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Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Backache

The most important home remedy for backache is the use of
garlic. Two or three cloves should be taken every morning to get
results. An oil prepared from garlic and rubbed on the back will
give great relief. This oil is prepared by frying ten cloves of garlic
in 60 ml of oil in a frying pan. Any of the oils which are used as
rubefacients, such as mustard oil. sesame oil, and coconut oil can
be used according to one's choice. They should be fried on a slow
fire till they are brown. After the oil has cooled, it should be
applied vigorously on the back, and allowed to remain there for
three hours. The patient may, thereafter, take a warm-water bath.
This treatment should be continued for at least fifteen days.
Backache treatment using Lemon
Lemon is another useful remedy for backache. The juice of one
lemon should be mixed with common salt and taken by the
patient twice daily. It will give relief.
Backache treatment using Chebulic Myroblan
The use of chebulic myroblan is beneficial in the treatment of
backache. A small piece of this fruit should be eaten after meals.
This will give quick relief.
Backache treatment using Vitamin
Vitamin C has proved valuable in case of severe backaches. About
2,000 mg of this vitamin should be taken daily for treating this
condition. Considerable improvement will be noticeable within two
Backache treatment using Potato
Raw potato is an ancient home remedy for backache,
characterized by incapacitating pain in the lumbar region,
especially in the lower part of the back. Application of raw potato
in the form of a poultice has been found very effective in this
Dietaries for Backache
Salad of raw vegetables, plenty of fruits
The diet of those suffering from backache should consist of a
salad of raw vegetables such as tomato, carrot, cabbage,
cucumber, radish, lettuce, and, at least two steamed or lightly

cooked vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, spinach,

and plenty of fruits, except bananas. The patient should have four
meals daily. Fruit and milk are advised for breakfast, steamed
vegetables and whole wheat chapatis for lunch; fresh fruit or fruit
juice in the evening; and a bowl of raw salad and sprouts during
Avoid fatty, spicy fried foods and processed foods
The patient should avoid fatty, spicy, and fried foods; curd,
sweetmeats and sugar; condiments; and tea and coffee. Foods
that have been processed for preservation have few nutrients and
should also be eliminated from the diet.
Other Backache treatments for back pains
Avoid smoking and tobacco intake
Smoking or taking tobacco in any from should be given up
Hot fomentation and alternate sponging
Hot fomentation, alternate sponging, or application of heat to the
back will also give immediate relief.
Yogic asanas are also useful
Yogic asanas which are beneficial in the treatment of backache
are bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, uttanpadasana and
Home Remedies for Constipation
Constipation treatment using Bael Fruit
Generally all fruits, except banana and jack fruit, are beneficial in
the treatment of constipation. Certain fruits are, however, more
effective. Bael fruit is regarded as the best of all laxatives. It
cleans and tones up the intestines. Its regular use for two or three
months throws out even the old accumulated faecal matter. It
should be preferably taken in its original form and before dinner.
About sixty grams of the fruit are sufficient for an adult.
Constipation treatment using Pear
Pears are beneficial in the treatment of constipation. Patients
suffering from chronic constipation should adopt an exclusive diet
of this fruit or it's juice for a few days, but in ordinary cases, a
medium-sized pear taken after dinner or with breakfast will have
the desired effect.
Constipation treatment using Guava

