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Baker Park Reserve 2309 Baker Park Road Maple Plain, MN

55359 763.694.7662

Picnic Area Guidelines

Baker Park Reserve - Located on Lake Independence in Maple Plain, offering 2,700 acres of diverse
year-round outdoor activities in natural surroundings. The lakes, wetlands, meadows, and Big Woods
forest are home to a variety of wildlife.
Reservation Picnic Area - We recommend you visit the park well before your event date to explore the
options you have to choose from. Your picnic area will be ready for occupancy by your group at 9 am. Any
reserved equipment will be on the site at that time.
Aspen Capacity 100, non-sheltered; includes one large grill, two family-sized grills and
approximately 20 picnic tables, concrete slab for accessibility, volleyball standards, drinking
fountain and water are available. One inflatable allowed.
Butternut Capacity 100, non-sheltered; includes one large grill, three family-sized grills and
approximately 20 picnic tables, concrete slab for access for accessibility, horseshoe pits, volleyball
standards, drinking fountain and water are available. One inflatable is allowed.
Cottonwood Capacity 100, non-sheltered; includes one large grill, one family-sized grill,
approximately 20 picnic tables, concrete slab for accessibility, volleyball standards, drinking
fountain and water are available. One inflatable is allowed.
Driftwood Capacity 200, sheltered; includes and one large grill, three family-sized grills,
approximately 20 picnic tables, water, electricity (8-double 20 amp outlets),accessibility to
the shelter, horseshoe pits, and volleyball standards. One inflatable is allowed.
Rental Fees (Fees do not include sales tax)

Monday Sunday and

Monday Sunday and
Monday Sunday and
Monday Sunday and



Restrooms, boat rentals, and changing facilities are located between the Cottonwood and Driftwood areas.
Additional restrooms are near the Aspen area. Several water spigots are located near the reservation
sites. Restrooms are available mid-May through October 1, weather permitting.
Reservation and Payment - At the time of reservation, payment is due in full. Payment can be made by
American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Payment may be made by cash or check if received at
the time of reservation.
Cancellation Policy
If a cancellation is made 90 days prior to the use date, 100% of the fee will be refunded.
If a cancellation is made 60 days prior to the use date, 50% of the fee will be refunded.
All cancellations after 60 days are non-refundable.
No refunds are given due to weather conditions unless the park or facility is officially closed due to
severe, life-threatening weather.

Park Amenities
Swimming - Beaches are open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Hours are 9 am to 8 pm daily.
Both beaches at Baker Park are unguarded.
Baker National Golf Course - A special feature of the park is Baker National Golf Course, offering an 18hole Championship Course and the 9-hole Evergreen Executive course, as well as a driving range. For tee
times call 763.694.7670.
Play Area - The play area is near the main parking lot and the beach. The structure is approximately
11,000 square feet and features slides, tunnels, sand diggers, tire swings, and two tow cable rides.
Boat Rentals - Boat rentals are available Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Memorial Day weekend
through Labor Day. Paddleboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes and paddleboards are available. At least one
person age 16 or older must be in the watercraft. Group rentals may be available weekdays with a two
week advanced notice. Please call 763.694.7662 for rental information and availability. The boat rental
building is located on the lakeside near the Driftwood Group Picnic Reservation area.
Rental Equipment - Bicycles, volleyballs, nets, horseshoes, and other recreation equipment are available
to rent on a first-come, first-served basis and may be picked up at the campground office. A picture ID is
required for deposit.
Boat Launch - Parking for boat trailers is limited to 53 boats. User fees apply. All boat trailers parking in
the designated launch area are required to display a valid use permit. Guests may be required to wait to
launch during prime use periods. To help prevent the spread of invasive species, please ensure that all
vegetation and water has been removed from the watercraft prior to entering/exiting any water bodies.
Fishing - An accessible fishing pier is located on the south end of the park for shore fishing.
Baker Family Campground - For reservations and information, please call reservations staff at
Trails - Within easy access are miles of trails designated for biking and/or hiking. Visit us online at
ThreeRiversParks.org for a trail map.

Pets in the Park - Pets are allowed at group camp areas; however, pets are not allowed in picnic areas,
beach areas or play areas. Pets are allowed on paved trails at Baker Park Reserve, but they are not
permitted on turf trails. Pets must be attended at all times and on a maximum of a 6-foot leash.
Alcohol Policy - Beer, wine, ciders, hard lemonades, and other malt based, single-serving beverages are
permitted in glass bottles or cans only. Hard liquor is not allowed anywhere on Park District property.
Alcoholic beverages served in kegs, barrels, boxed wine, or bulk containers are prohibited, unless
authorized by special use permit. To obtain a special use permit please contact one of the Park District
Approved Caterers. In accordance with Three Rivers Park Districts ordinance pertaining to alcohol use
(Chapter 3, Section 1C Drug and Alcohol Use) any alcohol served at a catered event in the Park
District must be purchased or provided by a caterer or licensed beverage provider identified on
a current Board-approved caterer list. Park guests having self-catered events may bring in their own
beer and wine in single serving containers.
No alcohol will be consumed on Three Rivers Park District premises by any person under the legal age.
Valid identification may be requested of any person(s) who appear to be under age at any time during
your event. All guests must have a valid ID if they plan to consume alcoholic beverages.
Catering in the Parks - If you choose to have your event catered, we ask that you select a caterer from
the Three Rivers Park District Approved Catering List. For a copy of the Park District Approved Catering List
please visit our website at ThreeRiversParks.org. Please note that a caterers usage fee is assessed to
each caterer by Three Rivers Park District. It is the caterers responsibility to pay this fee; however, you
should expect it to be incorporated into your bid from the caterer.

