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Amisy Farming Machinery



Planters for Potato,Paddy,Corn,Peanut,Soybean-Seed Drill Manufacturer

Product List:


Brief Introduction:
Unique Features of Paddy Transplanter:
Equipped with new type seedling guard board, which can ensure the seedlings
planted upright, orderly.
Stainless steel seedling tray is much more durable.
Adjustable seat and steering gear box make the machine operate more
comfortable and easier
Configured engine makes the machine performable and with low noise.

Rice Transplanter

Optional seedling rows. Our machine has different models with different
working rows to meet customers requirement.
Hydraulic over ride system can move the floating board upward, left up and
right up.
Low noise designed transplanting arms can help driver to judge transplanting
condition timely.
It applies to seed and fertilize corn, soybean, and other suitable plant without
Corn/Soybean/Peanut Planter Features:
1. Labor-saving: The planter is labor-saving that it can be driven by tractor, so
one person is enough to operate it.
2. High Efficiency: The planter has adopted normal tank to contain the seeds,
thus it could work with high speed. If the plant space is not less than 20cm,

Seed Drill

working speed could reach 8km/hour.

3. High Precision of Sowing: The qualified data reaches more than 90% with
coherent sowing depth and distance;
4. Adjustable sowing space.You can adjust the plant spacing through the seed
round or the chain gear. Also, there is no need to adjust the front big wheel when
adjusting the sprocket in case of the drop of the chain.
Potato Planter Advantages:
1. With this machine, seeds could be in triangle shape and make reasonable use
of space. All above would make a good base for increasing production and

Potato Planter

growing up.
2. The machine could meet the various requirements of agriculture. Seed depth,
ridge height, spacing and plant spacing can be adjusted.
3. The advantage of using this machine: Labor-saving, high output, easy and
comfortable operation.

Paddy/Corn/Sugarcane/Potato Harvester-Farming Machines Manufacturer

Product List:


Brief Introduction:
Walking-type Small Rice Harvester Highlights
1. Multi-functional combine harvester with diesel
engine mainly used for rice and wheat reaping and
2. Adjustable front cutting header (up and down):
available for harvesting crops with different height;

Walking-type Small Rice Harvester

3. Convenient for farming work: specially suitable

for hills and mountains area or the areas where
general combine harvester can not enter in;
This small harvester is mainly used for
harvesting/cutting paddy, wheat, weed which is very
convenient for farming. In addition, the machine is
equipped with the tires with wider diameter, so it can

Paddy Reaper Harvester

be widely applicable in the plain, mountain, hilly

areas, upland, sloping field, patch etc., that is it could
be not only suitable for the harvesting on the big,
middle and small fields, but also suitable on the area
with inconvenient traffic.
Three-row Reaper Binder Features
1. Widely used for wheat, rice, barley, grass, oat, reed
and straw, etc. low stem crops;
2. Great adaptation and flexibility, suitable for plains,

Three-row Reaper Binder

hills, slopes and mountain areas or the areas where is

not available for general reaper binder;
3. Adjustable steer control handle bar with around
180, vertical 30 angle adjustment, easy and
convenient to control;
Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Features
1. The harvester can reap two rows of corn and is a
combine harvester, realizing corncob picking,
(stripping), conveying, assembling, uploading and
straw smashing.

Two-row Self-propelled Corn


2. Corn picking and straw crushing can be done

simultaneously, so no corn staw being flattened by

Hot Sale Corn Sheller Shresher/Wheat&Paddy Thresher/Sugarcane Leave Remover

Product List:


Brief Introduction:
Amisy Corn Threshing Machine Highlights:
1.The machine combines the peeling and threshing into one
process, it would achieve the peeling and threshing process
in one operation directly. In addition, it would save our
customer the problem to exchange the rotor.

Corn Sheller Thresher

2. It can accomplish the two tasks at same time or

separately according to the client's requirement.
3. Its separation rate of grain is high without breaking
grains. It is more suitable for family and farm use.
Rice/Wheat Thresher Structure Features:
1. It constitutes of racks, concave screen, drum, cover, main
fan, the second suction fan, motor or(diesel), vibrating
screen, traction-driven device and so on. The thickened
working platform makes it more safe and durable. 2. The
much bigger feeding mouth make the feeding job much
easier and achieve high efficiency.
3. The bucket is designed with a reasonable tilt, assuring

Paddy/Wheat Thresher

working smoothly in the paddy field.

4. Bigger tanks , higher efficiency roller and more powerful
fan device make better threshing job.
5. This rice/wheat thresher has two rubber rollers. Geat
drive and rigid structure are used, so the machine runs
6. The power is widely available, such as the gasoline
engine, motor, diesel engine.
Sugarcane Leaf Remover Introduction:
Another one new kind of machine has been produced to
release people from hard physical labor. That is the
sugarcane leaf remover. Our sugarcane leaf removing

Sugarcane Leaf Remover

machine is a great device for farmers to remove the

sugarcane leaves after harvesting. It can cut the top of
sugarcanes and strip the leaves simultaneously, which is a
hot welcome product for sugarcane planters and small


Reliable Farming Machine Manufacturer & Supplier/Other Farming Machines

Product List:


Brief Introduction:
Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine Structure
1.Center pivot: it is the gyration center and the
water inlet of the irrigation system, and its base
plate can be fixed on the reinforced concrete
base to keep stable.
2.Sprinkling system: consists of sprinkling
side-pipe and spraying nozzle.
3.Girder: it is the elementary unit of the center
pivot sprinkling machine, and sprinkling

Center Pivot Sprinkling Machine

side-pipe is its structural component.

4.Tower wagon: includes tower post, road wheel
and driving system; it is not only the base of the
girder, but also the drive part of the irrigation
5.Cantilever: its length is adjustable to meet the
irrigation requirements of different fields.
6.Control system: consists of control cabinet,
collecting ring, tower box, designated device for
machine halt and electric cable, etc. to ensure the
sprinkler machine working smoothly.
Suspension-type Sprayer Advantages:
1.Three-point suspension, connected with a
tractor for working.
2.Process control and remote-control &
full-automatic operation, the driver can finish the
spraying alone and safely.
3.Main units temperature alarming function
prevents the machine from the damage caused by
high temp.

Suspension-type Sprayer

4.Mechanical drive, more reliable and safer.

5.2-stage fan with high wind pressure and large
air quantity, far spraying range.
6.Even and precise spraying, good penetrability
and high aiming accuracy, saving water and
7.Adjustable spraying angle and height,
convenient to operate.
8.Suitable for the complex terrain in rural areas;
having better performance in the large-area

Notice: the above-mentioned farming machines are only parts of our products.
Amisy provides all kinds of farming equipment, from Tillage to Threshing.
About Amisy Machinery-Farming Machines Manufacturer
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