Guava is another effective remedy for constipation. When eaten

with seeds, it provides roughage to the diet and helps in the
normal evacuation of the bowels. One or two guavas should be
taken every day.
Constipation treatment using Grapes
Grapes have proved very beneficial in overcoming constipation.
The combination of the properties of the cellulose, sugar, and
organic acid in grapes make them a laxative food. Their field of
action is not limited to clearing the bowels only. They also tone up
the stomach and intestines and relieve the most chronic
constipation. One should take at least 350 gm of this fruit daily to
achieve the desired results. When fresh grapes are not available,
raisins, soaked in water, can be used. Raisins should be soaked
for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This will make them swell to
the original size of the grapes. They should be eaten early in the
morning, along with the water in which they have been soaked.
Constipation treatment using Orange
Orange is also beneficial in the treatment of constipation. Taking
one or two oranges at bedtime and again on rising in the morning
is an excellent way of stimulating the bowels. The general
stimulating influence of orange juice excites peristaltic activity
and helps prevent the accumulation of food residue in the colon.
Constipation treatment using Papaya and Figs
Other fruits specific for constipation are papaya and figs. Half a
medium-sized papaya should be eaten at breakfast for it to act as
a laxative. Both fresh and dry figs have a laxative effect. Four or
five dry figs should be soaked overnight in a little water and eaten
in the morning.
Constipation treatment using Spinach
Among the vegetables, spinach has been considered to be the
most vital food for the entire digestive tract from time
immemorial. Raw spinach contains the finest organic material for
the cleansing, reconstruction, and regeneration of the intestinal
tract. Raw spinach juice-100 ml, mixed with an equal quantity of
water and taken twice daily, will cure the most aggravated cases
of constipation within a few days.
Constipation treatment using Other Remedies

Half a lime, squeezed is a glass of hot water, with half a teaspoon

of salt is also an effective remedy for constipation. Drinking water
which has been kept overnight in a copper vessel,
first thing in the morning, brings good results. Linseed (alse) is
extremely useful in difficult cases of constipation. A teaspoon of
linseed swallowed with water before each meal provides both
roughage and lubrication.
Constipation diet
Natural and simple diet consisting of unrefined foods
The most important factor in curing constipation is a natural and
simple diet. This should consist of unrefined foods such as
wholegrain cereals, bran, honey, lentils, green and leafy
vegetables, fresh and dry fruits, and milk products in the form of
butter, ghee, and cream. The diet alone is not enough.
Chew food properly, Avoid hurried meals and irregular meals
Food should be properly chewed. Hurried meals and meals at odd
times should be avoided. Sugar and sugary foods should be
strictly avoided. Foods which constipate are all products made of
white flour, rice, bread, pulses, cakes, pastries, biscuits, cheese,
fleshy foods, preserves, white sugar, and hard-boiled eggs.
Other Constipation treatments
Fresh air, outdoor games and exercise
Toning up the muscles also helps in the treatment of constipation.
Fresh air, outdoor games, walking, swimming, and exercise play
an important role in strengthening the muscles, and thereby
preventing constipation.
Cough Home Remedy
Cough treatment using Grapes
Grapes are one of the most effective home remedies for the
treatment of a cough. Grapes tone up the lungs and act as an
expectorant, relieving a simple cold and cough in a couple of
days. A cup of grape juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey is
advised for cough relief.
Cough treatment using Almonds
Almonds are useful for dry coughs. Seven kernels should be
soaked in water overnight and the brown skin removed. They
should then be ground well to form a fine paste. A quantity of
twenty grams each of butter and sugar should then be added to
the paste. This paste should be taken in the morning and evening.

Cough treatment using Onion

The use of raw onion is valuable in a cough. This vegetable should
be chopped fine and the juice extracted from it. One teaspoon of
the juice should then be mixed with one teaspoon of honey and
kept for four or five hours-it will make an excellent cough syrup
and should be taken twice daily. Onions are also useful in
removing phelgm. A medium-sized onion should be crushed, the
juice of one lemon added to it, and then one cup of boiling water
poured on it. A teaspoon of honey can be added for taste. This
remedy should be taken two or three times a day.
Cough treatment using Turmeric
The root of the turmeric plant is useful in a dry cough. The root
should he roasted and powdered. This powder should be taken in
three gram doses twice daily, in the morning and evening.
Cough treatment using Belleric Myroblan
The herb belleric myroblan is a household remedy for a cough. A
mixture comprising two grams of the pulp of the fruit, 1/4
teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of long pepper, and 2 teaspoons of
honey should be administered for the treatment of this condition
twice daily. The dried fruit covered with wheat flour and roasted ,
is another popular remedy for cough condition.
Cough treatment using Raisins
A sauce prepared from raisins is also useful in a cough. This sauce
is prepared by grinding 100 gm of raisins with water. About 100
gm of sugar should be mixed with it and the mixture heated.
When the mixture acquires a sauce-like consistency, it should be
preserved. Twenty grams should be taken at bedtime daily.
Cough treatment using Aniseed
Aniseed is another effective remedy for a hard dry cough with
difficult expectoration. It breaks up the mucus. A tea made from
this spice should be taken regularly for treating this condition.
Dietaries for Cough
Orange juice and water
In the case of a severe cough, the patient should fast on orange
juice and water till the severity is reduced. The procedure is to
take the juice of an orange diluted in a cup of warm water, every
two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
All-fruit diet

