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Moran for Congress

Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1

Jim Moran Secures Place on 8th Congressional District Ballot

Alexandria, VA—Moran for Moran said. mittee includes Mame Reiley,
Upcoming Events: Congress is proud to an- Returning as overall Campaign Charley Conrad, Kip Malinosky,
nounce that the Congressman Chair is Dan Steen, a past chair Krysta Jones, Bree Raum, Ron
May 23, 2010 has successfully secured a of the Arlington Democratic Oklewicz, Leni Gonzalez, Abdel-
place on the general election Committee. The campaign‟s Rahman Hamed, Pixie Bell, Joe
Fairfax County De-
ballot and will be the Democ- policy director is Vola Lawson, Montano, Rose, Chu, and Andres
mocratic Committee
ratic Party‟s top of the ticket a former long-time Alexandria Tobar.
Jefferson Jackson Din-
standard-bearer from Vir- City Manager. Returning as the Campaign‟s
ner at McLean Hilton
ginia‟s 8th Congressional Heading up the campaign for Finance Director is Al Dwoskin,
May 27, 2010 District. Arlington County are Chair with Marv Weissberg and John
The campaign‟s chairperson, Peter Rousselot, the immediate Milliken serving as Treasurer and
Lee District Democ- Dan Steen, noted that, “Our past chair of the ACDC, and Assistant Treasurer.
ratic Committee Meet- campaign is thrilled by this news Deputy Chair Terron Sims. The Campaign‟s full time staff
ing at the Franconia and is looking forward to the For the City of Alexandria, the includes Mary Elise Moran as the
Governmental Center vigorous campaign that lies Chair is Susan B. Kellom, overall Campaign Director, with
ahead. In a time of so many immediate past chair of the Joe Easton as Deputy Finance
June 5, 2010 pressing domestic and foreign ADC, and Deputy Chair Kenya Director, Atima Omara-Alwala as
policy challenges, we need Jim Turner. the Field Director, and Amanda
„Team Moran” - Susan
Moran’s leadership and experi- For Falls Church City, the Co- Ruff.
G. Komen Race for the
ence fighting for the issues that Chairs are Mike Gardner and
Cure at the National
matter most to Northern Vir- Peg Willingham.
ginians.” Leading the campaign for Fair-
June 11, 2010 The campaign has also an- fax South Delegate Mark Sick-
nounced the formation of its les, Chair, and Deputy Chair
Arlington Jefferson leadership team. “This is a nice Todd Smyth.
Jackson Dinner at the blend of individuals with years In Fairfax North/Reston, the
Westin Arlington of grassroots organizing experi- Chair is Seldon Kruger and the
ence and an intimate knowledge Deputy Chair is Stuart Patz.
June 27, 2010 of the Eighth Congressional The campaign‟s Outreach Com-
D i s tr ict ,” Con gre ss man
Kick-Off Barbeque at
Cherry Hill Park Northern Virginia’s Women Come Together To Support Jim Moran
Pavillion in Falls Alexandria, VA—On April 7, The breakfast reception, at the Jim Moran, for his historic
Church, Virginia more than 100 women activists Army Navy Country Club in vote, which makes affordable
and Democratic elected officials Arlington, featured Mrs. Victo- and accessible health care a
from Northern Virginia gathered ria Reggie Kennedy as its reality for millions of Ameri-
in Arlington to demonstrate their headline speaker. Mrs. Ken- cans who are either underin-
Thank you for your strong support for Congressman nedy, the wife of late United sured or not covered. From
interest in contacting Jim Moran. This impressive turn States Senator Edward M. Ken- fighting for pay equity to pro-
Jim Moran for out is the latest indication of the nedy (D-Mass.), praised Moran tecting a woman’s right to
Congress. stalwart support that Moran has for his long standing support choose, Jim Moran has always
with this key demographic group of women‟s issues and for his been a tireless advocate and
Mailing Address: throughout Virginia‟s 8th Con- courage to stand by President
311 N. Washington St. supporter of the issues which
gressional District. Barack Obama and House impact and matter most to
Suite 200 L Speaker Nancy Pelosi in
Alexandria, VA 22314 women. The Congress needs
support of the healthcare
leaders like Jim Moran, that
overhaul reform bill:
Phone: have the courage and where-
“Ted Kennedy believed that withal to stand up and fight for
(703) 299-0064
accessible health care was a what they think is just and
www.JimMoran.org/ fundamental right for all right.”
Americans, and not just for the
chosen few. Ted would have
been so proud of his friend,
Come Meet Your Congressman
Start summer off right at a meet and greet with Congressman Jim
Moran, on Monday, May 24, 2010. Congressman Moran will speak about this year’s
Moran for Congress election, what is going on in Congress, and the outlook for the year ahead.

Where: Caribbean Breeze Restaurant (4100 Fairfax Drive in

311 North Washington Street Arlington—on the corner of Fairfax Drive and Randolph St.)
Suite 200L When: 7:00 to 8:30 pm on May 24, 2010
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 RSVP to vm_s@verizon.net requested but not required.

**Drink Specials until 8pm!**

Phone: 703-299-0064 We look forward to seeing you!
Fax: 703-299-0047
Save the Date!
Congressman Jim Moran’s Campaign Kick-Off Family Barbeque
mmoran@moranforcongress.org Please join friends and family for what promises to be a special afternoon of
great food and fun!
When: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Speaking up for what’s right. Where: Cherry Hill Park Pavillion, Falls Church, Virginia
(Centrally located at Little Falls & Park Ave., just off Route 7)
Time: 3:30—6:30 pm
Suggested Contribution: $25 per person

For additional information or to RSVP, please contact Moran for Congress at

703-299-0064 or at event@moranforcongress.org


Get To Know Your Congressman

Jim Moran represents Northern Congressman Moran‟s political
Virginia's 8th District – including career began in 1979 when he was
Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church elected to the Alexandria City
and Reston -- in the United States Council. Jim became the Vice-
House of Representatives. A mem- Mayor three years later and served
ber of the important House Appro- in that capacity until 1985, when he
priations Committee, he is Chair of was elected Mayor. His first run for
the Interior, and serves on both the Congress was successful, joining the
Defense and Foreign Operations House of Representatives in 1990.
Subcommittees. He co-chairs the Jim Moran is a graduate of Holy
Congressional Prevention Caucus, Cross, where he majored in eco-
leads the Task Force on Sovereign nomics. He went on to earn his
Wealth Funds, and was a co- masters degree in Public Jim Moran’s children and grandchildren are
founder of the New Democratic Administration from the University shown here at a recent family wedding.
Coalition. of Pittsburgh in 1970. Before run- Pictured from left to right are: Patrick,
An outspoken advocate against the ning for public office he worked at Dorothy, Ben, Aidan, Mary Elise, Grayson,
misguided mission in Iraq, Jim the Department of Health, Educa- Jimmy, Leia, Angie, and Keira.
voted against the war from the be- tion and the Workforce (HEW) and
ginning, even co-authoring the De- also served as a committee staffer
mocratic alternative that would for the Senate Appropriations Com-
have prevented it. mittee.

With over thirty years experience as The Congressman is married to

a public servant and community LuAnn Bennett. He has four chil-
activist, Jim Moran has never dren, three stepchildren, and four
stopped working for Northern grandchildren.

Authorized and paid for by Moran for Congress. Produced in house.