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Manoj Kumar
Roll No. 17
Sales & Distribution Management

The Case is about a company manufacturing and making consumer durables like fans and water
purifiers for household consumers and commercial firms. The Head Office is located in Mumbai.
Mr. Sunil Kumar, the Sales Manager of M/s. Swishflow Ltd. Acknowledged that owing to
serious flaw in the staffing process, attrition rate of Employees are very high.
The company decided to recruit 5 Salesperson to cover major metros and cities of Maharashtra.
Advertisements were given in local newspaper. Marketing team took the interview and the
candidates were selected. The candidates faced the problem of finding suitable residences for
them but the company policy did not give consideration for the same. Due to delay in the receipt
of fans at Baroda factory salesperson were asked to do the market survey and collect Market
related information on various other products. They were also asked to look after advertising
function of entire group. It reflects great apathy of organization towards their newly recruited
Employees and lack of structured job description and training & developmental activities for
each position in the organization. This led to high attrition rate. During this period 2 salesperson
left the job after collecting salaries of the previous 2 working months.
Such organizational apathy raise many questions e.g. what should be Companys staffing policy.
What improvements can be done in the staffing process of the Company to address anomalies?
Was Mr. Sunil Kumar right in getting market surveys done by the new Salespersons?
All these genuine and related problems could be easily resolved by adopting professional
approach towards these basic issues. The improvements in the staffing process by employing the
services of professional HR Personnel. Freezing the Job Description of each position before hand
with consultation with top management, users department & HR professional to avoid pitfalls at
later stage.
The company could have referred to different sources of recruitment. It should have opted
employee reference for recruiting the candidates that would help them in selecting a candidate
whose complete background would be available and the candidates would have stayed for longer
period of time.
The company should have hired the professional from localities of Mumbai who were well aware
of the region, market requirements and regional languages of Mumbai, helping in selection of
right type of candidates with desired ability & aptitude for the job. There should have been fine
blend of some experienced and some fresher in the recruitment so that professional requirement
and training part would have been covered easily and timely.

Similarly, M/s. Swishflow should have structured training & development programme that
should have been imparted during induction & familiarization phase to let the newly recruited
professional to adapt changes and learn about the new organization without any compatibility
issue, which was not there and it led to pre-mature exit by newly recruited staff.
No proper staffing structure & policy was available with Company, which should have been
incorporated before such fresh recruitment. The company should have incorporated preliminary
interview, psychometric test, aptitude test and referral verification process for the right selection
of the candidate for the position.
Adequate administrative support mechanism should have been incorporated in order to help new
recruit to settle in their respective profile without having any administrative problem to adopt
change at new location.