After the juice fast, the patient should adopt an all-fruit diet for
two or three days. In case of a mild cough, the patient can begin
with an all-fruit diet for five to seven days, taking three meals a
day of fresh juicy fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, grape-fruit,
oranges, pineapples, peaches, and melons. For drinks,
unsweetened lemon water, or cold or hot plain water may be
Well-balanced diet with emphasis on wholegrain cereals, lightly
cooked vegetables
After the all-fruit diet, the patient should follow a well-balanced
diet, with emphasis on wholegrain cereals, raw or lightly cooked
vegetables, and fresh fruits.
Avoid tea, coffee, refined and processed foods
The patient should avoid meats, sugar, tea, coffee, condiments,
pickles, refined and processed foods. He should also avoid soft
drinks, candies, ice-cream, and all products made from sugar and
while flour.
Other Cough treatments
Warm-water enema
While the cough is severe, a warm-water enema should be used
daily to cleanse the bowels.
Remedies for Cracked Heels
Natural cures to care for your feet and heels
Feet care is not a disorder one can be clueless about. This is also
one of the reasons why people almost always neglect it. Primarily,
feet care begins with some care. Home remedies have some of
the best cost effective and result oriented solutions one can try
and experiment with. But it is important to note that when home
remedies do not cure cracked heels it is wise to take an
appointment with your general physician.
Here is a compilation of the best known remedies to treat cracked
-Apply any shortening or hydrogenated vegetable oil after
washing the feet clean on dry and cracked areas of the feet. After
applying a thick coat of shortening on the feet, wear a pair of
thick socks. Leaving this application overnight can surely provide
positive results in few days.
-Apply the pulp of a ripe banana on the dry or cracked area of the
heel. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse it clean.

-Soak the feet in lemon juice for about 10minutes. Follow this
therapy on a weekly basis until one finds a change.
-A daily regime of cleaning and moisturizing is a good cure for dry
or cracked heels. At the end of the day soak the feet in warm
soapy water for about 15 minutes. Rinse feet and pat dry. Make a
healing mixture comprising of: one teaspoon Vaseline and the
juice of one lemon. Rub this mixture onto the cracked heels and
other required areas of the feet till it is thoroughly absorbed. This
can be done daily until visible results are obtained.
-A regular application of a mixture of glycerin and rosewater is
known to soothe and cure cracked heels.
-Another result oriented solution is to melt paraffin wax and mix it
well with little mustard oil. Apply on the dry or cracked area of the
heels. Rinse it off in the morning. A continuous application for 10
to15 days can achieve desirable results.
Diet for Cracked Heels
Consume a diet rich in calcium, iron, zinc and omega-3 fats
Cracked heels are caused by deficiency of vitamins, minerals, zinc
and omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore it is essential to have a diet
rich in vitamins, minerals and zinc. Omega-3 fatty acids are not
naturally produced by the body, therefore it has to be ingested
from food or supplements.
Here is list of essential foods that one can include in a regular
meal and help curb deficiencies that may cause cracked heels:
-Vitamins (Vitamin E) rich foods include: vegetable oils, green
vegetables, cereals, wheat germ, whole- grain products and nuts.
-Minerals (Calcium and Iron) rich foods include :
1) Calcium: milk, cheese, yogurt, goats milk, fortified soya milk,
mineral water, ice cream, tinned fish, juices, cereals and broccoli
are excellent sources of calcium. Dairy products such as milk and
yogurt are also considered as one of the best sources of calcium.
2) Iron: Meat, chicken and fish are good sources of iron. Iron is
also available in cereals, eggs, vegetables and beans; however it
is not as easily absorbed into the body as the iron from meat,
chicken and fish.
3) Zinc rich foods include: Oysters, chicken, crab, kidney beans,
yogurt, brown rice, spaghetti.
4) Omega-3 fatty acids are largely found in: Purslane herb, cold
water fish, and flaxseed oil or flax seeds.

