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This Rental Agreement is made this day of . between the

following parties:
Phone Number(s):
Phone Number(s):
Property: The property leased by the landlord to the tenant(s) is
located at No 6, G. K. Moopanar Street, New Perungalattur,
Srinivasa Nagar, Chennai 63 and includes the following furniture
and/or appliances:
Air condtioner (LG)


Refridegetaor 270 ltr two door


Washing machine Fully Automatic




Sofa set


Dinning table


Microwave Oven


Term: The premises are leased for a term of months, beginning on

..and ending on ...
Rent: The monthly rental shall be Rs.20000/- per month, due and
payable on the day of each month. In the event that rent
payments are not made in full when due, a Rs.200/- charge may be

assessed for each day. Tenants will be notified immediately of each

late charge assessed; if so notified, the late charge will be due with
the late rent. Unpaid late charges may be withheld from the
unused security deposit. Tenants shall be charged Rs.2000/- for
each cheque that is returned to the landlord for lack of sufficient
Purpose of tenancy: The premises is let out for the purposes of
running a working womens hostel, with maximum of 10
Parking: Parking space(s) is/are provided with this lease at no
additional charge.
Security deposit agreement: The tenant has paid a sum of
Rs.50000/- to the landlord which the landlord hereby
acknowledges. Landlord has 14 days following the term of the lease
by which to return a deposit, or give tenant a written statement of
why all or part of the money is being kept.
Landlords duty to repair and maintain premises: The landlord
shall keep the premises and any common areas clean and fit for
human habitation and comply with all state and local laws
regarding repair and maintenance of the premises. The tenant shall
immediately notify the landlord of needed repairs. The landlord
shall ensure the working of sanitary, electrical and water supply
connections and other fittings pertaining to the rented premises.
All major repairs, either structural or to the electrical or water
connection, plumbing leaks, water seepage shall be attended to by
the landlord. In the event of the landlord failing to carry out the
repairs on receiving notice from the tenant, the tenant shall
undertake the necessary repairs and the landlord will be liable to
immediately reimburse costs incurred by the tenant. Before
undertaking such repairs and replacement the tenant shall obtain
necessary written permission from the landlord.

Tenants duty to maintain premises: The tenant shall keep the

premises clean and sanitary and comply with all duties imposed on
tenants by state and local law. All day to day repair jobs such as
fuse blow out, replacement of light bulbs/tubes, leakage of water
taps, maintenance of the water pump and other minor repairs, etc.,
shall be effected by the tenant at his own cost. The tenant shall be
liable for any damage caused to the premises by the tenants act or
neglect, other than normal wear and tear. The tenant shall be liable
for any damage to the premises that he/she permits to be caused
by a family member, guest, or person acting under his/her control.
Upon termination of the tenancy, the tenant shall restore the
premises to their condition at the beginning of the tenancy, except
for normal wear and tear.
Payment of taxes: The landlord shall be responsible for the
payment of all taxes and levies pertaining to the rented premises
including but not limited to House Tax, Property Tax, other cesses,
if any, and any other statutory taxes, levied by the Chennai
Corporation) and other Government Departments.
Alternations to property: No substantial alterations, additions, or
improvements shall be made by the tenants without the prior
written consent of the landlord. Such consent shall not
unreasonably withheld.
Subletting or assignment: Tenant shall not assign this agreement
or sublet the premises without the prior written consent of the
landlord. Such consent shall not unreasonably withheld.
Storage: Tenant shall be entitled to store items of personal
property on the premises during the term of the rental agreement.
The landlord shall not be liable for loss of, or damage to, such
stored items.

Keys: Tenant will be give key(s) to the premises and key(s) of

cupboards, wardrobes. If all keys are not returned to the
landlord following termination of the lease, tenants shall be
charged Rs.3000/- per key.
Notice for entry: The landlord must give the tenant at least a twoday notice of intent to enter the property at reasonable times.
Tenant also must not unreasonably refuse the landlord access to
repair, improve, or service the dwelling. In case of emergency, the
landlord can enter without notice.
Use and quiet enjoyment: The landlord agrees to make a good
faith effort to provide for the maintenance of reasonable overall
quiet and order throughout the premises. Tenant agrees to use the
premises for running the hostel only in a quiet, peaceable and
lawful manner, and to refrain from any conduct that disturbs the
use and quiet enjoyment of neighbours. The tenant shall abide by
all the local laws and compliances that may be required for
running a Working Womens Hostel.
Notice of termination: The landlord shall have the right to
terminate this Rental Agreement at any time before the expiry of
such period, by giving 30 days notice in writing and likewise the
tenant shall also have the right to terminate the lease before the
expiry of the said period, by giving 30 days notice in writing.
Vacating the premises: Upon termination of this agreement, the
tenant shall vacate the premises, return all keys to the landlord,
remove all personal property, and leave the premises in pre-rental
condition, except for normal wear and tear.
Amendments to the lease: This lease contains the entire
agreement of the parties and there are no other promises,
conditions, understandings or agreements, whether verbal or
written, relating to the subject matter of this lease. The lease may

be modified or amended in writing, with the written approval of all

parties obligated under the amendment.
Notice: All notices required to be given under this Agreement
should be given to the party in English language by depositing the
same in regular mail with postage, prepaid or by courier, fax
directed to the parties at the address mentioned above or such
other address may be supplied in writing by the party from time to
Jurisdiction: The Courts at Tambaram shall have jurisdiction in
respect of the subject matter of this Rental Agreement.









subscribed their respective hands and seals the day, month and
year first above written.