops, the same shall be brought to the notice of Officer-In-Charge. POWERGRID will
coordinate for arranging Right of Way(ROW) issues, however, POWERGRID will not pay any
extra charges due to delay in resolving/arranging ROW.
While changing the insulator, due care has to be taken to maintain the existing sag, sufficient
availability of T&P like torque wrench shall be used for fixing various line materials and
The contractor will mobilize and deploy at least 10 nos. trained gangs at a time, consisting of 4
Nos. fitters and 6 nos. semi-skilled labour in Suspension gang with supervisory staff and 8 Nos.
fitters & 7 Nos. semi-skilled labour in Tension gang with supervisory staff. Each gang must be
equipped with necessary T&P, PPE, Discharge rods etc. required for replacement of both
suspension and tension Insulator strings.




The contractor as to remain in constant touch with the Officer-In-Charge regarding availability
of required outages and to prepare an advance schedule thereof.
The contractor shall have to obtain line permit on day to day basis which will be issued by
POWERGRID official for specific time duration to the authorized Engineer approved by


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Failure to return the line clear permit within the stipulated time period will be viewed seriously.
All care shall be taken to return the permit on time.
Any damages to the POWERGRIDs property such as conductors, hardware, cross-arm, tower
etc. will have to be rectified by replacing the damaged items by the contractor; otherwise the cost
will be recovered as per the assessment of POWERGRID.
It may be noted that all the materials, Tools & Plants, PPE etc. required for the work are to be
arranged by the contractor at his own cost, POWERGRID shall in no way be held liable for any
loss or damage to such materials, tools & plants. The cost of storage cum erection insurance by
the contractor shall be deemed to have included in the unit rate quoted by the contractor.
All safety rules regarding human life and as per I.E. rules are to be observed by the contractor.
All safety equipment required for taking up the work on the line has to be arranged by the
contractor i.e. providing safety belts, helmets, hand gloves, shoes. etc.
The work shall be carried out I S/C line in Offline condition while work on double circuit line,
shut down will be allowed on one circuit at a time and during the execution of the work, other
circuit shall remain in charged condition. The contractor shall take adequate safety measures to
protect personnel from the potentially dangerous voltage built up due to electromagnetic and
electrostatic coupling and contractor shall deploy suitable Gangs who have prior experience to
carry out similar work.
The contractor shall ensure the use of safety apparatus by all labours/ supervisions during
execution of work. It is the responsivity of the contractor to execute the entire job without any


Guideline for storage, condition monitoring and use of removed disc insulators.


After removal of disc/long rod (ceramic/glass) insulators shall be transported to designated

stores. Proper cushioning shall be provided to avoid damage to insulators during transportation.
Dismantled insulators shall be segregated in batches based on type(AC/DC), rating/make and
year. Proper record of healthy & broken insulator in batches may be maintained based on
transmission line, manufacturer, rating and month and year of manufacturing, after that
insulators shall be received in the POWERGRID store in unpacked condition.



Work Schedule
Time is the essence of contract. The entire work is scheduled to be completed within 04 (Four)

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