Other Suggestions for Cracked Heels

Simple suggestions to care for your cracked feet
Here are some simple suggestions towards caring for the
feet effortlessly:
-Keep feet clean and dirt free - Exercise the feet regularly
-Alternate hot and cold water for a feet bath to soothe the feet Moisturize and exfoliate the feet whenever possible -Avoid
walking bare feet as much as possible
Cracked, chapped and dry lips remedies
Following are the remedies for dry, chapped or cracked lips Apply
glossy lipstick on you lips, Use unflavored lip balm on your lips,
Avoid flavored tooth paste, Use a humidifier to humidify your lips,
Increase intake of water and other non alcoholic liquids, Rub
cucumber slice on your lips, Apply neem leaf extract on your lips,
Put some aloe vera gel on your lips, Take a saline bath.
Vitamin A rich diet
Vitamin A is very important for the growth and repair of the skin.
See to it that your diet provides you with sufficient quantity of
vitamin A. Carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables are the
good sources of vitamin A.
Other Diet
Make a vitamin rich juice by adding 1 tbsp. of water cress, carrot
and spinach juice, 2 tbsp. wheat germ oil, one glass of tomato
juice, and 1 tbsp. of nutritional yeast. Eat whole grains, legumes
and nutritional yeast.
Visit Dermatologist
If home remedies do not work than it is advisable to see a
dermatologist as soon as possible.
Home Remedies for Dandruff
Dandruff treatment using Fenugreek Seeds
The use of fenugreek seeds is one of the most important remedies
in the treatment of dandruff. Two tablespoons of these seeds
should be soaked overnight in water and ground into a fine paste
in the morning. This paste should be applied all over the scalp
and left for half an hour. The hair should then be washed
thoroughly with soap-nut (ritha) solution or shikakai.
Dandruff treatment using Lime
The use of a teaspoon of fresh lime juice for the last rinse, while
washing the hair, is another useful remedy. This not only leaves

the hair glowing but also removes stickiness and prevents

Dandruff treatment using Green Gram Powder
A valuable prescription for removal of dandruff is the use of green
gram powder. The hair should be washed twice a week with two
tablespoons of this powder mixed with half a cup of curd.
Dandruff treatment using Beet
Beets have been found useful in dandruff. Both tops and roots
should be boiled in water and this water should be massaged into
the scalp with the finger tips every night. White beet is better for
this purpose.
Dandruff treatment using Snake Gourd
The juice of snake gourd has been found beneficial in the
prevention and treatment of dandruff. The juice should be rubbed
over the scalp for this purpose.
Dandruff treatment using Other Remedies
Dandruff can be removed by massaging the hair for half an hour
with curd which has been kept in the open for three days, or with
a few drops of lime juice mixed with amla juice every night, before
going to bed. Another measure which helps to counteract
dandruff is to dilute cider vinegar with an equal quantity of water
and dab this on to the hair with cotton wool in between
shampooing. Cider vinegar added to the final rinsing water after
shampooing also helps to disperse dandruff.
Dietaries for Dandruff
All-fruit diet with three meals a day of juicy fruits
Diet plays an important role in the treatment of dandruff. To begin
with, the patient should resort to an all- fruit diet for about five
days and take three meals a day of juicy fruits.
Avoid citrus fruits, bananas, tinned fruits
Citrus fruits, bananas, dried, stewed, or tinned fruits should not be
Well-balanced diet
After the all-fruit diet, the patient can gradually adopt a wellbalanced diet, with emphasis on raw foods, especially fresh fruits
and vegetables. Further short periods of an all-fruit diet for three
days or so may be necessary at monthly intervals till the skin's
condition improves.
Avoid strong tea/coffee, pickles, refined and processed foods