Smoking - It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke or use tobacco products in or within 25 feet of
any entrance to any indoor area or in the designated perimeter of any creative play area, beach, swim
pond, or water play area.
Music/Amplification - Live bands and DJs are not allowed. Any amplification must have prior approval
and be noted on the reservation permit.
Parking Information - Parking is free for all personal/family vehicles in all Three Rivers Parks. Vehicles
with boats are required to park in the boat launch parking area; boat lines are common on weekends. A
$5 daily permit is required for boat trailers. Please inform group members who are bringing boats to the
park to arrive early.
Special Equipment, Inflatables, and/or Amusement Contraptions - Special permission is needed at
least 14 days prior to your reservation before your group can bring in special equipment, inflatables, or
contraptions to the picnic site. A $25 per item fee is charged and there is a limit to the number of items
each site can support. It shall be unlawful to bring in, set-up, construct, or operate any amusement or
entertainment contraption, device, or gadget without a permit.
Canopies are allowed if groups are reserving a picnic site. If you are planning to set-up a canopy,
permission must appear on your permit, and it must be set-up within the staking area. All
equipment must be put up and removed within the reservation time frame.
To avoid underground utilities, DO NOT set-up equipment or canopies until you have contacted the
Park Supervisor for placement. Your group is responsible for moving tables within your reservation
picnic area.
A Certificate of Insurance naming the Park District as an additional insured is required to
be on file in the Reservations Office before Special Equipment, Inflatables, and or
Amusement Contraptions can be brought into the park.
Signs and Banners - Temporary signs may be located within the park. Banners or signs may not be
affixed to or across trees, signs or other post-type structures. All signs and banners must be set-up and
removed within the rental time frame.
Site Clean-up and Recycling
Normal site maintenance is included in your reservation fee. If your group causes extraordinary
maintenance service, your group will be charged at an hourly rate to cover labor costs. Your group
is responsible to generally pick up the site at the conclusion of your event.
Damage done to your site will result in your group being assessed fees to cover the cost of the
damages and labor for repairs. Please be sure your group members are aware of this policy.
Dumpsters are located in the parking lot near the reservation picnic area. Please provide your own
garbage bags to transport garbage from your site to the dumpsters.
Dispose of coals properly in the concrete receptacles provided.
Please recycle. Each reservation picnic area has recycling receptacles for beverage cans and
Caterers or reservation group must take grease out of the park; do not pour on the ground or in
garbage containers.
Please clean up balloon fragments or eggs that are used for games and decoration. Balloons are
especially dangerous to wildlife.
User Fees - Apply boat launches and horseback riding. For each of these activities, the permit fees are
$45 for an annual permit, $22.50 for each additional permit in the same family or $6 for a daily pass.
Annual permits can be purchased at visitor centers, online at ThreeRiversParks.org, or by calling Three
Rivers Park District Administrative Center at 763.559.9000. Daily permits can be purchased at drop boxes
Wildlife - Please respect the wildlife found in the park. Do not attempt to feed or catch wildlife.
Accessibility Statement - Most Park District facilities and parks are accessible to people using
wheelchairs and are able to accommodate people with other disabilities. Persons with disabilities are
encouraged to contact the Park District at 763.559.9000 for more information on the accessibility of
specific facilities within individual parks.

Weather Conditions - Be aware of changing weather conditions while visiting the park. In case of severe
weather, seek shelter or go to a low-lying area away from trees. Guests are expected to be aware of these
conditions and the proper procedures for severe weather.
For Your Safety - Park District Police are on duty to provide assistance to park guests and to protect the
natural resources. If you need assistance, contact a park employee or call 911 and ask for Three Rivers
Park District Police. A pay phone is available at the restroom building at the main recreation area parking
lot, and also at the A Loop restroom in the campground.
Further Assistance - If you have any questions about Baker Park Reserve, please call 763.694.7662. For
questions about your reservation, please call the Park District Reservations Office at 763.559.6700.
Directions to the Park - Baker Park Reserve is located approximately 20 miles west of downtown
Minneapolis on County Road 19 between Highways 12 and 55. From Highway 12, take County Road 29
(Baker Park Road) north; follow to the main park entrance. From Highway 55, turn south on Country Road
24 to County Road 19 take a left and follow County Road 19 to the main entrance.

Thank you for considering Baker Park for your special event.
Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


mission of the Park District is to promote environmental stewardship through recreation

and education in a natural resources-based park system.

Baker Park Picnic Area Guidelines Updated 12.16.15