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[Geotechnical Engineer]

Position Title
No. of Jobs


Kabul/Farah Rud Farah, Afghanistan

Helmand Construction Corporation (HCC),
Geotechnical Engineer
MSc+3 years or BSc+10 years
Bachelor / Master

Job Description
o Planning and providing oversight of geotechnical site investigations
o Interpretation of geotechnical engineering reports and site
investigation data.
o Ability to present the results of the investigations and reports to
members of the project team in an organized, professional and
understandable format.
o Analyze geotechnical findings, perform appropriate calculations and
prepare data reports to Manager.
o Performing geotechnical analyses and use of associated software for
determination of soil bearing capacity and settlement of shallow
foundations, lateral earth pressures, and etc.
o Capable to evaluate the Lugeon Test, Lefranc test, RQD etc.
o Perform geotechnical analysis and study to assess construction site
o Ensure the timely preparation of studies, designs, reports or
proposals, including problem analysis and review of design.
o Providing leadership and direction with regard to all geotechnical
issues during the design and execution stages.
o Review and approval of sub-contractor method statements.
o Managing outside geotechnical consultants hired by Hydroarch &
Helmand Construction Corporation to perform these tasks.
o Check Subcontractors borehole location map and data for
compliance with specifications.
o Plan and conduct geotechnical exploration effectively.
o Develop proposals and determine cost and schedule for
o Provide direction to technical team in field inspection activities.
o Interact with customers and team members to complete the
assigned project on-time.
o Evaluate team performance and determine training needs to meet
performance objectives.



Perform basic office administration tasks when needed.

Assist Manager in design and evaluation of constructions.
Develop design drawings and specifications for construction projects.
Review and approve geotechnical designs developed by outside
Review construction design proposals and approve geotechnical
Assist in developing or review of material quantity estimates such as
dam embankment material or core material or soil stabilization
Coordinate assigned work with other technical personnel as required.
Participate in team meetings and reviews and maintain interaction
with engineers and other designers in all disciplines.
Perform other duties as required by Helmand Construction
Corporation (HCC) management.
Ability training for the junior geotechnical HCC staff.

Required Qualification
Minimum M. Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering with 2+ years - experiences
or BSc with 10+ years-experiences of appropriate practical experience in
material testing and geotechnical investigation. Fluency in English
(speaking and reporting), Pashto and Dari are desirable.
o Plan, schedule, conduct or coordinate field and laboratory services
for a wide range of the project.
o Perform geotechnical engineering analyses and evaluations for
dam/reservoir/levees, tunneling.
o Write engineering reports and prepare contract documents.
o Prepare scope, schedules and budgets for project.
o Manage projects, subcontractors, and geotechnical staff on multidisciplined projects and work within multi-disciplined team
o Demonstrate good communications skills and ability to work with
clients in the public.
o Willing to work in the project site in difficult situation.
o Willing to travel to the site according the program
o Familiar with ASTM, AASHTOO, UBC, IBC, ASCE standards and codes.