Meats, sugar, white flour, strong tea or coffee, condiments,

pickles, refined and processed foods should all be avoided.
Other Dandruff treatments
Keep hair and scalp clean to avoid accumulation of dead cells
The foremost consideration in the treatment of this disorder is to
keep the hair and scalp clean so as to minimize the accumulation
of dead cells.
Hair should be brushed daily to improve circulation
The hair should be brushed daily to improve the circulation and
remove any flakiness. The most effective way to brush the hair is
to bend forward from the waist with the head down towards the
ground, and brush from the nape of the neck towards the top of
the head. The scalp should also be thoroughly massaged every
day, using one's finger tips and working systematically over the
head. This should be done just before or after brushing the hair.
Like brushing, this stimulates the circulation, dislodges dirt and
dandruff, and encourages hair growth. Exposure of the head to
the rays of the sun is also a useful measure in the treatment of
Warm-water enema
During the first five days of the treatment when the patient takes
an all-fruit diet, a warm-water enema should be taken daily to
cleanse the bowels. Simultaneously, an attempt should be made
to keep the body in good health.
Home Remedies for Dark Skin
Here are some simple home remedies that you can do to lighten
the skin tone and get a lighter complexion. However, they must
be done regularly and best results are obtained if they are
inculcated as a part of daily routine.
Mix 1 tsp of milk powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice, and
tsp of almond oil. Apply on face and wash off after 10-15
minutes. This pack helps bring shine to the skin and also removes
Mix oatmeal with curd and tomato juice and apply on the face.
Keep it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. It
helps remove the tan and lightens the skin.
Place sliced raw potato on the face. It helps reduce blemishes and
other marks.

Applying turmeric powder along with lime juice removes the tan.
Lime juice is a natural bleach.
Dried orange peels mixed with curd also help reduce blemishes
and scars. Wash off this mixture with cold water after 15 minutes.
Soak 4 almonds overnight. Grind into a fine paste using milk.
Apply on face and neck and leave it overnight. Wash with cold
water in the morning. Do this daily for 15 days, followed by twice
a week.
A tbsp of gram flour mixed with 2 tsp of raw milk and 2-3 drops of
lime juice works well for lightening dark skin. Apply this mixture
and leave it for 15 minutes before washing off. Repeat for 4 weeks
and follow up with once a week.
Apply a paste of fresh ground mint leaves and leave it for about
20 minutes. Wash with cold water, continue for 15 days. Apply a
mixture of grated tomato with 2-3 drops of lime juice on the face.
Leave it for 20 minutes before washing off. Do this twice a day for
15-20 days for best results.
Balanced Diet
Although there are no particular foods that will lighten your skin
instantly, a balanced diet definitely helps by giving your skin a
healthy glow. Drinking an optimum amount of water hydrates
your skin and keeps it blemish free. Some recommendations
regarding diet are as follows
Avoid excessive consumption of heavy and oily foods.
Incorporate whole cereals, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables in
your diet.
Drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day. Water washes out the
toxins from the body.
Other suggestions for Dark Skin
Use a good quality sunscreen when going out in the sun to protect
the skin from tanning as well as the sun's UV rays. Be regular and
persistent with the home remedies for skin lightening as
suggested above.
Remedies for Underarms
Apply a paste of 1 tbsp. curd, 1 tsp. gram flour, pinch of turmeric
and 1 tsp. milk on your underarms. Rinse with cold water when it
dries. Apply paste of rose water and sandalwood powder on your
Dark underarms diet

There is no specific diet for dark underarms.

Other suggestions for Dark underarms
Use anti-fungal powder instead of anti-perspirants. Wear cotton
clothes instead. Do not shave your underarms, instead wax them
regularly. It will not only remove hair but also the dead skin.
Friction caused by the diapers
Diaper rash is caused due to exposure to urine and feces in
infants' diapers. Attributed to ammonia formation; moisture,
bacterial growth, and alkalinity may all induce lesions. The childs
skin is very sensitive and naturally the friction caused by the
diapers could scrape and irritate the skin badly and results in
redness and irritation. An allergy to a particular medicine, say, an
antibiotic could also bring forth this rash.
Wet diapers should not be used
Diapers are used to cover the genitals and they invariably protect
the area where the infection has a breeding ground therefore the
diapers should be changed intermittently as often possible
depending on the childs toilet training and routine. Wet diapers
are a strict no-no and once the area gets wet because of the
childs routine, then the area should be air-dried and if possible
pat-dried. Care should be taken that the sweat pool does not form
and accumulates under the diaper. If some medicine taken is
found to show this allergic reaction steps should be taken to stop
the medicine completely. Coconut oil is the best home ready
source that could be used on the babys skin around the buttocks
and it would destroy the budding rash efficiently.
Balance of breast milk and semi-solid foods
The diaper rash is usually caused by the feces and if the feces
happen to be solids then the risk of the rash is high. Breast-fed
babies are less prone to this infection. A balance of breast milk
and semi-solid foods or formula would go a long way in controlling
this rash.
Use of shark liver oil or cod liver oil
If the rash seems totally abrasive and if it has a beefy red
complexion to it, shark liver oil or cod liver oil should be a good
solution. These can be applied to wade off this rash.
Remedies for infected ear
Put few drops of garlic juice into the infected ear. Use blow dryer
from about 12 to 15 inches from your head, this will remove any

water trapped in the Eustachian tube. Put some olive oil on the
warm spoon; put 2 to 3 drops of this in each ear. Put few drops of
lobelia extract into the infected ear and rub it gently. Wash your
ear using colloidal silver, it is a natural antibiotic. Slightly warm
one teaspoon of juice of the mango leaf and put it into the
infected ear drop by drop.
Take Vitamin C and increase zinc intake
Take vitamin C to boost your immune system, it will help you to
combat infection. Increase Zinc intake, it reduces ear infection.
Eat a healthy diet with lots of calcium in it. Avoid processed foods
and hydrogenated oils. Stress on breast feeding for infection in
Other suggestions for ear infection
Avoid going in front of any one smoking because cigarette smoke
can block Eustachian tubes. Avoid accompanying people suffering
from cold. Wash your hands regularly. Avoid touching nose and
Otitis externa and Otitis media
The two main causes of earache are the infection of the outer ear
and the middle ear called otitis externa and otitis media in
medical parlance. Otitis externa is the skin infection of the ear
canal which often occurs after swimming. It is also called
swimmer's ear. Otitis media is the infection of the middle ear and
eardrum. It is commonly seen in infants and children. Ear ache
may also be caused due to ear infection or any ear disease, nose,
mouth, or throat infection, injury to jaw bones, an insect in the
ear, fungus growth in the ear, wax buildup in the ear and so on.
Use of garlic juice
Pour some garlic juice in the paining ear; its antibiotic qualities
will help to relieve the pain. If your earache is due to rise in
altitude than just chew gum or yawn. This will contract the
muscles and open the Eustachian tubes. For swimmer's ear, put
some mineral oil in both ears before going in the water. Apply
some heat to your aching ear using a heating pad or a warm
cloth. Put few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the aching ear. Put
two drops of holy basil leaves juice in the aching ear.
Vitamin C Diet
Most commonly earache is a result of an ear infection. Take
Vitamin C to boost your immune system. It is a natural antibiotic

and antihistamine that helps to reduce inflammation and fever.

Include zinc in your diet because it reduces ear infection. Certain
foods, more commonly dairy products like milk, butter, cheese etc
tend to aggravate ear infections, so it is better to avoid them
during an ear infection.
Other suggestions
Clean your ear professionally regularly. This will remove all the
dirt or any object which must be residing in and may cause
problem later on. Use ear plugs during swimming to avoid water
from entering your ear.
Remedies for reducing body temperature
Drink lots of water to compensate for the loss of body fluid. This
will also help to reduce the body temperature. To immediately
reduce high body temperature, boil powder of 2 to 3 tsp dry
roasted fenugreek seeds. Strain the water and add a drop of ghee
to it and drink. Drink juice made out of sweet basil leaves twice or
thrice a day. Prepare linden tea by boiling 1 tbsp of linden flower
in 1 cup of water and drink it hot. Brew willow bark tea and drink
it by taking small sips. Willow bark has some aspirin related
compound. If you are not comfortable with it then use black elder.
Remedy for Mild Fever
If the fever is mild, lie on a bed and completely cover yourself
with a blanket for 20 minutes. Crush 10 grams of raisins and
ginger. Boil them in 200 ml of water till it reduces to 50 ml. Strain
and drink this solution warm.
Liquid foods should be preferred
Prefer liquid food over solid food. Eat foods that are easily
digestible. Eat boiled or steamed vegetables, vegetable soup,
honey and yogurt. Eat fresh fruits and drink fresh fruit juices.
Drink cows milk in small quantity 2 to 3 times a day. Eat khichdi
with spices like cumin seeds, ginger, turmeric, coriander, and salt
added to it. Completely avoid heavy foods like fast food, chicken,
fish, raw foods and fried foods.
Other Suggestions for Fever
Take complete rest. Take cool baths. Children should not be given
aspirin for fever; instead they should be given cold bath. Avoid
heavy exercises and sudden temperature change.
Hangover remedy: eat some food

Its a good practice to eat something while and after drinking. This
helps reduce the rate at which alcohol enters your blood and thus
can help reduce the after-effects.
Hangover remedy: Vitamin C
Take vitamin C tablets. These help break down the alcohol content
in your body.
Hangover Diet
Other hangover remedies
Suggestions to avoid hangovers
Never drink on an empty stomach. Food helps to absorb some of
the alcohol and aids the body in digesting it faster.
Try to eat starchy foods to slow down the alcohol absorption.
Limit yourself to less than 1 drink per hour.
Try to alternate your alcoholic drinks with nonalcoholic beverages
such as water
Stick to non-carbonated drinks as carbonation can speed up the
alcohol absorption.
Try to avoid sweet drinks (and sugary foods) while you drink. The
sweet taste of the drink can make it difficult for you to judge how
much alcohol youre actually consuming.
Headache cures and remedies
Natural Headache Cure using Lemon
There are several natural remedies for various types or
headaches. The juice of three or four slices of lemon should be
squeezed in a cup of tea and taken by the patient for treating this
condition. It gives immediate relief. The crust of lemon, which is
generally thrown away, has been found useful in headaches
caused by heat. Lemon crusts should be pounded into a fine paste
in a mortar and applied as plaster on the forehead. Applying the
yellow, freshly pared-off rind of a lemon to each temple will also
give relief.
Cure Headaches naturally using Apple
Apples are valuable in curing all types of headaches. After
removing the upper rind and the inner hard portion of a ripe
apple, it should be taken with a little salt every morning on an
empty stomach in such cases. This should be continued for about
a week.
Natural Headache remedy using Henna

The flowers of henna have been found valuable in curing

headaches caused by hot sun. The flowers should be rubbed in
vinegar and applied over the forehead. This remedy will soon
provide relief.
Headache remedy using Cinnamon
Cinnamon is useful in headaches caused by exposure to cold air. A
fine paste of this spice should be prepared by mixing it with water
and it should be applied over the temples and forehead to obtain
Headache treatment using Marjoram
The herb marjoram is beneficial in the treatment of a nervous
headache. An infusion of the leaves is taken as a tea in the
treatment of this disorder.
Headache treatment using Rosemary
The herb rosemary has been found valuable in headaches
resulting from cold. A handful of this herb should be boiled in a
litre of water and put in a mug. The head should be covered with
a towel and the steam inhaled for as long as the patient can bear.
This should be repeated till the headache is relieved.

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